Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

Goodbye DJ Tanner (2)
Written by: Laura

(voice saying "Last time on Full House"...)
Jesse: Danny, get a hold of yourself! DJ's not leaving until tomorrow!
Becky: Her college is only an hour away!
Danny: I say, let's go to the waterpark down the street!
(forward to scene in hottub)
DJ: Dad, do you mind if I spend the rest of the day with Steve? (kisses him and leaves, leaving a stunned Danny)
(forward to Steve's apartment)
DJ: Steve, Steph's gone missing!
(At park)
Michelle: She DID murmur something to me! She said "Tell DJ I'll see her at college"
Becky: The train station! Let's go!


(Now begins the actual episode. family is in train station)
Danny: Becky, you said she'd be here! Where's my daughter?
Becky: Danny, I'm not one of the Psychic Friends! If she's not here, it's not my fault!
Nicky: Look! (picks up a piece of paper on the ground)S-T-E-
Alex: P-H-A-
Nicky: N-
Alex: I-
Danny: Stephanie!
Nicky: Hey! You didn't let us finish!
Alex: E!
Danny: Boys, where did you get that? It's Stephanie's train pass! It says the train left half an hour ago! Oh, my baby is gone!
Jesse: Wait a sec, Danny, hold the tears! Did you say the train left half an hour ago? (snatches the ticket from Danny) Well how did Stephanie get on without her ticket?
Danny: Oh, no, now my daughter is not only missing, but she's a fugitive too!(he and Joey hug almost in tears)
Jesse:(looking @ Danny like he's an idiot) right... or she never got on the train! (he brings the family around a corner and Steph is sitting there crying on a bench)
Danny: Stephanie! (he hugs her, followed by everyone else in turn)
Jesse: Steph? Why are you crying? (she doesn't answer)
DJ: Uh, you guys, can I talk to my sister alone?
Danny: Knock yourself out. (everyone but the three sisters sits across the room)
DJ: Michelle, I asked could I please talk to Steph alone?
Michelle: No you didn't, you asked could you please talk to your sister alone. Well, aren't I your sister too?
DJ: Of course you are. Siddown!(in a playful tone)
DJ: Steph, I think I know what's bothering you. You don't want me to go off to college.
Stephanie: (in tears) Deej, we go back fourteen years! We've been roommates, shared secrets, and spent a lot of time together and I don't think I'm ready to give that up!
DJ: (sits down between Steph and Michelle) Steph, just because I'm going away to college doesn't mean I won't see you plenty! Kimmy and I will come home every weekend and I'll call ever night! We might even be better pals than before!
Stephanie: Since when is our casa Kimmy's casa?
Michelle: What about me? I'll miss you, too!
DJ: And Michelle, it's been a great nine years! I'll miss you so much too, but we'll still spend a lot of time together! (all three hug) Now, let's go home and have a great last night together! (they get up and join the others)

(the next morning)
DJ: Good morning, all! (walks into kitchen)
Danny: Morning, sweetheart! I made a buffet breakfast just for you! I have french toast, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausages, donuts, pizza! Basically anything your little tummy desires!
DJ: Dad, cut it out! And you really didn't have to go to all this trouble just for me!(they hug, then DJ goes to kitchen table and hugs everyone in turn, then sits down between Jesse and Michelle. Joey puts a huge stack of pancakes on her plate)
Jesse: May'be she doesn't want pancakes! (he puts a huge stack of French toast on her plate)
Danny: May'be she's in the mood for some eggs!(he holds up three plates)Scrambled, Fried, or Omelette?
Becky: Well how do you know she wants eggs? I bet DJ would like some bacon! (gives her a huge stack of bacon)
Stephanie: May'be she wants some pizza and ice cream!(she carries an entire pizza and Michelle carries a huge ice cream sundae. Nicky and Alex put a cherry on top)
DJ: Enough! You guys, you don't have to feed me a buffet to show me how much you love me! I already know!
Danny: You know, this calls for a group hug!
Jesse: Do I have to?
All: Come on!
Jesse: Oh, what the hell! (he shrugs and they pull him in. Joey gives him a nuggie) Ho-ho-ho-ho-hold it! Watch the hair! (turns and gives Joey a nuggie)

(In living room)
Steve: Is that everything? We'd better hit the road soon, Deej!
Kimmy: Yeah, don't want to be late!
DJ: Okay, Steve. Let me just say goodbye to my family. (goes to Nicky and Alex) C'mere you guys!(they hug as she squats)See you two next week!
Nicky and
See ya, DJ!
DJ: Michelle? Come give your big sister a hug! (they hug and DJ picks Michelle up) Boy, you're getting heavy!(puts her down)
Michelle: I'm gonna miss you being right across the hall, Deej!
DJ: You, too. But the good part is you and Steph can have your own rooms now! C'mere, Steph!(Steph and DJ hug, tears in Steph's eyes)Aww, Steph, I know this is hard for you! But you've gotta be brave and look for the good in it! Like getting your own room!
Stephanie: Yeah, I forget what that's even like! I haven't had my own room since I was five!(she pauses)Wait a sec, if Michelle is taking your old room, where will you go when you visit?
DJ: I'll switch off between your room and Michelle's. Kimmy will room with the other person.
Stephanie: Oh great. Nightmare on Kimmy street! Why don't we just adopt her and get it overwith?(rolls eyes)
DJ: (moves on)Joey, you've always been my funniest friend! I'll be looking forward to hearing new material from you when I visit next week!
Joey: DJ, WHY must you leave me?(they hug)
DJ: Aunt Becky, you have been like a sister to me! You are the best aunt in the world!
Becky: Thanks, Deej! (they hug)You'll do great in college!
DJ: Uncle Jesse, you are the coolest uncle a girl could have!
Jesse: Well, I AM pretty cool, aren't I? And you are the coolest niece anyone could have!
Stephanie and Michelle: Hey!
Jesse: Sorry, the coolest niece that can vote!(they hug)Go kick some college butt!(DJ smiles, then moves to her dad)
DJ: Dad, don't cry on me now!
Danny: Too late!(he is in tears) Deej, you've grown into a fine young lady! Have a great time at college, sweetheart!(they hug)Don't forget to clean your room every day and remember-just because a room looks clean to the naked eye doesn't mean that it is clean. Get down in the nooks and crannnies--ooh, I have to buy you your very own cleaning supplies for Christmas...
DJ: Dad!
Danny: Sorry, honey. Be good!(they hug again)
(by now everyone in the room is in tears except Steve, Kimmy, Nicky, and Alex)
DJ: I'll miss you all! Bye everyone!
All: Bye! We'll miss you! We love you Deej!
(DJ, Steve, and Kimmy exit and everyone left inside hugs and cries)

End Tune