Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

January 19, 1987

Dear Diary,

My little Stephanie turned 5 today! I can't believe it! We had a little ballerina party for her and her preschool class here at the house. Danny ordered 5 pizzas (DJ had Kimmy over, that girl is so skinny but eats soooo much) and I made my special ooey gooey chocolate cake. I swear, when Michelle gets older, I bet she'll love it just as much as me, maybe more!

We bought pink streamers and hung them all over the living room and the staircase (with DJ's help) and Jesse came over to help us pick out party music. We wanted it to be a surprise for Stephanie so we sent Joey out with her to buy some ice cream.

When Stephanie came through the door and saw what we had done, her eyes sparkled and she ran over to Danny and me and said "Mommy, daddy, this is the most superific-ist party ever! I love you!"

When my girls are as happy as this, I feel so blessed. Anyways our little angels are finally asleep (Stephanie tried to say because she is 5 she can stay up late, but I said no. Then she said: how rude!). The 4 of us grownups cleaned up and DJ went to Kimmy's for the night. I am finally just sitting down, diary, at 10pm. I hope my girls have wonderful happy lives, and my family remains as close as we are. Anyways, Danny is calling me for bed, so goodnight diary.