Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

November 28, 1986

Dear diary,

I stopped writing for a while because I had so many things on my mind. But I have to tell you that about one and a half week ago, our third daughter was born. We called her Michelle Elizabeth.

Danny's really crazy with her. And now he has found a brand new thing to do: taping everything the girl and I do. He even tried to tape the birth of the baby, but he forgot to take of the lid from the lens. So the birth was kind of black.

My dad wasn't too pleased having another grand daughter. Sure, he was very happy, but I know he'd rather had a grand son. So now it's up to Jesse. But first he has to learn how to keep a girlfriend longer than a month. Speaking about Jesse, I believe I never told you this secret, dear diary. But his real name is Hermes. But because the kids at school were teasing him with his name very much, he wanted to have his name changed.

Well, a few days ago I came home with the baby. Joey took me from the hospital, and Danny started taping. I brought the other kids some presents too. I gave Stephanie a stuffed bear. She keeps caling it 'Mr. Bear'. DJ got a bracelet. You had to see those faces, dear diary. They were so great, so adorable. Just like their new sister. Stephanie likes the idea not being the youngest around the house anymore.

But the first thing DJ could think about was that when she teases Stephanie, Stephanie can tease somebody too. Poor Michelle. She's so cute. She has that adorable smile on her face every time.

I believe I can write about her for days, but she's crying now. So, dear diary, I have to leave you now.