Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

Goodbye DJ Tanner (1)
Written by: Laura

Danny: My baby! My first-born! (almost in tears) Why? Why?!
Jesse: Danny, get a hold of yourself! DJ's not leaving until tomorrow! Save your agony and ours until then!
Becky: And Danny, her college is just an hour away! She'll visit every weekend and call every night!
(Joey enters)
Joey: DJ, Why?! Why must you leave me?! My first-born!!
(Steph comes downstairs)
Stephanie: What's all the racket? I happen to be on a very important phone call with Gia! (goes back upstairs)
Danny: You guys are right. There's still a whole day of fun-filled excitement left! I say, let's go to Disneyworld!
Jesse: Try one step down!
Danny: I say, let's go to the water park down the street! Go round everyone up!
Jesse: Beck, I'll get teh boys. You take DJ. (to Joey) You take Steph and Michelle.
Joey: Hey, what about Comet? Can't he come? He'll miss Deej too!
Jesse: Forget the dog, huh?
(in the kitchen, Danny is on the phone)
Danny: Yes, four adult and five child please. Yes, thank you, yes, I'll hold.
Jesse: Danny, only four adult? Man, you keep forgetting that Joey's an adult too!
Danny: Haha, Jess. You know, it's just so hard watching my little girl grow up!
Jesse: But Danny, you have to remember- DJ's a grown woman now, not a baby! Plus, if you tried to get her in with a 14 and under pass, you'd probably get arrested!
Danny: Jess, you're right. (into phone)Yes, yes, okay, I need to change that to five adult and four children. Yes, my little girl is all grown up! It seems like only yesterday.......

(at the waterpark)
DJ: Dad, you don't have to do this! Are you trying to bribe me to stay?
Danny: That's not my intention at all, honey! I just want to spend one more quality day with my daughter before she goes off to college! (to others)But if it bribes her to stay, I sure wouldn't mind!

(in the middle of the day, the family all sits in a hottub)
DJ: This is fun, you guys! We should do this more oft-- Steve? Steve! Over here!
Steve: Hey, Deej! I didn't know you were going to be here!
DJ: And I didn't know you were going to be here, either!(they kiss, DJ turns to Danny)Do you mind if I go with Steve? We need to say goodbye too, you know!
Danny: Uh, Deej--
DJ: Thanks dad!(she kisses him and leaves) See you guys tonight!(Danny looks hurt and shocked)

(At end of day)
Danny: Head count! One, two... We're one head short. Where's Stephanie?
Becky: I don't know! I haven't seen her since we got out of the hottub! Have you Michelle?
Michelle: Nope! But I did see her going towards the exit!
Jesse: Well why didn't you stop her?
Michelle: Because at the time I thought she was just getting in line for that HUGE slide over there!
Danny: Well what are we waiting for? Search! We'll all meet back here in one hour! (synchronize watches, Danny goes to lost and found, Michelle looks near the exit, Joey checks the front desk, Jesse and Nicky take the East side of the park, and Becky and Alex search the west side)

(an hour later)
Michelle: No luck
Jesse: No luck
Nicky: No luck
Becky: Same here!
Danny: My baby!
Alex: Where's Stephie?
Michelle: (whispers to Alex)Ssshh, don't rub it in!
Joey: Oh where oh where could she be?
Danny: Why don't we call DJ?
Jesse: I'll go find a phone at the front desk! Becky, can you take Nicky?(gives Nicky to Becky and runs off)

(At Steve's apartment)
Steve: Deej, I'm going to miss you so much!
DJ: Steve, I'm not that far away. Feel free to visit me whenever you want, and I'll visit you often, too!
Steve: Just promise me you won't date any of those buff, athletic college guys I hear about all the time!
DJ: And promise me you won't date anyone but me! Deal?
Steve: Deal. Let's seal it with a kiss. (as they kiss, the phone rings)
Steve: I got it. Hello? Oh, hi Mr. Tanner! Yeah, sure, DJ's here! I hope nothing's wrong! (hands phone to DJ)He sounds frantic!
DJ: Dad? What's wrong? Oh my gosh! I-I'll be right there! Bye! (hangs up)Steve, Steph has gone missing!
Steve: Don't worry, Deej! Get your things, I'll drive!(he grabs keys and they exit)

(At Park)
DJ: Dad! I came as soon as I could! Have you found her yet?
Danny: No, and I'm getting worried!
Jesse: Danny, you've BEEN worried!
Michelle: Before she left, she DID murmur something to me. She said "Tell DJ I'll see her at college!"
DJ: Oh no!
Jesse: Michelle? (kneels down in front of Michelle)
Michelle: Yes?
Jesse: Why did you wait until now to tell us that?
Michelle: Well, for one thing, I didn't think it was important. Also, nobody asked!
DJ: I swear, Michelle, you are getting more and more like Steph every day!
Danny: "I'll see DJ at college"-what could that POSSIBLY mean?
Joey: Oh where Oh where has my DJ gone?
Becky: Probably to the train station! Let's go!

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