Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

December 19, 1983

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, we saw the cutest Christmas play. We left Stephanie with a sitter, since it was later - why do they have to have these things at 6:00? - and went to Fraser St. Elementary to watch D.J. in her Christmas play. It was adorable. They did something along the lines of "A Christmas Carol." I kind of felt sorry for this one girl, though, she didn't seem to know which way to go on stage, and at one point came right out and asked, on stage, "Hey, Deej, what's my line again?"

D.J. told me that girl was Kimmy Gibbler; I remembered hearing the name Kimmy. I guess D.J.'s helped her with a few things over the last year or so, and they're starting to become friends, though probably not best friends yet. Kimmy is actually bussed in from a poor section of town. However, I did meet her parents there after the play, and they said if they ever came into money they'd like to live in our neighborhood. They seemed a little like hillbillies, I thought.

Anyway, Jesse shocked us all when he announced on Saturday that he was getting a stage name - Cochrane - to go with this band he was putting together. He told Grandma and Grandpa and Danny and I in front of the kids, so Dad wouldn't scream so much. I think Dad was hurt by this, but he didn't let it show as much as he might have. I think Jesse's nuts myself, but you know, I would rther he totally disown the last name than to be going around doing those Dr. Dare stunts. At least now, he'll be in a regular band, doing what he likes, when he's not working for Dad's extermination business. And, he does promise that once the Rippers get established, he'll take it from Jesse Conchrane and the Rippers back to just "the Rippers." D.J. could tell I was a little upset and asked why. But, when I told her how important the name was, she came up with the most clever answer. "Well, Mom, it makes sense. Lots of people might not be able to spell Katsopolis." In her own, six-year-old way, she may have just explained the reasoning behind it; if that's all there is and it isn't more rebellion.

Danny surprised me too, but in a good way, yesterday. He caught Stephanie climing something, and made her sit in a chair for timeout for a minute. This is the same man who wouldn't time D.J. out til she was 3 or so and I was already putting her in her room, letting me do all the work, because he wanted to keep thinking of her as a baby.

That makes me wonder - which will win out with our next child? I guess it all depends on if they do something dangerous or not. If so, he'll time them out early for that stuff, as he is VERY concerned when it comes to their safety. If not, he'll wait till the child's about 3, and I'll just be the one to do all the work till then. But, no matter, as long as he supports me and everything, there won't be any problem. I handled D.J. with his support, after all, and got to the point where I can tell what she's going to do before she does it now. Oh, how I just LOVE being able to stay at home and raise my girls!