Fan Fiction - Written by Laura

Family Flu
Written by: Laura

(All the grownups are in Joey's new room, the attic)
Joey: Thanks for helping me move all my stuff into the attic, you guys!
Jesse: No problem, brother man!(pronounced brada man) Especially since we're the reason you're moving up here!
Joey: For the last time, Jess, it's my pleasure!(Steph and Michelle come up)
Stephanie: Hey, everyone! We're home from school!(looks around the room) Looks good!
Michelle: Hi, everyone! (she sneezes and coughs a few times)
Danny: Michelle, honey, are you okay?
Michelle: I don't know! Ever since I got home from school I've felt bad!
Danny: Hmmm... you do feel a little warm. Is anyone in your class sick?
Michelle: Actually, half the class is out with the flu!
Danny: The flu?! Oh no! Honey, I think you caught it too!
Michelle: I have the flu?! Oh brother!
Danny: (to everyone else) I'm going to go take care of Michelle.(he and Michelle go downstairs)
Stephanie: It's times like these I'm glad I have my own room!

(the next day, DJ and Kimmy come through the front door)
DJ: Hello? Anyone?(Danny enters from kitchen)
Danny: Hey, Deej, how are you?
DJ: I'm fine. Dad, you don't look so good yourself. Are you okay?
Danny: I'm fine. It's Michelle that has the flu.
Kimmy: Hate to break it to you, Mr. T, but dads aren't immune to the flu!
DJ: Yeah, Dad, why don't you go lie down?
Danny: May'be I should. But who will take care of Michelle?
DJ: Dad, there's plenty of other people living in this house!(Danny goes upstairs and DJ and Kimmy go into Jesse and Becky's room)
DJ: Uncle Jesse? Aunt Becky? Are you in there?
Jesse: Come in!
DJ: Well Dad's sick too, so you guys and Joey are in control now- whoa, you don't look so good! Uncle Jesse, do you have the flu too?
Jesse: No! Of course not! (he sneezes) Okay, may'be I do.(his eyes are red and blotchy)
Becky: I guess I do too!
DJ: Oh no, it's up to Joey to run the house!
Becky: Deej, do you think you could check on the boys for me?
DJ: No problem! (a few minutes later) They're flu-free!
Jesse: Oh good.(DJ and Kimmy go up to Joey's room)
DJ: Joey?
Joey: Deej, is that you? (DJ enters) I don't feel so good! I think I caught something from Michelle!
DJ: Oh no! Dad, Uncle Jesse, and Aunt Becky have it too! I hope Steph isn't sick!

(In Steph's room)
Stephanie: Deej? Do you mind grabbing me a few tissues while you're up? Thanks!(DJ and Kimmy leave and go into Danny's room)
DJ: Dad, I'm sorry to say that the only people that don't have the flu are Nicky and Alex. Let me go call Steve and tell him I can't make it. I was going to spend the weekend at his house.
Danny: I couldn't ask you to cancel your plans just to take care of us!
DJ: Well then who could take care of you?
Kimmy: I'm free! I'm immune to the flu!
DJ: Think what you want, Kimmy. But are you sure you want to take care of everyone?
Kimmy: Sure! You and Steve have fun, Deej!
DJ: Thanks, Kimmy! (they hug and DJ leaves)
Kimmy: So, Mr. T, do you need anything?(no answer) Mr. T? (Danny snores, Kimmy rolls her eyes and leaves)

(Kimmy comes into Jesse and Becky's room with a tray full of OJ and soup)
Kimmy: Hello, I will be your waitress for the week!
Jesse: Gibbler? Is that you? What are you doing here?
Kimmy: Hello, hair boy.(turns to Becky) Mrs. Hair boy.(talks as she gives them their soup and OJ) The reason I'm here is that everyone else in the house is sick except the twins, and DJ and Steve already had a weekend together planned out. So, can I get you anything else?
Becky: Uh, no thank you, Kimmy. Thanks for the soup and Orange Juice, though.
Kimmy: I'm happy to serve!(she exits and brings up a tray of soup and OJ to Michelle)
Michelle: Kimmy? Why are you here?
Kimmy: Long story.(looks closely at Michelle) Something wrong, squirt?
Michelle: I'm bored! There's nothing to do when you're sick!(sighs)
Kimmy: I have an idea!
Michelle: That's a first!
Kimmy: Hey, who's waiting on who here?
Michelle: Sorry.
Kimmy: I'll be right back.(puts tray on nightstand and leaves)

(Kimmy goes into Steph's room)
Kimmy: Hey, Steph, do you want to play a game with me and Michelle?
Stephanie: Gibbler? Why are you here?
Kimmy: What's with the third degree? I'm trying to be nice and take care of your whole sick family!
Stephanie: Sorry, Gibbler- I mean, Kimmy. And yeah, I'd like to play. But if none of us want to get up, how will we play with eachother?(Kimmy grins)

(Kimmy goes into Michelle's room)
Kimmy: Do you feel like playing a game with Stephanie and I?
Michelle: Sure!(the second she says that, Kimmy hoists her over her shoulder and carries her into Steph's room and sits her down on Steph's bed)
Kimmy: Does anyone know how to play poker?

(A few days later)
DJ: (enters door and shuts it behind her) I'm home!
Kimmy: (enters through kitchen) Sssh, everyone's sleeping!
DJ: Are they better yet?
Kimmy: Yeah, pretty much.
DJ: And Nicky and Alex. They never got sick, did they?
Kimmy: Nope! Deej, I told you I could handle everything! (Jesse and Becky enter through kitchen door)
Jesse: Wow, this is the first time I've been able to stand up in days!
Becky: This is the first time I've been able to breathe through my nose in days!
DJ: So glad to see you're better!(everyone else slowly files in one by one, DJ turns to Kimmy) And you never got sick yourself?
Kimmy: Not once! I told you I was immune!
DJ: Or really lucky! (turns to everyone else) So guys, did Kimmy take good care of you?
Stephanie: Yeah! Kimmy's actually a good babysitter! She was always there when we needed her and she took very good care of us!
Michelle: Yeah! She even carried me into Steph's room to play cards!(sees Danny's look) Uh, we played Go Fish.
Jesse: As much as I hate to admit it, she did take good care of us! And she did it all without getting the boys sick! It takes someone pretty amazing to do that! (pats Kimmy on the back) Good job, Gibbler. You should be a nurse!
Danny: Why don't I remember anything that happened this week? Was it the sickness that took my memory?
Kimmy: Mr. T, you were out cold the whole weekend!
Danny: Oh.
DJ: Wow, Kimmy, you really are good at something!
Kimmy: Thanks!(realizes what DJ said and looks confused. everyone hugs Kimmy)
Jesse: (realizes what he's doing) Oh my god, I'm hugging Kimmy Gibbler!

End Tune