Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

Episode (28) 220 - Two Weddings And A Broken Heart (2)

Summary of part 1:

Michelle: Last time on Full House:

Becky: I hope you are patient.

DJ: Why ?
Becky: Because this is the last time you'll see each other before tomorrow.

DJ: Why ?
Becky: Because it will bring you bad luck when you see each other in the 24 hours before your wedding.

Danny: (Looking around) This isn't right. You said 'bad luck' and I don't see Kimmy anywhere.

DJ: I called her last week and she said she has a big surprise for us.

Priest: We have a second couple that gets married. They are doing it at exact the same time as Mister Hale and Miss Tanner.

Jesse: And who's the second couple ?
Mark: You don't want to know.

Kimmy: How nice of you all to come to my wedding.

DJ: There's no groom for you.

Kimmy: Yeah, where is Duane ?

DJ: What's wrong ?
Kimmy: He writes he can't marry me. He has second thoughts. He will call me later.

Priest: And do you still want to get married ?
DJ: No, first I have to go to Kimmy. I can't get married when she is feeling bad.

Michelle: Does this mean we have to wait till we can eat the cake ?

Stephanie: I'm afraid so.

Danny: Please hold on, I'll go check on her.

Jesse: I'm sure she'll be back on time.

Steve: I hope so. Or it would spoil our wedding day.

Michelle: Now, if there will be a wedding or not, we'll see.

----------------------------------------------- INTRO -------------------------------------------------------------

We find Kimmy running over the parking lot, followed by DJ, who has some troubles running, because of her dress...

DJ: Kimmy, wait.

Kimmy keeps running...

DJ: Kimmy!

Kimmy: (Crying) Please leave me alone, Deej.

DJ: No way. I want to talk to you.

Kimmy: I can't talk to you now.

DJ: Sure you can. Please don't walk away.

Kimmy: DJ, I've never been made such a fool off as today. I guess everybody is laughing about me now. I know what they will be saying. 'That Gibbler girl can't even get married. Which man wants her ?' So give me one good reason to talk to you right now.

DJ: Kimmy, whoever thinks that way about you, I don't. I want to help you, support you.

Kimmy: You do ?

DJ: Hey, you're my best friend. So would you please stand still ?

Kimmy: Okay then. What do you want to say ?

DJ: Kimmy, I know it's hard for you that Duane left you suddenly...

Kimmy: No, you don't. Steve didn't leave you.

DJ: But I can understand how hard it must be for you. I know that if Steve would do something like that, it would break my heart.

Kimmy: But why did he do it ?

DJ: I don't know. Maybe he got scared.

Kimmy: No, I think he thought my feet smelled too much.

DJ: Kimmy, that makes completely no sense. But your feet can get smelly some times.

Kimmy: You see, now you're canceling our wedding too.

DJ: Kimmy, get real. We weren't even getting married.

Then Danny walks towards DJ...

Danny: DJ, Kimmy maybe not getting married, but you are. Steve is still waiting.

Kimmy: Deej, did you leave Steve for me ? Does he know you're cheating on him ?
Danny: DJ, I can understand you want to be there for Kimmy, especially right now, when she needs you more than ever. But don't forget your own wedding.

Kimmy: You're right T-bone. DJ, don't let me spoil your wedding day. There are so many days for me to spoil for you.

Danny: We know. By experience.

Kimmy: Thanks, that makes me feel some better.

DJ: Dad, is Steve angry with me ?
Danny: I don't know. But I think you can't let him stand there all by himself. It's a little hard to marry himself.

DJ: Do you think he still wants to continue ?

Danny: I'm sure he does.

DJ: But what about Kimmy ?

Kimmy: Hey, you're my best friend. I can be sad any time after your wedding. I don't want to miss that, and I don't want you to miss it.

DJ: Let's see if Steve is still waiting for me.

Danny: I hope he didn't already attack the cake.

DJ: Let's hurry.

They walk back to the church...

Inside the church....

Steve: Where is she ? I knew it, she won't come back. Man, I feel like I can eat the whole pie, I'm that sad.

Michelle: I thought that was normal for him.

Jesse: Don't worry, she'll be back.

Joey: Yes, I'm pretty sure she will.

Jesse: You see, Steve. Even Joey believes she'll be back.

Michelle: Duhhuh! Joey even believes the cardboard plants Nicky and Alex made last week live.

Stephanie: He does ?

Michelle: Yesterday he even watered them.

Nicky: So you destroyed them ?
Alex: Shame on Joey!

Joey: Sorry boys, but they looked so real.

Becky: Joey, the plants were colored purple, red and yellow.

Jesse: Steve, maybe that wasn't a good example, Joey does believe everything.

Becky: Don't worry, DJ wouldn't leave you. I'm sure of that.

Priest: Are we going on, or can I take a beer ?

Then Danny walks in...

Steve: Where's DJ ?

Danny: She's coming in a moment. She can't run as fast as I can.

Jesse: Don't put your money on it.

Then DJ walks in...

Steve: DJ ?

DJ: Oh Steve, I'm so sorry. But I just felt like I had to be there for Kimmy.

Steve: I understand, but couldn't you have talked to her after the marriage ?

Stephanie: (Whispering to Michelle) Or just not.

DJ: No, she needed me then. But she also made clear to me that because of her sadness, I don't have to put you and me through the same thing.

Steve: So the wedding is still on ?
DJ: Of course, silly. How could I leave you right now.

Priest: I hope my wife is patient.

Jesse and Danny look surprised at the priest..

Priest: Just joking around.

Jesse starts playing the organ. Danny and DJ put their arms together again, and they walk forward, to the isle..

DJ: Don't forget to let me go this time, dad.

Danny: I won't. But can you hold my hand till it's over ?

They arrive at Steve...

Priest: Are you ready this time ?
Mark: Okay, action, the wedding, take 2!

Everybody looks at Mark...

Mark: Hey, I just felt like saying that. And how many times can I say something like that on a wedding ?

Gia: (Whispering to Stephanie) He's so funny.

Stephanie: I know, he got my sense of humor.

Stephanie and Gia laugh...

Priest: Dear beloved. We're together here to try again to get these two people married. If anybody has any reasons why this wedding should not go on, please speak up now or keep silence forever.

Danny puts up his hand...

Priest: Sir, do you have a reason ?

Danny: No, but I just wanted to ask if somebody had a tissue for me, I can't keep it dry any longer.

Priest: Can I have the rings then ?
Mark: Oh gee, I was supposed to bring those rings, wasn't I ?

DJ: Yes you were, and you still are.

Mark: Let's see, where did I put them ? In this pocket ? No. This one ? No. Hm. Maybe Steve got them behind his ears. (Mark puts his hand behind Steve's ears and when he opens his hands, he's holding the rings) I knew I left them somewhere.

DJ: (Smiling) Nice show, Copperfield.

In the meanwhile, Nicky and Alex have walked to the front, with a pillow, they are carrying together...

Nicky: Can we have the rings ?

Alex: They need to be on the pillow.

Mark: Okay, gentlemen. (He puts the rings on the pillow)

Priest: Al right. Now give each other the right hand.

DJ and Steve do as the priest tells them...

Priest: Okay. Steven Michael Hale, do you take Donna Jo Margaret Tanner to be your beloved wedded wife till dead parts you ?

Michelle: Steven Michael ? So his initials are SM ?

Stephanie: Michelle, naughty girl! You're right.

Steve: I do.

Priest: And Donna Jo Margaret Tanner, do you take Steven Michael Hale to be your beloved husband till dead parts you ?

DJ: I do.

Priest: Then you can put the rings at teach others right hand.

Steve takes a ring, and puts it on DJ's finger. At the same time, DJ does the same thing with the other ring...

DJ: It doesn't fit. You're finger is too thick.

Steve: And your finger is too small.

Jesse: I don't want to interrupt anything, but does it work when you try the rings the other way ?
Steve: You mean inside-out ?

Jesse: No, change the rings.

DJ: I know what he means. I'll take that ring, and you this one.

Steve: Good idea, you know, maybe we took the wrong rings and tried the on the wrong fingers.

Jesse: Clever boy.

Priest: Well, after this interruption, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride.

DJ and Steve kiss, the guests all shout with joy... Danny cries...

Claire T.: Are you al right, honey ?

Danny: I'm fine. But my little girl now ain't that little anymore.

Michelle: Hey, you still got me.

Stephanie: And me.

Danny: Thanks girls, that's good to know.

They hug...

Danny: I remember when your mother and I were there, down the isle.

Claire T.: Come, let's go home, where the party will be.

Michelle: That means cake!

Nicky: What are we waiting for then ?

Alex: Let's go home.

Later, we find everybody at the Tanner house...

Jesse: They can be here any moment.

Joey: What takes them so long ?
Jesse: Danny's driving.

Bob: Mr. Katsopolis, can I ask you something ?
Jesse: Please, call me Jesse.

Bob: Okay. That action from your niece, did she really have doubts ?
Jesse: No, she didn't have doubts. But her best friends boyfriend had doubts and walked away, so when her best friend walked away, she felt like she couldn't keep standing there and she walked away because she wanted to walk away with her best friend...

Becky: Jess, honey, can you switch off the turbo ?

Jesse: Okay. Where was I ?

Bob: I don't know, I didn't understand a word from what you were saying.

Jesse: me neither. But the point is, DJ felt sorry for her best friend, and they know each other for many years, since they were little. And she wanted to make sure her best friend, Kimmy, didn't do anything stupid. That's a little illogical, because Kimmy only does stupid things.

Paula: So she followed her heart and made sure her best friend could handle it. I think that's very kind of her.

Bob: Me too. That sounds like she's a very sweet girl.

Becky: She is.

Then the doorbell rings...

Stephanie: I'll get it. (She opens the door)

Everybody: Surprise!

Nick: Wow, is this for us ?

Jesse: Mom, dad, what are you doing here ? I thought the two of you were traveling through Europe.

Irene: we were, but we just couldn't miss our grand daughters wedding. Though we didn't see all of it, thanks to your father.

Nick: Hey, I told you we should have turned right at the road working.

Irene: Me too, and you had to turn left.

Nick: Because you told me so.

Irene: No I didn't.

Jesse: Mom, dad. Can you please do this later ? The car just arrived.

Everybody looks outside, where the car with DJ, Steve and Danny stopped. They all get out...

Stephanie: (Taping with the video camera) I hope one of them slips, we can win money on America's funniest home video's then.

Michelle: Isn't that the show with the guy who looks like dad ?

Stephanie: Yes it is, but hey, that guy on TV is much younger.

Joey: Probably caused by the re-runs.

DJ and Steve arrive at the front door, where Steve lifts DJ over the threshold...

Irene: Hi honey, congratulations!

DJ: Grandma, grand dad!

Nick: Hi, honey, you look beautiful.

Irene: You sure do. Sorry we couldn't be at the ceremony in church.

DJ: That's okay, I'm happy you could make it by now.

Claire T.: Hi honey, congratulations, and I hope you will be happy together for a long time.

Paula: I'm sure you'll be happy together.

Steve: Me too. And you know what would really make me happy ?

Michelle: Let me guess, cutting the cake ?

Steve: How do you know ?

Nicky: It's about time for that.

Alex: That's what today was all about.

Becky: No boys, a wedding is not about a cake.

Alex: About what is it then ?

Jesse: Well, about two people who love each other and commit themselves to live their lives together forever.

Nicky: I liked the cake idea better.

DJ and Steve walk into the kitchen, where the cake is. On top of it, two Ninja turtle action figures are dressed like a bride and groom...

Danny: Oh my god. Joey, tell me you didn't...

Joey: Hey, I warned you.

Stephanie: Good joke.

Joey: Don't worry, I have the real bride and room right here. 9He takes them out of his pocket and puts them on top of the cake, while taking the turtles of...

Stephanie: No, wait! I forgot to tape it!

Danny: DJ, Steve, it's time for you to do the first thing as a married couple.

Nicky: A very important thing.

Alex: Very very important.

Steve: The wedding night ?

DJ: Steve, take it easy.

Bob: That's my son.

Danny: (Giving DJ a knife) No, you can cut the cake now.

DJ and Steve take the knife together, and they cut two pieces of the cake...

DJ: Open your mouth.

Steve: Huh ?

DJ puts a piece of the cake in Steve's mouth, and he does the same with her...

Michelle: How is the cake ?
Steve: delicious!

Alex: Then what are we waiting for ?

Nicky: Attack the cake!

Becky: Hold it boys, did we teach you that ? I didn't think so. Just wait till your turn.

Danny: Steph, can you help me. We will cut pieces for everybody.

After the cake, we find everybody in the living room...

Michelle: What comes next ?

Becky: Well, now it's time for the speeches.

Stephanie: Who's gonna speak first ?

Jesse: Danny.

Danny walks up the stairs, up to the balcony...

Danny: Can I have your attention please ?

Jesse: Speech!

Stephanie: I sure hope he does a better job on this speech than he did on Aunt Greta's funeral.

Michelle: We have an aunt Greta ?

Stephanie: Not anymore.

Danny: Okay, ladies and gentleman. I, the father of the bride, want to speak some words.

DJ: How sweet.

Steve: Let's hear those beautiful words... dad.

Danny: Okay, I wrote them down here. (Danny takes a note from his pocket) Butter...eggs...milk...flower...cheese... Oops, I think that's the wrong note.

Steve: Why does he quit ?

DJ: Because it's dad's shopping list.

Steve: No wonder it sounds so good. He can make cheesecake with those things.

Danny: Okay, this is the right one. Sorry. (He takes another note) We're together here to celebrate the happiest day of my daughter Donna Jo and Steven Hale, her new husband.

Paula: What happened to the old one ?

Danny: Okay, maybe I should change that sentence. You see, sometimes I make some errors in the selection of words I use to express something I'd like to articulate with my environment...

All people looks at Danny with bored looks in their eyes..

Michelle: Can you please go on?

Danny: I think you don't care about my linguistic behavior. What I tried to say was that Steve now is her husband, and not number two or three or something. (Danny looks to the other people) You're still not interested, I guess. Anyway, I want to wish them many luck and I hope they will be happy for many many years. Though I lost my little girl, I got a big eater in the family in return. That was all I wanted to say.

Jesse: (Clapping his hands) Those last seven words, wonderful!

Joey: (Going to the balcony) I'd like to say some words too. When I first met DJ, she was a little baby. And soon she will have an a baby of her own. But to get to my point, with the words of the famous Daffy Duck, congratulationzzzzz (lisping while spraying spit)

Jesse: Thanks, Joseph. Next time warn us if we have to bring our umbrella with us.

Becky: Jesse, honey, don't you have anything to say ?

Jesse: Hey, it's a wedding, that means we have to celebrate, not spending all day talking.

Nick: I agree with you, son.

Jesse: Thanks dad.

Alex: Can we say something ?
Nicky: it's very important.

Becky: Sure boys, go ahead.

Nicky: We really loved the cake.

Alex: So is there anything left for us ?

We find DJ and Steve in their bedroom...

DJ: Finally, some time alone.

Steve: I think it's a great day.

DJ: Me too. But I have the feeling everybody is more caring about the party than what it was all about. You and me, making a commitment for life.

Steve: And I don't regret it.

DJ: Me neither.

Steve: You know, to me you're like an oyster, and every time I look at the inside, I see something more beautiful than before. Like the shining pearls inside the oyster, your character is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And in the book about my life, I could fill thousands of pages, only with your name. And like it says nothing to somebody who doesn't know you, it means more than words can say to me.

DJ: (Crying) Steve, how beautiful. Did you really mean that ?

Steve: Yes I did.

DJ: I never heard somebody comparing me with an oyster, and a pearl.

Steve: Somebody has to be first. I thought of it when I ate oysters last night, with the guys.

DJ: (Smiling) I'm glad you didn't eat something you don't like then.

Steve: Well, to be honest. It was the first time I ate oysters in my life.

DJ: And I thought you had tried every food that mankind can cook.

Steve: And you know, actually I don't like oysters....

DJ: What, so you don't like me ?
Steve: No, I mean yes... I mean... I like you. And I want to spend my lifetime loving you.

DJ: And I will always love you.

Steve: You know, when I think of you, you drive me crazy, because I want to leave and go to where ever you are.

DJ: How sweet.

Then Kimmy walks in..

Kimmy: Hi guys!

DJ: Kimmy, can you please come back later, Steve and I are enjoying some time alone.

Kimmy: Well, that don't impress me much. But okay, I'll wait outside your room.

Kimmy leaves...

Steve: Shall we lock the door ?
DJ: Neh, I believe they want us to be on the party.

Steve: Yeah, we still have to unpack the wedding gifts.

DJ: Well, probably all cruet stands.

Steve: We can start collecting them.

DJ: Oh, you silly.

Then Danny walks in...

Danny: Hey, children. Could you come to the living room, we have a surprise for you.

DJ: Now ? We were just relaxing.

Danny: DJ, you only marry once in your life... I hope.

DJ: I hope so too.

Steve: Me too.

Danny: You can relax many times from now on. In fact I believe Steve doesn't do anything else all day. But now there's a party going on, for the two of you.

DJ: You're right. Come Steve, let's go to the party.

Everybody is in the living room as Danny walks in...

Danny: They're coming.

Then DJ and Steve walk in...

Jesse: DJ, Steve. You know that every wedding comes with presents. Now we could all buy you cruet stand, but you're living in the same house as we do, so it would be for our own use. That's why we decided to collect some money, and give you one big gift, from al of us together.

Steve: A refrigerator and microwave for our bedroom ?

Stephanie: How does he know ?
Mark: Maybe his instinct told him.

Michelle: We'll never tell something to his instinct anymore.

Jesse: No Steve, we bought something that's even better. You see, something that only you can use.

Joey: No Jesse, we can also use it. If someday I understand the manual. I've been reading it ten times yesterday, and after three pages I had to start all over again, because I didn't know what I just read.

Michelle: How can that be ?

Becky: The first ten pages are in Japanese.

Joey: they are ? That explains all the strange letters.

Jesse: Anyway, we decided to buy you something useful, which will give you some more privacy, and more peace in this household.

Stephanie: More peace ? With that thing ?
Michelle: I think we will get more fights here.

Jesse: Before anyone else tells too much, or keeps interrupting me, I would like to ask you to open the big box that we put on the table.

DJ and Steve walk to big white box, on the table, with a red noose...

Danny: Okay, I'll get the camera ready. Let's count. Three.

DJ and Steve pull the noose, and the box opens, and Comet jumps out of it...

Steve: hey, that dog looks like Comet. Now we have two dogs that are very a like.

DJ: Steve, that is Comet.

Steve: No wonder he looked like him so much.

Becky: That was just to tease you. The real gift is in the kitchen...

All walk to the kitchen...

Danny: There it is, guys.

DJ: Woa!

Steve: Cool!

Mark: For who doesn't know it, the 18th of January is my birthday.

Stephanie: How fun, mine is one day later.

Michelle: Lucky me, my birthday is next month.

DJ: You bought that for us ?
Danny: Yes.

DJ: Our own bigscreen TV.

Joey: With build in VCR, and Dolby Surround, the cinema at home.

DJ: This is fantastic, thanks!

Steve: Now all we need is a popcorn machine.

Danny: We hope you enjoy it.

Jesse: We thought, maybe you want to watch TV together, and we all want to watch something else, and it ends up with a big family argument.

Danny: Jesse, that's a very regular night in this house you just described.

Jesse: So now you can watch whatever you like.

Michelle: Or you can let me watch while you watch something else in the living room.

Nicky: This is great.

Alex: Now we can see all Loony Tunes bigger than ever.

Joey: That does sound good, boys. Do you mind if I watch together with you ?
Danny: Hey guys, you're now negotiating about the use of a gift for DJ and Steve.

Stephanie: Yeah., that ain't fair. Hey Deej, if I gave you twenty dollar, can I watch some videos with my friends ?

That night we find everybody in the living room, while some of the guests are leaving...

Paula: Steve, we are going now. We have to drive for six hours.

Danny: You can stay here if you like, then you can leave tomorrow.

Bob: We can ?

DJ: We would love you to stay here.

Paula: You know, Donna Jo, I think Steve made a wonderful choice by marrying you. But could you please promise me that you will take good care of him ?
DJ: I will.

Bob: Thanks. And Steve, the same thing counts for you.

Steve: I wouldn't want it otherwise.

Nick: DJ, we are going home now. We are a little tired from the trip.

Irene: No we are not, we just want to get to bed early, for a wild night.

Nick: No, for a good sleep.

Irene: So you can snore again ?
Nick: hey, I don't snore.

Jesse: Mom, dad, it's a wedding, remember ?

Irene: Well, enjoy your new man, honey.

DJ: I will, grandma.

They kiss, and Nick and Irene leave the house...

Claire T.: Bye honey, I'm going now. But I really loved today. You both looked gorgeous.

DJ: Bye grandma, we will visit you this weekend.

Claire T.: Okay. I will bake one of my special apple pies. Mark, are you coming with me, or do you want to stay some longer ?

Mark: I'll stay here. Unless you already have pie.

Danny: great, then you can help cleaning the house.

Mark: On the other hand, I do feel a little sleepy.

Danny: Just kidding, but you can come back tomorrow.

Mark: Oh no, tomorrow is a special day for me.

Gia: How come ?

Mark: An old friend of mine is coming over. She just moved to San Francisco, and we haven't seen each other for years.

Danny: Bob, Paula, I shall make some place for you to sleep. Michelle, you're spending the night on Stephanie's room.

Some later, as most of the guests are gone...

Danny: Okay, Mister and miss Hale, enjoy your honeymoon in Texas.

DJ: I'm sure we will. We have chosen a hotel in the middle of a beautiful environment.

Steve: And it seems that the food is good too.

Danny: We'll see you back after the weekend.

DJ: Bye! (She waves her hand)

All except DJ and Steve: Bye!

DJ and Steve get into their car, and drive away. But no cans and sign are on the car...

Jesse: Strange, I believe the cans made more noise after my wedding.

Michelle: Yeah, and where is the sign that says 'just married' ?

Becky: This is strange.

Joey: Maybe I have an explanation for this.

Jesse: Oh no.

Joey: You see, I still think the cans will make more noise on your car, I made a mistake and put them on your car.

Jesse: Why ?
Joey: I thought their car broke down last week.

Jesse: No, can-head. That was two weeks ago. Last week it came back from the garage.

Joey: Oh yeah.

Becky: Jess, honey ? This could explain one thing.

Jesse: What ?
Becky: The reason why you heard such a strange noise behind your car. And the reason why you brought it to the garage.

Jesse: Joseph, I'm not gonna kill you right now, and you know why ?

Joey: Because you love me ?

Jesse: No, too many witnesses.

Michelle: Hey, that sounds familiar.

Stephanie: Yeah, you just repeated a joke from the past.

Jesse: Yes, but this time it is not a joke.

Jesse starts chasing Joey, who runs inside...

In the car of DJ and Steve:

DJ: I'm glad they didn't put all those cans behind my car.

Steve: I knew I missed something tonight.

DJ: Well, a couple of hours to go, and we are in Texas.

Steve: Together as one.
-------------------------- End Tune ------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 28 (220)- Two Weddings And A Broken Heart (2)

After DJ ran away from church, she tries to comfort Kimmy. Danny tries to convince her to go back. Kimmy also doesn't want to come between DJ and Steve, and because DJ loves Steve, she will get married, or does she blow off the whole thing ? I think I've said enough.

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Comet: The dog

Priest: Priest
Mark: Mark Tanner
Gia: Gia Mahan
Claire T.: Claire Tanner (Danny's mother)
Bob: Bob Hale (Steve's father)
Paula: Paula Hale (Steve's mother)
Nick: Nick Katsopolis (Jesse's father)
Irene: Irene Katsopolis (Jesse's mother)

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 01/10/1999