Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

Fourteen Going On Twenty One
Written by: Laura

Stephanie: Gia, did you hear?
Gia: Hear what?
Stephanie: About the Mothballs performing LIVE this Friday night at that new nightclub, Marian's?!
Gia: THE Mothballs?! They are my favorite band!! This is so awesome, we HAVE to see them! Wait a sec, Steph, Marian's is a twenty-one and up club! We can't just waltz right in there! Why do you torture me?!
Stephanie: Sorry, Gia, I forgot that little detail.
Gia: Steph, this is a once-in-a-life time opportunity! We NEED to get in somehow!
Stephanie: I know, but how? (they think for a sec, then both smile at eachother)
Gia: I have a plan!
Stephanie: I have a plan for when yours fails!(Gia gives Steph a "not funny" look)

(In Jesse and Becky's room, the twins play with blocks)
Nicky: Hey, look at my tower! It's almost taller than me!
Alex: Your tower isn't as big as my tower!
Nicky: No, by tower is bigger!
Alex: No, mine!(pushes down Nicky's tower)
Nicky: Hey! What did you do that for?! You mean!
Alex: No, you mean!
Nicky:(pushes Alex) No, you mean!
Alex:(pushes Nicky) No, you mean!(Jesse walks in)
Jesse: Ho-ho-ho-ho-hold it! Boys? What are you doing? (squats down to their height) Are you fighting?
Nicky and Alex: (both point at eachother) He started it! Hey!(glare at eachother)
Jesse: Well, I don't care who started it! Now I want you boys to apologize to eachother right now!
Nicky and Alex: No!(Nicky runs into his and Alex's room and Alex runs through the door to the kitchen. Becky comes through the kitchen door a second later)
Becky: Jess? What's going on? Alex just ran by yelling "I hate Nicky, I hate Nicky!"
Jesse: Aww, Beck, they're in their first fight!
Becky: Oh, Jess, we knew this would happen eventually! I mean, they're brothers! It's their job!
Jesse: But did it have to happen so soon?! They're barely potty-trained!
Becky: Jess, get a hold of yourself! They are almost five years old!(sits down next to him and they both put their head in their hands) But you're right! They're growing up so fast!

(Friday afternoon)
Stephanie: Quick, Gia, upstairs! We only have a few hours to figure out a plan and get ready! (they rush upstairs and Michelle is at the top of the steps)
Michelle: Ready for what? Can I come?
Stephanie: Michelle, what is the point of having my own room if you still annoy the heck out of me?
Michelle: Geez, you could have just said no!
Gia: Little Michelle, we have big person stuff to do! It's a little over your head!
Michelle: Stop calling me that! I'm nine years old!(she goes into her room. Gia shrugs it off and they go into Steph's room)
Gia: I have the perfect plan!(pulls out two gray wigs) We dress up as old ladies so they have no doubt that we're old enough to be there!
Stephanie: Only one problem- I don't want to go a whole night dressed like my grandma!
Gia: You don't have to! We'll ditch the costumes in the bathroom!
Stephanie: Are you sure this is gonna work?
Gia: Positive!(Danny knocks and Gia quickly puts away the wigs as he enters)
Danny: Girls, I just want to tell you that tonight I will be out, and so will Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, so Joey will be home when you get back from the mall tonight. Try not to bother him too much, because he'll be watching the twins. And Michelle will be doing homework-hopefully. I'm leaving now. Bye, honey. Bye, Gia.
Stephanie: Bye, dad!(Danny shuts the door behind him)

(in living room)
Jesse: Now Joseph, are you sure you can handle the boys by yourself tonight? Beck and I feel like we haven't gotten to go out and have fun a lot lately, so we're going to Marian's for the night.
Joey: Yeah, I'll be fine!
Jesse: Are you completely sure? The boys are in a fight right now.
Joey: Of course I can handle it! What do you think I am-irresponsible?!

(Joey is babysitting the twins, and he sits with a helpless look between them on the couch)
Nicky: No, it's your fault!
Alex: No, it's your fault!
Nicky: No, it's your fault!
Alex: No, it's your fault!
Nicky: No, it's your fault!
Alex: No, it's your fault!
Joey: Boys! Settle down! What are you fighting about?!
Nicky: My tower's bigger!
Alex: No, my tower's bigger!
Joey: You mean to tell me you've been torturing me all night because you're fighting over whose TOWER is TALLER?!
Nicky and Alex: Yes. Hey!
Joey: Boys, this is a very silly reason to be fighting! Now kiss and make up!
Nicky and Alex: Eew!
Joey: Sorry, hug and make up!
Nicky: That's better! I'm sorry.
Alex: I'm sorry,too. (they hug)

(In the line to go to Marian's, people stare at Steph and Gia dressed like old ladies)
Stephanie: (to the door guard lady)Well hey there, youngster!
Gia: We're obviously over twenty one, so we'll just go right through here...
Lady: Hold it! Why would a couple of old ladies like yourselves-no offense-
Stephanie and Gia: None taken!
Lady: Why would you want to come to this loud, busy club?
Stephanie: What was that? Speak up!
Lady: I said, Why would you want to come to a loud busy bar like this?!(yells)
Gia: Well you don't have to scream! We want to actually hear some music for a change!
Stephanie: Plus, it makes us feel young again!
Lady: (under her breath as she lets them in) Doubt that!

(In Marian's bathroom, Steph and Gia enter and see a lady fixing her makeup. they smile and wave and each take a stall. in a few minutes, they come out as themselves and the lady is still there and she is amazed)
Stephanie:(nervous laugh) That age-defying lotion REALLY works!(lady leaves and Steph and Gia apply makeup)
Gia: We're WAY under the age limit! Does this makeup make us look older?
Stephanie: Definitely. And the shoes make us look taller,too!(they leave the bathroom)

(At entrance, Jesse and Becky try to get in)
Lady: I need to see your ID's.
Jesse: Uh, lady, incase you haven't noticed, me and my wonderful wife here are in our thirties!
Lady: Yeah, right! Darn teenagers always trying to sneak into these clubs!(Jesse and Becky smile at eachother)
Jesse: Ok, well, see for yourself!(shows his ID and Becky shows hers)
Lady: (amazed)Well, then! Call me, hot stuff!(starts to write a phone # on his hand but Becky pulls him away)

(In club)
Announcer: And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, give it up for The Mothballs!(huge screams from the crowd)
Stephanie: We're small! Let's squeeze up into that small space in the very front!
Gia: Okay! (they wriggle through the crowd)
Jesse: Beck, I see an open spot near the front!
Becky: Quick, let's grab it before someone else does!(they rush through the crowd towards the spot)
Stephanie: Yes! We made it! (they dance to the music)
Becky: Oh, great, some young people took our spot!
Jesse: Hey, I'm young, remember? I look like a teenager!
Becky: You're so full of it!
Gia: This is our night! Let's get down!(she and Steph dance and they do some turns while they dance and they see Jesse and Becky and they see Steph and Gia)
Stephanie: Oh no! Quick, Gia, we can lose them in the crowd!(they push through the crowd)
Jesse: Beck, don't let them get away! (they push through the crowd too)
Becky: This way, I know a shortcut to the exit!
Gia: We're almost there! I can see the exit!
Jesse: Stop right there!(Jesse and Becky block the exit)You're coming home with us right now!
Gia: May'be this would be a good time for me to leave!
Becky: Oh, Gia, stay. I'm sure your mother would LOVE to hear about this!

(at home)
Jesse: Gia, I called your mom. She's picking you up in a few minutes. Why don't you go wait downstairs while I have a little talk with Stephanie?(Gia leaves)Steph, what were you thinking?
Stephanie: Well, Gia and I are, like, the BIGGEST fans of the Mothballs! We just HAD to see them! And don't even TRY to tell me you've never done this! How old were you?
Jesse: Okay, it was my thirteenth birthday! It was- wait a second, you're trying to get me off the subject! The point is- you're seven years too young to be there!
Stephanie: You were eight! Why don't we punish you?
Jesse: Hey, don't you talk back to me! And I did get punished! Now it's your turn!(they hear the door slam downstairs) It's your dad. You know what you have to do.
Stephanie: Tell dad we had a great time at the movies and block Gia's mom from calling?
Jesse: No, you have to tell him the truth!
Stephanie: It was worth a shot!(goes downstairs)

(in kitchen)
Stephanie: Uh, dad?
Danny: Yes, sweetheart?
Stephanie: Oh, I might as well come right out and say it. You'll find out eventually. Gia and I snuck into an over 21 club tonight to see The Mothballs concert.
Danny: You WHAT?! Steph, you could have been hurt or gotten lost! Those people are much older than you and they could have kidnapped you or given you alcohol or--
Stephanie: I'm grounded, right?
Danny: (nods) A month. No TV, no phone, just to school and back. Sweetheart, that very easily could have turned into a dangerous situation! If you wanted to see the Mothballs so much you should have waited until they played at the Smash Club next week! Which you will still be grounded for.
Stephanie: Aww.. okay, fair enough. I'm sorry, dad. (she hugs him)I'll never do it again.
Danny: Of course you won't, honey. Because you know you'll be grounded until you're my age!

End Tune