Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

June 23, 1983

Dear Diary,

Oooooh, that Jesse! I swear, Danny and I don't believe in spanking, but I was about ready to smack him after what he did yesterday!

What did he do? I'll tell you, diary, he went and risked his life by riding his motorcycle on a roof ledge, around a 6-story tall building! I was so mad at him, Dad said I was mad enough for the two of us combined; and you know how he can scream.

Well, I kept control of myself, and made sure D.J. didn't see or hear any of the news reports; Heaven forbid she'd ever think of doing that! Then, I confronted Jesse, and gave him a look that could melt lead. I told him he'd better *never* do that again, and that he had two nieces who would miss him terribly, even though he only comes around very rarely. Let's face it, diary, I was sooooo anxious, and sooooo excited, I didn't know what else to say. I think he could see that, too. Let's hope it taught him a lesson.

I think little Stephanie's going to be the same way, too. She threw her first tantrum yesterday, when I wouldn't let her climb up on the curtains. She is starting to be a major climber, and I am really thinking we may have to start timing her out earlier than we did D.J., just to cure her of this habit. Also, Danny plans to build a jungle gym someday, so she can have a safe place to climb.

Anyway, back to the tantrum, she started throwing her little fists around and kicking, but the minute she saw my angry face and heard a stern "no," she stopped and just collapsed into tears. Mom says I was the same way at that age; and, I've always been very excitable. In a way, I gues that's a good thing; she might be easier to discipline with just a "how rude" or something. However, that can also lead to her being too hard on herself later, and I really worry she could be the type who'd try to run away rather than tell if she did something really bad.

Listen to me, Diary, here I am worrying about that and she's not yet 18 months. How's that for excitable? But, it's still better than that crazy Jesse. I just hope he doesn't get really hurt playing "Dr. Dare."