Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

This is the fictional season 9 of Full House, written by Martin van Dam, the webmaster of this website. In 1998 the first of the fan fictional stories below were written.

In 2012, I began rewriting my fan fiction stories. Originally they were set three years after the original series, but the new stories will be set just after season 8, when an official season 9 of Full House, was it ever made, would have started. The order of the stories will also change. They are no longer in script format, but regular story format. Also, being Dutch, I wrote the stories with my European background in mind, at that time not aware of the differences with the American culture. My most important aim, is to make those stories fit in better with the original Full House values.

If a story has been rewritten, Only the rewritten version will appear on this page. Some stories I wrote, will not be rewritten, as they can't be fit in the new timeline. Besides rewriting fan fiction, there might be some new ones for the season 9 of this fan fiction universe.

The new and rewritten stories of the Full House Forever season 9 universe.
(9.01) 193 * Back To The House
Added: March 04, 2012 (originally published: October 01, 1998)
4 months after the last time we met the Tanner family. Steve is looking for a new home, and DJ is also looking for a place of her own. Stephanie and Michelle argue about who will get her room. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex wreck Jesse's guitar.
(9.02) 194 * Housekeeper Joey
Added: March 28, 2012 (originally published: October 01, 1998 as episode 195)
When Danny has the flu, Joey takes over the house keeping, in his own way. Jesse and Becky take the boys to the zoo, which ends in pain for Jesse. Stephanie and Michelle try to solve a Rubik's cube.
(9.03) 195 * Runaway Train
Added: April 08, 2012 (originally published: November 24, 1998 as episode 197)
Stephanie and Danny have another argument about her household chores. When Stephanie learns Gia wants to walk away from home, she goes with her, leaving her family worried. After a bad dream, Joey is convinced a natural disaster will occur.
(9.04) 196 * The Pam Diaries
Added: August 21, 2012 (new season 9 story)
In Danny's sock drawer, the family finds old diaries that belonged to Pam Tanner. This brings back memories about her.
(9.05) 197 * A Nightmare On Girard Street
Added: March 18, 2012 (originally published: October 01, 1998 as episode 194 'It Was Almost Like A Halloween')
It's the night of Halloween. Jesse and Joey get lost driving home from an interview and Danny gets locked up in the basement with Kimmy.
(9.06) 198 * The Winner Takes It All
Added: April 11, 2013 (originally published: November 18, 1998 as episode 196)
Stephanie, Steve and Kimmy take part at the try out for a new quiz. Stephanie is afraid Kimmy might know more than she does. Jesse tweaks a radio controlled car the twins got from their grandparents.
(9.09) 201 * Gather Round The Tanner Tree
Added: November 17, 2013 (originally published: December 19, 2004 as episode 240)
The family celebrates Christmas at Lake Tahoe. The guys go out to cut a Christmas tree. Stephanie and Kimmy are forced to reflect on the way they look at each other.
The original, not (yet) rewritten stories of the Full House Forever season 9 universe.
198 * House Online
Added: November 27, 1998
Danny buys a computer for general use in the house. Michelle is behind it all day. DJ and Steve are having an argument about space in the cupboard. Becky and Jesse celebrate that they met ten years ago.
199 * Christmas Reunion
Added: December 04, 1998
It's Christmas time in the tanner house. Grandfathers and grandmothers come by and ex-lovers too. Then the night comes, and then it's time to celebrate Christmas!
200 * The Tanner Secret
Added: December 20, 1998
Becky and Jesse have an argument because they both signed the boys up for a club. Danny gets shocked when he discovers a secret of his father, when suddenly his unknown nephew Mark stands in front of him...
201 * Never Trust Your Hostages
Added: December 29, 1998
When Danny, Joey, Michelle and the twins are shopping in the mall, they are taken hostage in the toys store. But the question is, who is taking who hostage ? In the mean while, DJ tries to give Comet his medicine, but Comet doesn't want them...
202 * There's No Business Like Snow Business
Added: January 04, 1999
The family goes away for a weekend on a ski trip. There, Alex gets hurt and Michelle feels guilty about this. Jesse also gets hurt, when he slips. Joey makes a giant snowman...
203 * Are You Afraid Of The Dark ?
Added: January 11, 1999
Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky, Alex and Gia are going on a camping trip in a cottage in the woods. That night turns out to be the most horrible of their lives. DJ has some great news to tell the family, Danny is afraid DJ will have to leave the house now
204 * Hit The Road, Steph!
Added: January 20, 1999
It's almost Stephanie's 17th birthday and she finally has her drivers license. When she borrows Joey's car, she clashes to a tree. DJ and Steve are shopping for the baby room.
205 * Michelle, The Kitchen And The Pizzaman
Added: January 27, 1999
Michelle learns how to cook from DJ, but it goes wrong and the food has been spoiled. Mark is giving a party and Stephanie and Gia come too, but most of the guests never arrive. Steve got bad news: he lost his job.
206 * Treasure Garden
Added: February 05, 1999
When they are gardening, Stephanie and Michelle find an old box with money in it. Joey is having nightmares about the end of cartoons...
207 * Love Is In The Air
Added: February 10, 1999
It's Valentine's day and everybody is doing something for this day. The twins meet two twin girls, Stephanie goes to a dance and Steve has a very special gift for DJ...
208 * Jesse's Comeback
Added: February 20, 1999
Jesse wants to go back in music, but the only member of his band that's available is Viper, and he is not who he was. Stephanie tries to bring Mark and Gia together. DJ and Steve have an argument...
209 * Fishing Guys
Added: February 24, 1999
Jesse, Danny, Joey and Steve go fishing at Salton Sea. Becky is in charge of the house. Jason breaks Stephanie's heart...
210 * The Long Kiss Goodbye (1)
Added: March 03, 1999
Stephanie won a trip to Europe and Danny allows her to go with Gia. Jesse needs money to improve the Smash Club and Joey is cleaning his room. In a movie, a news flash brings bad news...
211* The Long Kiss Goodbye (2)
Added: March 31, 1999
The family is shocked, when they find out Stephanie was in the crashed plane. They get up memories of her. In the night, the family hears a burglar and he got knocked out in a surprising way...
212 * Family Funfair
Added: April 11, 1999
Danny and Becky can do a live report of the opening of a brand new rollercoaster. The rest of the family joins them to the funfair. Stephanie, Michelle, Steve and Kimmy are on the very first ride of the rollercoaster and everybody is having fun in Splash Mountain
213 * Danny Goes To Camp
Added: April 15, 1999
When Michelle has a camp from school, one of the leaders gets sick, Danny volunteers to go with them, but at the camp there's an unexpected (bad) surprise. Jesse wants to start the redecoration of the Smash Club...
214 * When I Snap My Fingers
Added: April 23, 1999
Joey gets hypnotized, watching a hypnotist on television. The family thinks this is quite handy and take advantage of the situation. Nicky and Alex have playback show at school and Stephanie wants a boy...
215 * Diet Of The Brains
Added: April 30, 1999
DJ wants Steve to eat less, so she sends him to a psychiatrist. Stephanie tries to fix-up Danny and Claire, Gia's mother.
216 * Never Gonna Sleep Again
Added: May 08, 1999
Michelle tells Nicky and Alex a scary story before they go to sleep. But it scares them that much, that they don't want to go sleeping. Stephanie and Gia go shopping, on Claire's credit card. DJ and Steve are booking a vacation....

217 * Friendship Never Dies
Added: May 13, 1999
Stephanie and Gia meet Harry, one of Steph's old friends. Steph falls in love with him, but he likes Gia. This ends up with a fight between Gia and Stephanie. Jesse and Joey are doing a commercial for a new restaurant, and get help from Michelle. DJ and Steve are preparing to go on a holiday.

218 * Full House Forever (season finale)
Added: May 19, 1999
It's 2030 and we find Stephanie, Michelle, DJ, Jesse and Joey keeping up memories of the old days, after Danny's funeral...