Fan Fiction - Written by Doug Fowler - Television Universe

Milestones - Our 200th Episode
Written by: Doug Fowler

The 200th episode. Two months plus a little after "Joey's New Flame," in early November, 1995. Of course, because it's TV Universe, it's a wilder Michelle, but she's still able to help Sam, who is here because of the popularity of the Sam series so far, as noted from the responses RKORadio is getting. So, he let me write her into it, as I suspect TV producers might have done something like this for Michelle, aanyway, to get her someone to help like Steph has Gia & D.J. has Kimmy. The "Horse Sense" idea, as noted in my story "Forever," is something like what producers might have developed so the Olsens didn't have to be committed totally to the show, they could be away doing other projects at times.

Teaser: Sing Like a Bird
(2YO Wendy is trying to unlock a bird's cage)
Michelle: Wendy, no. (She pulls her away.)
Wendy: Want him fwee.
Michelle: Sorry. Your Aunt Suzie says I'm supposed to watch you while she's getting ready. And, if you let that bird go she'll be sad. And mad. (She cuddles Wendy on her lap) You like him to sing for you here, don't you?
Wendy (nods slowly, then gets up and talks to Suzie's pet bird): Sing the ABC's.

(Danny and Joey are in the living room talking)
Danny: That was the studio down in L.A.. Michelle got the part!
Joey: All right! (Pumps his fist int he air) Just think, we might be seeing the next Gene Autry. Of course, it would be the girl spelling of Jean.
Danny: Right. (Jesse walks downstairs) Jess, Michelle got the part!
Jesse: All right. Boy, our little munchkin really has some talent. You know, I wonder what it would have been like for Elvis to have a cameo in a movie where he sings on horseback.
Danny: I think surreal would be a good word.
Jesse (thinks a split second): Yeah, you're probably right. The King as a cowboy is a little unusual. But, he had great talent.
Joey: How are they handling the fact of Michelle's concussion last spring? Anotehr one could be extra dangerous.
Danny: They say there's no problem. She won't be called on to do anything on horseback but ride gently and sing a cowboy song or two, even if they bring her back.
Joey: Whoa, she might have more roles?
Danny: Right. That new sitcom, "Horse Sense," is really a big hit. I'm really glad we let her audition. (He glances at his watch) She should be home from school soon, unless she's over at Denise's. Oh, well, I'll wait to surprise her at dinner. Have a great radio show, guys.
Jesse: Thanks, Danny. The boys are at their playgroup, Becky's picking them up now.
Danny: Gotcha. See you tonight.

(Michelle is on her bike near the playground, Denise walks up to her)
Denise: Hey, Michelle? Where are you headed?
Michelle: Oh, nowhere.
Denise: You're not going over to Lime Street with those troublemakers like you talked about in class, are you? You know if they get in too much mischief, you could end up someplace very unpleasant.
Michelle: You mean like the hospital?
Denise: Or worse. D.J. told me how wild you got after not gettin' in any trouble for breaking that dinosaur, and especially after Disneyworld. She told me what she almost did. (Michelle lowers her head and looks very sad for a moment) She watched you like a hawk after Disneyworld, till those three weeks at camp when she was your only boss. And, she knew I'd help a little, too. 'Cause I'm your friend. And, I don't want to see you get in trouble.
Michelle (rolling her eyes): Come on, Denise. Yeah, Dad and the others let me get away with a lot sometimes. I took advantage of it; till D.J. put a stop to it. But, I always liked being good. D.J. really encouraged me that summer. And, I've been really good since, except for a couple little things. I just want some adventure. And, I still haven't heard about that TV thing.
Denise: Girl, you have to have faith.
Michelle (tiredly): Okay, okay. Don't worry. (She rudes off)
Denise: I better follow her.
(Michelle rides up to 2 bigger kids and an eight-year-old, Sam, who looks about six-and-a-half.)
Boy #1: Hey, kid, it's about time you showed up.
Michelle: Hey, dudes.
Boy #2: You know what I thought we'd do? Let's sneak into the candy store and see what we can take.
Michelle: Are you nuts? I want to be like my Uncle Jesse, not Jesse James. Why don't we just ride around and look tough?
Sam: Well...
Boy #1: Aw, what are you girls, a couple sissies?
Michelle: Stealing is wrong. I won't do that!
Boy #2: Okay, how about we paint some graffitti. I got spray paint at home.
(Michelle looks hesitant, then looks at Sam)
Michelle: You know, seeing you reminds me of Wendy.
Sam: I remind you of a restaurant?
Michelle: No, I mean, Joey's going out with this lady, and she watches her niece and nephew...never mind. (She thinks) Why don't we come to my place and I'll introduce you?
Sam: Well...okay.
Boy #1: Hey, what happened to that adventure stuff you wanted to do?
Michelle: I don't want your kind of adventure.
Denise (Once they'd ridden opposite where the boys rode): I'm proud of you, Michelle.
Michelle: You heard the whole thing, didn't you? (She nods) Why didn't you say something? I never would have stolen stuff, but I was close to doing that spray painting.
Denise: Let's just say I had faith. You are a lot different from that girl who was trying to be real sneaky in going around the rules after the dinosaur incident.
Michelle (turns to Sam): I'll explain later. What's your name?
Sam: Sam.
Michelle: I'm Michelle, and this is one of my best friends, Denise. The way she looks after me, she's a shoo-in to be Principal's Assistant and help kids like Stephanie did. She and D.J. are my older sisters.
Sam: I know a D.J., too. She's in college. She volunteers to help kids like me who get in trouble with the law.
Denise: You?
Sam (nodding slowly): You know that playground last year?
Michelle: You vandalized that playground?
Sam (sadly): With some other kids. The police didn't arrest me. But, they took me to see how scary it could be. Then Kirsten started helping me. Now D.J. does, too.

(Scene is D.J. and Kirsten - with Kimmy - talking in their room)
Kirsten: I think Sam's made some great progress in the last year or so.
D.J.: Oh, I do, too. She still has anger in her, but that's getting better. Still, I worry about her influencing Michelle if she comes over here.
Kimmy: Don't worry, Deej. I could show Sam a good time. We could rollerblade in my living room together.
D.J.: Riiiight. Kirsten, that time you dated my dad, when you were 21 and he was 33, I coudl tell you'd make a great friend. You really knew how to have funt he right way.
Kimmy: Yeah. Except it would have felt too weird to have a mom who was almost your age.
D.J.: What Kimmy means is, Dad needs just the right person for a girlfriend. But, I'm glad we got to work together on something. Especially someone like Sam.
(Michelle, Denise, and Sam enter the room)
Denise: Should I tell her?
Sam: I should. D.J. says I have to tell the truth.
Michelle: I'll tell about my part, and you can tell her about yours. (She turns to D.J.): Do Kimmy and Kirsten have to be here?
Kimmy: No. Come on, Kirsten, I'll show you my scrapbok. I've got great pictures of road kill.
Kirsten: I'll go; you're right, D.J.. She's the kind who needs close friends, too. (They leaave)
D.J.: Now, what was it you girls wanted to tell me?
Michelle: Well, it started like this...
(as if several moments have passed)
Sam: ...I almost did it. But, Michelle made me come here. She was right. I had to leave.
D.J.: I'm very proud of you, Sam, just as I am of all of you. I'll talk with you in a moment about this, I need some time alone with Michelle first. Go with Denise and talk in Michelle and Steph's room. (They leave, Michelle sits on D.J.'s bed with her) Michelle, I need to apologize.
Michelle: Why do you need to?
D.J.: Michelle, I've been working with Sam for a couple months, since I got in with this volunteer student group that helps troubled youth. I was worried Sam would be a bad influence on you. But, as it turns out, I think with supervision, you can be a positive influence on Sam. Like Steph had been with Gia.
Michelle: Thanks...I'd like to be. She told me her parents don't pay attention to her at all. She's been the biggest rebel Lime Street Elementary has ever had, though she's getting better. She told me she's one of the kids who wrecked our playground.
D.J.: That's right. She's got a lot of emotional problems. But, she's on the right track. Now, Michelle, Dad might not be as upset with you, for just going with those boys in the first place, especially after the news he heard today. But, we're going to have a long talk about who you can hang around and who you shouldn't. And you know when I promise a long talk, we have one.
Michelle: (Sadly) Yes, D.J. (More upbeat) But, what news did Dad hear?
D.J.: You got the part.
Michelle: All right. (Running out of the room): You were right, Denise!

(Danny is with Joey and Suzie later that evening, Caleb and Stephanie are waiting to leave with the couple, and Justin and Wendy are playing in the living room)
Danny: You two have a good time. Make sure you keep an eye on Caleb and Stephanie, too.
Suzie: Sure thing, Danny. Make sure Wendy's put down to sleep by seven thirty.
Danny (fidgeting a little): We will. Michelle's become so good with her.
Suzie: She likes having someone who's like her own little sister around, I bet.
Joey: Danny, is something wrong?
Danny: Oh...nothing, nothing. Just...well, thinking about how happy Pam would be.
Joey: Yeah. She would. So long. (They leave)

(Stephanie and Caleb are seated at a restaurant)
Stephanie: So, what's on your mind?
Caleb: Well...I wanted to say, first of's really been great, these months we've known each other. It's like I always dreamed.
Stephanie: Yeah. (She lowers her head): At first I didn't like the idea of courtship. I mean...first of all, I wanted to be like D.J., and have really fancy dates. Plus, I wanted to be like my friends, and be alone with boys.
Caleb: There's a lot of tempttion for me, too. But, the important thing is, you're warm, you're friendly, you're really the kind of person I've always dreamed of, courtship or not. In fact...(their lips draw closer) In fact...I think...well...I love you.
Stephanie: I..I...(excited yet anxious): I..I..Oh, no, why can't I say it? (She gets up and runs away from the table)

(Meanwhile, Joey and Suzie are really close several tables away)
Suzie: What a great milestone - our first "I love you"s.
Joey: Yeah. I can't believe I even said it without doing a cartoon voice.
Stephanie: Joey, Suzie, you've gotta help me. Caleb just said he loved me, and I coudln't say it back. I even looked in the bathroom in the mirror for that courage thing in the back of my mouth; remember when I was afraid of the dentist when I was little and you told me I had courage because of that thing in my mouth that I thought was for decoaration? Well, it's still there, but I still couldn't make myself tell Caleb I love him.
Joey: Whoa, Steph, slow down. He said 'I love you,' huh?
Suzie: That must have been something. Is it the first time you've heard that from a guy who wasn't your dad or like a dad?
Stephanie: Well...yeah.
Suzie: Stephanie, those words are very powerful. They're filled with feeling. And, it's easier for a 15-year-old to say than for a 13-year-old. You're just learning about long-lasting things.
Joey: Right, Steph. But, you can still love him as a friend.
Stephanie: You're right. But, if I say 'I love you just as a friend,' what will it do to our relationship? (She sees a look in Suzie's eyes): I guess this chaperoning thing works out pretty well, doesn't it?
Suzie: It sure does. All I can say is, be honest about how you feel. Because honesty is the key to any relationship.
Stephanie: And, how will I know he'll still like me then?
Joey: That's where courage comes in. (As the lion 'The Wizard of Oz'): It is a sad thing Missy, to be born to be a sissy, without an ounce of vim and verve. But you're the great Stephanie Tanner, Pride and confidence are your banners; yes I'm sure you've got the nerve.
Stephanie: Thanks, Joey. (She hugs him)

(Up in the attic apartment)
Stephanie (walking over to Becky on the couch): Aunt Becky, can we talk?
Becky: Sure. I heard you had a great date.
Stephanie: Yeah, we did. Except, I don't know where to go from here. I tried to tell Caleb how I felt, then I just started rambling about everything, and I never got around to 'I love you,' 'I like you a lot,' or even 'You're really cool.'
Becky: It's tough, huh? (Jesse sits ont he other side of Stephanie) Tell Stephanie about Nicky and Alex.
Jesse: You mean about Madison? (He chuckles) There's a girl that kind of likes the boys, but she doesn't know which one she likes. I guess they've got my charm.
Becky: Either that, or it's the homemade cookies I've given them the last few days for their preschool snacks.
Stephanie: I wish love stayed simple like that.
Jesse: Well, Steph, it is simple. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they start to play Candyland together.
Becky: Jess, Stephanie's life is a little more complex than what you've explained to the boys.
Jesse: Okay, well you two can play Scrabble or something.
Becky: Jess, I'm talking about their feelings. Steph, he's right, at their age they just play together, so there isn't even any competition between Nicky and Alex right now. But, you actually think about the other person, and what's inside. He loves what's inside Stephanie Tanner. How would you describe what's inside Caleb?
Stephanie: Well...lots of warmth. Some real maturity. I mean, we can talk about deep things. I told him last week about the accident, and how I wouldn't forgive Michelle right before, and how awful I felt till I asked for forgiveness afterward, and he was fine with it. He sounded a lot like D.J. did right before Michelle remembered coming to see me in a bunch of strangers her first day of Kindergarten. He basically said I was probably a much better sister than I ever gave myself credit for.
Jesse: That's right, he's got some very special things about him.
Stephanie: But, do I love those things? I mean, yeah, I do, but...what am I trying to say here?
Becky: Does loving them mean loving him? That's pretty deep.
Jesse: Too deep for me.
Becky: All I can say is, go with your heart. It's one of those times when it wouldn't really be right to tell you what to do. Because, it's how you feel that's important.
Stephanie: Okay, thanks. I guess...if I can even think about having feelings ilke that, I must really be growing up.
Jesse: That's right. Growing up's tough. Thankfully, most of the answers are much mroe clear-cut.

(Danny is with Michelle in the living room)
Danny: I'm really proud of you for resisting the temptation to go with those wild kids yesterday. You know, that's a big step - choosing to do the right thing whent he only people around you re telling you to do soemthing bad.
Michelle: Thanks, Dad. When is the rehearsal for the show?
Danny: We'll be going down next week to do the filming. I'm taking time off work to go down with you.
Michelle: Cool. This will be so awesome. Can Sam come, too?
Danny: Sweetheart, she's got some real problems. I know you'd like to do stuff with her to help her, but she has her own group of friends over at Lime Street and elsewhere.
Michelle: Yeah, maybe. But, Lisa's uncle said they have people who help watch the kids.
Danny: I know, and he's the one who mentioned the audition so you could try out. He's knows what he's talking about. Well...we'll see what D.J. thinks. She's closer to the situation.
Michelle: Okay, I guess. (She lowered her head for a moment): Dad, is this kind of what havinga mom is like?
Danny: You mean how D.J. watches out for you? Yeah, a little, hon. A little. (Michelle runs off to play, Joey walks in.) Hey, Joey, I heard you said I love you to Suzie. That's great.
Joey: Yeah, it is. Thigns couldn't be better. It's just a shame about her having to watch her niece and nephew sometimes.
Danny: Yeah, it is. Joey...sit down. (He sits) Joey, I never wanted to say this before, you and she hit it off pretty well after the first couple weeks. But, I sort of had a thing for her when we first met, too.
Joey: Well, hey, the girls are always anxious for you to see someone, if you think...
Danny: No, Joey, it's okay. See, with Justin and Wendy's parents, since drinking is involved, it just brings back memories of the drunk who killed Pam.
Joey: Oh, I see.
Danny: I just feel so good for you. You can really help, you can lift those kids' spirits when they're with her, and so on.
Joey: Thanks. I was even able to help Steph last night while we were chaperoning.
Danny: I heard. Joey, I know it's only been a problem for a year or so now, so it could get better for Justin and Wendy's parents. But, it's just something I don't want to think about right now. I know I didn't have to say anything, but, you've always been there for me. And, you had the chance to go after a couple of the laides that I wound up dating; Rusty's mom, Steph's one dance instructor, and so on. But, you let me have the chance instead. And, just in case you wondered why I kept pushing you to go with Suzie before, well, that was the reason.
Joey: Thanks, Danny. You're a great friend. (They embrace.)

(Stephanie and Caleb are seated in a booth across from Jesse and Becky in a restaraunt)
Caleb: So, your whole family is going to Los Angeles this weekend?
Stephanie: Yeah, then Dad and Michelle will stay for a couple days next week. (She sips her soda) I'm so proud of her. And, I'm really thankful for you. All you say about faith, it's easy for me to let her go and know there won't be problems.
Caleb: Thanks. I remember at camp, you seemed pretty anxious. Now I understand why.
Stephanie: Yeah. Whether it was cutting a lock of our uncle's hair off or something else little, I was always so hard on myself. Then, there ws the car in the kitchen - that night's when I received Christ's forgiveness for all I'd done. I've always been so tough on myself. (She sighs) I guess what I mean to say is, you're really special. And, hearing you talk about things like that helps me think about my life. You're a great friend.
Caleb: Thanks. I'm glad Kirsten's able to go with Sam. It sounds like Michelle can be a really good friend to her.
Stephanie: Yeah. Michelle wants to help others and be nice so badly. She tried hard to get away with stuff when she was little, but we all helped her learn to be nice at such an early age.
Caleb: She'll be a great role model.
Stephanie: Yeah. Caleb, our families are so similar. There's so much love there. I can see why there are some times when I feel like I might even be able to say I love you... (She sits up, startled) I said it! I said it! Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, did you hear that? I sort, of in a way, implied that I might feel sometimes like saying it!
Jesse: Hey, congratulations.
Caleb: So, that's why you ran off the other night. You were worried after I said 'I love you'?
Stephanie (looking back at him): Well, yeah. I wanted to be able to say the same thing. And, I was kind of scared when I couldn't.
Caleb: Stephanie, it doesn't matter that you couldn't say it. You would never have to say it for me, and I would still care.
Stephanie: Really?
Caleb: Stephanie, you are a wonderful girl. You have overcome your early loss with great determinaion. Just like you've dedicated yourself to being such a great friend to Michelle now. You show you love to everyone, just as everyone in your family does. That's why I love you, Stephanie. I don't know if this is part of romantic love or not. I hope it is. But, we both feel soemthing special for each other, a special friendship. It's just deeper because it's between a boy and a girl. That's what my dad told me the night I said 'I love you,' and I was trying to understand why I had suddenly said it.
Stephanie: So, I don't have to say 'I love you' back to please you?
Caleb: I want you to always be honest with me. I try to be with you. And, if you feel it, then say it. But, don't worry about whether you can mean it in a romantic sense. We are fifteen and almost fourteen. We have a long way to go, even to get to the point where your dad and mom were when they were in high school. Let's just keep taking it nice and easy. I've always been taught that's the right way to do things.
Sephanie (grinning broadly): Okay. It's're so much more mature than most kids I know. But, in a way, I guess I really like that. I mean, you think I'm special, and that's what matters.
Caleb: Exactly. Maybe that's what I should have said. Stephanie, you are very special to me.
Stephanie: Oh, no, 'I love you' was fine. Great, in fact! But...well, Caleb, you're very special to me, too.

(Next scene is in Los Angeles, all the Tanners plus Kirsten, Sam, and Kimmy are there, having just gotten through Disneyland.)
Danny: We've had been a great time together.
Michelle: Yeah. I can't wait to ride a horse and actually get paid tomorrow.
D.J.: Thinking about all the ice cream you can buy?
Michelle: Yeah...when you let me have dessert. (D.J. lovingly puts her arm around her.)
Becky: Oh, Michelle, you're usually so good. I think if Danny starts being consistent from the beginning, things are better - hey, if D.J. does, things are a lot better. (D.J. nods slowly) But, we're done a great job as it is.
Joey: Yeah, that's right. We've raised you to be a sweet, caring girl, Stephanie to be a teen going with someone who thinks she's really special, D.J. to be a great Mom-like figure to kids...
Jesse: And, let's not forget you, man.
Danny: That's right. You and Suzie really are made for each other.
Joey: You think so? Boy, I hope so. It's funny, now that you and Steve are getting so close, D.J., I'm probably going to be asking you for advice.
D.J.: Anytime, Joey.
Stephanie: Yep. We've had some great milestones. And, I'm sure we'll have many more to come.