Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

Episode (9) 201 - never Trust Your Hostages


We find Joey, the twins and Michelle in the garden

Joey: This is what I love most of winter, snow!

Alex: Cool! Can we sleigh in the garden ?

Michelle: Sure, I already got you your sleigh.

Joey: I will take some snow from the drive. (He takes a shovel, takes some snow with it and

throws it away behind him, just when Jesse walks out of the house)

Jesse: (Taking some snow out of his hair) Who did this ?

Nicky: Joey.

Jesse: (Making a new snowball) Joseph, watch this.

Jesse throws the snowball towards Joey, but he ducks and the snowball hits Michelle in the face...

Michelle: Hey, what did I ever do to you? (She makes a snowball and throws it towards Jesse,

who walks away from the door, where DJ and Stephanie walk out). Take this!

DJ: Which cap shall I put on ? The black or the white one ? (Then she gets hit by the snowball)

Stephanie: I think the white one, it's definitely your color.

DJ: Michelle, take this. (She throws a snowball to Michelle)

Danny: (Walking towards the house with Becky, on the drive) Duck! (He ducks)

Becky: What ? (She gets hit by the snowball) This means war.

Jesse: Nice throw, DJ.

Becky: Do you think this is funny ? Then you will love this! (She takes a snowball and throws it

to Jesse, she hits him in the face) Bulls eye!

Alex + Nicky: Snowball fight!

All throw snowballs to each other...

Danny: Please watch out for the windows, I vacuumed them this morning. (Then he gets hit by a

snowball) Wanna play it hard ?

Stephanie: Party time!

In the living room, we find Danny, Joey, Becky and Michelle...

Danny: Al right, I'm going to the mall, anyone need a ride ?

Joey: Yes, I have to go to the toy store. I want to buy the new Looney Tunes video collection.

Michelle: I thought you already had all the episodes on tape ?

Joey: Yes, but when I buy them now, I will get a free Looney Tunes lunchbox.

Danny: You had that collection completely, didn't you ?

Joey: No, I only have the mug, the knife and fork and the spoon. And, last but not least, the one

and only Looney Tunes Backpack.

Danny: Let's go then, I don't want to miss television this afternoon.

Becky: Why ? What's on ?

Danny: Home shopping channel is showing the newest vacuum cleaners, I wanna buy one.

Becky: I see. Can you take the boys with you ? Jesse and I have to go.

Then Jesse walks in with Nicky and Alex....

Joey: My god, how do you look! You look like you're going to a funeral.

Jesse: I am going to one. One of my old mates passed away.

Joey: Oh. Well, I'm really sorry for you.

Jesse: Well, that's life, isn't it ? We have to go now.

Danny: Bye, see you later.

Nicky: Bye mommy, bye daddy.

Alex: Have fun!

Joey: Boys, it's not that fun if somebody has died. A funeral is very emotional stuff, you know.

Michelle: Yes, there are people crying, and keeping up memories of the person.

Danny: And afterwards everybody talks to condole each other while they are eating cake and

drink coffee.

Alex: Cake ?

Nicky: Daddy, wait, we wanna go with you.

Danny: No, you're going with us to the mall.

Then DJ walks in...

DJ: Are you going to the mall ?

Danny: Yes we are, do you want to go with us ?

DJ: No, but can you get Steve out of the mc Donalds please ? He went there three hours ago to

eat something.

Danny: We will. Bye.

Joey, Danny, Michelle and the twins leave the house, DJ sits down on the couch, when Stephanie and Gia walk in....

Stephanie: No, really, he told me his one is 50 centimeters long.

Gia: 50 ?

Stephanie: Yes. Do you believe that ?

Gia: Wow, the longest I have ever seen was only 30 centimeters long.

DJ: What are you talking about ?

Stephanie: Brian, a boy from school.

DJ: And his one is 50 centimeters long ?

Gia: Stephanie says so.

DJ: And how does she know ?

Stephanie: First, he told me, and yesterday he showed me.

DJ: Showed you what ?

Stephanie: His snake.

DJ: What snake?

Stephanie: His cobra. He has his own collection.

Gia: But the snakes are not dangerous.

DJ: You mean they won't bite or try to strangle you ?

Stephanie: No they won't.

DJ: Did they get a special treatment then ?

Gia: Yes, they are stuffed.


In the mall, we find Danny, Joey, Michelle and the twins in the toys store...

Alex: Look! I like this Mickey Mouse watch.

Nicky: Me too.

Danny: Well, it's getting time you get a watch.

Nicky: We don't know that.

Alex: No, we can't tell time without a watch.

Danny: I will talk with your parents about this. Have you seen Joey ?

Michelle: Yes, he is standing right over there, looking at the new collection of Pop Eye dolls.

Joey: (Looking at a Popeye doll, talking like Popeye) Well blow me down, this is a new one. But

where's my Olive ?

Danny: Anything you like ?

Joey: Yes, I like this Popeye, but I also want the Olive.

Michelle: And she is sold out ?

Joey: (With a sad tone in his voice)Yes.

Nicky: Shame on her!

Alex: Double shame!

Michelle: Cool, video games. Let's check if they have nice cd-rom games.

All walk to the video games...

Danny: But remember, no violence, no sex, no game with dirt....

Michelle: Dad, if I would buy what you just said, I just don't have to look.

Joey: Do they have Disney Gallery ?

Michelle: What's that ?

Joey: That's a program with which I can make my own cartoons.

Danny: Why don't you just take a pencil and some paper ?

Nicky: Wow, the big Tweety and Sylvester game.

Alex: Double wow!

Joey: Triple wow! Danny, can we please buy this game ?

Danny: Only if you have cleaned your room.

Joey: Never mind.

Michelle: This is a game I like. Revenge of Godzilla.

Danny: That sounds scary.

Michelle: Duhhuh! It is. You have to kill some monsters.

Danny: You can buy that, on one condition.

Michelle: What condition ?

Danny: That you clean the mess you make when the monster is killed.


In the Tanner house, we find Stephanie and Gia in Stephanie's room...

Gia: Steph, do you have some magazines with cute boys ?

Stephanie: No. I had one.

Gia: What happened ?

Stephanie: My father used it.

Gia: Your father loves guys ?

Stephanie: No, he used it to cover the floor when he was painting the ceiling of thew toilet. Some

of the guys were even on the toilet bowl.

Gia: Uhw!

Stephanie: Did I tell you about Mickey ?

Gia: Mouse ?

Stephanie: No, Mickey from school. She's studying in Europe, remember ?

Gia: Oh, her.

Stephanie: She wrote me a postcard from Paris. She really likes it there.

Gia: Ooh. Paris! Did she write anything about French kisses ?

Stephanie: Is there something else you can talk about ? No, she didn't.

Gia: I'm sorry. My head is with somebody else.

Stephanie: Which boy ?

Gia: Boy ?

Stephanie: Which girl then ?

Gia: No, it's my mother. She seems to be very someone else.

Stephanie: Gia, what's your mark on English lessons ? That sentence didn't make any sense.

Gia: I mean that my mother is not like I know her. She is too kind, she allows too much.

Stephanie: (Sarcastic) What a problem, I wish my dad did that once.

Gia: Ever since your father and my mother got back to each other she is acting this way.

Stephanie: Ain't it clear then ? She is in love.

Gia: I think you're right. But she is turning into a slob.

Stephanie: Well, then you just have to tell this to my dad and after he talked to her she won't be

in love that much anymore. At least not when he talks to her the way he talks to us in

those situations.


In the toys store, we still find Danny, Joey, Michelle and the twins...

Danny: Come, let's pay this stuff and go home.

They walk to the counter and close to the line...

Joey: Wow, I am so happy these Bunny slippers are reduced.

Nicky: Do you give them names ?

Joey: Yes of course.

Alex: Well, how are you going to name them ?

Joey: Bugs.

Nicky: And the other one ?

Joey: Bugs.

Alex: But how do you tell them apart ?

Joey: Well, Bugs is for my left feet, and Bugs is for my.. well, for my right feet.

Alex: This is confusing!

Michelle: Our turn!

Danny: Okay, let's see. We have a video game, a .....

Then two men walk in with guns in their hands...

Robber #1: Al right, put your hands in the air.

Nicky: Are we going to play a game ?

Alex: I think we are going to play pet-a-cake.

Robber #2: Everybody freeze!

Michelle: Okay, we will go outside.

Robber #1: We didn't mean that.

Michelle: Okay, so we can just move.

Robber #1: Yes... No.

Robber#2: You will go nowhere, you will all stay here.

Michelle: Oh nuts!

Robber #2: Okay, all sit down on the floor.

Danny: Right here ? have you seen how dirty this floor is ? I won't sit down here before it's


Robber #2: Just shut your mouth and sit down.

Danny: Do you mind if I spread my coat under me ?

Robber #1: Yes.

Danny: Hey, I'm doing concessions now. I just don't want my trousers to get dirty.

Robber #2: Okay then, but please be quiet.

Joey: (Sitting on the floor, putting his finger in the air) Can I ask something ?

Robber #1: What ?

Joey: Did you know your shoelace is loose ?

Robber #1: No I didn't. Wait one moment, then I will fix it.

Joey: Okay, I just wanted to let you know.

Robber #1: Thanks.

Robber #2: (To the girl behind the counter) Call your boss, then we will tell our demands.

Cashier: Yes sir, right now sir.

Robber #2: Don't be neurotic.

Cashier: Good sir.

Robber #2: And don't call me sir.

Cashier: Al right madam.

Robber #2: Please stop this nonsense.

Cashier: Okay, I will phone the police.

Robber #1: No, not that nonsense.

Alex: Hey, when will we play ?

Nicky: Yeah, we are waiting for the game to start.

Robber #1: There is no game, little boy.

Alex: What are we waiting for then, big man ?

Robber #1: Didn't you notice this is a robbery ?

Alex: Cool! We like that game.

Nicky: Can we be the cops, then you can be the bad guy.

Robber #1: But I am the bad guy.

Nicky: Okay, just run away to make sure we don't get you. We will count till ten.

Robber #1: Oops, then I guess I will have to get out of here as soon as I can. (he turns around

and starts running, but the other robber stops him)

Robber #2: Stop this you fool, it's no game.

Alex: Okay, you can be a bad guy too if you want.

Robber #2: (To Michelle) Hey you there. What's your name ?

Michelle: What's your name ?

Robber #2: That's not what I asked.

Michelle: No, but it is what I asked. You tell me your name first and then I will tell you mine.

Robber #2: Okay. It's Pete.

Robber #1: You fool! Now they know who you are.

Robber #2: Sorry Jim. Well, girl, what's your name ?

Michelle: I am Michelle.

Robber #2: Okay. Take those boys to the back of the store and keep them down, understand ?

Michelle: I understand. Come on boys. (She takes the twins to the back of the store)

Joey: Can I ask another question ?

Robber #1: What ?

Joey: Can we go before it's four o clock ?

Robber #1: Why ?

Joey: Because the Tom and Jerry marathon starts at that time.


We find Stephanie and Gia in Stephanie's room, when DJ walks in...

DJ: Girls, have you seen Comet ?

Stephanie: The last time I saw him, he was lying in the kitchen.

DJ: Where could he be ? he needs his medicine.

Gia: Is your dog ill ?

DJ: Yes, he has catched a cold and he needs some medicine to get it away.

Stephanie: Well, if you were Comet, where would you go ?

DJ: To a fire hydrant ?

Stephanie: No.

DJ: To the butcher ?

Stephanie: No.

DJ: I give up.

Stephanie: I think you have to check uncle Jesse's bed. He lies there all the time, remember ?

DJ: Good point.

DJ leaves the room and walks up the stairs to the attic...

DJ: Comet, come here boy. (She watches the bed and sees something moving under the blanket)

Comet, are you there ?

Comet: (Barks one time)

DJ: Okay, bark one time for yes, two times for no. Are you in that bed ?

Comet: (Barks two times)

DJ: Busted!

Comet: (Walks out of the bed with his head down)

DJ: Come here boy.

Comet: (Walks to DJ, with his head between his legs)

DJ: Good boy. Now, then you will get your medicine now.

Comet: (Looks at DJ, barks and runs away down the stairs...)

DJ: Oh no, here we go again, me and my big mouth.

She runs in the way Comet ran....

DJ: Here boy, come on...

Stephanie and Gia watch her running...

Stephanie: And then she thinks the gym is hard.

Stephanie and Gia follow DJ. Down the stairs in the living room, DJ stands still to catch some breath....

Stephanie: DJ, for how long have you been chasing Comet ?

DJ: (Gasping for breath) One ho.. hour and... a .. half... now.

Stephanie: I can do in ten seconds, watch.

DJ: Huh ? How ?

Stephanie: (With a severe tone in her voice) Comet, come here right now boy. You will get your

medicine and that's that!

Comet: (Walks to Stephanie with his head between his legs and sits down in front of her)

Stephanie: okay, open your mouth.

Comet: (Barks and keeps his mouth open)

Stephanie: Look, here it is. One tiny tablet. (She puts it in Comet's mouth) Good boy.

DJ: Why didn't you do this sooner.

Stephanie: You didn't ask.

Then the door opens and Steve walks in with Kimmy...

Steve: Hello.

DJ: Steve, at last. You have been in the Mac too long.

Kimmy: Hey, he had nice company.

Steve: I had?

Kimmy: Did you forget I was there with you ?

Steve: Unfortunately not. Hey Deej, you never guess what happened...

DJ: I don't have a clue, you got your twentieth Big Mac for free ?

Kimmy: No, we were kicked out of the mall.

Stephanie: (Sarcastic) No way.

Kimmy: Yes way.

Stephanie: A miracle has happened, the security guards have finally come to their sense...

Steve: No, everybody had to leave. Two men are robbing the toys store.

DJ: Oh no, do you know where my dad is ?

Kimmy: I think he won't be home for diner.

DJ: How come ?

Steve: He's one of the hostages. Is there any cola in the house, I'm thirsty.

Stephanie: What did you say ? Somebody keeps my dad, Joey, Michelle and the twins hostage ?

Steve: Yes I did.

Stephanie: How rude!

Kimmy: Look at it from the bright site. You have me!

Stephanie: Let's call the robbers, maybe they want to have you in stead of my family.

Steve: I don't think so. They came into the Mac first, but they saw Kimmy and decided to go to

another store.

Gia: Wow, robbers with brains.

Then the door opens and Jesse en Becky walk in...

Jesse: What a funeral. I think the dead one had a lot of enemies.

Stephanie: How come you think that ?

Jesse: Well, the music was a hint.

Becky: They were playing 'celebration time come on'.

DJ: Oh my god, who choose the music ?

Jesse: His wife.

Becky: We left when the 'best part of the day' started.

Steve: What was that ?

Becky: Line-dancing on his new grave.

DJ: How terrible. On a funeral. They didn't have any respect for the dead man.

Jesse: Well, anything happened here ?

DJ and Stephanie look at each other with a doubt in their eyes....

Becky: Girls, you can tell us.

Kimmy: Well, you're brother-in-law, friend and niece are being held hostage in the mall. Bye.

(She walks out of the door)

Jesse: What ?

Becky: Okay. Stay calm. Is that true.

DJ: Yes. And you know..

Becky: No, act just like me, take a deep breath and stay calm.

Stephanie: Kimmy forgot to tell you something, Nicky and Alex are there too.

Becky: Al right, nice and calm.... (realizing what she heard. Then talking nervous) What? My

boys are there ? Call 911, or no, call the robber exterminator. We have to go there, they

need their mother. Jess, what are you still doing here, come with me!

Jesse: Just like you said, stay calm.

Becky: Hey, they are your sons too.

Jesse: Okay. Let's go. Bye girls, stay home, in case they call. I have my mobile with me. Bye.

Gia: This family really knows how to deal with stress. You know, I will leave now. I don't think I

will be a big help.

Stephanie: Okay. But you can stay...

Gia: No, I have to tell my mom. Please call us when there is any news.

Stephanie: Okay

Gia leaves the house, Stephanie and DJ sit down on the couch.....


In the toy store in the mall, the robbers are still keeping the others hostage...

Joey: Mister, can I go to the potty ? I really have to pee.

Robber #1: The potty ? You're no baby.

Danny: When you've seen his room, you will not agree with this any longer.

Robber #2: Search for the toilet in this store, but no tricks, or somebody will die.

Michelle: I know someone you can kill then. You see, we have a girl next door, called Kim...

Robber #2: Shut up and go play with that boys again. (He points a gun to Michelle)

Danny: (Looking at the gun) Man, I really can't see this.

Robber #2: hHey, did you really think I would should at a child ?

Danny: No, it's not that. That gun... it's really...

Robber #1: Yes, the guns are real.

Danny: Could you please stay with me ? I was telling you that gun is really dirty. Would you

please give it to me ? I will clean it. I really can't watch this.

Robber #1: Do you think we're stupid ?

Danny: I was hoping.

Robber #2: Bad luck, man.

Danny: Well, I guess I will just have to sit down then again. (He sits down again.)

In the back of the store, we find Michelle and the twins playing...

Nicky: We want to go home.

Michelle: I know, me too. But those men won't let us go.

Alex: I wanna see uncle Danny.

The twins walk to the front of the store, followed by Michelle...

Michelle: (To the robbers) Sorry, I couldn't keep them busy anymore.

Robber #2: Quiet, we are bound to tell the police our demands.

The other robber takes the receiver and talks in it...

Robber #1: (Into the receiver) Okay, this is what we want. We want to have our stamps of the

gas station. They always forget to give them. And we also want big chocolate cake.

Why ? Well, because my mother forgot it's my birthday tomorrow, and she didn't

bake one. (He starts crying)

Robber #2: Give me that. (He takes the receiver) Hello ? Hi Uncle Frank. Yes it's me, Pete.

What, you will tell my mother about this if I don't let the hostage go ? Well, I don't

know. Without the hostages I won't have anything to blackmail the police. What ?

Granny will punish me ? Gee. (He sits down and puts his head in his arms)

Michelle: Dad, shall we go now ?

Danny: Are you crazy ? They have guns.

Michelle: Yes, me too. (She shows a gun exactly like the ones the robbers have)

Danny: Honey, how did you get that ?

Michelle: Duhhuh! This is a toy store, they sell those things here.

Danny: Well, I think I need to have a word with the manager then.

Michelle: Hello, they are not real, huh!

Danny: And how did you want to leave ?

Michelle: Easy, through the door.

Nicky: Yes, look. Just like us.

The boys walk out of the door, they are picked up by some policemen.

Danny: Okay, let's go. (he stands up) Oh no, where's Joey ?

Michelle: He's looking for the toilet.

Then Joey walks towards them...

Joey: Wow, what a relieve. I found the toilet. Bye the way, I saw the cashier leave this building

through the back door.

Danny: We will go now too.

Joey: Okay. (To the robbers) By fellows, it was nice meeting you.

Robber #1: Okay, bye.

Robber #2: Hey, please don't go. We need you.

Michelle: Sorry, but we really have to go.

Then one of the robbers walks to Joey and puts an arm around his neck...

Joey: I guess you are having a hard time saying goodbye ?

Robber #1: No, I am just keeping you here.

Danny: Can I give you a tip ? Put off that cap, it's very bad for your hair when you keep such a

thing up for too long.

Michelle: So that's why uncle Jesse is never wearing one.

Robber #1: Do you think I'm crazy ?

Danny: No, but I am still hoping.

Joey: Can you loosen your arm a little ? I can't breath.

Robber #2: Then don't breath.

Joey: That sounds nice. But I don't want to stop breathing.

Michelle: Well, if we have to wait, do you want to play a game ? There are enough of them here.

What about Twister ?

Robber #1: No, I played that once, and I broke my leg. Is there another game, like scrabble ?

Michelle: Yes there is.

Robber #1: Al right! I always win that game.

Robber #2: Me too.

Michelle: Why don't you play together ? Then we can see who of you is best.

Robber #2: Okay.

Then the phone rings and one of the robbers takes it...

Robber #2: Hello ? Hi Uncle Frank ? What ? The chocolate cake is sold out ?

Robber #1: What ? No chocolate cake ?

Robber #2: And granny is getting mad ?

Robber #1: And the stamps ?

Robber #2: And the stamps ? What ? We won't get them. Then I quit this job. It's getting too

much for me. First the hostages are not doing what we want them to do, then you

can't give us what we demand. Please come get us, we will stop this. (He puts the

receiver on the phone)

A few minutes later four policemen arrive in the store and they take the robbers with them...

Robber #1: Can we please take the scrabble game with us ? (To Danny) If you ever try to rob a

store, never trust your hostages.

Danny: Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

The policemen and the robbers walk away, Joey, Danny and Michelle walk out of the store, towards the Katsopolis family....

Becky: Thank god you're al right.

Jesse: We are so glad you are still alive.

Joey: Well, we are tough. (Imitating Popeye) I just took my spinach, boy.

Becky: And that when you were taken hostage.

Joey: We were taken hostage? Oh my god! Help, I need a psychiatrist.

Jesse: You finally woke up.

Joey: Thanks, you made me see the light.

Jesse: And, what was the light like ?

Joey: White. And bright.

They walk to the exit of the mall, but when they want to leave it, two policemen stop them...

Policeman #1: Can you please come with us ?

Policeman #2: You have just committed a crime.

Danny: We ? What did we do ?

Policeman #2: Well, we watched the security cameras and we haven't seen you pay for those

toys. So if you please would come with us.


Some hours later, Danny, Jesse, Joey, Michelle, Becky and the twins arrive at the Tanner house...

DJ: Dad, you're al right.

Danny: Oh Deej, I'm so glad to see you. I missed all of you, girls.

Then Kimmy walks in...

Danny: Well, almost all of you.

Kimmy: Hello, Mr. T. Back from the adventure ?

Danny: Yes Kimmy. And do you know what's fun about this ?

Kimmy: No.

Danny: I am so shocked about this, that I just feel like throwing you out of the house, god bye.

Kimmy: Hey, am I crazy or do you want me to leave ?

Stephanie: Both!

Kimmy leaves the house...

DJ: It must have been horrible.

Danny: Well, the robbery was not as bad as what came after it.

DJ: I understand, the shock always comes after it has happened, doesn't it ?

Danny: No, we were arrested because we forgot to pay for the things we wanted to buy.

Stephanie: (Starts laughing) What ? You got arrested for shop lifting ? What a joke!

Danny: Well, it wasn't that nice. But the manager came to us and he understood why we forgot.

Stephanie: And now ?

Danny: Well, we paid for it and we could leave.

Joey: (Switching on the television) Oh no, the Tom and Jerry marathon is tomorrow and not

today. I hate when that happens. I was so much looking forward to it and now I missed it

because it's tomorrow and not today.

Jesse: Joseph, wake up. It's tomorrow, so you didn't miss anything.

Joey: I didn't ? (Smiling) I love when that happens.

DJ: Okay, I will search for Comet, he needs his medicine again. Oh no, wait. I'll do it the way

Stephanie did it.

Stephanie: Good luck. I will call Gia, her mother will be worried sick.

DJ: Okay, here we go. (Severe) Comet, come here immediately, boy. You need your medicine.

Comet walks into the living room and looks at DJ.

DJ: You see, it works.

Comet: (Barks and runs away, up the stairs)

DJ: Oh no, this is not funny anymore.

Steve: No, but it's a great exercise, I will follow you.

Danny: Steve, please don't do that. Then you will get hung...

Steve already runs up the stairs behind DJ and Comet...

Danny: What I was saying is that you will get hungry and I believe the refrigerator is as good as


Michelle: Don't worry, I will help them. (With a gentle and sweet voice) Comet boy, come here.

You need your medicine, it's for your own good.

Comet walks down the stairs, followed by DJ and Steve...

DJ: What ? earlier today I tried to be nice and he didn't listen, now I was rough and he also didn't


Michelle: But that's logical isn't it ?

DJ: No it is not.

Michelle: Okay, in the afternoon, Comet likes to play and he only listens when you are sever to

him. In the evening he is tired and listens when you are nice to him. I thought that was


DJ: Michelle, I have no clue what you were talking about, but I think Comet needs a users


Steve: Boy, I need something to.

Becky: Let me guess, food.

Steve: No, I have to go to the toilet, I ate too much Big Mac's. I shouldn't have ran.

Danny: Quick, call the newspaper. Steve ate too much.

Joey: Well, I'm going to put my lunchbox to my collection.

Jesse: Boys, come here. I want to know something. What do you think of what happened today ?

Nicky: About the two bad guys ?

Jesse: Exactly.

Alex: They are no good, they don't know how to play the game.

Michelle: Those men let me play with the boys in the back of the store.

Becky: Well, maybe they were not as bad as they looked like.

Michelle: You're right. They were more pathetic than pathetic. That's what they looked like.

Then Stephanie walks in...

Stephanie: DJ, do you remember Brian, the boy I told you about this afternoon ? he now has one

that's sixty centimeters long, he wants to show it to me tomorrow.

DJ: Sixty centimeters ?

Stephanie: I have to see that tomorrow.

Danny: No, you have not. What is this going about ?

DJ: Nothing special.

Stephanie and DJ walk up the stairs, followed by Danny...

Danny: Hey, you won't get to bed before you told me what you meant, young lady...

Stephanie: well, I guess this will be a long night then.

Becky: Come boys, let's see if we can find something to eat.

Alex: We want chocolate cake.

Nicky: Yes, and marks from the gas station.

Jesse: Did we miss something ?

Michelle: A lot. Let me explain it to you, you see, it's all so simple....

Jesse, Becky, Michelle and the twins walk out of the living room, into the kitchen. Joey sits down on the couch...

Joey: Well, it's nice and quiet now. Let's watch television. (he watches the screen) What ? They

made a mistake and the marathon was today ? I hate when that happens......

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Episode 9 (201)- Never trust Your Hostages

When Danny, Joey, Michelle and the twins are shopping in the mall, they are taken hostage in the toys store. But the question is, who is taking who hostage ? In the mean while, DJ tries to give Comet his medicine, but Comet doesn't want them.

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog

Gia: Gia Mahan
Robber #1:
Robber #1 (Jim)
Robber #2:
Robber #2 (Pete)
Cashier in the toys store
Policeman #1:
Policeman #1
Policeman #2:
Policeman #2

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 29/12/1998