Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

My Girl
Written by: Laura

Stephanie: Okay, Michelle! Time to move all your stuff OUT!(points to DJ's old room)
Michelle: Oh boy, this is gonna take forever!
Stephanie: Not with me helping you! Okay, first, let's get the bed...(they each grab an end of Michelle's bed-Steph pushes and Michelle pulls)

(in kitchen)
Joey: Hey, Jess!
Jesse: Yeah?(doesn't look up from paper)
Joey: You know, you never did meet Darlene! How about tonight, before our date?
Jesse: Whatever.
Joey: You're gonna love her! She's great! You know, she does great impressions! and she's into rock and roll, that's why I think you'll like her...
Jesse: Joey, you're rambling on and on about her! You're bugging me, stop!
Joey: Sorry. Will you be home tonight?
Jesse: Yeah, I'll be free all night.(still doesn't look up from paper)
Joey: Good, because I know she wants to meet you! (closes his eyes) I can picture her in my mind! She has the most beautiful, cool-green eyes you could just drown in! And the purest blonde hair I have ever seen, and...
Jesse: Joseph? Rambling?
Joey: Oh, right, sorry!

(In Michelle's room)
Michelle: There! Steph, we're done moving the bed! What do we do now?
Stephanie: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm taking a break to call Gia and tell her I finally have my own room! (picks up phone and dials Gia's number)
Michelle: (rolls eyes) Thanks for all the help, Steph!(sarcastically)
Stephanie: Hi, Gia, it's Steph! Guess what? I finally got my own room! I know! I know! Yeah! We will have so much more freedom now...
(Michelle drags her dresser into her new room)

(that night in living room)
Joey: She'll be here any minute! Get ready, Jess!
Jesse: I am ready! I've been ready!(wears jeans, a white shirt, and a leather vest)
(doorbell rings)
Joey: She's here! Oh, I hope you two get along, Jess! I mean...
Jesse: Joseph! What did we say about the rambling?
Joey: Sorry, I just want you guys to hit it off! There's nothing better than friends and girlfriends getting along! Except may'be fried chicken.
Jesse: Yeah, well, we won't have a chance to hit it off unless you open that door!
Joey: Oops! (opens door)Hey, Darlene! Sorry I took so long! I was, uh, working out!(flexes muscle)
Darlene:(looks past Joey to see Jesse on the couch)Jesse? Jesse Katsopolis? Wow! It's really been too long! (Jesse gets up off couch)
Jesse: Darlene Smith, is that really you? How the heck are ya?(they shake) What has it been now, ten years?
Darlene: Boy, I'm getting old!
Joey: Wait, you two have met before?
Jesse: Yeah, Darlene was my first steady girlfriend after I dropped out because(laughs a nervous laugh) she dropped out with me!
Joey: She-you- you guys dated?

(Becky and the boys come downstairs)
Becky: Who dated who?
Joey: Jesse and Darlene used to date!
Jesse: (so Becky can't hear)Joseph!(gives Joey a look)
Becky: Oh did they now? (Becky gives Jesse a look, replied with a nervous laugh from Jesse)
Jesse: It was a VERY long time ago, Beck!(another nervous laugh)Uh, Darlene, this is my wife, Becky. And our two adorable twin boys, Nicky and Alex! They turn five in November!
Darlene: Yes, we met before, when you were um-- i don't know what you were doing. But I didn't realize until now that it was you that she said was her husband! Congratulations!
Jesse: Uh, thanks. Beck, may'be we should go color in the kitchen with the boys.(they go thru the swinging kitchen door)If anyone needs us, we'll be in here!
Joey: Well, Darlene, you ready to go?
Darlene: (seems distracted)Uh, may'be we should stay here tonight. It would be a whole lot easier!
Joey: Uh, okay, if you really want to.(she nods and they sit down on the couch.)So, you want some champagne?
Darlene: Sure! I'll get it though!
Joey: (puts feet up on coffee table and turns on cartoons)Could you get us some snacks while you're at it?
(Darlene enters the kitchen to see Jesse and the boys at the kitchen table coloring. she eyes him as she pours two glasses of champagne)
Jesse: Oh, hi Darlene!(without looking up from his picture)
Darlene:(in a seductive voice) Hello, Jesse.(this gets Jesse's attention and he looks up)
Jesse: Uh-(looks around room) Can I help you?
Darlene: Where did Becky go?
Jesse: Oh, she went upstairs to have a nice relaxing bubble bath.(Darlene moves closer, which makes Jesse stand up and back up) Oh, doesn't that sound refreshing? May'be I'll go get one, too!
Darlene: Would you like some champagne, Jesse?
Jesse: Wouldn't Joey appreciate that a lot more than I would? Yes, yes, he would, so go take them to him!
Darlene: Why did we ever break up in the first place?
Jesse: Uh, let's see, you came over to my house one day, told me it was over, and left town!
Darlene: (fingers his hair) Well, I think I made a horrible mistake!(leans closer)
Jesse: (to himself) I have a wife, she dumped me, I have a wife, she dumped me!(gets out of chair and goes in to Joey) Joseph, when are you leaving for your date? This girl of yours was just hitting on me in the kitchen and frankly I don't like it! I am a happily married guy with two kids and this is the last thing I need right now!
Joey: For your information, Darlene decided to stay here for our date!
Jesse: Well I wonder why?!
Joey: You're just jealous!
Jesse: (looking shocked)Jealous? Of a girl that left me like she did? Yeah right! Why would I be jealous? I have absolutely no interest in Darlene anymore!
Joey: Oh, right, Jess!
Jesse: Fine, don't believe me! You'll find out sooner or later anyways, and I hope it's not at the expense of mine and Becky's marriage! Just let me tell you, keep an eye on that Darlene of yours when she takes a little trip into the kitchen!
Joey: Well may'be I will!
(a few minutes later)
Darlene: (walks into kitchen and heads for Jesse) Jesse, I need to talk to you!
Jesse: Don't even think about it, Darlene!
(we see Joey's head poke slightly into the kitchen, listening)
Darlene: Look, Jess, I'm sorry I ever broke up with you! I don't know what I was thinking!(sits down and comes a little closer)
Jesse: (stands up) Well you know what? I'm not! If we hadn't, I might never have met Becky! I'm sorry, Darlene, but we're through!
(Joey enters)
Joey: I'm sorry too, Darlene!
Darlene: Joey! I didn't know--
Joey: Don't make excuses! I heard your whole conversation from the doorway! Jesse was right! Darlene, we're over! I'd appreciate it if you left now.
(Darlene looks like she's about to say something, but just storms out)
Joey: Jess, I'm sorry I didn't believe you! I just didn't want to believe that MY girlfriend was in love with YOU! I just wanted a girl that liked me for once! Every girl likes you!
Jesse: Well, that's true!(snaps out of it and talks to Joey)But there's plenty of other girls out there just for you!
Joey: Thanks, Jess! That means a lot to me.(they hug)
(Becky enters in a bathrobe)
Becky: Hello, Jesse!
Jesse: Becky! How long have you been there?
Becky: Long enough to see you stand up for us and our beautiful boys! Good job, Jess, I'm proud of you for not falling into that girl's spell! (they kiss)
Jesse: Have mercy!

(up in Stephanie's room)
Stephanie: Okay, Michelle, I'm off the phone with Gia! I can help you move your stuff again!
Michelle: Well who says I want or need your help? (carries a heap of clothes out of the room)
Stephanie: (follows Michelle)Michelle, are you mad at me for talking on the phone so long with Gia and not helping you? I told you we were taking a break!
Michelle: Well, you could have responded the 15 times I threw pillows at you to tell you to get off the phone so we could get back to work!
Stephanie: Look, I'm sorry, Michelle. I'm just so excited about getting my own room. Did you know I haven't had my own room since Uncle Jesse and Joey moved in?
Michelle: Wow, that's a long time! They've been here as long as I can remember!
Stephanie: Do you forgive me?
Michelle: Yeah, I'd appreciate it if you would help me finish moving my stuff! I understand how you felt.(they hug)Because I feel the same way about getting out of sharing a room with YOU!
Stephanie: C'mere, Michelle!(they have a pillow fight)

End Tune