Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

June 18, 1981

Dear Diary,

Today, I had two moments of "mother instinct." Only one dealing with D.J.

It seems ike I know what she's going to do before she does it. She's four now, and I've only got another year before my first baby goes to Kindergarten. But, of course, that's why Danny and I planned things this way. Have the new baby when the next oldest is ready for Kindergarten, or will be the following year, anyway. That way, the older one doesn't need as much attention, and she (or he if he's not like Jesse) can help more with the baby, too.

Anyway, D.J.'s been told there's a baby growing inside MOmmy, and the baby's due a few weeks after Christmas. Well, of course, she was soooo excited. But then, she decided to get some things together for the baby's room - we're converting one of the other bedrooms. However, let's just say that my idea of pink bunnies for a girl, blue for a boy will be a lot better than her fingerpainting would have been. Thank goodness I got the paints and the brush and easel away from her before she actually started!

The other "mother moment" involves Jesse. Remember a couple weeks ago when he was too sick to go to the beach? He also told us he was too sick to attend graduation, so he didn't go, and neither did we. I confronted him and asked to see his diploma the other day; hey, I'm a proud big sister, and Jesse deserved to be congratulated if he struggled through and made it.

Well, guess what he did! He suddenly remembered he had to pick it up at school, hopped on his bike, and said he planned to run a couple more errands. Then, the next day he came back and said it had been swiped off his motorcycle while he was at Alejandro's getting hair care stuff.

He had lots more free time than I remembered the last few weeks of high school, from what I heard. I'm not saying anything to Danny, and especially not to Mom and Dad, Dad would flip! But, I just wonder if Jesse dropped out. It's one of those nagging thoughts, like I get about D.J. sometimes.

Speaking of which, I better go. It's too quiet over in her room.