Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

April 23, 1986

Dear Diary,

We've had a breakthrough. Stephanie Judith Tanner, at four years old, can read!

Good thing, too; with my morning sickness and how tired I am at other times, I'd been hoping this girl, who hasn't taken naps since she was 3.5, would start soon.

I don't know if I told you the whole story of when I knew Stephanie would not need naps anymore, Diary. She went up for a nap one day having learned her ABC's,a nd jumped on her bed for a solid hour saying them forward and backward. A whole hour! And she was none the worse for wear when she came down then. Well, maybe she was a little more tired that evening, but my little bundle of energy quickly went from an afternoon nap to an hour where she had to play quietly in her room. And she usually did that; and often tried to read.

Well, D.J. tried to make her read that summer, and might have pushed her a little too hard, as she got tired of trying after a while. But, over Christmas, she was ready to give it another go, and with Danny, D.J., and I all helping, she has got it down cold. I read her "The Cat in the Hat" today, and she must have read over half the words to me!

Danny's excited, too, I just called him at work. D.J. also; Steph's going to drive her just batty trying to read everything to her. Of course, I've heard that children who are learning to read still like to be read to at times, so I'll keep doing that; well, okay, I think Danny will do that. He's so nervous about her growing up too fast, he made me promise we wouldn't try to skip a grade with her.

I wonder if we could. I skiped a grade back in second, went right up to third, that's how Danny and I wound up in the same class even though I was a year younger. D.J.'s inherited my smarts, and so has Stephanie. Little Baby Number three will, too, I imagine.

But, D.J. didn't read till she was five, and #3 might not, either. It's one of those ways in which we see that children are individuals, and each develops int heir own unique way. But, one thing Danny and I both agree on is that Stephanie should have the chance to hang around kdis her age, unless of course she's so far ahead that she's bored to tears. ANd, who knows, that could happen. But, I think more likely, Stephanie will just be a high achiever, who give a valedictorian speech that, knowing my adorable little chatterbox, will last about three days. After which we'd all need a nap!