Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

This is the fictional season 10 of Full House, written by Martin van Dam, the webmaster of this website. In 1998 the first of the fan fictional stories below were written.

In 2012, I began rewriting them. Originally they were set three years after the original series, but the new stories will be set just after season 8, when an official season 9 of Full House, was it ever made, would have started. The order of the stories will also slightly been changed. They are no longer in script format, but regular story format. Also, being Dutch, I wrote the stories with my European background in mind, at that time not aware of the differences with the American culture. My most important aim, is to make those stories fit in better with the original Full House values.

If a story has been rewritten, Only the rewritten version will appear on this page. Some stories I wrote, will not be rewritten, as they can't be fit in the new timeline. Besides rewriting fan fiction, there might be some new ones for the season 9 of this fan fiction universe.

The original, not (yet) rewritten stories of the Full House Forever season 10 universe.
219 * Two Weddings And A Broken Heart (1)
September 17, 1999
DJ and Steve are getting married. The guys take Steve to the house, and the girls take DJ to Claire's house, the day before the wedding. When the big day has come, it turns out that there will be two weddings at the same time. The second couple is... well, just read...
220 * Two Weddings And A Broken Heart (2)
October 1, 1999
After DJ ran away from church, she tries to comfort Kimmy. Danny tries to convince her to go back. Kimmy also doesn't want to come between DJ and Steve, and because DJ loves Steve, she will get married, or does she blow off the whole thing ? I think I've said enough.
221 * The Return Of The Woodchuck
October 5, 1999
Joey can host a new TV-show for kids, but he needs his old friend Mr. Woodchuck to get the job. He only doesn't know where he put him. Mark has a date, and when he meets Stephanie and Gia, Gia gets jealous...
222 * Baby Blues
October 12, 1999
DJ gets contractions, and needs to go to the hospital. She only doesn't want to have the baby without Steve being there. So the rest of the clan starts looking for him, but will they find him in time ? And will the birth of the baby go right ?
223 * Join The Clique
October 22, 1999
Michelle has to do a project for school, with Heather, a girl from her class. Her old friends are only interested in a new girl, Janet. Heather wants to be Michelle's friend, but she has a price for that. Joey, who tries writing poems, catches Michelle when she has crossed the border line.
224 * The Twins Strike Again
October 28, 1999
The twins turn out to have talents to become good baseball players. Jesse immediately starts training the boys because there will be a scouting day soon. Stephanie helps Jesse out with his trainings. Joey is having another problem. He got an autograph from Robin Williams, who was on Danny and Becky's show, but it's on his hand, and how can he wash his hands without loosing it ?
225 * Triple Birthday
November 06, 1999
It's Michelle and the twins' birthday. While the party is starting, DJ gets a phone call. Kimmy has had a car accident and is in the hospital....
226 * All The Girls I Loved Before
November 11, 1999
When Danny and Claire are in a restaurant, Danny meets Vicky Larson again. She comes over for dinner the other night, and Claire runs away. Danny gets advise from an unexpected advisor. Jesse also has something on his mind, the twins need to get an haircut.
227 * The New Millennium (1)
December 25, 1999
The whole family is going to Las Vegas to celebrate the Millenium change. But soon after their arrival, Stephanie discovers that they won't celebrate it like they planned. All are going to separate parties, or have to work somewhere. Stephanie gets the feeling she's the only one that realizes this, and she feels alone. But will she get the family together for the big Y2K party ?
228 * The New Millennium (2)
December 31, 1999
Stephanie and Mark try hard to get the family together for the party, but will they succeed ? Mark has a very radical plan, and not everybody is pleased by this. Danny and Becky have to make a report, and Jesse and Joey have to perform, but will they ?
229 * House Of Dreams
January 03, 2000
When Michelle goes to sleep, she starts dreaming about the whole family being in a house in the mountains. There, strange things happen, people who are dead are talking to them, and they suddenly skip from dream to dream. The family finally finds out that they all had the same dream....
230 * Steph On Stage
January 10, 2000
Stephanie gets the main role in a play from her art class. Joey offers her to help, and he goes far... Mark has some unknown talents, and in the first place this seems to be a bad thing for Jesse and Joey. Kimmy has a new boyfriend, somebody we know.... Cody Lambert!
231 * Licensed To Swim
January 25, 2000
The family discovers Steve has a secret: he is afraid to swim. They want to help him get over it, but he is tough and doesn't want their help. Michelle tries to wash Comet, but this is harder than she expected....
232 * America's Funniest Families
January 30, 2000
When Kimmy throws a party in her back yard, for her boyfriend Cody and his family, the Tanners are annoyed by this. Then Frank Lambert invites the clan for a family fun day. But can two families who don't know each other have fun in a game of baseball, golf and paintball? (Special episode, with almost the entire cast from Step by Step as guest cast)
233 * The Grey And The Great
February 19, 2000
Jesse goes wild when he discovers some grey hairs. Michelle has to write a story for her school and Danny thinks he's old because Jesse is getting grey hair already. But is he ?
234 * Ready To Date
April 29, 2000
Michelle wants to go on a date with David, but Danny is not very happy about this. The twins have to watch the school hamster, and the discover it's not easy. Jesse wants to write a new song, but has no inspiration. Then Mark makes him an offer.
235 * Gone With The Band
May 27, 2000
Jesse's new song is a big hit in Europe, and he goes on a tour there. Becky and the twins won't go with him in the first place, but later they go to Paris anyway. Danny's sister Wendy is coming to visit, and she has a surprise for the family. Gia is jealous at Michelle having a boyfriend and together with Stephanie she tries to find one of her own.
236 * Sherlock Tanner
July 09, 2000
Michelle made a cake for Jesse, Becky and the twins, who come home from Europe, but somebody ate the cake before they got home. Together with Nicky and Alex she tries to find out who ate it. Gia is having problems herself after she had a wild party, and speaking about parties, DJ, Steve and Kimmy get invited to a party at Kathy Santoni's, but have doubts about going there....
237* All That's Left Are Memories
October 21, 2002
When DJ is involved in a car accidant, it occurs that the driver of the other car is the same person that drove the car that caused Pam's dead. Realising this, the family keeps up memories of Pam, before she died.
238* It's A Kind Of Magic
February 01, 2004
Joey found himself a new hobby: magic tricks. But is he really as good as he thinks he is ?
239* Last Action Retriever
February 23, 2004
Stephanie has to make a choice for her future career. Comet is suffering from his old age.