Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 9

Episode (25) 217 - Friendship Never Dies


We find the twins in their room when Michelle walks in...

Michelle: Okay boys, what did you do with my jacket ?
Nicky: What jacket ?
Alex: You mean the blue one, with the white sleeves and the deer on the back ?

Michelle: Yes, that's the one.

Alex: Sorry, we didn't see it.

Michelle: Then why did you describe it that good ?

Nicky: You never wear another one.

Michelle: Boys, I need my jacket and I'm sure one of you has it.

Alex: But we don't.

Nicky: We are good boys.

Michelle: I don't like this. If you don't have it, who does ?
Then Stephanie walks up the stairs...

Nicky: Maybe Stephanie does.

Stephanie: What did I do ?
Michelle: Do you know where my jacket is ?
Stephanie: You mean that blue one, with the white sleeves and the deer on the back ?

Michelle: Yes, that one.

Stephanie: Sorry, I didn't see it.

Michelle walks away...

Michelle: Then where is it ?
Nicky: Why did she suspect us ?

Alex: Like we would take it.

Stephanie: Well, everybody make a mistake now and then.

Nicky: But she didn't.

Alex: We do have her jacket.

Nicky: We fooled her twice. (He holds up the jacket)

Michelle: (Running up the stairs) I heard that.

The twins run down the stairs...

Nicky: Come and get us!

Michelle: I think I have to when I want my jacket back

Michelle runs down the stairs...

Stephanie: (Shaking her head) Kids. (She walks down the stairs)

------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO --------------------------------------------------------

We find Jesse reading the paper when Joey runs in...

Joey: Jess, great news!

Jesse: You are finally toilet-trained ?

Joey: No. Even better! It has something to do with you.

Jesse: No, is it true ?
Joey: yes it is. What do you say of that ?

Jesse: Great! I have been waiting for that mouse for two weeks now. They had to order it for me.

I can't use that cheap stuff, it had to came from Greece.

Joey: No, that's not it. They want us to do a commercial.

Jesse: You mean like we did years ago ?

Joey: Yes. They saw some old tapes from what we did and they were so impressed that they

asked us to make a commercial for that new restaurant, Pedro's Mexican Steakhouse.

Jesse: But we quit that work years ago.

Joey: Jess, it's a great chance to prove that we still have it, that we still can be creative.

Jesse: But I'm very busy. I have my club, the Munkey Puppets, my family...

Joey: Would you please do it ? Please, please, please ?

Jesse: Well, I have to admit, it sounds challenging. Okay, but only this one time, okay ?
Joey: Oh Jess, I love you buddy. (He hugs Jesse)

Jesse: Joey, don't over do it.

We find Stephanie and Gia in the mall...

Gia: I can't wait to taste that new flavor milkshake.

Stephanie: Spring leaves. I wonder who invented it.

Gia: I guess somebody who had a lot of spare time.

Stephanie: Woa baby! What a row!

Gia: There are a lot of people here.

Stephanie: Hey, I believe I know him. Harry!

Harry: (Turn around) Hey, Stephanie.

Stephanie: This has been a very long time since I last saw you.

Harry: I'm back in town now. But only for a few days, then I have to go back to New York.

Stephanie: How are you ?

Harry: Fine, and you ?

Gia: Who is this ?
Harry: Oh sorry, I'm Harry Takayama.

Stephanie: He used to live a few houses from mine. We were friends back then.

Harry: But then my dad got a job in New York and the chief and I got separated.

Gia: The chief ?
Stephanie: That's how he used to call me. Did you know that Harry and I married once ?
Gia: I don't think so. But hey, it's your life. And are you divorced now ?

Stephanie: No, it was not real, it was... well, it's a too long story.

Harry: Do you still live in Gerard Street ?
Stephanie: I sure do. Why don't you come with me, I think my dad would love to see you around

again. We could wait here for our milkshake, but I don't think they still have it in

three hours, when it's our turn.

Gia: Well, I'll see you tomorrow then Steph.

Stephanie: Why, aren't you coming with me ?

Gia: No, I just remember I promised my mother to do some groceries. She got the flu.

Stephanie: Give her my best wishes. Bye.

Stephanie and Harry walk away....

Gia: (Sad) Bye Steph.

We find Stephanie entering the kitchen where Danny is doing the dishes...

Stephanie: Hi dad.

Danny: Hi Stephanie. How was the milkshake ?

Stephanie: I don't know, I had to pull a number, and I had number 99999, and they had not

started yet helping people. But dad, I have a big surprise for you!

Danny: Oh Steph, you shouldn't have bought me anything.

Stephanie: I didn't.

Danny: You stole something ?

Stephanie: No. It's not a thing, but a person.

Then Harry walks in...

Harry: Hello Mr. Tanner.

Danny: Hello Harry. Does your mom know you're here ? (He continues with the dishes)

Stephanie and Harry look at each other with a smile on their faces...

Danny: (Looks up) Did I say Harry ?

Harry: You sure did, Mr. Tanner.

Danny: Harry, how nice to see you again. What brings you back in San Francisco ?

Harry: My dad had a meeting here and I joined him. I'd like to see the town were I grew up


Danny: Do you wanna stay for dinner ?

Harry: I'd love to, but I promised my dad to go to a restaurant with him.

Danny: Steph, this reminds me of the old days. And you know what, you always had a nose for

Having nice and good friends.

Then Kimmy walks in...

Kimmy: Howdy Tannerito's.

Danny: Better than DJ, I have to say.

Harry: Thanks, I think I take that as a compliment.

Kimmy: I picked a holiday for this summer.

Stephanie: great, where are you going to ? The North pole ?

Kimmy: No, I'm going to my uncle and aunt in Texas, they have their own ranch. I can't wait to

ride all the stallions.

Stephanie: But it would be more fun if the stallions were riding you.

Danny: Steph, that's not nice to say.

Stephanie: Dad, it's Kimmy I'm talking to.

Danny: I know. It would cause a great psychological mess for those stallions.

Stephanie: Good point.

We find Jesse, Joey and Michelle on the attic...

Michelle: And, did you make up a slogan yet ?

Joey: We did. But we couldn't make up much more than 'Eat at Pedro's Mexican steakhouse' .

Jesse: Or 'Pedro's Mexican steakhouse, where you find Mexican steaks'

Michelle: I think you need help from a creative mind.

Joey: We already have. (He points to the table)

Nicky: We are doing the artistic thing.

Alex: And they are doing the words.

Michelle: Can I help ?
Jesse: Well, in fact you can. Could you get us a pencil sharpener ?
Joey: We have no points left.

Michelle: I believe not only at the pencils.

Nicky: What do you mean ?
Alex: we don't get the joke.

Michelle: Good points for the commercial.

Nicky: Ooh!

Nicky and Alex start laughing....

Joey: Jess, I have one.

Jesse: You do ? What ?
Joey: Want a break ? Go to Pedro for a Mexican steak.

Jesse: Not bad.

Michelle: It sounds just like you have to go to a guy called 'Pedro', not to a restaurant.

Jesse: She's right.

Joey: I know. But I had to make up something.

Michelle: Maybe I know one.

Joey: You do ?
Jesse: How could she, we are the professionals.

Michelle: Do you wanna hear it or not ?

Joey: Okay.

Nicky: Everything is better than what Joey and daddy came up with.

Michelle: What do you think of 'Cross the border, step into Pedro's Mexican Steakhouse'.

Alex: (Claps his hands) Good one!

Nicky: (Also clapping) Better than we heard all day.

Joey: Well Jess, she has a point with that one.

Jesse: I know, but it's not finished yet, it can be better.

Joey: Like 'Pedro's Mexican steakhouse, get past the border'.

Michelle: That's what I said. If you don't need me, I'm going.

Jesse: Do you have more ideas ?

Michelle: That depends. What's in it for me ?
Jesse: You want to earn money with it ?
Michelle: I didn't say 'money', but there is something I'd like to have. You see, I could use a new


Jesse: We will give you one of the wheels.

Michelle: Huh ?
Jesse: We will give you a little fee, that's enough to buy one of the wheels.

Michelle: Oh, right. I can live with that.

We find Stephanie sitting in the living room, where DJ and Steve are packing...

Steve: Deej, do we need toothbrushes ?

DJ: What do you think ?
Steve: Right now ?
DJ: No, that was a rhetorical question.

Stephanie: Are you guys ready to leave ?

DJ: I can't wait. Two weeks on the other side of the country, just the two of us.

Steve: Me neither. The sun, the beach, the food.

DJ: The sightseeing.

Stephanie: Send us a postcard.

DJ: We will.

Stephanie: DJ, can I ask you something ?

DJ: Sure.

Stephanie: I met Harry today.

DJ: You mean your old friend ?

Stephanie: Yes, him. You know, I think I'm falling in love.

DJ: You always had a special bond of friendship with him.

Stephanie: I know. But he grew so hansom!

DJ: Then why don't you ask him out ?

Steve: Yeah, take him to Luigi's, or Mario's, or the mc Donalds.

DJ: I was thinking more of a movie or something.

Stephanie: Not a bad idea. Thank you.

Steve: Take him to the all romantic night at the cinema's this weekend.

Stephanie: I don't think that's possible, he's leaving Friday.

Steve: What a coincidence, so are we.

Stephanie: I'm going to call him right now. (She walks to the phone)

DJ: Isn't that sweet, she's in love with one of her childhood friends.

Stephanie: (On the phone) Hi Harry, it's me. Can you come by later, I want to ask you

something. Okay, see you then. (She puts down the receiver)

DJ: Why didn't you ask him over the phone ?

Stephanie: I want to keep it exciting.

Later we find Stephanie and Danny in the living room, when the doorbell rings...

Stephanie: I'll get it, that's probably Harry.

Stephanie opens the door....

Gia: Hi Steph.

Stephanie: Gia, hi.

Gia: Can I come in ?

Stephanie: Sure. What brings you here ?

Gia: Are you doing something next Friday ? William and Fred want to go on a date with us.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, but I had some other plans.

Then Harry walks in...

Harry: Hello.

Gia: Oh boy. There's Tokyo Boy again.

Harry: What was it you wanted to talk me about ?

Stephanie: Well, uh..

Gia: Nice conversation, Steph.

Harry: Gia, would you like to go out sometime ?

Gia: No thanks. I couldn't do that.

Harry: How come, do you have a boyfriend ?

Gia: No, and I want to keep it that way as far as it concerns you.

Stephanie: Excuse me...

Harry: Do you have something against me ?

Gia: Yes, you're Japanese.

Harry: Thanks. What was it you wanted to talk me about, Stephanie ?

Stephanie: Well, uhm... Did you borrow that book from me years ago ?

Harry: You mean 'How to deal with older sisters ?' Yes, now you ask. I'll send it by mail to you

when I get home.

Stephanie: Thanks. I have been looking for that for ages, a friend of me wants to borrow it.

Harry: Well, if that's all, my dad is waiting in a cab. Bye.

Stephanie: Bye.

Harry leaves the house...

Gia: What a goofball.

Stephanie: How rude!

Gia: What did I do ?

Stephanie: You wouldn't understand. You are insulting somebody that's important to me.

Gia: Don't have a cow.

Stephanie: Don't have a cow ? In fact I have a whole herd of cows right now.

Gia: I'm leaving. Bye. (She walks away and slams the door)

Stephanie: yeah, bye.

Danny: I believe that didn't go too well, did it ?
Stephanie: Dad, did I just have a fight with Gia ?
Danny: I think you upset her yes.

Stephanie: Oh no.

Danny: Don't worry about it honey. Call her tomorrow and talk it over.

Stephanie: How could I do that ?
Danny: Honey, don't worry about it. It will be al right.

Stephanie: Are you sure ? Because I'm not. I just had an argument with my best friend.

Danny: But you did it to defend another good friend.

Stephanie: I'm going to sleep.

Danny: Good night.

We find Jesse, Joey, Michelle and the twins on the attic, when Becky walks up the stairs...

Becky: Are you still working on that commercial ?
Alex: Michelle got some great ideas.

Becky: Boys, it's bedtime.

Joey: Can I please stay up for another hour ?

Becky: I didn't mean you.

Nicky: Can we please have another hour, we're having so much fun.

Becky: Boys, it's eleven o'clock. You should have gone to bed two hours ago.

Michelle: I got it!

Nicky: Can we please hear this one, mommy ?

Becky: Okay, but after you're going to bed immediately, understand ?

Michelle: Listen. 'For a nice meal, and a great night out, go to Pedro's Mexican Steakhouse. The

food tastes good, the service is fine, so move your guts over that borderline.'

Jesse, Joey, Becky and the twins clap their hands...

Joey: Perfect!

Jesse: I could have thought of this my self.

Michelle: But you didn't.

Becky: Has any of you ever been to that restaurant ?

Jesse: Well, uhm.. no.

Becky: then how can you say if the food tastes good, and the service is fine ?

Joey: Good point she has there, Jess.

Michelle: Hey, we have to sell the restaurant to the customers, they have to go there, that's why

uncle Jesse and Joey got this assignment.

Jesse: She's tight. And that's why we'll take this slogan.

Nicky + Alex: Yeah! Al right!

Becky: Come boys, go to bed.

Michelle: Wow, I'm good at this.

Jesse: You sure are, munchkin. You earned that wheel for one hundred percent.

Joey: I need some sleep now. I got tired from al those creativity.

Jesse: Me too.

Michelle: Do you have more assignments ? I have the feeling I can go on all night long.

The next morning we find Danny, DJ and Stephanie in the kitchen...

Danny: Well, tomorrow is the big day DJ.

DJ: I know. Two weeks of doing nothing at all.

Danny: You will call every day, will you ?
DJ: Yes dad, don't worry about that.

Stephanie: That reminds me. I'm gonna call Gia.

Stephanie walks to the phone...

Stephanie: Gia ? It's me, Stephanie. I want to say I'm sorry about last ni.... Gia ? (She puts down

the receiver) She hang up the phone.

DJ: Maybe she's angry with you.

Stephanie: I'm going to her house, we have to talk.

Danny: Stephanie, maybe you should wait.

Stephanie: But yesterday you said...

Danny: I know what I said. But maybe I was wrong and...

DJ: Wait, I have to get a tape recorder, this is a historical moment. Dad says he could be wrong.

Danny: Maybe she was more upset than I thought. Just wait, I'm sure she'll call you back.

Then the doorbell rings...

DJ: That will be her, with flowers to make it up.

Stephanie: You think so ?

DJ: Not really, but it sounds good.

Stephanie: That's true. 9She walks to the front door and opens it)

Harry: Hi Steph.

Stephanie: Harry! What brings you here ?
Harry: Well, today is my last day in town, and I'm not doing anything so...

Stephanie: I'd love to do something today.

Harry: Well, actually I wondered if Gia is busy today.

Stephanie: (Disappointed) Oh. Well, I don't know.

Harry: Can we call her ?

Stephanie: it's better we don't.

Harry: Why ? Does she have a boyfriend ?

Stephanie: No, Gia and I had a small fight yesterday after you left.

Harry: No injuries I hope ?

Stephanie: No, I'm fine. But she's suffering from a broken leg.

Harry: Serious ?
Stephanie: No, I was joking.

Harry: Thank god. She can't dance with a broken leg.

Stephanie: dance ?
Harry: Yes, this afternoon there's a dance competition, I wanted to ask her to join me.

Stephanie: Gia? I don't believe she's such a great dancer.

Harry: I don't mind. It's about the fun we have.

Stephanie: Fun. Remember the fun we had ?

Harry: Yeah, those were great times.

Then Gia walks in...

Stephanie: Gia. You came to talk.

Gia: No I didn't. I came because I left my sweater here last night. I came to pick it up.

Stephanie: But we have to talk, please.

Gia: Not now Steph. I'm not in the mood.

Harry: But are you in the mood for dancing ? There's a competition today.

Stephanie looks with a begging face towards Gia and shakes her head...

Gia: Sure. Sounds like fun.

Gia and Harry leave the house. Stephanie closes the door and sits down on the ground, with her head in her hands. Then Becky walks down the stairs...

Becky: Hey Steph, what's the matter ?

Stephanie: It's not fair! Harry wants Gia, but she doesn't want him.

Becky: Well, it's very nice of you to feel sad for harry.

Stephanie: But I want Harry. I think I love him.

Becky: Come, let's sit on the couch.

Becky helps Stephanie get up and they sit down on the couch...

Becky: Steph, boys can be hard to understand.

Stephanie: Tell me. Why doesn't he notice that I like him ?

Becky: Did you tell him ?

Stephanie: No. I thought he would notice it.

Becky: Well, boys can be very blind sometimes. They don't get the signals, or they get them too

late. I remember I once had a crush on Leonard. He was the cutest boy in town. And the

only one that was no family of mine. But I gave him a note, with the words: 'I love you'.

Stephanie: And what did he do ?

Becky: Well, I let him copy homework sometimes, and he thought this was some of that stuff. So

he gave the note to the teacher and had to go to the principal.

Stephanie: (Smiling) Not very bright of him.

Becky: Well, two years later, he came to me and said: 'That note, that wasn't homework was it ?'.

Stephanie: And what happened after that ?

Becky: Bob, my boyfriend picked me up.

Stephanie: But how will it ever work out between Harry and me ? I mean, Gia doesn't love him,

but he loves her...

Becky: What makes you think she doesn't love him ?

Stephanie: She told me.

Becky: Well, when people are in love, they sometimes deny it. But Stephanie, you had a great

friendship with harry, right ?

Stephanie: We sure had.

Becky: What if it did work out between the two of you, and later you broke that relationship ?

There's a big chance that this great friendship would have ended too.

Stephanie: I guess it would. And now we will be friends forever. Thanks aunt Becky, you really

helped me out.

Becky: Any time. But now, you have to talk to Gia and Harry.

Stephanie: I know. I'm already gone.

We find Michelle in her room when Jesse and Joey walk in...

Jesse: Hi Michele, are you busy ?

Michelle: yes I am. I'm very busy doing nothing.

Joey: We have great news!

Jesse: They loved the commercial. And guess what ? They even paid us double what we wanted.

Joey: And, because you helped us very good, we have something for you.

Michelle: You make me curious.

Jesse: That's the plan.

Joey: Close your eyes and follow us.

Michelle puts her hands in front of her eyes and Jesse and Joey pull her out of her room...

Jesse: You can open them up!

Michelle: (Her mouth opens with amazement) Wow. The bike I wanted.

Joey: We hope you like it.

Michelle: Like it ? I love it!

Jesse: You earned it. Thanks for helping us out.

Michelle: It was my pleasure. When is your next assignment ? I can think up some more things I

want to have.

Jesse: Well, there won't be a next time.

Joey: It was fun to do again, but we realized that we had our best times in advertising business.

So we decided to go on with our life the way they were.

Michelle: Too bad. I had so many great ideas.

Jesse: Just write them all down. Maybe you'll need them later on in life.

We find Gia and Harry at the dance competition, when Stephanie shows up...

Gia: This is fun, Harry!

Harry: You think so ? Maybe we can do this more often.

Gia: harry, I now see you're a nice boy, but I don't feel anything special for you.

Harry: You don't ?

Gia: No. But we're having a great time right now.

Stephanie: Gia, can I speak to you now ?

Gia: No, we are having fun.

Stephanie: Harry, could you leave us for a second ?

Harry: Sure.

Gia: Why are you doing this ?
Stephanie: Why don't you want to speak to me ? I want to say I'm sorry about last night all the

time and you keep ignoring me.

Gia: Then you know how it feels.

Stephanie: What do you mean ?
Gia: Stephanie, you are my best friend. I wanted to do some fun things with you this week, but

you were spending more time with Asia boy.

Stephanie: You were jealous at Harry ?

Gia: No, I just couldn't stand that he got more attention from you than I did.

Stephanie: So you're jealous. Gia, I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, but I haven't seen Harry

for years. You can understand that I wanted to see him, can't you ? I just wanted to

catch up some of the lost years. He had been a great friend to me, when I was young.

We laughed together, we cried together.

Gia: You married together. I really want to hear that story.

Stephanie: It's a long story. But I will tell it some day. But I'm really sorry about last night. It

was just that I saw Harry again and you just started to humiliate him. I couldn't take

that on that moment.

Gia: I understand. Maybe I overreacted by walking away the way I did.

Stephanie: You know, Harry was, and is, a real good friend, but so are you. And we have to

treasure the friendships we have, they are worth more than all the money of the

world. And I think that the fact that Harry and I are still friends, means that

friendship is forever, and never dies.

Gia: So we are still friends ?
Stephanie: Friends forever.

Gia: Then please go dance with Harry. If you dance with him, you have a bigger chance of

winning than when I'm dancing with him.

Stephanie: Are you sure ?

Gia: I am. In the name of Friendship. (She smiles)

Stephanie walks to Harry, when the music starts...

We find Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Steve, Gia and Harry at the airport...

Harry: Well, my plane is leaving now.

Stephanie: take good care of yourself.

Harry: I will.

Gia: Send us a postcard from New York some time.

Harry: That's a deal.

Stephanie: Harry, I'm sure we will meet again some day.

Harry: I make it a promise to you, Steph.

Stephanie: You have to go, your dad is waiting.

Harry: I know. Bye Gia, bye chief!

Harry walks away, waving his hand...

Danny: Well, DJ, Steve. It's time for you to go too.

DJ: I know. We will call you when you can pick us up from the airport.

Stephanie: Send us a postcard.

DJ: We will.

Steve: And we will take some snacks with us.

Danny: How sweet, as a souvenir ?

Steve: No, for us to eat in the plane.

Gia: I've heard they have a delicious bakery in Miami, with very good donuts.

Steve: They do ? Where ?
DJ: Steve, we're missing our plane.

Danny: Be careful.

Stephanie: And if you think the plane is going to crash, do what I did. Take a cab that gets lost.

DJ: We will, thanks for the tip.

DJ and Steve hug Danny and Stephanie and walk away...

Danny: Well, it will be very quiet around at home, now they're gone.

Stephanie: Dad, look at it from the bright side. One, they will be back in two weeks, two, you

will have me around for the next eight weeks, and three, there will be plenty of food

left after diner.

Danny: I know.

Gia: I'm so happy school holidays started.

Stephanie: And what will next year bring us ?

Danny: Well, you're going to the San Francisco university. DJ will have her baby, she and Steve

will get married. There are lots of things that will happen in the future.

Gia: Well, I can't wait to go to university.

Stephanie: Gia, are you sick ? You hated school.

Gia: Hey, but we will meet some cute students now, and they are so much better than school

boys. Trust me, I've heard.

Danny: Steph, what about no study at all ?

Stephanie: Too late dad.

They walk away, talking on...

--------------------------------------------- End Tune -----------------------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 25 (217)- Friendship Never Dies

Stephanie and Gia meet Harry, one of Steph's old friends. Steph falls in love with him, but he likes Gia. This ends up with a fight between Gia and Stephanie. Jesse and Joey are doing a commercial for a new restaurant, and get help from Michelle. DJ and Steve are preparing to go on a holiday.

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog

Gia: Gia Mahan
Harry: Harry Takayama (One of Steph's friends when she was young)

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 13/05/1999