Fan Fiction - Written by Doug Fowler - Television Universe

We’ll have Forever (A series finale)
Written by: Doug Fowler

May, 1997 (takes place June of 1997), series finale New characters: Angie Phillips Gladstone, Joey's wife; Wendy, Angie's 3YO niece; Justin, Angie's 10YO Nephew; Caleb, almost 17, Stephanie's steady boyfriend. Angie helps raise her niece and nephew sometimes, as their parents have some problems - Angie meets Joey at the start of season 9, when he entertains at a 9th birthday party and manages to make kids laugh despite family problems. Note: Some flashbacks from earlier seasons would be in the real first half, I include some just to give you my ideas, such as how if the Olsens had increased commitments they might be allowed to miss an episode or two, though there could also be one playing Michelle and one Wendy if they made Wendy the older sibling and Justin the baby.).

Teaser: We find Joey and a very pregnant Angie checking a clock at Steve's place the day of DJ's and Steve's wedding. Steve is also there, with Justin and Wendy.).
Angie: Oooohhhh.
Joey (doing Popeye): Careful, me Olive Oyl, that sounded like a contraction.
Angie: DJ's wedding is this afternoon, I hope it wasn't a contraction.
Steve: Oh isn't, but that was.
Joey: What was?
Steve: Wasn't.

You just said it was.

Is Aunt Angie gonna have her baby?
Angie: I feel like I'm gonna have a whale!
Joey: There's another contraction. Oops, I just had one, too.
(Scene is in DJ's bedroom, Stephanie's stuff is being moved in, Steph and Michelle are there.)
Stephanie (pointing): Just put Mr. Bear right on my pillow there. (She sighs, walks over and hugs Michelle): Michelle, if I never said it enough before, I love you. You're the best roommate, the best little sister anyone could ask for, I've really loved rooming with you and helping you all these years. (Hug ends) I'm not even jealous of your parts in "Horse Sense"
Michelle: All because I could ride a horse and sing.
Stephanie: Hey, when you'd be gone for a few days, I got to be the kid again. And have a room to myself for a little bit. (She sighs) Although to tell you the truth, it got a little lonesome sometimes. I'm glad you won't have to...(she stops herself)
Michelle: Won't have to what?
Stephanie: won't have to be gone for weeks at a time like I would have been had I gone to dance school that one summer. You still have a life with your part. A part I would have liked except Hollywood still can't take away a horse's smell.
Michelle: Yeah, but I make friends easy, and I got you a guest part in one episode.
Stephanie (unsure): Wellll...

(Flashback, February, 1997 episode)
Stephanie's character (trying to get on a horse, aided by Michelle's character): The things I won't do to impress that Jonathan. (Falls off, horse starts walking, her foot is stuck in the stirrup) Freeze!
Michelle's character (running alongside): You don't say "freeze" to a horse, you say "whoa!"
Stephanie's character: Okay, whoa, then! (Horse still doesn't stop, Stephanie is dragged along): How rude! (She throws out her arms as she is being dragged through ivy and rocks) Oh well. (Sings as she bounces a little) The sun'll come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...oof!...there'll be sun! Just thinkin' about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, till there's none!
Director: Cut, that was great, Stephanie! I liked the "how rude" touch. That's a keeper.
(End flashback)

Michelle: Hey, I knew you were perfect to play an always happy, perky fifteen year old. Plus, you got to meet Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Stephanie: Yeah, and it's the thought that counts. I did have fun. You did a great job.
Michelle: Thanks. You're really excited; you sure it's just having a room of your own? I'd think you were the one getting married.
Stephanie: Well, I've been hoping Caleb will...what am I saying, I'm a year younger than Mom was. Then again, it's taken over a year to prepare this one. With Dad handling it, he could drag mine out for a decade. (Goes over to DJ's answering machine) Oh, well, I know you'll just be down the hall, but this is a new era. And I've already begun it - listen to Stephanie Tanner's official answering machine message.(She presses a button)
Stephanie's voice: This is Stephanie Tanner. I'm not here to take your call, but if you're anyone but Kimmy, leave your name, number, and message at the beep. If you're Kimmy, there's a special code. Press 239874454319 and the pound key, then hang up. (A beep is heard)
Michelle: Great, Kimmy'll press all that, too.
DJ (walking in): Okay, don't get too excited, I still have to change in here first. Michelle, I hear Wendy's moving in with you whenever her Aunt Angie takes care of her and Justin.
Michelle: Yeah, right.
D.J.: You didn't tell her, Stephanie? You're getting better at keeping secrets.
Michelle: Wait a minute, so that's why you hugged me and talked about being a roommate.
Stephanie: Oh, Michelle, you'll love helping her the same way I helped you all these years.
Michelle: Great, I go from being a little kid to being a camp counselor.

(Danny and Jesse are in the living room)
Danny: I can't believe my little tennis ball head is getting married.
Jesse: It had to happen sometime. Come on, cheer up, you're gaining a son.
Danny (sighs): Yeah; I guess it's just that it reminds me I'm getting old. I'm near forty, Jess, and I haven't found another woman yet. After ten years, I'm a lot closer to being a grandpa than being a young hunk.
Jesse: Hey, it'll happen sometime.
Danny: You're right. (Caleb walks in.) Hi, Caleb.

Hello, Mr. Tanner. I'm ready to drive anyone to the wedding if you need.
Danny: Thanks, I've got a lot to think about. (Phone rings, Jesse answers it) Why don't you take Steph and Michelle. (He nods)
Jesse: Okay, thanks. (Hangs up) Joey says they're at the hospital, but the doctors think it was false labor pains. They're checking to make sure, then they'll meet us at the church. Steve has Wendy and Justin right now.
Danny: Oh, boy, he'll have a lot on his mind, too. Caleb, would you mind getting them now at Steve's, their parents aren't back in town yet.
Caleb: Sure, no problem.
Danny: Thanks a lot. (He sniffles a little) You know, this is the biggest moment in any father's life. When his daughter gets married.
Caleb: Actually, I...wanted to talk to you about that. You know, since Steph started high school this past year, we've been getting closer and closer.
Danny: I noticed. I'm proud of you for not getting too close.
Jesse: Your folks raised you well; you really know about old fashioned courtship.
Danny: Yeah, I still remember when I first met you two years ago. I was picking the girls up at that new church camp Michelle's friend told her about.

(Flashback to 1st episode of 9th season, Michelle, Stephanie, Danny, Jesse, and Caleb are there)
Michelle: Dad, I'm so excited. I just met Someone so wonderful!
Danny: Michelle, eight is too young to have a boyfriend.
Stephanie: This isn't a boy.
Michelle: Well, He came as one.
Caleb (extending a hand): Mr. Tanner, I presume? I'm Caleb Wilson. I had the awesome privilege of leading Michelle to Christ. That's what she's excited about.
Stephanie (bouncing): Oh, yeah, Dad, this is Caleb! Aside from one thing, he's the most wonderful boy you would ever want to see!
Caleb: You have two beautiful girls, Mr. Tanner. I hope you would allow me the privilege of courting Stephanie.
Danny (shocked): Whoa!
Jesse: Have mercy! Sheriff Andy Taylor wants to date Stephanie.
Stephanie: Like I say, there's the problem of his being really old-fashioned.
Danny: Old-fashioned? This is a boy after my own heart. I can get to know him for fifteen years before I know if he's safe for you to see.
(End flashback)

Danny: You really impressed me there, Caleb. Of course, then I was even more startled when you took me to meet your parents.

(Flashback - later in that episode, the Wilsons, Danny, and Jesse are talking)

Mrs. Wilson:
We've always taught Caleb to have proper respect for others, especially on dates.

Mr. Wilson:
It sounds like we're very similar in parenting and discipline styles.
Danny: I was a little concerned about the home schooling part, I had nightmares of the annoying neighbor kid being home schooled.
Jesse: Yeah, Kimmy was over bugging us enough as it was.
Danny: Stephanie tells me you work high up in the church, does that mean you're a minister?

Mr. Wilson:
No, actually I clean the steeple.
(End flashback)

Danny: I'm glad you started going to high school regularly this past year. She's really learned to like you a lot.
Caleb: Thanks. Mr. Tanner...I won't do this for another six months at least, to make sure, but I hear that you married your wife when she was 16 «. I don't want to rush things, but our age difference is similar to yours and Pam's. I really would like to be able to ask your daughter's hand in marriage sometime next year.
Danny: M-m-m...(he faints)

(Michelle, Justin, and Wendy are playing in Michelle's room, DJ and Kimmy enter)
D.J.: Dad's awake.
Michelle: Great, I guess he fainted thinking about your wedding.
Kimmy: But he's known about it for over a year.
D.J.: You still don't understand my dad, do you.
Wendy: I get to stay with you, Michelle. I'm so happy!
Michelle: Yeah, but I'm sure you'll be with your mom and dad a lot.
Justin: I call Aunt Angie Mom sometimes.
Kimmy: Then why'd you just call her Aunt?
Michelle: Duhhuh, that's just how they think of her. Just like Joey's always been like another dad, but we call him Joey. That's his title.
Wendy: What's a Joey?
D.J.: That's an adult who loves cartoons.

(Next scene, Danny and Jesse are in the living room again, Danny is crying on the couch.)
Jesse: Danny, what's wrong?
Danny: I just got off the phone with a hospital in Denver. The Phillips' car slid off a road high in the mountains. They wanted me to pass the word to Angie and Joey; Justin and Wendy's parents are dead.

(Jesse sits next to Danny and puts a hand on his shoulder)
Danny: It's Pam all over again, Jess. Sure, this was a one car one, while a drunk ran into Pam, but still, it's Pam's accident all over again.
Jesse: I know. Aw, man, how are we gonna tell Joey?
(Becky comes downstairs with Nicky, Alex, and Justin)
Danny: I don't know, I've gotta think of something.
Becky: Danny, what's wrong?
Justin (running up to and hugging Danny): What do you have to think about?
Jesse: Becky...he's just thinking about it being ten years since Pam died. Take the boys upstairs for a bit.
Nicky: We've been upstairs.
Alex: Mommy has us all ready.
Jesse (pulls a bill out of his pocket): Then take em out for ice cream, meet us at the church.
Nicky: Oh, boy, thanks, Daddy!
Alex: Double thanks!
Justin: Triple thanks, Uncle Jesse! (They leave with Becky)
Danny: Jess, they say alcohol may have led to it. I know Angie's brother had a drinking problem.
Jesse: That's why you never tried to go out with her before Joey got close, huh?
Danny: Yeah, it was always in the back of my mind, I guess. And I didn't want it coming to the front. (He sniffles) And now I see I was right. It's gonna be hard enough being Uncle Danny to two kids hurting like that, if I had to be a father again... (He gets up, Jesse follows)
Jesse: Hey, this is about Pam, too, isn't it?
Danny: Yeah, I guess. Jess...Monday it'll be the tenth anniversary of that phone call, of telling the girls, much pain, and loneliness. I hadn't thought about it before, but now? It just hurts so bad again. (He sighs) Jess, you take DJ to the church, I'll meet you guys there, okay? I'll be there at least a half hour before. (He walks out.)
Jesse (a little unsure himself): Yeah, sure.
(We see Danny walking, alone, in the cemetery, shaking his head)

(Caleb and Stephanie come downstairs)
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse, what's wrong?
Jesse: Your dad needs some time alone, I think.
Stephanie: Where'd he go?
Caleb: Well, alone would mean where nobody else is.
Jesse: He'll be at the church in plenty of time, you and I know him. He might have gone to visit Pam's grave, he never did that much, but it'll be ten years Monday...
Caleb (putting an arm around Stephanie, who suddenly looks a little down): That'll make him feel like she's there with DJ. And with you, Steph. (She brightens)
Jesse: Yeah, yeah that's it. It'll feel like he's bringing her to watch us. Even though she always has been.

(Joey and Angie are about to leave the hospital)
Joey: I'm gonna call home real fast. (He cups his hands and shouts) Home, here home!
Angie (laughing): That's great. Oh, honey, I still remember that birthday party for Justin, we needed emergency entertainment, and Ryan thought of you because of his cousin, one of Michelle's friends.

(Flashback to September 1995 episode, Joey shows up at Angie's door wearing Batman pajamas)
Joey: I'm Joey Gladstone, I came as fast as I could, I was practicing a routine for a pajama party.
Angie: Uh...
Ryan: Yep, that's Joey all right. Do your Popeye voice.
Joey (laughs like Popeye, then talks like him): I know I looks kinda silly here, Olive, but I yams what I yams. Now let me see your little Swee' Peas.
Angie (inviting him in): Actually, Swee' Pea is Popeye's adopted son in all the comics and in some cartoons. Only in the Famous Studios cartoons is he Olive's cousin..
Joey (in awe): Ma'am, I am so impressed! You are one of the only people I have ever met who knew that.
Angie: Well, thank you, I guess it's common to assume a child is the woman's. Anyway, we couldn't get pinatas because the French waiter who was supposed to deliver them from the Italian restaurant in Chinatown has the German measles.
Joey (as Popeye): Well blow me down, sounds like an international outbreak.
Angie (laughing): Come on, I promised Justin and his friends entertainment, and I can tell you'll be great.
(End flashback)

Joey (getting off the phone): Jesse answered, Justin's with Becky. I told him we'd pick Wendy up and meet them at church. (They go out to his car) You never cared for Popeye, did you?
Angie: No, but having read that old trivia book got us off on the right foot.
Joey: I could stand Bugs Bunny being your favorite, though.

(Flashback, early May, 1996 episode)
(Joey and Angie are changing Wendy's diaper, DJ runs in)
Wendy: DJ! (tries to get up)
Angie (grabbing him, doing Elmer Fudd, Wendy giggles): Come hewe, and lemme change youw wascawwy, smewwy diapew.
D.J.: Guess what, Steve was going to propose to me, and I just told him yes!
Joey (hugging her): That's great! (Stops) Wait, you said he was going to?
D.J.: Wendy told me first. (A little annoyed) The only time Steve said anything was when he was rocking Wendy, when he thought she was already asleep.
Wendy (with a smirk): Sowwyyyyy!
Joey (getting on his knees, pulling out a ring): Oh, my, what if Wendy really wasn't asleep when I was rocking her last night! Angie, will you marry me?
Angie: Yes, I'll marry you. (They hug)
Joey (To Wendy, as DJ puts a new diaper on her): There, now you can't tell Aunt Angie about it.
Wendy: About what?
(Flashback ends)

Joey: It was just as well, I might have kept putting it off. Steve was waiting till he finished college, plus Danny kept delaying things with DJ's, but we were able to marry in a few months.
Angie: Oh, Joey, little Robin's going to have a great dad, whether it's the boy spelling or the girl spelling.
Joey: Yeah, I've really learned a lot about love and patience watching the girls.
Angie: And a lot about spilling secrets from Stephanie.

(Flashback, October, 1996)
Angie (on the phone with Michelle and Danny in L.A.): So how's "Horse Sense" going?
Michelle: Fine, Aunt Angie. I still don't have lots of parts, but it's fun.
Danny: She'll be a more recurring character, a friend of this one handicapped rider. She might be in six to eight episodes a year, but it's enough to keep her away from home at times.
Angie: Well, I'll be happy to be her chaperone down there if you ever need to be up here.
Danny: Thanks.
Michelle: It's gonna be hard to do that once the baby starts moving a lot, isn't it?
Angie: Baby? What baby?
Michelle: Joey didn't tell you the doctor called? He was so excited he kept getting wrong numbers when he called the sets of different shows. The actors on half the sitcoms on TV know.
(End flashback)

Joey (now with Angie and Wendy in the car): Yeah, I guess some things are just too fun to keep under your hat.
Wendy: You don't have a hat on.

(They arrive at the church, Michelle is with Justin and Wendy as Joey and Angie enter)
Michelle: Okay, Wendy, you know what to do? (She nods) Wendy, now don't tell anyone about going potty when the bride's marching down the aisle.
Wendy: I won't. I just went. Joey made his sprinkler noise.
Michelle: He used to do that for me, too. (DJ enters) Hi, DJ.
D.J.: Hello, are you all ready? Oh, I'm so excited. I'm can't wait to have my own family; I've certainly had lots of practice with you guys.
Michelle: Thanks, you've been a great big sister. I'm glad Wendy's around for me to help.
D.J.: I know. (She hugs her.) Steve says he wants a little girl named Wendy someday.
Wendy: Because he likes my name?
D.J.: Actually, it's because you have the same name as a major fast food chain.
(Joey and Angie are seated in the pews)
Angie: Oooooh, there it is again!
Joey: What, the false labor pains?
Jesse: If this is false labor, I'd hate to see real labor.
Angie: I think we should have stayed at the hospital!
Joey: And miss DJ's wedding, are you nuts?
Jesse: Joey, I think she's right. Unfortunately, I also think those screams are too close to try and get her to the hospital.
Joey: You mean she's gonna have a baby during the wedding!
Jesse: Hey, this is one way to remember becoming a father.
Jesse's thought: And a far better way than what Danny heard.
Becky (looks at her watch): Ten minutes to go.
Justin: Till the wedding or the baby?
Jesse: Maybe both. (He looks up and sighs) Danny's never late like this.
Becky: I know, where'd he go?
Jesse (gets up): Justin, you stay here with Aunt Becky. Just make sure the boys get the rings down the aisle, hon. The cemetery's not too far. I'll go get him.
Becky: Cemetery, what cemetery?
Joey: Yeah, what's he think this is, Halloween?
Jesse: Oh...uh, he was just going to lay some flowers at Pam's grave, that's all. I'll just run over there, it's close enough to the church.

(Jesse looks around for Danny in the cemetery, sees a fresh flower on Pam's grave.)
Jesse: Okay, he's been here. (Sees a caretaker): Excuse me, Sir?

(Scene is back at the wedding)
(Here Comes the Bride begins playing, family members start coming in)
(Stephanie and one of the groomsmen walk in, Stephanie instantly goes over to Joey, who is seated in the front with Angie)

(A paramedic and midwife have shown up to help with the birth)
Stephanie: Joey, have you seen Dad?
Joey (shouting as Angie screams): Haven't had time, Steph, my wife's giving birth.
Stephanie: Oh, sorry. (Looks at several others coming, maid of honor Kimmy and the best man walk down the aisle) But he has to give her away.
Joey: Look, Jess left to go get him, he was at your mom's grave and I guess he lost track of time.
Stephanie: Then you'll have to.
Joey: And miss the birth of my first child, are you crazy!
Stephanie: Your wife'll be right in the front row!
Joey: Oh, all right. (Kisses Angie) Don't let the baby come out too fast. (Runs up to be with DJ just in time, and whispers "Dad will be here" as he walks her down the aisle.)
(Joey and DJ reach the altar)
Minister: Who gives this woman to be married.
Joey: One of her fathers, Joey... (Angie screams and starts to push. Joey imitates Popeye) I'll save ya, Olive!
Joey (Rushing over to Angie's side, and whispering to Stephanie): This is a job for your father.
Angie: Joey, you're the baby's father!
Joey: I know that, honey, I mean giving away the bride is job of the father.
Stephanie: But if he's not here, who...(Looks around)
Minister: Would somebody like to give her away?
Stephanie: Michelle, Wendy, DJ, get back up there, we're doing this again, without Joey.. (Takes bucket of flower petals, hands it to Wendy as the four reach the back of the church) You have to take my spot Michelle, I'm gonna have to give DJ away.
Michelle: What?!
Stephanie: Don't ask questions, just run up there. (She does, Stephanie turns to Wendy) You'll have to be the flower girl now, sweetheart. (Sees DJ waiting behind them.) Dad went to visit Mom's grave, DJ.
D.J.: Now?

(Wendy begins going down the aisle as the music plays. She holds the bucket and bubble solution in the same hand. She walks several steps down the aisle in front of Stephanie and DJ. She throws the flowers a couple times, then she gets her hands mixed up. Most of the bottle of soapy water gets splashed on half a dozen guests in the third row.)
Wendy: Oops, sorry.
(The music plays as Stephanie walks DJ to the altar, DJ stands next to Steve as it stops.)
Minister: Who presents this woman for marriage now? (Angie screams and pushes) I meant, who standing up here presents her?
Stephanie (excitedly): Yes, I finally get my own room! (Stammers and talks more calmly): Uh, I mean, me, her sister Stephanie presents her.
Minister: You may be seated. (Stephanie sits) We are gathered here to unite Donna Jo Margaret Tanner and Steven Hale in the bonds of marriage. A couple separate now, but after what seems a surprisingly brief ceremony, united for all of eternity. For in the many months that you have grown closer in anticipation of this day, you have no doubt considered the awesomeness of this moment. That from this day forward, as your Scriptural reading that you have chosen shows, the two shall be as one. You will have forever together. In...
Jesse (Running into the chapel): Wait, everyone! We have a big problem. Danny's missing!
Stephanie +DJ + Becky+Michelle+Joey: What?
Jesse: The caretaker at the cemetery said he was there over an hour ago, but then he just walked away, really distraught. He didn't say where he was going!

End of part 1

Part 2
Becky: Oh my goodness! Okay everyone, stay calm! (Angie screams and pushes again) Okay, we'll make an exception for you.
Jesse: I think there's something else you should know, that I should have told you all...(Everyone is on the edge of their seats, Jesse doesn't know how to continue)'re a father.
Joey (as Angie screams again): I think I knew that! Did you think I missed that part about the birds and the bees!
Angie: He's coming!
Jesse: We don't know that, Angie.
Angie: I sure do! Ahhhhh!
Joey: Look, here he is! (The whole cast gathers around)
Kimmy: Who, Danny? How'd he fit in that tiny place?
Stephanie: Forget Dad for a second, this is a miracle happening here!
(We here the baby's first cries)
Joey: Oh, this is the happiest moment of my life!
Paramedic: Congratulations, Sir, it's a boy.
Joey (as they cut the umbilical cord, he begins crying uncontrollably): A boy! My very own baby boy! Oh, this is the happiest moment of my life. Wait, I just said that a moment ago. Oh, and I'll keep having happier ones from here on.
Kimmy (holding a video camera): Wow, wait till Mr. T. sees this.
Minister (walking over as the midwife wraps Robin up and ensure he's okay): Congratulations. May I ask the boy's name?
Angie: It's Robin. Robin, sweetheart, you're gonna have such a great big family. All these people are your family.
(They smile warmly at the baby for a moment, then Stephanie gets up)
Stephanie: Okay, now we can panic!
Jesse: Look, I'm going to ride out and look for him.
Stephanie: I'm coming, too.
Caleb: I'll go with you.
DJ (to Steve, who has his eyes covered): Steve, I...what are you doing?
Steve: It's bad luck to see you before the wedding, and I know you're gonna want to go find your dad.
Michelle: What happened, where is he?
Jesse: Look, munchkin...I'm sure he's gonna be here in the next minute. Or maybe he went back to the house to clean something.
Michelle: Yeah, right. I'm coming with you.
Jesse: Look... (Obviously fretting): Your dad's feeling really sad right now, but there's people here who need you, too. Your the semiregular recurring minor star on Horse Sense. You can entertain these people. They need you to do something.
Michelle: You're right, I know Steve'll want to go with DJ, so now I can get at some of that cake before the reception.
Joey: On second thought, we better take her with us. (The others nod, he kisses Angie) I'll be back; I saw the birth, now Danny needs me.

(After the seven leave)
Becky (nervously): Okay, while we're waiting...Pastor, maybe you'd like to do a baby dedication?

(We see Joey driving Steve and DJ, while Jesse drives Michelle, Stephanie, and Caleb)
Michelle: How does this help, we're driving in circles.
Jesse: Actually, we're driving in squares.
Stephanie (suddenly scared, gasps slightly): I hate the sound of this, but...could he be at the spot where Mom's car was knocked off the road?
Jesse: Good thinking. (He turns that way, the other car follows)

(We see Danny standing along the road, very depressed as he looks out over a bog from a bridge, and eats a pack of raisins. The two cars pull up beside him, and all pile out)
Jesse (as Danny is about to eat a raisin): Don't do it, Danny.
Joey: But raisins are good for you. They also dance real well.
Stephanie (As she, DJ, and Michelle run up to him and hug him): Dad, don't jump!
Michelle: Jump, are you nuts, Steph. Dad, you want to live, don't you?
Joey (grabbing the box of raisins): Live? What wrong with his raisins?!
Jesse (yelling and grabbing the box from Joey): Joey!
DJ (cradling Danny's head in her arms): Oh, Dad, I know you must hurt so badly, but Mom would want you to live and get through this.
Danny (picking his head up and hugging them): It's okay; it's not what you're thinking. I would never jump. (He looks out over the bog) Besides, it's a big mess down there, and I'm in a tux. But you're right, DJ, it hurts. Real bad. Especially because something happened today that brought it all rushing back.
D.J.: Dad, if you don't want to give me away, you don't have to, I'm sure you think of how you wish Mom were here. I know I have been.
Caleb: And what we talked about....well, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned your wife.
Danny: It's not that, Caleb; I'm glad you love Stephanie enough to propose to her in a year, and especially to ask me first. I know you'll make a great couple someday, after a year or two or ten.
Stephanie: What?! Caleb, were you going to propose?
Caleb (tiredly): Not for a year or so, I just brought it up to your dad, but as long as the secret's out... (He kneels by the guardrail) Stephanie Judith Tanner, will you marry me?
Stephanie: Yes! (They embrace, several cars honk their horns as they go past) Dad, isn't this great! You're not going to jump, and I'm going to get married!
Caleb: It won't be for a loooong while. I was going to give it another six months to make sure before thinking about proposing, let alone getting married. Sorry to do it so soon, Mr. Tanner.
Danny: That's okay. Just understand, my daughter's not getting married till she's at least as old as Pam was. And I'm going to drag out the planning until she finishes high school at least. She'll be twnety by the time she's married yet.
Joey: Danny, what is it that has you so down in the dumps?
Danny: Joey...I hate for you to be left out of all this good news...
Joey: But I'm not. I just became a father!
Danny: So you told him about their parents, Jess?
Joey: Whose parents?
Danny: Come on, you know. I thought you'd feel a little remorse.
Joey: Why should I feel remorse, we didn't sleep together till after marriage, and Robin's being born into a great family.
Danny: What's that have to do with the car crash? Who's Robin?
Jesse: Uh-oh, I think we're talking about at least two different things here. Danny...Joey doesn't know about the crash.
Joey: Of course I do, it'll be ten years on Monday. How do you think I wound up moving in with you guys?
Danny: Joey...girls, are you sure you can handle this?
Michelle: What's wrong?
Danny: I got a phone call this morning. Wendy and Justin's parents were killed in a car crash in the mountains. And they think drinking was a factor.
Joey: Oh, no!
D.J.: Just like Mom. (The girls hug Danny again): Oh, Dad, no wonder you were hurting so much.
Danny: I kept trying to get it out of my mind. I thought I was doing a good job. Then the phone call came...girls, I've wanted so hard for you to have a normal life, for you to have a mom. And for me to have a wife again. Maybe I thought it could take the pain away, too, but I just wanted so badly for all of you to be happy again these last ten years.
Stephanie: But we have been, Dad.
Michelle: Yeah, we've had great times together.
Danny: I know, and I managed not to live in the past. I was actually going to marry Vicki. When that didn't work I thought just losing her made me sad. But, maybe it was the sadness of losing Pam coming back, and I didn't know it. Or I didn't want to know it.
D.J.: Dad, it's okay. We're not told we'll never mourn.
Stephanie: Right, what's that verse, Caleb, something like we don't mourn like those who have no hope. But we have hope, Dad.
Jesse: The girls are right, Danny. When I wrote that song "Forever," I wrote it for Becky, but I had Pam in mind, too.
D.J.: Dad, there is a forever out there. It's going to hurt sometimes here, and all the good news and great times we recall won't keep us from feeling it a little. Even if you had remarried.
Joey: That's right, Danny. I could make Justin laugh at that birthday party, and I can help Wendy and Justin's healing pretty well now, especially because I've been through it with you.
Jesse: That's right, man. It all happens for a reason.
Joey: But, that doesn't mean they won't have their times to cry, to hurt.
D.J.: Dad, you might be meant to be single, maybe for another fifty years. But remember that to the Lord, that's the blink of an eye. And then, you and Mom will have forever...together again!
Danny: You're right, DJ. You're right. Forever in that perfect Heaven, where no sin, no bad stuff can enter. No drunken drivers taking us young like Pam was. We won't die, we'll never hurt anymore.
Stephanie (excitedly): The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor has entered into the hearts of man the wonders that await us.
Joey: I know it still hurts. But we can live, and get through it, just like we always have.
Danny: You're right. What I need now is just more grace. Joey...I need to talk to you for a few minutes...about this accident.
D.J.: I've got a wedding waiting.
Joey: You go on, we'll catch up.
Caleb: I'll stay here, Stephanie, so you all have seatbelts going back.
Danny: Thanks, Caleb. Don't be afraid to get married without me, Deej. I...need to get some things out, off my chest, and then Joey can ask any questions, too, about how to handle this with Angie, and their new kids.
D.J.: Okay, see you later, Dad. (They get into the car and leave.)

(Back at the wedding)
(Jesse is walking DJ down the aisle , Michelle is back to being flower girl, Wendy to being bubble blower)
Minister (As Jesse and DJ stop next to Steve): Now, who presents this woman for marriage?
Jesse: Her Uncle, and another man who's like a father, Jesse Katsopolis.

(Shortly thereafter)
Minister: And now, if there be anyone here who does not feel that these two should be married, let him speak now or forever hold his peace. (He looks at the baby.) I half expected Robin to start crying the way this day has gone.
Michelle (To Stephanie): Or to want to give DJ away.
Minister: And now, the vows. Repeat after me. I, Donna Jo Margaret Tanner...
Danny (bursting in with Joey and Caleb): Wait, hold everything, I want to marry DJ...that, I'm her father, but I want to walk down and present Joey's baby...I mean...
Joey: What he means is, if it's not too late, he'd like to walk her down the aisle.
Minister (To DJ): Another one of your fathers? You have more Founding Fathers than the United States.
D.J.: This will be the last one, I assure you.
Minister: All right, just go back up there and hurry it up.
(DJ does so, Danny begins to walk her down the aisle again as Joey and Caleb sit and "Here Comes the Bride" is played)
Minister: Now, who presents this woman for marriage. D
anny (still teary, but getting over it): Her father, Danny Tanner.
Minister: Now, we were at the vows. And I was starting on DJ's.
Joey (whispering to Angie): Honey, there's something very important I need to tell you right after the vows, when we go to the hospital to have Robin checked. I told Justin to take Wendy and go with the Katsopolis' to eat at their table.

(At the altar)
Steve: I do.
Minister: Do you, Donna Jo, take Steve to be your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, from this day forward, till death do you part?
D.J.: I do.
Minister: May I have the rings? (Nicky and Alex hand him the rings) Place the ring on her finger and say "with this ring, I thee wed." (DJ does it to Steve as we see a shot of Danny, smiling sadly.)
Steve (placing the ring on her finger): With this ring, I thee wed.
Minister: By the power vested in me by the Lord God Almighty and by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride. (They kiss)

(The next scene is in the Tanner household)
Stephanie (with Wendy, cuddling her as she cries): It's going to be okay, Wendy, you've got a great aunt and uncle, and they'll take good care of you.
Joey (pulling a stuffed bear with a trenchcoat out of a bag as he and Angie kneel by Wendy): Here, I gave Justin his gift from your Mom and Dad already.
Angie: Your Mommy and Daddy wanted you to have him, Wendy. They never got a chance to give him to you, but (she sniffles)'s their gift to you. He's all yours.
Wendy (taking the bear, still very teary): Thanks. (Wendy looks at it, unsure) What's his name?
Angie: Well, let me think...
Joey: I know. His name is...Mr. Bear.
Stephanie (as if reminiscing): Mr. Bear. Of course. There's a lot of great tradition with that name. He'll be a great friend.
Wendy (cuddles the bear, starts crying again): Oh, Mr. Bear, I miss my Mommy and Daddy so much. I'm glad I have you.
Stephanie: You really know how to lift someone's spirits.
Joey: Thanks. (They rise, while Wendy talks to Mr. Bear) We made like their parents would have bought these if they'd come home.
Stephanie (as Caleb comes up next to her): So it's like that's her mom's gift; just like my Mr. Bear. You're a great dad, Joey. (She hugs him, then puts an arm around Caleb) You're gonna make a great Dad, too.
Caleb: You'll make a great Mom.

(DJ and Steve walk in with Justin)
Justin: Thanks for the bear, Joey...Uncle Joey...Dad, whatever your name is.
Joey (hugging Justin): It's gonna take time, I know. But understand right now what we told Wendy, and what we'll keep telling both of you. No matter what's happened, you always have someone who loves you.
Danny (walking up to Angie): It's gotta be hard, I know. We'll be around to talk whenever you need.
Angie: Thanks. It might not be as hard on the kids, I had them pretty often sometimes,'s still painful. I think we'll need a while before we move into our own place.
Danny: You're right; but we got through it. You will, too.

(Michelle, Justin, the twins, and Becky are by the bassinet holding Robin)
Justin: Poor Robin won't remember any of this.
Michelle: Yeah. He'll be like I am with Mom.
Nicky: But he has us.
Alex: And you.
Becky: I would have loved to have known Pam myself. But I know I'll meet her someday. Way beyond the skies.
Michelle (to the baby): That's right, little Robin. You came into the world at the right time, you're gonna bring joy to them when they feel sad.
(DJ and Stephanie walk up to them)
D.J.: Just the way you did for us.
Michelle: I did?
Stephanie: It was hard, being the middle sister. But now I realize watching you grow up was not only fun, it gave us happy times that otherwise might have been spent being sad.
D.J.: We got to teach you so many great things.
Stephanie: Who knows, us teaching you that "freeze" command probably saved your life a few times.
Nicky: How many lives does she have?
Michelle: I guess we won't know till we get to Heaven what good we've done.
Stephanie: No, but I know one thing. I can't wait for that reunion with Mom!
Alex: Me neither, and I never knew Aunt Pam.
Danny: I can't wait, either.
Steve (enters, hugs DJ): Hey, your...our Uncle Jesse's about to start the first song. We'd better get ready to dance.
D.J.: You mean you're not thinking about eating again?
Steve: Ah, for one night, I can wait. This is the start of something fantastic.
Jesse (with a megaphone): May I have your attention please! (Everyone quiets down.) Thank you. (He pauses) Ten years ago next Monday, something happened that changed many lives. A man driving drunk killed Pam Tanner. Today, several things happened that also will change lives. But one thing never changes, and that is true, unconditional love.
Joey and Angie: Hear, hear!
Jesse: We are here to celebrate a happy time, happy because it reminds us that...well, I'm no scholar, but I got to thinking about Pam, and Caleb showed me a Bible verse I wanted to share with you. (He pulls out a paper) "Romans 8:18. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." I think what this means is, hey, we hurt sometimes. But not only do we have great times to make up for that here, but when we just say "Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner," and mean it in our hearts, we guarantee we'll have glory so incredible that it makes even the best times here look like nothing! And we'll certainly never remember the bad.
Danny: Whoa, that's profound.
Jesse: As we play this first dance of the rest of DJ's and Steve's lives together, let us not forget they will have not only have now, but forever together. As will Joey and Angie, and their children. As will Becky and I, and ours. As we all will, with Pam.
Joey (raising his glass of water in a toast): That's right, here's to all the good times, and the way we make it through the bad. Just like we always do.
Danny (adding to the toast): Just like we always will.

(Song begins, plays as video clips and images come and go)
(Video from Pam coming home with Michelle is shown)
Pam's voice: Isn't she cute!
Song: If every word I said, could make you laugh
(Video of Danny hugging Jesse on the first night)
Danny: Thank you for coming to stay with us. God bless you.
Song: I'd talk forever
(Video of the girls growing up their first few years)
Song: I asked the sky just what we had, it showed forever
(Becky and Jesse kissing at their wedding)
(Jesse and Becky moving back in, then bringing home the twins)
Song: If the song I sing to you, could fill your heart with joy, I'd sing forever

(Song continues to play as we see footage from the next few years of the children)
Song: Forever .. Forever ..I've been so happy loving you forever
(Joey and Angie's meeting, their wedding, Steve proposing)
Song: Baby let me sing forever, I wanna be loved forever Baby let me sing forever, I wanna be loved forever
(Instrumental 1 plays, then the song continues while we see Justin and Wendy, then more of the Tanner and Katsopolis children, finally DJ's wedding and Robin's birth)
Song: Let the love I have for you, live in your heart. And be forever Chorus (As DJ and Steve dance at the reception) Forever .. Forever ..
(We see Danny and the girls hugging at the side of the road from this episode) I've been so happy loving you

(Instrumental 2 plays as footage continues)

(We now see Joey having more children, Justin and Wendy growing, DJ's kids, Stephanie and Caleb's marriage, followed by that of a 20-year-old Michelle and similarly aged man, and finally Danny, Jesse, and Joey aged and surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren)
Song: If every word I said, could make you laugh, I'd talk forever Instrumental 3 plays Chorus plays: Forever .. Forever ..

(Finally, we see a young again Danny running to meet Pam in Heaven, they embrace)
Danny and Pam (singing):
I'll be so happy loving you forever!
(The rest of the cast, also young again, all in white robes, enter the scene around Danny and Pam)

All: Let the love I have for you, live in your heart. And be forever. Forever. (Camera fades) Forever!

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