Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

Episode (15) 207 - Love is In The Air


We find Steve walking into the kitchen, where DJ is having breakfast...

Steve: I don't believe it!

DJ: What ?

Steve: Look what Comet did, he chewed my shoes! (He holds up his shoes)

DJ: Looks nice.

Steve: This was my only pair of shoes.

Then Joey walks in...

Steve: Joey, what do you think of this ? (He shows Joey the shoes)

Joey: I think you had better tried to chew on a pizza.

Steve: If I find Comet....

DJ: What then ? You wanna chew his shoes ?

Steve: No. But I will get angry with him.

DJ: Steve, why don't you just put on your other pair of shoes ?

Steve: Because I don't have another pair.

Joey: I believe I have a pair left.

Steve: You do ?

Joey: Yeah, from my job as a clown. They are only one meter long.

Joey walks away laughing...

DJ: Steve, I believe my dad has a pair left.

Steve: But his feet are twice as big as mine.

DJ: Well, just put on one then, then you won't have any space left.

Steve: Good thinking.

They walk into the living room...

--------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO ---------------------------------------------------------------

We find Jesse and Danny in the living room...

Danny: Hi Jesse.

Jesse: Hi. Oh Danny, now you're here, I want your opinion about something.

Danny: But Jesse, it's known all over the country that you have the best choice in conditioners ?

Jesse: Yes, I know that, but now I have something else to ask you. What do you think of this

bracelet ?

Danny: But Jesse, I never knew you felt that way about me.

Jesse: It's not for you, uh! It's for Becky for Valentine's day.

Danny: I think she'll love it.

Jesse: You do ?

Then Joey walks in...

Jesse: Joey, what do you think of this bracelet ?
Joey: Oh Jess, I'm flattered but what will Becky say ?

Jesse: Not you too! It's for my wife.

Joey: I think she'll love it Jess.

Danny: That's what I told him.

Joey: Can you help me out please ? I really don't know what to buy Roxy for valentine's day.

Jesse: What about a fart cushion ?

Joey: No, I gave her one for her last birthday.

Danny: And what about a book with jokes ?

Joey: Neh, she already has me.

Jesse: And you are a big joke.

Joey: Well, if you need me, I will be in my room thinking.

Joey walks up the stairs...

Jesse: And what are you buying for Claire ?

Danny: That's a big surprise.

Jesse: Please, you can tell me.

Danny: No way. You will see.

We find DJ and Stephanie in the mall...

DJ: Look at that ring, it would mean so much to me if Steve could buy me that for Valentine's

day. (She points at a ring in the display window of the jewelry store)

Stephanie: Keep on dreaming, Steve will never buy something like that.

DJ: I know. Remember what he gave me last year ?

Stephanie: Last year, I believe he gave you a box of chocolate ?

DJ: No, it was just the box. He ate the chocolate himself.

Stephanie: Typical.

DJ: And who will be your valentine ?

Stephanie: I don't know. Maybe I will meet a boy at the Valentine's party at school tonight.

DJ: Do you have any candidates ?

Stephanie: I really don't know.

DJ: Hey, you don't tell me there are no cute boys in your class.

Stephanie: Well, there is Jason, of course. He is so cute.

DJ: Well, why don't you ask him then ?

Stephanie: Because I don't know if he feels the same way.

DJ: There's only one way to find out.

Then Kimmy walks by...

Kimmy: (Sad) Hi.

DJ: Hey, what happened to you ?

Kimmy: I think Duane is cheating on me ?

DJ: How come ?

Kimmy: Because when I just arrived at his house, there was a strange girl opening the door.

DJ: Maybe he has a reason. Remember Stephanie and you once thought Steve was cheating on

me and it turned out to be his niece ?

Stephanie: Hey, but you will find another man, Gibbler.

Kimmy: Do you mean that ? That's the nicest thing you said to me in years.

Stephanie: It is, isn't it ? I think it's the flu.

We find Nicky and Alex on a play ground with Becky and Michelle...

Nicky: Can we go on the seesaw ?

Becky: Sure.

Michelle: (Sitting on the swing) Aunt Becky, can I ask something ?

Becky: Sure, go ahead.

Michelle: What do people write on a Valentine's card ?

Becky: Well, some sweet words to let the other know what they feel. And of course, they won't

write their name down.

Michelle: That's very dumb.

Becky: Why ? That's just a tradition.

Michelle: Yeah, but if you want somebody to know that you love him, and you don't put your

name with it, he will never know.

Alex: Nicky, look! (He points to the slide, where two girls are playing) Babes!

Nicky: Have mercy!

The boys get of the seesaw and walk to the girls...

Alex: Hello, I'm Alex.

Susy: I'm Susy.

Nicky: I'm Nicky and I'm his twin brother.

Rhonda: I'm Rhonda, her twin sister.

Alex: Can we play with you ?

Rhonda: That depends on what game you want to play.

Nicky: Hide and seek.

Susy: That's our favorite game.

Alex: Get outta here!

Susy: No, it's true.

Rhonda: Nicky, you have to search for us, we will hide.

Nicky: Whatever you say.

The girls and Alex run away, Nicky starts counting...

Becky: Look how sweet.

Michelle: I believe they are in love.

Becky: In their own seven year old way they are I guess.

Michelle: I remember my first childhood crush.

Becky: It was Teddy, wasn't it ?

Michelle: Yes it was. And I guess that feeling has never gone away.

Becky: Well, you're first love will always be important to you.

Michelle: Do you remember your first one then ?

Becky: I sure do. It was Mike, the son of the aunt of the neighbor from my best friends

grandmothers sister. He was so cute. He had those lovely brown eyes, a nice butt too.

Michelle: And what happened ?

Becky: Well, I discovered he was in love with someone else.

Michelle: Who ?

Becky: 'What', you mean. It was his pig.

Michelle: Uhw groas!

We find Danny in the living room when Steve walks in...

Steve: Mr. Tanner, can I borrow something from you ?

Danny: That depends on what.

Steve: Well, I need a shirt and a tie.

Danny: What for ?

Steve: Well, that's a secret.

Danny: I guess you won't tell me what it is then ?

Steve: Okay, but only because you are pushing me so hard. I want to take DJ to a restaurant.

Danny: I see. And you want to be dressed tidy ?

Steve: No, but I have to, for that restaurant.

Danny: (Drinking some orange jus) Well, we will check out if we can find something for you.

Steve: And I have another question.

Danny: What do you want beside the clothes ?

Steve: I want your permission to ask DJ to marry me.

Danny: (Starts coughing and spits out the orange jus) What ?

Steve: Yes, DJ means everything to me. And I want her to be my wife.

Danny: Steve, nice joke.

Steve: But I'm serious.

Danny: You are ? Oh my god.

Steve: Please say I can ask her.

Danny: Steve, I can act the hard way, but I know I can't stop you. And if she has to get married,

then I want you to be the man she gives her heart.

Steve: Thank you so much, you don't know what this means to me.

Danny: I just hope you will be happy.

Steve: I will. Bye the way, can I call you dad now ?

Danny: Sure, or Danny, if you like that.

Later that day we find Stephanie and DJ in Stephanie's room...

DJ: Stephanie, you look great.

Stephanie: I hope he will be there

DJ: Steph, sure he will.

Stephanie: But if he isn't I will be alone all night.

DJ: Don't be silly, there are other boys too you know.

Stephanie: I'm wondering who they asked to play the music ? The other DJ is ill and can't come.

Then Mark walks into the room...

Mark: Good afternoon ladies.

Stephanie: never heard of knocking ?

Mark: Yes I have, but the door was open so I had to come in to knock. I can do it now if you

like. (He knocks at the door)

Stephanie: What are you doing here ?

Mark: I was looking if you need a ride to that valentine's dance.

Stephanie: Are you going then ?

Mark: Yes I am.

Stephanie: Did Gia ask you ?

Mark: No, the people who organized this. I will be the DJ tonight.

DJ: So you will be me.

Mark: No, I will be the profession, not the person.

DJ: Very profound.

Stephanie: I never knew you could play music.

Mark: Well, I did it before. In Chicago I had a free lance job as a Disc Jockey.

Stephanie: So you can play with the wheels of steel ?

Mark: I can try to juggle with them.

Then Danny and Jesse walk into the room...

Danny: Hello.

Mark: Never heard of knocking ?

Jesse: What brings you here ?

Mark: Tonight I have a job, I will be the DJ at the party at Stephanie's school.

Jesse: You are a Disc Jockey ?

Mark: This is cool. Everybody is surprised.

Danny: I thought you would live on your father's money for the rest of your life.

Mark: I will. But this is fun. Ever tried it ?

Jesse: Well, I have been in the business for some years.

Stephanie: Okay, if you want to give me a ride, I am leaving now. (She walks out of the room)

Mark: okay, bye. (He wants to walk away)

Danny: Mark, wait. Can you please watch Stephanie tonight ? I don't want...

Mark: I will see what I can do.

Mark walks away, Danny follows him...

DJ: Uncle Jesse, I got a great idea.

Jesse: What ?

DJ: Well, what about a weekly night with a real DJ ?

Jesse: yeah, like I can find one that easy.

DJ: Hello, you just found one.

Jesse: I did ? yes I did, didn't I ? You do mean Mark, don't you ?

DJ: Yes I do.

Jesse: Great idea. I think I will go to that party and listen how good he is.

We find Joey and Roxy sitting in a car watching over the city from a parking place...

Roxy: Joey, it's beautiful out here.

Joey: I know. That's why I took you here.

Roxy: Oh look there, what's that light ?

Joey: I guess it's just an airplane.

Roxy: Flying that low ?

Joey: Hey, maybe it's crashing.

Roxy: As long as it doesn't crash on us I'm happy.

Joey: Me too. Oh no.

Roxy: What ?

Joey: I forgot the most important thing.

Roxy: What ?

Joey: Your present.

Roxy: I have you, and you're a gift from heaven.

Joey: But I had something so beautiful, so romantic.

Roxy: What was it ?

Joey: Well, I can tell you now. It's a buzz ring.

Roxy: Oh you silly boy, how nice. You know how I like to buzz people when I shake them

hands. And you know what's funny ?
Joey: You bought me one too ?

Roxy: No, my old one broke down last week.

Joey: No way.

Roxy: Yes way. Come her. (She kisses Joey)

We find Stephanie and Gia at the party...

Gia: Come on, Steph, why don't you ask Jason if he likes to dance ?

Stephanie: Dance ? No, I'd rather ask Jason.

Gia: Girl, you are confused, a total mix-up, in love, hit by Eros' arrow.

Stephanie: No thanks, I just had one.

Gia: Gee, you're far away. I think you don't get anything to drink.

Stephanie: I'm not thirsty.

Gia: Oh my, this will be a long night.

Then the music stops...

Mark: Enjoying yourself ?

Everybody screams 'yes'...

Mark: Okay, DJ Mark's in da house, playing the wheels of steel.

Then some music plays...

Gia: Steph, that DJ, is that your cousin ?

Stephanie: No, DJ is my sister.

Gia: Steph, are you her, or on another planet ?

Stephanie: I wish I was somewhere quiet with Jason.

Gia: Now I had enough. (She walks to Mark)

Mark: Hi Gia.

Gia: Hi Mark. I just want to tell you that Stephanie needs some help with Jason. She

doesn't notice anything I do or say, she's thinking of him.

Mark: I shall see what I can do to help her.

Gia: Okay.

Somewhere in a dark corner, we find Danny and Jesse watching Stephanie...

Danny: Are you sure this is a good idea ?

Jesse: Fantastic, Mark is really good.

Danny: No, I meant us to be here. I feel like spying on Stephanie.

Jesse: That's because you are spying on her.

Danny: Oh yeah, I almost forgot that. I feel like I don't trust her.

Jesse: But you don't. You are worried about her with that boy she was talking about.

Then the music stops again...

Mark: Okay. Here's a request from Stephanie Tanner to Jason Palmer. Can those two kiddo's

come here, then they can open this romantic dance. Oh yeah, and to my uncle Danny and

Jesse, I'd like to say: stay where you are or I will have you removed.

Danny: Huh ?

Jesse: How does he know ?

Stephanie goes to the dance floor, pushed by Gia, where Jason is waiting for her...

Stephanie: Wait till I get you, Mark.

Mark: (Playing innocent) What did I do ?

Jason: Hi Steph. It looks like they want us to dance first.

Stephanie: yes, I believe so.

Jason: Shall we ?

Jason and Stephanie start to dance...

Danny: Oh no...

Mark: Uncle Danny...

Gia: (Standing next to Mark) Thanks. Can I buy you anything to drink ?

Mark: Sure. Aren't they a great couple ?

Gia: They sure are.

Gia walks away...

Stephanie: I have the feeling somebody set this up.

Jason: Do you have problems with that ?

Stephanie: Not if you don't.

Jason: I don't. I must confess, I...

Stephanie: Stop, don't say anything more.

Stephanie and Jason start kissing, Danny is shocked...

Danny: Hey, let my daughter go!

Jesse: Danny, you're making a fool of yourself.

Stephanie and Jason keep on dancing and kissing, while the other teenagers are staring at Danny and Jesse...

Jesse: Hey, what are you looking at ? Find somebody to dance!

Many girls walk to Jesse...

Jesse: Not me, the other boys.

The girls walk away disappointed...

Jesse: Well, at least they have taste.

Danny: (Walking to Stephanie and Jason) let her go...

Mark: Security!

Some men walk towards Danny and Jesse and take them away...

Jesse: hey, please watch the hair.

Gia: (Walking back to Mark with something to drink) I believe she didn't notice her dad.

Mark: I'm happy she didn't. That would have spoiled her evening.

Stephanie and Jason keep on dancing....

The next morning we find DJ and Steve waking up...

Steve: Good morning, pretty.

DJ: Good morning. Happy Valentine.

Steve: I wanted to say the same thing to you. Tonight I have a very special gift to you.

DJ: I hope it's not a donut filled with cream again.

Steve: No, I already ate that last night.

They get out of bed and walk upstairs. At the table, they find Stephanie sitting...

DJ: Good morning, Steph.

Stephanie: I'm afraid so.

DJ: What happened ?

Stephanie: the most beautiful night of my life ended.

DJ: Ooh, tell me about it.

Stephanie: Well, Jason and I have it on now. We kissed and it was so lovely.

DJ: Your first serious relationship.

Stephanie: I wish I could do it all over again. I guess I have to thank two people.

DJ: Who ?

Stephanie: Mark and Gia brought Jason and me together. And I think I have to thank dad and

uncle Jesse too for leaving voluntary.

Then Danny walks in...

Danny: Hi girls, and Steve. So Steph, how was your night ?

Stephanie: Before or after you left ?

Danny: You know ?

Stephanie: Yes I do. But I'm happy you didn't do anything to embarrass me.

Danny: Like I would do that.

Stephanie: Dad, Jason is coming over this afternoon, please don't say anything about my

childhood or intimate things about me.. you know, just say nothing, please.

That afternoon we find Becky and Jesse on the attic with the boys...

Alex: Can we go away now ?

Jesse: Where do you wanna go ?

Nicky: To Susy and Rhonda.

Becky: Their new friends.

Jesse: My boys have a girl ? Good work, boys.

Alex: Thank you dad.

Nicky: We even have a gift for them...

Becky: How nice, what is it ?

Alex: A pack of chocolate cookies.

Jesse: You bought that for them ?

Alex: No.

Nicky: We took it out of the cupboard.

The boys leave the attic, taking their coat with them...

Jesse: Where do those girls live ?

Becky: Michelle is taking them.

Jesse: I have something for you. (He gets a box out of his pocket) Here you are.

Becky: (Opening the box) Oh Jess, it's beautiful, thank you. (She kisses Jesse) Here, this is what I

bought for you. (She gives Jesse something)

Jesse: I'm so excited, I hope it is what I was hoping for.

Becky: I hope you like it.

Jesse: Wow, like it ? I love it! My own Elvis cup with the curling lips when you put something

hot in. Have mercy! (He kisses Becky)

Becky: This goes with it. (She gives Jesse something else)

Jesse: Have more mercy, a teaspoon just like Elvis' guitar!

Becky: For your birthday I will buy you the plate and the cutlery.

Then Joey walks up...

Joey: Have you seen my socks ?

Jesse: No. And if they were here I think I would smell them.

Joey: Good point. Well, I will search for them somewhere else then.

Joey leaves the attic again...

We find Danny in the living room when Mark walks in...

Mark: Howdy folks!

Danny: Hi Mark. About last night...

Mark: I know what you want to say. I shouldn't have you thrown out or mind your business,

but I just didn't want to have Stephanie's evening spoiled.

Danny: I know, and I want to thank you for that.

Mark: You do ? I embarrass you and you thank me ? Are you ill ?

Danny: No. I just know what happened with DJ when I handled her wrong. Bye the way, how

did you know we were there ?

Mark: Easy, it was just a wild guess, till I saw you standing in that corner.

Danny: I guess you came to see Jesse ?

Mark: Yes I do. He called me and told me he had a big surprise.

Danny: He's in the kitchen.

Mark walks into the kitchen where he finds Jesse and Joey...

Joey: Catch this, Jesse. (He throws an apple towards Jesse)

Mark: You big children, shame on you!

Jesse: Mark, this is not what it looks like.

Mark: Go Nuts! And I'm really in the mood for an apple fight.

Joey: If you want you can join us.

Mark: Oh Joey, that would make me very happy!

Jesse: What I called you for is this. I have a job for you.

Mark: A job ? You mean like working ? Groas!

Jesse: You will love this. How about working as a Disc Jockey every Saturday in the Smash Club?

Mark: I can put my principles a side. Tell me more.

Jesse: I want to attract more people to my club, and I saw your performance yesterday night and I

have to say, I love it. You have talents to do that, you know ?

Mark: Yes I know.

Joey: Ooh, what's that smell ?

Mark: Checked your shoes ? Maybe you stepped into something a dog lost in the streets.

Jesse: I am offering you a chance to develop your talents, and you get paid for it too.

Mark: Cool! How much ?

Jesse: What about $ 50 per night ?

Mark: Sounds good. But do I get free drinks and free entrance when you have a great band

playing ? Then I will buy my own equipment. My father left me a fortune, so I finally

have something to buy with that.

Jesse: If that's what you want, you can consider this a deal.

Mark: Cool! Can I start next week ?

Jesse: If you want.

Mark: I can't believe this. Thank you, uncle Jesse.

Jesse: You're welcome Mark.

We find Danny still sitting in the living room when the doorbell rings...

Danny: (Opening the door) Hello, I suppose you're Jason ?

Jason: Yes sir. Jason Palmer is the name. I am here to see your beautiful daughter Stephanie.

Danny: I will call her. Steph, there's somebody here to see you!

Stephanie runs down the stairs...

Stephanie: Hi Jason, I see you met my dad ?

Danny: Jason, I'm Danny, Stephanie's father.

Jason: It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

Stephanie: Let's go up stairs...

Danny: And remember, you can see her, but keep your hands of her.

Stephanie: Dad!

Danny: Just kidding, have fun. But not too much fun...

Stephanie and Jason walk up the stairs. Then Michelle and the twins walk in...

Michelle: Hi dad.

Alex: We had fun.

Nicky: With two girls.

Danny: How sweet.

Nicky: Uncle Danny, are we old enough to have a girlfriend ?

Danny: In your own way you are I think. But I guess your father can answer this question better

than me. He's the love expert.

Alex: Then we will ask him.

The twins walk into the kitchen, Michelle sits down on the couch...

Michelle: What an afternoon! After one hour of hide and seek I had to play run or die.

Danny: What game is that ?

Michelle: Something the boys made up. Or you run away very fast, or you will be touched and

dead. I think they watched childsplay too much.

Danny: I guess you're tired now ?

Michelle: No, I'm half dead.

Danny: Maybe you should have run faster.

Michelle: Very funny.

Then DJ and Kimmy walk in with Duane...

Kimmy: No DJ, it's true.

DJ: But why doesn't he do it now then ?

Kimmy: I don't know, maybe a malfunction or something.

Michelle: Can somebody please tell me what you're talking about ?

Kimmy: Well, I saw Duane with a blondie, of course I am looking much better than her.

Michelle: That's impossible, I think you were just dreaming.

Kimmy: But it was Duane's valentine present to me.

Danny: A girl ?

Kimmy: No, she taught him how to say 'I love you'.

Michelle: And, can you say it now, Duane ?

Duane: Whatever.

DJ: I don't hear it.

Duane: I...I...

Kimmy: Yes, say it...

Duane: I..I.. whatever.

Kimmy: Gee, he really can't remember what he learned.

Kimmy and Duane walk away....

Michelle: She never learns doesn't she ?

DJ: What ?

Michelle: How to stop dreaming. Miracles don't exist, so Duane will never learn another word.

That night we find DJ and Steve in a restaurant...

DJ: Wow, that smoking really looks familiar to me.

Steve: Maybe because I borrowed it from your dad.

DJ: How sweet of you. Taking me to an exclusive restaurant, dressing up like that.

Steve: Deej, I want to ask you something.

DJ: No, please no hamburgers this night. I don't even think they serve them here.

Steve: No it's not that.

DJ: Well, what is it ?

Steve: Deej, we are seeing each other for some years now and you're expecting our first baby.

DJ: I know that.

Steve: I'm happy to hear that.

DJ: Go on.

Steve: (Sitting down on one knee with a small box in his hand) DJ, I know I want to spend the

rest of my life with you. I want to get old with you, see our children grow up. Deej, do you

want to marry me ? (He opens the box and a ring is shown)

DJ: (Surprised) Steve, what shall I say to that ?

Steve: Yes ?

DJ: You're right. Yes, I want to marry you. (She kisses Steve) I can't wait to tell my family. But

first I want to enjoy my evening with you, without the others.

Suddenly the people at the table behind them put down their menus....

Jesse + Danny + Joey + Stephanie + Michelle + Becky: Surprise!

DJ: Oh no.

Jesse: Congratulations.

Becky: I'm so happy for you.

Danny: (Almost crying) How sweet, my daughter's getting married. Oh my god!

DJ: What are you doing here ?

Michelle: I've heard they have really great chocolate pie here.

Steve: They do ?

Nicky: let's start with the desert!

Alex: Double desert!

DJ: You guys never change, do you ?

Stephanie: Not a short notice no.

All laugh and talk, DJ kisses Steve, Danny takes a picture....

----------------------------------------------------------- End Tune -----------------------------------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 15 (207)- Love Is In The Air

It's Valentine's day and everybody is doing something for this day. The twins meet two twin girls, Stephanie goes to a dance and Steve has a very special gift for DJ.

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog

Susy: Susy Russel (Friend of the twins)
Rhonda Russel (Friend of the twins)
Mark Tanner
Roxy (Joey's girlfriend)
Gia Mahan (Stephanie's friend)
Jason palmer (Stephanie's (boy)friend)
Duane (Kimmy's boyfriend)

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 10/02/1999