Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

February 19, 1983

Dear Diary,

If they ever ask what food never perishes as a trivia question on the radio, I will know the answer. A couple days ago, Danny bought over 100 jars of honey from our little D.J.. She's getting so big so fast; she's in the Honeybees now, and finished the annual fundraising drive by winning a new bike. Okay, so there's a few weeks to go, but honestly, who is gtoing to break her record? I kept telling Danny he was crazy, but he just kept emphasizzing that, "It'll never spoil."

Joey was over yesterday, after they backed up the Brinks truck with all that honey. (Okay, it was really a pickup they delivered the cases in, but it *was* a truck.) He immediately started a Yogi Bear impression, and I thought he was going to try to eat all that honey. Danny got that shocked look on his face, and D.J. just sat there laughing. I was hoping he would eat some, but Danny stoppe him, insisting, "We'll never have to buy honey again." Well, we might not, but he's going to be eating all that, let me tell you that.

Danny came up with an even odder reason to buy all that honey. It seems D.J. has been feeling a little put out with Steph having turned one recently. Everyone still says how cute she is, and D.J. calls it "disgusting" that Steph gets all the attention. That did really make her day, when Danny did that. It helped her see that she'd still get her fair share of attention, and that she was still special. I prefer a little mother-daughter dinner or something else little, but Danny, he just goes all out to make the girls feel special.

He may go so far out you need a telescope to see him. But, you know what, Diary? he does the same thing for me. He is always going to great lengths to make me feel like a queen. That's why I love him, Diary. And, I guess it's good, even though I complain, that he overdoes it a little, especially with the girls. Because I do want them to know that whatever boy winds up going with them, that boy should treat them as if they're the most special girl on the face of the earth.