Fan Fiction - Copyright & Disclaimer

Last updated: March 05, 2012

What is Fan Fiction?
Fan Fiction (Fan Fic) are stories, written by fans. These are no official new episodes, just a spin of fantasy from true fans. In no way, are any of these stories related to the official series of Full House, other than the fact that they contain the characters, and might refer to scenes from the original series. Also, none of these episode will be on tv.
What is it with season 9 and 10?
Season 9 and 10 are the "official" FHF new episodes. Note that these are not official television episodes, but the official Fan Fics for this website. They have been written by the webmaster himself, and because there are many of them, and these fan fictions are a direct continue on the original FH episodes, they are numbered from 193 and further, and divided in seasons.
Each fanfictional story is subject to the copyright laws of the author, and the copyright belongs to the author only. The stories are put online with the permission of the respective authors. If you want to use the stories on another site, contact the author of the story. As some stories have been released a long time ago, the webmaster of this site does not have contact information from all authors left. If you feel, a fan fiction has been posted wrongly, for example because you wrote it and you didn't give permission, contact the webmaster to find a solution, which will either be removal of the epsiode or getting permission after all.

The season 9 and 10 stories are copyrighted by Martin van Dam and may not be used on any other site, without the permission of Martin van Dam. If these stories are found there, and no permission has been given, the respective webmaster will be asked to remove the stories. So if you want to use those, please ask first.

How can I submit my own fan fiction ?
If you have written fanfics yourself, you can e-mail them to the e-mail address on the contact page.