Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

The Big Birthday Surprise
Written by: Laura

Nicky: Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!(he and Alex climb into their parents' bed early in the morning)
Becky: (sleepily) Boys, what is it?
Alex: Happy Birthday to us!
Jesse: (yawns) Boys, your birthday isn't until tomorrow! It's six in the morning on a Saturday and I need more sleep!
Becky: (gets out of bed) Well, boys, since I'm up and you're up, let's get you some breakfast! (they go into kitchen and Michelle runs in)
Michelle: Uncle Jesse! Wake up! It's the day before my birthday!
Jesse: Okay, okay, I'm up! (sighs) I guess I just wasn't meant to sleep this morning!(Joey and Danny enter)
Joey: Neither were we! (their hair sticks straight up)
Jesse: (laughs) Nice hair, boys! (they glare at him as they all go into the kitchen for some breakfast)
Alex: I can't wait to turn five!
Nicky: Me neither!
Michelle: Boys, did you know that when I turned five, you were born?
Nicky: Yes we did.
Michelle: I remember it like it was yesterday...(flashback to Michelle's party when everyone was rushing out the door to get Becky to the hospital)
Jesse: Yeah, I remember that I got appendicitis and we didn't know if I'd make it on time to see my little boys born!(flashback to Jesse and Becky both in wheelchairs saying goodbye then to when the boys were born then to them laying in Becky's bed holding the boys)
Becky: But you did!(they kiss)
Alex: Please! Some of us are TRYING to EAT! (Jesse and Becky laugh)
Jesse: I remember two years before the boys were born, when Michelle was three...(flashback to Jesse and Steph putting on a show for Michelle when they were stuck in the gas station on her third birthday)I hate clowns!(through gritted teeth)
Danny: I remember that too! While you three were stuck in a gas station, Joey and I were stuck entertaining the neighborhood! (flashback to Danny and Joey dressed as clowns entertaining the neighbors' kids)
Joey: Hey, I wonder if I still have that costume?
Michelle: Wow! I can't believe I'm going to be double digits tomorrow!
Nicky: And we'll be five!
Becky: Yes, you will! (she hugs and kisses the boys)

(The next morning)
Nicky: Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!(he and Alex climb into their parents' bed early in the morning)
Alex: Happy birthday to us!
Jesse: (sleepily sits up) Oh no, it's like deja vu all over again!
Becky: (rests her head on Jesse's chest) Happy birthday, boys! Come give Mommy and Daddy a hug!(the boys pile on top of Jesse and Becky)
Nicky: When does the party start?
Jesse: Not until this afternoon!
Alex: Why can't the party start now?
Jesse: (sarcastically) Because NORMAL people aren't awake this early!

(A few minutes later, everyone is up and in the kitchen eating breakfast. The doorbell rings)
Danny: I'll get it!(runs to get the door and opens it and DJ walks in) Deej! I thought you couldn't make it this weekend!(they hug) Hey everyone, DJ's here!
DJ: Well, I pulled some strings. How could I miss the tenth birthday of my little sister and the fifth birthday of my little cousins?! C'mere, birthday kids! (they hug) Hey everyone!(she hugs them all in turn) I missed you!
Everyone: We missed you too!(Kimmy enters with some bags)
Kimmy: (her hand covers her eyes) Nobody's in their underwear, are they?
DJ: So when does the party start?
Michelle: I've been asking that all morning!
Danny: This afternoon. We still have to set up the decorations. We're going to have a triple party!
DJ: Sounds cool! Here, I'll help you guys set up the decorations!(phone rings)
Becky: Oh, I'll get it! I'm expecting a call! I'll be right back, everyone!(she goes into kitchen and picks up the phone) Hello? Oh, yes, yes, I was expecting this call!(Jesse pokes his head in the doorway) Hold on(puts hand over the phone) Jess, come on in, it's the call we've been expecting!(Jesse comes in and slides down the countertop to where Becky sits with the phone)Uh huh, uh huh, okay, thank you!
Jesse: So what did the doctor say?
Becky: Jess, I'm pregnant!

(Jesse and Becky are sitting in their bed in their room)
Jesse: So how do you think they'll react?
Becky: Well, you know they'll be happy for us!
Jesse: Yeah, I know that. Oh, Beck, let's not worry about what they think right now! (locks door) Let's celebrate!(they kiss) Oh, Beck, I'm so happy! This is so great! I will be the proud father of three children!(they kiss again)
Becky: Oh, Jess, I'm so happy you're happy! I remember your reaction when I told you I was pregnant with Nicky and Alex!
Jesse: This time I was ready and expecting the news!
Becky: There's just one problem- where will our baby sleep? There's just our room and Nicky and Alex's room down here! The baby can only stay in our room for a certain amount of time before he or she needs a room of their own! Where will they sleep then, out in the hallway?
Jesse: Ooh, that is a problem! But don't worry, Beck! We'll work it out!
Becky: Oh, Jess, I hope so! (she is on the verge of tears, Jesse hugs her to comfort her and he looks worried too)

(Back in living room)
Danny: There! We're all done with the decorations!(comes down off the stepladder he's on)
DJ: Hey, where's Uncle Jesse and Becky?
Stephanie: Yeah, I haven't seen them since Aunt Becky went to answer the phone and Uncle Jesse followed her!
Joey: I wonder if it had something to do with the phone call?
Danny: May'be we should go check on them to see if they're alright. (they all follow Danny as he goes through the kitchen door and knocks on Jesse and Beckys' door)
Kimmy: Locked door. Are we interrupting something? (Jesse opens the door)
Jesse: Hi, everyone!
Danny: Jess, ar you and Becky okay in there? You've been gone at least an hour!
Jesse: Uh, yeah! Come on in.(he goes back to sit on the bed with Becky)
Becky: We have something to tell you all!
Joey: Is everything okay, Becky?
Becky: Oh, everything's fine!
Kimmy: Then hurry up! The curiosity is killing me!
Jesse: (under his breath so Kimmy can't hear)I wish it really was!
Becky: Well...(looks up at Jesse, who sits behind her with his hands on her shoulders) I'm pregnant!
Kimmy: Whoa baby!(the whole family gives Kimmy a look)
Danny: Wow, that's great! Congratulations!(he hugs Becky then extends his hand for Jesse to shake)
Jesse: Oh, I'm so happy right now, so what the hell? Lay one on me, babe!(Danny and Jesse hug)
Kimmy: Way to go, hair boy! (slaps him on the back)
Jesse: Ow!(rubs his back where she hit it and glares at her. everyone hugs everyone, even Jesse. Jesse hugs DJ, then moves on to the next person, but shrinks back when he realizes it's Kimmy)
Becky: (when everyone's settled down) We do have one problem, though. Where will the baby sleep?
Danny: Wow, I never thought of that! Does anyone have any ideas?(long pause)
Joey: I have an idea! Nicky and Alex can take my room and I can take the attic!
Jesse: Oh, Joseph, I couldn't put you out of a room!
Joey: Jess, it works out for me! There's more space in the attic! Plus, it has its own bathroom!
Becky: Oh, Joey! We are so grateful! Are you sure about this?
Joey: Positive! I can move in next week!
Jesse: Thanks man!(they hug)
Becky: You're a lifesaver, Joey!(they hug, then the doorbell rings)
Danny: Here come the party guests!
(everyone files out into the kitchen. Jesse and Becky have their arms around eachother and kiss as they walk out the doorway into the kitchen)

End Tune