Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

December 9, 1986

Dear Diary,

I'm finally getting some peace and quiet. Danny offered to get the girls into bed for me, with Joey's and Jesse's help. Although Jesse and Joey both refused to even think about changing Michelle's diaper. Jesse may yet produce a grandson for Dad, but one thing's for certain. Whoever marries him is going to have to change all the diapers. Oh, well, D.J. might be able to help by then, she did a good job helping Danny.

Speaking of help, diary, with Michelle being born around this time I forgot to mention something that happened several days later. Grandma Tanner was sick, and Jesse was out riding his omotorcycle, so guess who helped me in the kitchen. D.J. helped me roast the turkey, and I showed Stephanie how to bake my Picture Perfect Pumpkin Pie. Diary, she is so smart, she can real really well and she isn't five yet. And, I hardly had to help her at all when it came to mixing things and making the crust. Danny would never have allowed the girls to do as much as they did if he hadn't had to go into work for a few hours on Thanksgiving - he's so protective of the girls, sometimes overly so. But, thanks to the little emergency, we may have discovered the next Julia Child. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but every mother dreams of great things for her children.

D.J. may be a great counselor or something, or perhaps an advice columnist like Ann Landers. She helps this girl named Kimmy. And, Kimmy needs a lot of it. Danny doesn't like Kimmy much, and Stephanie reallly can't stand her. Part of it is that Kimmy convinced Stephanie to stuff a bead up her nose when she was three, which resulted in a painful trip to the ER. But, mostly, she's taking time away that Stephanie feels D.J. should spend playing with her. Anyway, I think D.J.'s strong enough to resist the temptation to get into some of the bad things some kids could. And, I told Danny, a girl like Kimmy needs someone like D.J. to keep her out of trouble. I think D.J. can do it, too. Danny's just more cautious about who the girls can see or play with, he always has been.

As for Michelle, well, who can predict what an infant will grow up to do? But, with that smile, and with a couple great sisters to influence her, plus her dad, I'm picturing something in the media. Maybe with a catch phrase, like Stephanie always seems to be saying "how rude," especially to Kimmy." Or, like me, maybe she'll just be the best mother she can be. One with patience, one who knows how to show her children love, one who knows how to talk to kids with firmness yet with love, so they'll listen.

Danny just came in and saw me write this, and he started sweating. "She's not marrying till she's at least fifty," he says. Oh, that Danny. I married young, but he's so protective. Well, it'll happen when it happens. As for my predictions, here they are
D.J. Psychologist/counselor
Stephanie Chef
Michelle Talk show host, at least part time.

I'm marking this date, and coming back in 20 years. Let's see how close I came.