Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

March 13, 1987

Dear diary. It's a sad time. I'm writing now because Pam can't do this anymore. I know she did, and I think I have to end her story. Because that's what you really are. You're the story of Pam's life. And her book will contain many empty pages after this one. Last week... It's very hard to me, but I know she wants this. The girls are all a sleep now. My mom came over the minute she heard about it... It was terrible. The car... Nothing left of it. And all because of some drunk maniac. He had to stop, but he didn't... They tried to save her life at the hospital, but they couldn't... It's a big loss to this world, she was the kind of woman... She could... She'd make you happy when you felt said. Just by being there. Her smile, her voice... I can't go on anymore. It's too hard for me. When I write this down, I see her standing in this room, or sitting on this bed writing in her diary. And now... The day before her funeral, I have been sitting next to her coffin all day. They had to drag me away from there.... She looked peaceful. But I want her back. She was everything I ever dreamed of. And now she... how will I go on... the girls...the house... I'm happy nobody's here. I don't want the girls to see me cry. I don't want that... But I can't stop it...
It'sover, it's all over.
Pam, I loved you, and I always will... You'll be in my heart... forever
I miss you already,