Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

Episode (14) 206 - Treasure Garden


We find Michelle walking into her room with DJ....

Michelle: What a day.

DJ: What happened ?

Michelle: I had a C for my math test, a flat tire with my bike and I have a really bad hair day.

DJ: Well, see it from the bright side, there are not much bad things that can happen to you now.

Michelle: Let's hope so. (She throws her bag on her bed, but one of her books falls out of it and

ends up under the bed) Oh, well, let's pick that up. (She sits down on her knees and

looks under the bed) Aah! Help.

Kimmy: (Coming from under the bed) Help. Gee, I'm busted.

Michelle: DJ, it is a bad day.

DJ: Kimmy, what were you doing there ?

Kimmy: Hiding.

Michelle: Why ? You had a look in the mirror ?

Kimmy: My mother is after me. If she finds me, she will kill me.

Michelle: Finally. Why don't you go home soon then ?

Kimmy: That's not nice of you.

Michelle: Do I have to be nice then ?

DJ: Why on earth do you have to hide, Kimmy ?

Kimmy: Well, I accidentally broke my mothers Ming vase.

DJ: You mean such a thing that's worth thousands of dollars ?

Kimmy: Well, I don't guess so, my mother made it herself. With her feet.

Michelle: Groas!

Kimmy: Well, I guess I will have to go face the battlefield.

DJ: Good luck.

Michelle: And please, take my bad luck with you.

----------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO ------------------------------------------------------------------

We find Danny and DJ in the living room, when Joey walks in with his hair very messy...

DJ: Woa, what happened to you ?

Joey: I didn't sleep well.

Danny: We heard that.

Joey: You did ?

Danny: Yes, you screamed all night.

DJ: We thought you had Roxy over, but she is in Chicago now.

Joey: Well, I have this nightmare, and it follows me everywhere, I had it several times recently.

Danny: What was it about ?

Joey: Well, it was very terrible.

DJ: Did some maniac destroy the world ?

Joey: Worse.

Danny: Jerry Springer became president ?

Joey: Worse.

Danny: Worse than that is almost impossible.

DJ: Well, I give up, Joey.

Then Jesse and Becky walk down...

Jesse: Joseph, one question. Can you please put a gag in your mouth next night ?

Joey: Yeah yeah, I already heard the story. Did I really scream that loud ?

Jesse: No, louder.

Becky: Joey, if you discover you have nightmares, go see a doctor. And else, please move out.

Joey: Guys, I'm sorry, but it's just something that follows me all week.

Jesse: And it was bad ?

Joey: Terrible.

Becky: I know it! You dreamed that my mother died. I have this feeling too lately.

Jesse: But honey, that's not terrible.

Becky: What ? You don't like my mother ? You want her dead ?

Jesse: (Trying to restore what he said) No, I wasn't finished yet, I wanted to say that that isn't

terrible, but worse than terrible, it would make my whole world collapse.

Becky: You mean that ?

Jesse: Sure! (He takes Becky in his arms and puts his head on her shoulder, then he shakes his

head) It's gonna be al right, darling.

Danny: Excuse me, but nobody died, guys.

Becky: Hey, you're right. Then why am I crying ?

Joey: Okay, I will tell you what my nightmares were. I dreamed that there were no cartoons made

anymore, and no cartoons were shown on television.

Jesse: That's all ?

Joey: That's all ? How can you say that ? That would be a big disaster, and I had this dream for some days, so I guess it is a predicting dream.

DJ: Wow, you suffer from this, don't you ?

We find Michelle and Stephanie in the kitchen...

Michelle: Are you bored, just like me ?

Stephanie: I sure am. Nothing ever happens here.

Michelle: Life is getting a routine. Everyday I do my homework, my tasks at home and I didn't

do anything fun in ages.

Then Danny walks in....

Danny: You girls want to have some fun ?

Stephanie: Dad, we don't want to clean our room again. We already did that two weeks ago.

Danny: Two weeks ago ? Then it's time...

Michelle: Dad, I know you cleaned it recently.

Danny: You do ?

Michelle: Yes, my books smelled April fresh yesterday night.

Danny: And did you notice I waxed your floor ?

Michelle: Oh, that's why Comet was slipping through my room for about an hour.

Danny: Well, if you wanna do something, put the new plants in the ground.

Stephanie: You mean like gardening ?

Danny: Yes!

Stephanie: Dad, we will get dirty hands then.

Danny: I don't mind.

Michelle: You don't ?

Danny: No, I will mop them when you're ready.

Stephanie: Well, it's better than just sitting here doing nothing.

Michelle: But this time I don't wanna make the holes where we put the plants in.

Stephanie: Why ? Only because you dug too deep last time and hit the waterworks ?

Stephanie and Michelle stand up and walk outside...

Stephanie: Okay, where will we put the plants ?

Michelle: In the ground.

Stephanie: I know that. But where in the ground ?

Michelle: Half up and half under the ground.

We find the twins behind the computer....

Nicky: Let's play strip poker.

Alex: Can we do that ?

Nicky: We can always try.

Alex: But do we have that game?

Nicky: I saw daddy play it last week.

Alex: Okay, let's find it then.

Then Steve walks in...

Steve: Hi boys! What are you doing ?

Alex: We are playing.

Steve: Which game ?

Nicky: Strip poker.

Steve: Cool!

Alex: Hey, we need to enter a password.

Steve: Let me, I know the words.

Steve types something and the game starts....

Alex: But how do we have to play it ?

Steve: I will show you.

Steve starts playing...

Nicky: How quick can you let that girl undressed ?

Steve: I don't know. Maybe ten minutes.

Alex: There's a pie in the kitchen, I believe uncle Danny wants to take that away in five minutes.

Steve: On the other hand, I can do it in four minutes too.

We find Stephanie and Michelle in the garden...

Stephanie: Okay, this seems a good spot to plant the plants.

Michelle: If you say so.

Stephanie: You can start digging now.

Michelle: I can ? Are you really sure ?

Stephanie: Hey girl, just dig and make a hole.

Michelle: Okay, you're the boss.

Michelle starts digging...

Stephanie: (Looks frightened) Comet, no!

Comet: (Barks and continues digging)

Stephanie: Comet, we just put those plants in the ground, and now you dig them up again!

Comet: (Barks and wags his tail)

Michelle: Oh no. Comet, bad boy!

Comet: (Lies down with his head on his forelegs)

Stephanie: We can start all over again.

Michelle: Oh oh!

Stephanie: What do you mean, 'oh oh' ?

Michelle: I think I hit something again.

Stephanie: Tell me you're kidding.

Michelle: You're kidding.

Stephanie: Let me have a look.

Michelle: Don't watch, just listen. (She puts her scoop in the ground and they hear it

hit something metal)

Stephanie: That doesn't sound right.

Michelle: I think it is the waterworks again.

Stephanie: No that can't be.

Michelle: Why not ?

Stephanie: Because the waterworks are over there, and they are not here.

Michelle: I hen what did I hit ?

Stephanie: I think I know.

Michelle: What ?

Stephanie: Something else.

Michelle: Duhhuh!

Stephanie: (Digging some sand away with her hands) Hey, I think I found it.

Michelle: What is it ?

Stephanie: A metal box. Give me the scoop, I will dig it out.

The girls dig the box out and they lift it up...

Michelle: Wow, this looks really old.

Stephanie: Let's open it.

Michelle: How ?

Stephanie: Just by unlocking this thing.

Michelle: And how are we supposed to do that without a key ?

Stephanie: We will take it inside and open it with a knife...

Michelle: Like dad wants sand on the table.

Stephanie: You're right. Give me that stone.

Michelle gives Stephanie a stone and Stephanie starts hitting the lock of the box with it...

Michelle: Nothing happens.

Stephanie: It must be a very solid lock.

Then Michelle sneezes and the lock falls off...

Michelle: Yeah, very solid!

Stephanie: Well, let's see what's in. (She opens the box and her mouth falls open with

amazement) Oh my god!

Michelle: Look at that.

Stephanie: All that money. Michelle, we found a treasure.

Michelle: I guess we did. No, I did. And the money is mine.

Stephanie: How rude! I dug it up!

Michelle: Let's take it inside.

Stephanie: I guess dad won't mind now, when he sees all this money.

Nicky, Alex and Steve are still behind the computer, when Jesse walks in...

Jesse: Oh my god. Steve, are you teaching my boys how to play strip poker ?

Steve: Yes I do, I hope you don't mind.

Jesse: Well, I do mind!

Nicky: Are you mad at us ?

Jesse: No, but I don't like what Steve is doing.

Alex: Can't we lay this game ?

Jesse: No, not the way Steve plays it. Let me show you how it's done. This can be done

much better, boys.

Jesse sits down and starts playing...

Steve: Wow, look what she's got under her bra.

Becky: Having fun, boys?

Jesse: (Frightened) Oh eh, hi honey! (Switches the monitor off)

Becky: What are you playing ?

Jesse: Something very educational.

Steve: For the boys.

Becky: Well, and what's the name of that ?

Alex: Stri... (he can't go on, because Jesse puts his hand on his mouth)

Becky: Stri what ?

Steve: Strictly masculine.

Becky: Never heard of that before.

Jesse: Well, it's quite new.

Becky: Is it ?

Jesse: Yes it is, I bought it last week.

Becky: You mean that box you was carrying with you when you came home ?

Jesse: Yes, that is it!

Becky: And you are playing exactly the same game as the one that was in that box ?

Jesse: Absolutely!

Becky: And boys, do you like the game ?

Nicky: Yes we do.

Becky: And are you allowed to play that game ?

Nicky: Yes, daddy didn't forbid us.

Becky: Is that so, Jess ?

Jesse: Hey, if my boys can learn something I don't want them to miss that.

Becky: Okay, is that true, boys ?

Jesse: Don't you trust me ?

Becky: Boys, if you tell me the truth you will get a cookie.

Steve: Okay...

Nicky: It's called 'Strip poker'.

Becky: Is it ?

Alex: Yes it is.

Becky: Jesse ?

Jesse: Al right. But I wanted the boys to develop some... What am I talking ? They were

already playing when I came in.

Becky: Are you sure ?

Jesse: Yes I am.

Becky: Okay, but I don't want them to learn anything about this in near future,

understand ?

Jesse: I understand.

Becky: Al right then. (She kisses Jesse)

Jesse: Have mercy!

Becky: And by the way, there are some really good looking guys in that game.

Jesse: Huh?

Becky: I've been playing this with DJ last night. Great game, especially the guys you can

play against.

Jesse: You mean you knew it all the time ?

Becky: Bingo! (To the twins) Boys, what did you learn from this ?

Alex: We've learned what a girl looks like without clothes.

Becky: No, actually I meant that you have to have learned you are not old enough for this game.

Alex: I like the other lesson better

We find Stephanie and Michelle in the kitchen with the box on the table, when Danny walks in...

Danny: Hi girls!

Stephanie: Hi dad.

Danny: (He looks at the table) Oh my god! Girls, what is that box doing on the table ?

Michelle: It's standing there.

Danny: And why is it standing there ?

Michelle: Because we put it there.

Danny: And why did you put it there ?

Michelle: Easy, because we didn't put it somewhere else.

Stephanie: Dad, we know you polished the table only this morning, but we are sure you

will forget that when you have seen what's in this box.

Danny: It better be something good, like the new quick clean polish.

Michelle: It's better. Have you ever seen this much money in one box ? (She opens the

box) We found it in the garden.

Danny: Woa baby!

Stephanie: Looks nice, doesn't it ?

Danny: Nice? That looks fantastic. Girls, that is worth a fortune!

Then DJ and Kimmy walk in...

Michelle: Oh no, Gibbler's here.

Stephanie: Michelle, for one time she can't spoil the fun.

DJ: Woa baby! Where did you get that from ?

Michelle: We found it under the ground in the garden.

DJ: That's worth I don't know how much.

Kimmy: No it's not.

Stephanie: Gibbler, that's money, you know.

Kimmy: Did you see what date is on the piece of paper that's on the bottom of that box ?

Michelle: What do you mean ?

Kimmy: That piece of paper is from 1903, so I guess this money ain't worth anything


Stephanie: Okay, I take back what I just said about Kimmy.

Danny: Let me see that! (He takes the piece of paper out of Kimmy's hands) She's right.

Stephanie: Kimmy is right ?

Kimmy: Hey, it had to happen once.

DJ: Hey, but those old banknotes can be worth something when you take them to a

collector. I read that there's a big run on those things.

Danny: DJ is right, we can always try that.

Michelle: I wouldn't do that.

Danny: Why not ?

Michelle: Have you ever heard of banknotes with an indian on it ?

Stephanie: Give me that. (She looks at the banknote) You're right. They are fake.

Danny: What a shame!

Then Joey walks in...

Joey: Bad news guys!

Michelle: We already know.

Joey: You do ?

Stephanie: Yeah, it's the biggest disappointment of my life. Well, besides the fact Tony had a

girlfriend. And besides the fact...

DJ: Steph, you made yourself clear.

Joey: And how do you feel about it ?

Kimmy: Well, actually I don't care. I will go home now, bye.

Danny: I think it's very bad.

Michelle: Like they take something from you.

Stephanie: First you think everything is al right.

Michelle: Yes, and suddenly everything has gone.

DJ: Well, I couldn't have that pleasure for that long, but I feel pretty bad too.

Joey: So you know that empty feeling inside ? Like your heart has been torn out ?

Danny: I sure do.

Joey: Al right, please sign this then.

Michelle: What's that ?

Joey: This is a petition to make sure there won't be an end of cartoons.

Stephanie: What does that have to do with fake money ?

Joey: You mean you didn't mean you knew ?

DJ: Joey, we couldn't know if you don't tell us what we should know, so what you know didn't

we know and you didn't know what we were knowing when you thought we knew what you

knew, so we still don't know what we should be knowing, but you know it, so let us know

and we will know what you know and we don't know, capisci ?

Joey: No. Can you repeat that, please ?

Danny: What DJ tries to say is that... Deej ?

DJ: I was just asking you if you can let us know what you know and we don't know.

Joey: Huh ?

Michelle: Joey, just tell us what's on your heart.

Joey: Oh, did she mean that ? Well, it's the beginning of the end.

Stephanie: Joey, which horror movie did you watch recently ?

Joey: No, I'm serious. Remember my dreams ? They are coming true. Today, Cartoon Network

had a black screen. When I woke up this morning it was like that and one hour ago it was

too. They stopped airing cartoons. And that's bad!

Danny: No they don't.

Joey: Yes they do.

Danny: No they don't.

Joey: Yes they do.

DJ: Guys, please act like adults.

Danny: We are. But he started.

Joey; No I didn't.

Michelle: Hey, get to the point, please.

Danny: Okay. Joey, there was a big trouble today with the cable, so almost every channel was of

the air.

Joey: No way!

Danny: Yes way!

Joey: You're kidding.

Danny: Do I look like I'm joking ?

Joey: Well, actually...

Danny: (Looks at Joey with frown eyebrows) Well ?

Joey: No, definitely not!

Danny: You mean that ?

Joey: Only because you looked at me that way.

Danny: What way ?

Joey: Like you just did.

Danny: (With frown eyebrows) How ?

Joey: Just like you do now. But to get back to my point, please sign this petition.

DJ: Wow, you're really in to this, aren't you ?

Stephanie: Joey, let your dreams go.

Joey: Hey, when a man can't life to have his dreams realized, he's nothing.

Michelle: But I thought you didn't want to have this dream realized ?

Joey: Good point, you're right.

Later we find Stephanie and Michelle walking into the kitchen, where Becky and DJ are sitting...

DJ: Girls, about that box...

Michelle: Where is it ?

Stephanie: We left it on the table.

Becky: You mean that red metal box with all the dents ?

Michelle: Yes.

Becky: The boys took it to play with.

Michelle: Well, there goes our treasure.

Stephanie: Michelle, there was no treasure. That money had no value.

DJ: The money not, but the box did. I found it in a magazine. Boxes like this are worth a fortune.

Michelle: Then I hope the boys didn't damage the box.

Becky: What damage could they possibly do ?

Then Nicky and Alex walk down with the box...

Nicky: Look, we have art.

Stephanie: Oh no, what did you do ?

Alex: First we took a hammer and smashed this box, then we took a screwdriver to make some

holes in it and finally we painted it in six colors.

Michelle: Can we restore that ?

DJ: Well, you could try it.

Stephanie: How ?

DJ: Two possibilities. One: pray. Two: magic.

Michelle: There goes our fortune.

Becky: Maybe that box was not worth that much money.

DJ: Only about one million dollar. At least.

Michelle: Well, thank you boys.

Alex: You're welcome.

Michelle: I was being sarcastic.

Alex: So was I.

Nicky: What did we do wrong ?

Stephanie: You made art.

Alex: And what's wrong with expressing our artistic minds ?

Stephanie: The material was worth a fortune.

Nicky: Get outta here!

DJ: No boys, she's right.

Alex: No way!

Becky: I'm afraid it's true, boys.

Alex: Yeah right!

Michelle: Boys, you spoiled a million dollar box.

Alex: Oops.

Nicky: Double oops.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter boys, we didn't have that money before we found the box, and now

we don't have it too.

Michelle: But we could have had it.

Stephanie: Okay, it does matter boys.

Alex: We're sorry.

Nicky: We really are.

DJ: Well, at least we have the box.

Nicky: Yes, but we had that thing for years.

Stephanie: Yes, we have that.... Boys, what did you mean with those words ?

Alex: Well, this artistic impression is made of an old red box we had for some years.

Michelle: And what did you do with that box you took from the table ?

Nicky: We would try out if Comet could find it when we buried it, but he didn't.

DJ: And where did you bury it ?

Nicky: In the garden.

Becky: Where in the garden ?

Nicky: In the ground, where else ?

Stephanie: Do you know the exact place ?

Alex: No, that's why we wanted Comet to search for that box.

Michelle: Well, maybe we will find it again when we are gardening.

Stephanie: A found treasure buried to be found again in future. How ironic.

Then Danny and Jesse walk in...

Danny: You have to watch the television, Joey is on the news.

DJ: Our Joey ?

Jesse: Yes. He is demonstrating at the mall.

Becky: For what ?

Jesse: To make sure his dreams are not being realized.

Stephanie: He's driving crazy.

Danny: I will go over there to stop him. He chained himself to a fence.

Jesse: I'll go with you.

Danny and Jesse leave the house, Becky and DJ follow them...

Nicky: Are you not going ?

Stephanie: No, we have to watch you, boys.

Alex: So no party time ?

Michelle: Sure party time. In the garden, we are going to have a dig the box up party.

Nicky: Cool!

Alex: Double cool!

Stephanie: Clever thinking Michelle.

They walk into the garden...

Nicky: Where do we start ?

Stephanie: Just take a spot and dig.

They all take a spot and start digging when Steve walks into the garden...

Steve: Hello. Woa, can't Comet find his bone or something ?

Michelle: No, we are looking for something.

Steve: What a bad day. First I find a nice lunch box, later somebody steals it from me.

Stephanie: What lunchbox ?

Steve: A red one. I took some bread with it to the library.

Michelle: What were you doing in the library ?

Steve: Searching for a book.

Stephanie: A cookery book ?

Steve: No, a book about babies, I want to be prepared in eight months.

Michelle: What did your lunch box look like, was it made of metal ?

Steve: Yes it was. I think Comet buried it in the garden, I saw it with some sand on top of it and

I took it with me.

Nicky: That explains why we couldn't find it.

Michelle: And it was stolen from you ?

Steve: Yeah, I don't know why.

Stephanie: I do. Come, let's go inside and I will explain it to you.

They all walk inside...

The next morning we find DJ and Danny sitting on the breakfast table when Joey walks down...

DJ: Well Joey, had nice dreams ?

Joey: Well, the nightmares were gone.

Danny: I hope you won't chain yourself in near future.

Joey: Don't worry, I am completely cured now.

DJ: But you just have to know I'm proud of you, Joey.

Joey: You are ?

DJ: Sure, you really came up for your believes. And that's really good of you.

Danny: I'm glad that policeman was so nice to just give you a warning.

Joey: Me too. I really don't know what got in to me.

Then Jesse and Stephanie walk in...

Jesse: Good morning. Well, our rebel is awake, I see.

Joey: Very funny. It was a really serious thing I was standing up for. What if it was real, that they

wouldn't play cartoons anymore, what would children have to grow up with then ?

Stephanie: I think he's right. What would become of Nicky and Alex then ?

Jesse: I didn't look on it from that side.

Joey: But everything is al right now.

Danny: Has anyone seen Michelle ? She has to go to school.

DJ: She's in the garden, looking for treasures.

Danny: Well, I think I will have a word with her then. (He walks outside)

Michelle: Dad, can you give me that scoop ? It's bigger.

Danny: Honey, why are you doing this ?

Michelle: Because I want to find another treasure.

Danny: Michelle, honey. There are other things in life.

Michelle: But we almost had all that money and now somebody else has.

Danny: Hey, you get inside right now.

Michelle: But what about the other treasures in this garden ?

Danny: There are no other treasures. And if you search them, you will hardly find them. And

if you find one, it's total coincidence.

Michelle: It is ?

Danny: Yes it is. Maybe you will find one next time you're gardening.

Michelle: I guess you're right.

They walk inside. Then Comet walks by and starts digging in the hole Michelle made so far. He barks and walks away, in the hole, a piece of a red box is shown....

Michelle: (Walking back into the garden) I almost forgot to close that hole, somebody might fall

into that. (She takes a scoop and throws some sand in the hole, not noticing she's

covering the box in the ground again) Well, maybe we will find a treasure again

sometime. Maybe we will.

Michelle walks back inside.....

----------------------------------------------------------------- End Tune ---------------------------------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 14 (206)- Treasure Garden

When they are gardening, Stephanie and Michelle find an old box with money in it. Joey is having nightmares about the end of cartoons.

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog


Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 05/02/1999