Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

Episode (19) 211 - The Long Kiss Goodbye (2)

Summary of part 1:

Michelle: Last time on Full House:

Stephanie: Dad, I have great news, I won a trip.

Danny: Steph, you can't go by yourself, I already told you that.

Stephanie: And if Gia goes with me ?

Danny: You can go, on two conditions.

Gia: What could possibly go wrong ?

Michelle: You could get lost, the plane could crash...

Stephanie: Dad, nothing will happen to us, we'll be home before you know

Gia: I believe the cab arrived.

Stephanie: (Waving her hand) Bye.

The cab drives away, Danny and the others look at it until they can't see it anymore...

Danny: There she goes, my little girl.

Jesse: Hey what's this ?

Joey: An extra news flash.

Reporter: I just spoke to a policeman and he told us that nobody can survive a crash like this.

The airport is closed now, until the plane, or what's left of it has been removed and

inspected. Nobody knows how flight NW 8265 could crash....

Danny: Did that reporter say flight NW 8265 ?

Jesse: Yes he did.

Danny: Oh no. Tell me this is just a bad dream.

Joey: Didn't Stephanie say that...

Danny: She did, Stephanie was on that plane.

Jesse: Oh no.

Michelle: How will this end ? This black day in Tanner history ? I don't know, but I

surely hope miracles exist. Cause Stephanie still owns me $ 10... Bad joke!

------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We find Danny, Jesse, Joey and DJ running down the stairs...

Becky: Good luck. I hope you find out something.

Danny: Me too. Please let there be some survivors.

Steve: But I thought that reporter said...

DJ: Steve, shut up.

Steve: What ? Did I say something wrong ?

DJ: Never mind, we're going now. See you later.

Danny, Jesse, Joey and DJ leave the house...

Michelle: Aunt Becky, it's gonna be al right, isn't it ?

Becky: Sure it is, don't worry. (To her self) If miracles exist.

Steve: You know what, Michelle ? When I'm feeling sad, I always...

Michelle: Eat ice-cream ? Good idea...

Steve: No, I do that when the pizza doesn't help me.

Michelle and Steve walk into the kitchen...

Becky: Nicky, Alex, you're going to bed.

Nicky: No, we can't sleep.

Alex: We want Stephanie to come home.

Becky: Me too boys, but it's almost impossible that she survived that crash.

Alex Is there no way how she could survive ?

Becky: Well, if she was not on that plane....

In the kitchen:

Michelle: I'm feeling very sad, so please put on some extra sprinkles.

Steve: Good idea, I need some too.

Then Kimmy walks in...

Michelle: Steve, please put some whipped cream on too, the shock is getting bigger and bigger.

Kimmy: How are you doing Tannerito's ?

Michelle: Bad, until you came in.

Kimmy: I lighten up the evening, I'm a big help in hard times...

Michelle: No, now it's going worse. Steve, I need cookies too.

Kimmy: Well, you could do what my aunt did when her rat died.

Steve: What did she do ?

Kimmy: She jumped from a bridge.

Michelle: I think it would help.. if we pushed you.

Kimmy: Cool, I always wanted to make a free fall, floating on the air..

Michelle: Kimmy, you're always floating.. on the air in your head.

At the airport...

Danny: Excuse me, where can I get information on that crashed plane ?

Hostess: Turn left four times and then you can ask the lady in the blue dress.

Danny: Thank you. (He starts turning) Hello, I need to know if my daughter was on board that


Hostess: I'm sorry, I can't tell you. But you can ask the police, they are at the third door on your


Danny and the others walk to the door...

Officer: Can I help you ?

Jesse: We're coming for that crashed plane.

Officer: Then you're lucky you missed it, it crashed.

Joey: Thank god, if we had been on that plane...

DJ: Joey...

Danny: My daughter was on that plane.

Officer: Then I think you have to identify some bodies.

Danny: You mean like dead bodies ?

Officer: Yes.

Danny: From somebody who isn't alive any more ?

Officer: You're going for the microwave.

Joey: That could be handy, our old one broke down yesterday.

Jesse: It did ?

Joey: Yes, but I've learned something: never put your hairspray in it.

Jesse: My hairspray ?

Joey: Yes, I didn't want to use my Barney Rubble shampoo.

Danny: Guys, please...

Officer: please walk with me.

The Officer walks away, followed by Danny and the other three persons...

DJ: Did anyone survive ?

Officer: Yes, one girl made it. It's a miracle, we still don't know how she did it.

Danny: Steph ?

Officer: You can call me Dave, my name is not Steph.

Danny: No, I meant my daughter. Was she that girl ?

Officer: I don't know, she's in the hospital now, with serious burnings.

The Officer opens a door and they walk in...

Officer: Please wait here, I'll get my superior.

The Officer walks away and comes back with another Officer...

Sergeant: Hello. I want to warn you: what you will see won't be pretty. There are more people

trying to identify bodies, but you have to know that most of the bodies are still in that

plane. And I'm sorry, but only two people can go in...

Danny: I go in there.

Joey: I stay here, I've got a weak stomach.

Jesse: Deej, you go, we'll wait here.

Danny and DJ follow the sergeant...

Later in the Tanner house...

Becky: And ?

Danny: (Shakes his head) was terrible to see.

Becky: Oh my god, tell em it isn't true.

Jesse: We don't know, Danny and DJ saw some bodies...

DJ: It was terrible to see. All those burned bodies. Just black bodies, unrecognizable changed by

the fire.

Michelle: And nobody survived ?

Joey: Yes, one girl did.

Becky: Could that be Stephanie ?

Danny: If she was wearing diapers and she was as big as a teddybear...

Michelle: But did you recognize her in one of the bodies ?

DJ: No, but there were a lot of bodies in the plane.

Becky: I think it's best if we go to sleep now, tomorrow we'll go back to the airport again.

Michelle: Dad, do you believe in ghosts, haunting a house ?

Danny: Yes I do, we have Kimmy haunting this house, so we have a big proof.

Michelle: Maybe Steph will come back then to haunt this house.

Joey: Oh no, let's call the Ghostbusters now. Haunting ghosts can be very dangerous.

Danny: Sorry guys, but I can't have any more. (He takes his coat and opens the door)

Jesse: Where are you going ?

Danny: I don't know, maybe I just find myself a nice bridge to jump from.

Jesse: Danny, please don't do that.

Jesse walks to Danny and takes him to the couch...

Danny: We have to face it, Stephanie is dead!

Becky: (Taking some tears from her eyes) You know, Danny, on these moments it's good to think

about the good memories you have of the person you lost.

Jesse: (Sad) Yeah, remember the first time Joey and I tried to change Michelle ?


Jesse: Where will we put the baby? Where will we put the child.

Joey: Uh, in the pot, over here.

Jesse: Ooooo, wow, Joey, this is a living thing, you don't stick in the pot, use a meat rack.

Joey: I'm an idiot. 

Jesse: Come on...

Joey: Okay.

Jesse: All right, good. Settle down here, here we go.

Stephanie: Are you gonna cook Michelle?

Joey: We're changing her diaper.

Stephanie: Oh, then how do you roast a turkey ?

End of Flashback

Joey: Yeah, well, I guess we could laugh with her. And she could make quite a big deal of things



Stephanie: Please, please, I looked everywhere, I'm telling you. He was kidnapped.

Policeman: Slow down. Everything's gonna be OK. Now, who was kidnapped?

Stephanie: My best friend in the whole world, Mr. Bear.

Policeman: Let me get some information. Now, does Mr. Bear have a first name?

Stephanie: Teddy. He's exactly this tall, brown hat, gray trench coat, brown snout.

Policeman: Is Mr. Bear.., he is a stuffed animal, isn't he?

Stephanie: Well, technically.

End of Flashback

DJ: That bear meant much to her, didn't it ?

Danny: It did. She called the police, and later we found out that Michelle had hidden the bear.

Michelle: Who, me ? No way!

DJ: Yes way. I also remember that time I accidentally dropped dad's wedding ring down the drain

and we tried to get it back. Water was spraying through the bathroom...


Stephanie: Look here, a big bowl.

DJ: It's full of popcorn.

Stephanie: (Starts eating the popcorn)

DJ: Stephanie, just throw it away.

Stephanie: Now what ?

DJ: Just get rid of the water.

Stephanie: I did it!

DJ: You did nothing, what are we gonna do ?

Stephanie: Let's get into our bating suit.

End of Flashback

Becky: And she was always in a mood for dancing or music.

Joey: She even got in my new car, and thought that the 'r' was standing for 'radio'

Steve: It doesn't ? So I bought that new radio for nothing, it had nothing to do with the 'r' not

working ?

Danny: Deej, you can't sit with him in one car anymore, at least not when Steve is driving.

DJ: And we know where the car ended up.

Becky: And where Stephanie ended up.

Jesse: Hanging around in your closet.

Danny: Yeah, she was always in a mood to listen to music or to dance. She could have become a

great dancer. But she thought her family and friends were more important.

Becky: I think it's a big loss for this world. She was smart, pretty, funny....

Jesse: But she had to learn how to handle things too.

DJ: Yes, like that time she wanted to have her ears pierced.

Michelle: Why on earth did she have to have it done by Kimmy ?

Danny: I believe her ears didn't like that.

Steve: Yeah, having your ears pierced by Kimmy is just like not eating for an hour, your body

doesn't like it.

Michelle: You mean your body doesn't like it.

Danny: (Crying) Guys, we're sitting here now, laughing about how Stephanie was, but we seem

to forget that she's no longer under the living.

DJ: (Putting her arm around Danny's neck) I know dad, (Starts crying) it's just not fair. I'm really

gonna miss her.

Michelle: Me too.

Danny, DJ and Michelle sit together on the couch and cry, they think about Stephanie... Images of Stephanie are passing by...

--- Stephanie saying goodbye to her grandmother in the first episode

--- Stephanie who made her bed in the bath tub when Dj and Michelle didn't want to spend a

room with her

--- Stephanie lying on the ground watching the clouds with Michelle

--- Stephanie being worried about wearing glasses

--- Stephanie at the spelling contest at her school

--- Stephanie in her band with Gia

--- Stephanie in Disneyland in the parade

--- Stephanie making a collage with Nicky and Alex

--- Stephanie with Jimmy Page

--- Stephanie with Mr. Bear

--- Stephanie taping everything that happens in the house

--- Stephanie playing baseball

--- Stephanie saying 'How Rude !'

We find The three Tanners still crying on the couch...

Jesse: Excuse me, I..uhm.. I have o do something.

Jesse walks into the kitchen, when Becky hears him crying, she follows him...

Becky: (Crying) It's okay to cry, Jess. It's okay.

Jesse: I'm sorry, it's just... I'm not good in these things.

Becky: Nobody is. Come, let's join the others again.

They walk back to the living room...

Michelle: Uncle Jesse, remember that time Papouli died ?

Jesse: Yeah, what about it ?

Michelle: Remember that you can always cry..

Then the phone rings...

Joey: I'll get it.

Joey picks up the phone...

Joey: Hello ?

Mark: Hi Joey, it's me, listen, I have great news!

Joey: Mark, please. There's no great news for us now. Stephanie is dead and...

Mark: Well, that's just what I wa...

Joey: Mark, please. It's difficult enough for us already. Please call us back tomorrow.

Mark: No wait....

Joey hangs up the phone...

Mark: Well, I guess I have to go there to tell them then.

Danny: Who was it ?

Joey: Mark, he told me he had some great news, but I didn't want to hear it, not now.

Steve: Kind of rude to call us now, isn't it ?

Danny: Well, maybe he wanted to cheer us up, it could be his way of dealing with this situation.

Becky: Come Jess, let's try to get some sleep.

Danny: Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. Michelle, DJ, I think it's better if you go to bed too.

DJ: Okay.

Michelle: Daddy, can I please sleep in your room on the ground ? I don't want to be alone


Danny: Sure you can. Come, let's go now.

All walk up the stairs. Comet follows them and stands still in front of Stephanie's room, then he starts howling...

Michelle: It's alright Comet, it's alright.

They all go to their rooms and finally the last light has been turned off....

Some later, we find Danny awake in his bed, staring at the ceiling...

Danny: Why ? Why did I let her go ?

Michelle: Dad, are you a wake ?

Danny: Yes I am. Just try to catch some sleep, honey.

Michelle: I can't, I just keep thinking of Stephanie.

Danny: I know, me too.

Michelle: Dad ?

Danny: Yes ?

Michelle: Can I get some ice-cream ?

Danny: Why ?

Michelle: Because it makes me feel some better.

Danny: Sure, go ahead. But be quiet. The others are probably sleeping.

Michelle stands up and walks out of the room...

Danny: (Crying loud) Pam, do you hear me ? Please take good care of our daughter there where

you are. Tell her I'm gonna miss her forever. Please Pam, let this all be a bad dream.

Danny gets a vision. He sees his dead wife in a black space....

Pam: Danny, don't worry. Stephanie is safe. I took care of her. Don't worry.

Danny: Pam ?

Pam: Danny, this is just a dream. I just want you to know that I will always be with you and our

daughters. You never stand alone.

Danny: I know, it's only strange to talk to you again. Pam? Pam?

Then he wakes up and Michelle runs into the room...

Michelle: Dad, dad, come quick.

Danny: What's the matter sweety ?

Michelle: I walked down the stairs and I heard someone at the back door, I think somebody is

breaking in into our house.

Danny: Oh no, not now. Are you sure ?

Michelle: Yes I am.

Danny: Maybe somebody else is looking for something to eat too.

Michelle: No, I'm sure, if there was someone from this house, he would have turned on the light,

wouldn't he ?

Danny: I guess so. (He gets out of his bed) Al right, let's have a look.

Danny and Michelle walk out of the room, there they find Jesse, Joey and Becky....

Jesse: I thought I heard something from the kitchen. Let's have a look there.

Becky: It might be a burglar, there have been a lot of burglaries in the neighborhood recently.

Joey: Well, I am armed. I took my Scooby Doo flashlight with me.

Jesse: Good, then we have some light.

Joey: No we don't, there are no batteries in.

Jesse: Then how could it be a help to us ?

Joey: I don't know, I guess it just makes me feel some saver when I know that I have something

to beat the burglar.

Becky: If we keep this chat up for some longer, the burglar will be gone.

Jesse: Okay, let's go. Follow me, we're gonna beat that burglar.

Michelle: And if he's having a gun ?

Jesse: On the other hand, Joseph, you lead.

They all walk down the stairs silently...

Jesse: Okay, be quiet.

Carefully they walk to the kitchen, Jesse switches on the light...

Danny: Oh my god!

Michelle: I told you so!

Burglar: Damn. Well, goodbye folks!

Jesse: You stay just here, mister. We're gonna call the cops.

Burglar: I didn't think so.

The burglar walks to the door, but when he wants to open it, the door opens and he gets hit. He lies on the ground without moving...

Danny: No!

Michelle: Is this house haunted ?

DJ: (Walking out of the garage) Huh ?

Jesse: This can't be true.

Stephanie: How nice, a welcome home party, how did you know I was coming home tonight ?

Danny: Well, uhm.. huh ? Steph ?

Stephanie: You look like you're watching a ghost.

Michelle: We are, aren't we ?

Stephanie: (Looking at the burglar, who's knock out on the kitchen floor) You've got a guest.

Joey: I don't get it.

Danny: Steph, how did you survive ?

Stephanie: Survive what ?

DJ: Where do you come from ?

Stephanie: Well, that cab driver was, it sounds impossible, but he was more stupid than Kimmy.

First, we had a big traffic jam, then he tries to find a shortcut to the airport, and we

drive straight to some road works, and we had to turn. Then he gets lost and we end

up at the other end of the town when the cab is out of gas. Then he tells us he lives

there and goes home, and we can find another cab. From there we had to walk home,

it took us six hours to get here with all our luggage, and we stopped three times

because our feet hurt.

Danny: So you never arrived at the airport ?

Stephanie: No.

Michelle: So that's the way you survived.

Stephanie: Survived what ?

Jesse: The plane that would have brought Gia and you to Europe crashed.

Stephanie: So if I'm right we were lucky to miss that plane ?

Danny: You were. But why didn't you call us ?

DJ: yeah, we were worried sick.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I didn't know about that crash, I didn't hear any news today. And I thought

you didn't expect me home tonight, and I didn't want to wake somebody by calling

home, but I guess you were already awake.

DJ: Well, we also had this burglar you knocked out with the door.

Stephanie: Well, double fun then now I'm home.

Jesse: Let's call the police before our friend on the floor wakes up.(He takes the receiver from the

phone and calls the police)

Michelle: So we have been telling memories of you all evening and that was useless ?

Danny: Michelle, of course that wasn't useless.

Stephanie: You were talking about me ?

Danny: Yes we did. We tried to talk the pain away from us.

Joey: We were convinced that we lost you, Steph.

Stephanie: You were being sad about me and I didn't call you, how rude of me!

Danny: Hey, you can't help it. I'm glad I can hold you now.

Danny hugs Stephanie...

Jesse: well, the police is coming to get the burglar. They can be here any minute.

Becky: Guys, there's one thing that's not clear to me.

Danny: What ?

Becky: How could Stephanie be on the passengers list, checked in, when she didn't even arrive at

the airport ?

Michelle: Yeah, how could that be ?

Joey: Well, we don't know if she was on the passengers list.

Becky: Why ?

Jesse: I think we kind of forgot to check that.

Becky: It would have saved us a lot of sorrow, if you checked that.

DJ: We just didn't think about that.

Danny: Come girls, back to bed, I'll wait for the police here.

Everybody walks up the stairs, Danny and Jesse stay in the kitchen with the burglar.

Danny: (Whispering) Thank you Pam. You really took good care of her.

The next morning we find Danny, Jesse and Stephanie in the living room...

Stephanie: Here, the crash is in the paper.

Jesse: And is there something about the burglar ?

Stephanie: Yes, here. The burglar, who has been active near Gerard Street the last couple of

weeks has been knocked out by a girl, who survived the plane crash in a mysterious

way. He was caught by all the other inhabitants of the house, and tried to escape when

this girl opened the door.

Jesse: And do they write anything about my heroic appearance ?

Stephanie: Let me see... no. Nut they do write something about your hair.

Jesse: They do ? I suppose they are talking about my great hair ?

Stephanie: Not really, actually they are saying: 'A man who seems to have a very bad hair day

every day, waited for the police, together with the owner of the house.'

Jesse: What ? Let me see that, I'll take them into court for this. Where is it ?

Stephanie: Got ya! You really fooled for that one, didn't you ?

Danny: Well, this is what we should have missed...

Then Kimmy walks in...

Kimmy: Hey, weren't you supposed to be dead ?

Stephanie: No, you ?

Kimmy: You look very alive for a dead person.

Stephanie: Every zombie looks more alive than you do.

Kimmy: Thanks.

Stephanie: I didn't mean that nice.

Kimmy: Me neither.

Kimmy walks back into the kitchen...

Jesse: Well, we're lucky that you're alive.

Danny: Who else should make fun out of Kimmy ?

Stephanie: Well, it's just a gift. And by the way, it's not that hard, even Nicky and Alex can do

it. I believe they even did last week.

Then the doorbell rings....

Stephanie: I'll get it.

Stephanie opens the door and Mark walks in...

Mark: Oh, hi Steph. Uncle Danny, I have great news, you don't have to worry about Stephanie

anymore, because what I tried to tell on the phone yesterday, is that Gia phoned me to tell

me that they... (Turning his head towards Stephanie) Uhm, I guess you already know

Stephanie still lives ?

Danny: No, in fact I didn't know.

Mark: Huh ? But she's...

Danny: Just kidding.

Stephanie: Well, you are very awake, aren't you ?

Mark: Sorry, I didn't get enough cola yet.

Danny: I'll get you a glass.

Mark: Thank you.

Jesse: So Joey hang up the phone and you wanted to tell us this ?

Mark: Yes.

Then Michelle and Becky walk in...

Becky: Oh, hi Mark.

Mark: Hi.

Michelle: I have been thinking you know. And do you remember that I said that a plane

could crash ? It happened. I also said you could get lost, and you did.

Becky: And don't forget that I said that Stephanie only could have survived if she had

missed the plane.

Stephanie: And I said that I would return home safely.

Mark: Very x-files! Do you have this more often, that you say things that really happen ?

Jesse: Well, I think it's just one big coincidence.

Becky: Well, whatever it is, everything turned out to be al right.

Danny: (Walking back into the living room) Well, I thought yesterday was a black day in the

Tanner family history, but it was not as black as I thought it was.

Then Nicky and Alex walk down the stairs....

Nicky: Stephanie!

Alex: Did you bring souvenirs from Europe ?

Stephanie: Well, uh, no.

Nicky: But you promised.

Alex: And you always have to keep your promises.

Stephanie: Not if it's impossible to keep your promises.

Nicky: What do you mean ?

Stephanie: I meant that if you promise something, but something happens and by that event you

can't keep your promise, you don't have to keep it.

Alex: We understand.

Nicky: And you are a big present to us. Being healthy home.

Stephanie: How sweet of you.

Stephanie and the twins hug...

Stephanie: Okay, what do you think of a big ice cream ?

Nicky: Stupid question!

Alex: You know what we think about ice cream.

Then Steve runs into the room...

Steve; Did I hear somebody say 'ice cream' ?

Stephanie: Okay, I'll buy everybody ice cream, after all, we have to celebrate something.

Steve: Well, that's the best thing I've heard today.

Michelle: Steve, you're only out of you bed for one hour.

Steve: That will be it.

Stephanie: Well, I'm gonna buy ice cream, I'll be back soon.

Mark: I prefer strawberry taste.

Michelle: With some whipped cream...

Steve: Special recipe ?

Michelle: You got it dude!

Nicky: And don't forget the chocolate sauce.

Alex: And a cherry on top.

Stephanie: Okay, okay. That's all ? Any more wishes ?

Jesse: Well, if you could buy an Elvis ice-glass with it.

Stephanie; I'm outta here, before I can't remember what you ordered...

Stephanie walks out of the door...

Danny: Don't forget to take your money with you.

Stephanie: (Walking back in) I knew I forgot something.

Stephanie takes money and walks out of the door again...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Tune -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 19 (211)- The Long Kiss Goodbye (2)

The family is shocked, when they find out Stephanie was in the crashed plane. They get up memories of her. In the night, the family hears a burglar and he got knocked out in a surprising way...

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog

Gia: Gia Mahan
reporter at the place of the crash
Hostess at the airport
Officer at the airport
Sergeant at the airport
policeman in flashback of Stephanie
Mark Tanner
Danny's dead wife (Appears in his dream)

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 31/03/1999