Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

May 30, 1986

Dear Diary,

Today I told D.J. and Steph I'm expecting in November. I know it's early, and soemthing could happen, but I'm pretty small, and I'd be showing pretty fast. Stephanie was sooo excited! She started jumping up and down and shrieking, "A baby! Oh, boy! I'm gonna be...I'm gonna be...D.J., what am I gonna be?!?" "A big sister," D.J. said with a laugh. Then, Stephanie shouted, while jumping some more, "I'm gonna be a big sister!!!"

D.J. was a little unsure, though generally happy. I think the reason for her slight ambivalence is she figures Michelle will get so much attention, just like Steph did. Though, as Jesse told D.J., at least that means Steph will see what D.J. felt like. Jesse doesn't always give the best advice to the girls, but he's getting better and better at it.

But, D.J. also is ready to be a big sister again; she's especially excited about one thing in particular. I told her that this time, she can be a really great leader. She's nine now, Diary, and I think she's ready to do anything to help. Sure, she still has times when she's a kid, like the time she got real sick on the third grade class trip recently, and Kimmy had to help her feel better. I think she threw up because she ate way too many sweets, but that's something I've passed to each of my girls. However, she's matured a lot from the time she didn't know if she'd go down the drain when she was six, so put Steph in the tub first.

Even that time, though, she didn't really think Steph would get sucked down the drain. I could tell when we talked about that - she couldn't stand to see her sister really hurt. It was sort of a Columbo experiment - you know how sometimes he does something he knows will catch the killer? Well, D.J. did something she knew would show she ws safe.

That shows how clever Donna Jo has always been. And, one day, maybe she'll join me in "always knowing what the baby will do before he/she does it." That's how she describes my skills as a mom.