Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

February 19, 1982

Dear diary,

It's one month ago that Stephanie Judith was born. It's such a beautiful girl. She has a cute little smile and she keeps asking for attention. That reminds me of yesterday, when Jesse came by, and was playing with DJ. The one month old baby started crying, and she had a look in her eyes like she wanted to say 'How Rude' or something like that to Jesse. But when he made some funny faces, and he is good at that point, it was al right with Stephanie.

Danny also can't get enough of her. He comes home with presents for her every day. Sometimes Donna Jo gets jealous. She's amost 6 years old now, and when Steph gets a present, she wants to have one too. We keep telling her that she got many presents too when she was little, but she keeps on going until we buy her something.

At that point she thinks Joey is more fair. Everytime when he comes by, he has bought both girls something. But now Danny and I forbid him to do that every time. He came by every day, and Steph's room can't have any more stuffed animals.

My mom is also very busy with her new born grand daughter. She keeps knitting clothes. This morning she came by with a little sweater. But it was two sizes too big. So maybe next year Stephanie can wear it.

Well, dear diary, I guess this is all for today. I need some sleep now, and I have to feed the baby. But I will keep in touch with you,