Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

Episode (33) 225 - Triple Birthday
Jesse Katsopolis - Danny Tanner - Joey Gladstone - DJ Tanner-Hale - Stephanie Tanner - Michelle Tanner - Rebecca (Becky) Donaldson-Katsopolis - Nicky & Alex Katsopolis - Kimmy Gibbler - Steve Hale - Gia Mahan - Mark Tanner - Pam Hale (baby) - Comet (the dog)



We find Michelle and the twins in the living room..

Michelle: Good morning, boys, and a happy birthday.

Nicky: Thanks you.

Alex: Happy birthday to you too.

Michelle: Isn't it wonderful, all three of us having our birthdays at exactly the same date. That means many people coming over, many presents to open, and of course, three birthday cakes.

Nicky: Al right!

Alex: Double al right!

Michelle: I wonder what I'm getting for my birthday.

Alex: I hope we get a new Gameboy. Dad destroyed our old one.

Nicky: I think it was very dumb to stand on it.

Alex: Yeah, especially when it was lying on the table.

Nicky: He was practicing a very strange dance with mom.

Michelle: I hope I get that Discman I have been asking for for months.

Nicky: We could go searching for the presents.

Alex: And have a little look under the package.

Michelle: Now you're talking, boys, I see who taught you.

Nicky: Where can they have hidden the presents ?

Michelle: Hm. Last year my dad put it in the big wooden box in the alcove.

Alex: let's check it out.

They walk to the box, and open it...

Michelle: What did I tell you ? Presents!

They all crab presents and open them...

Nicky: Hey, this one is empty.

Alex: Mine too.

Michelle: Just like this one.

Then Danny and Jesse walk in...

Danny: Surprise!

Jesse: We hope you like the presents you found.

Danny and Jesse laugh....

Nicky: Shame on you!

Alex: Double shame!

Danny: Come kids, it's time for breakfast.

They walk to the kitchen...

------------------------------------------ INTRO ------------------------------------------------

We find Danny and Becky in the kitchen...

Becky: Okay, let's see how my birthday cakes worked out.

Danny: I can't wait to see that.

Jesse and Joey walk in, as Becky takes one of the cakes out of the oven...

Joey: (Looking at what is supposed to be a cake) Hey, that uhm...thing looks like Eddie Murphy.

Jesse: No, that thing looks much better.

Becky: This is one of the birthday cakes.

Jesse: I'm glad my mother made the other two cakes.

Then Steve walks in...

Steve: Hi guys. You don't believe how hungry I am.

Danny: (Showing the black cake) Want some cake ?

Steve: Sure. (He takes a part from the cake with his hand and sticks it in his mouth) Not bad.

Jesse: Not bad ?

Danny: It's Steve, he eats everything.

We find DJ and Pam in the living room, as Michelle walks in...

Michelle: Hi DJ.

DJ: Hi Michelle, happy birthday.

Michelle: Thanks. Where is everybody who was invited ?
DJ: Everywhere but here.

Michelle: Duhhuh. I can see that.

The doorbell rings...

Michelle: I'll get it. (She walks to the door and opens it)

Mark: Good day Michelle. How are you today ?
Michelle: I'm having my birthday.

Mark: No way.

Michelle: You knew.

Mark: No I didn't. Nobody ever tells me anything like that.

Michelle: Well ?

Mark: Well what ?
Michelle: it's my birthday, don't you have anything to say ?
Mark: Oh yeah, sorry. Where's the cake ?

Michelle: That was not it.

Mark: I know, I was only teasing you. Happy birthday.

Michelle: Those were the magic words.

Mark walks in...

Michelle: (Looking outside the door) Where are the other people ?
Mark: Which other people ?

Michelle: (Closing the door) The other guests.

Then the doorbell rings again...

Michelle: Hello people!

Stephanie: Hi Michelle. I forgot my key, so I thought, let's push the doorbell. And then it rang.

Michelle: Stephanie, you start to sound like Kimmy Gibbler.

Stephanie: Oh my god, I did. I have to get the antidote.

Stephanie runs upstairs...

Michelle: They should have been here half an hour ago.

Michelle walks into the kitchen. The moment she opens the door, her friends start singing...

Denise + Teddy + Derek + Lisa: happy birthday to you...

Michelle: What a surprise.

Aaron: Can we get to the cake ? I hate this song.

Denise: Aaron, do you have to spoil everything ?
Lisa: Behave, or I squeeze your fingers with my bare hands. Just like last week.

Aaron: Okay, I will be good today.

Teddy: How does it feel to be 12 ?

Michelle: Teddy, I am turning 13 today.

Teddy: I know, but now you still know how it feels.

Derek: I want to congratulate you Michelle, and I sincerely hope you will be blessed with many more fertile years in which you can develop and explore your soul, to reach all the goals you ever want to reach.

Michelle: I have no clue what you just said, but thanks.

We find Jesse, Becky and the twins up the attic...

Nicky: Is it time for the cake yet ?

Jesse: No boys, be patient please.

Alex: I always like to blow out the candles.

Nicky: And what comes after that.

Alex: Eat it!

Becky: (Smiling) The candles ?

Nicky: No, the cake, silly.

Alex: So where is it ?

Nicky: No, where are they ?

Becky: Well, sweet-cheeks, what about your presents ? Aren't you curious what we bought you ?

Jesse: Well boys, I think you'll be very happy with what's in this package.

Alex: Can we unpack it now ?
Becky: No, we all go down and unpack it there.

Jesse: I'm sure you'll love it.

They walk down the stairs...

Nicky: But I still think we should eat cake now.

Alex: I agree.

Downstairs we find DJ, and Stephanie in the living room...

Stephanie: Did you see the look at Michelle's face when she saw her friends in the kitchen ?

DJ: Good idea to let them in through the back door.

The phone rings...

Stephanie: I'll get it.

Michelle walks in...

Stephanie: Yeas, she's here.

Michelle wants to take the phone...

Stephanie: Sorry Michelle, it's for DJ.

DJ takes the receiver from Stephanie...

DJ: Hello ? Oh hi Mrs. Gibbler. What ? Are you serious ? As serious as Kimmy's socks smell ? That is serious. Okay, thanks for calling. (She puts down the receiver)

Michelle: Okay, what is wrong here ? It's my birthday, and DJ gets a phone call ?

DJ: That was Kimmy's mother. Kimmy had a car accident. I'm sorry Michelle, but I have to go to the hospital right now.

DJ leaves the house...

Michelle: is that Kimmy's idea of a birthday gift ? Getting a car accident ?

Danny and Steve walk in from the kitchen...

Danny: Where did DJ go ?
Stephanie: Oh, Kimmy had an accident.

Steve: Oh no.

Michelle: I didn't know you cared about Kimmy that much.

Steve: No, she would bring me some hamburgers on her way back from the mall.

Danny: Steve, we are celebrating three birthdays here, don't you think there's enough to eat in this house ?

Steve: Yes, but I do need an entrée.

Michelle: Why ? You're already inside the house.

Denise and Teddy come into the living room, out of the kitchen...

Denise: Where are you Michelle, we are waiting for you to cut the cake.

Teddy: We are hungry you know.

Danny: Let's wait for the twins to come down.

Denise: They arrived in the kitchen five minutes ago.

Danny: Okay, let's wait for DJ to come home then.

Teddy: Oh man, I have to be home at midnight.

We find DJ in the hospital...

DJ: I'm looking for Kimmy Gibbler.

Clerk: Could you fill out these forms please ?

DJ: Huh ?

Clerk: We don't take any risk. We need to know your age, your sex, if you have a job, if you're married, if you have any illnesses and more like that.

DJ: Okay miss, I am here to see my friend who had a car accident, not to get my drivers license or a visa.

Clerk: If you need a visa, you do need some injections.

DJ: I'll find her myself. (She walks away)

Clerk: Good luck!

DJ: What do you mean ?
Clerk: Well, you didn't fill out al forms, so you didn't get a pass to get through the door. And, you missed the great opportunity to win a free surgery.

DJ: You are sick.

Clerk: Well, it is a hospital here, so I do catch something every now and then.

A nurse walks to the clerk...

Nurse: Here you are miss Jangle. What are you doing out of your bed ? (To DJ) I hope she didn't cause you any trouble ? She is getting a little old, and doesn't know what she does sometimes.

DJ: Oh, it's okay. I'm looking for Kimmy Gibbler ?

Nurse: Gibbler you say ? (Checking a list) Ah, she is in room 613. That's the third room at the right when you turn left just after the coffee machine, at the left of the hall where you come when you turn left and the second right.

DJ: Sure, I think I'll find it. I hope.

DJ walks away...

We find Kimmy lying in a bed with a bandage around her head, when DJ walks in...

DJ: Kimmy ?
Kimmy: Hello uh.... JD.


Kimmy: Then why do they keep calling me Kimmy if my name is DJ ?

DJ: No I am DJ, you are Kimmy.

Kimmy: Woa, this is confusing.

DJ: How do you feel ?

Kimmy: I feel like I had an accident.

DJ: You had, don't you remember ?
Kimmy: (Thinking) What happened ?

DJ: You had a car accident.

Kimmy mother walks in...

Mrs. Gibbler: You are quick, DJ.

DJ: Well, there wasn't much traffic out.

Mrs. Gibbler: Logical, I took my shoes off. (She laughs, with the sound of a whinny horse) Just kidding. I only take them off when we play yahtzee with our bare feet on the kitchen floor.

DJ: I see.

Kimmy: Hello lady, do I know you ?

DJ: Kimmy, that's your mother.

Kimmy: I have a mother ? Wow!

DJ: You must be very confused by the accident.

Mrs. Gibbler: She is. She was hit by another car, and she bumped against a wall, which didn't hold for too long, so she ended up in the living room. She was offered some tea, but she was unconscious, so she couldn't drink it.

Kimmy: Tea ? I like my tea after the S and before the V.

DJ: The U comes after the T.

Kimmy: It does ? I thought the U came after the D.

Mrs. Gibbler: She is a little confused as you can hear.

DJ: No, I don't think so. She always writes down the alphabet like that.

We find Danny, Joey, Michelle and her friends in the living room of the Tanner house..

Teddy: Let's play a game.

Joey: Good idea. What about hide and seek ?
Aaron: Okay, you hide, we don't seek.

Derek: Mr. Gladstone, I think you have to know I think that Aaron in his own rude way made a very good point. We did reach an age on which we don't play these kind of games anymore. We prefer something more educated to do, something like chess.

Teddy: Derek, get a life. Hide and seek is the best game ever thought up.

Denise: I agree with Teddy.

Michelle: I agree with you too, but maybe we should think up something else.

The doorbell rings and Danny opens the door...

Danny: Oh hi Gia.

Gia: Hello.

Michelle: Gia, nice of you to come to my birthday party.

Aaron: Yeah, big surprise! Doing anything tonight ?
Gia: Yes, but not with you, you little squeeze ball. Get someone your own size.

Aaron: I tried, but they all don't want me.

Lisa: Gee, I wonder why.

Gia: (Talking with a slow voice) Well Michelle, congratulations, and I hope you could blow all candles with one breath.

Michelle: (Imitating the voice Gia made) I could. And it smelled better than yours.

Stephanie walks in...

Stephanie: Hi Gia. Are you here for Michelle ?

Gia: No, for you. And the cake.

Teddy: Oh, then you're much too late!

Stephanie: Let's go to the kitchen.

Mark walks out of the kitchen...

Mark: Where are Jesse and Becky ?
Danny: Preparing a surprise for the twins.

Mark: The boys should be taught that finger-paint belongs on the paper, not on my bu... (Looking around and seeing all kids) Hello children.

Lisa: (With a dreaming look in her eyes) Hi Mark.

Mark: (Turns around and on the back of his trousers we see yellow and green paint) I'm out of here. (He walks back into the kitchen)

Danny: Does anybody want lemonade ?

Aaron: No way, I want something stronger.

Danny: No, I refuse to give you alcoholics.

Teddy: No, he means a soda.

Aaron; No I do...

Lisa: (Squeezing his arm) Yes you do, or do you want me to continue squeezing ?

Danny: Please, don't fight. It's hard to get blood stains cleaned.

Michelle: And guess who has to clean it all up ? Right, me!

Jesse runs down the stairs...

Jesse: Okay, all get to the back yard. You too Michelle.

Michelle: You said we all had to go.

Jesse: But socially you.

Danny: (To Jesse, as the kids walk away) It's all set ?

Jesse: Like a house.

Danny: I hope so, it is a play house for the twins.

Joey: Jesse, can I try the swings first ?
Jesse: No you can not. You didn't eat your vegetables last night.

Joey: I promise I'll be a good boy next time.

They walk to the back yard...

Jesse: Okay you little mosquito.

Brad: We are no mosquito's.

Nicky: he is only calling us like that.

Brad: Why ?

Alex: because he likes to call us names.

Brad: Why ?
Nicky: Because we know he doesn't mean it bad.

Brad: Why ?

Alex: because you keep calling 'why'.

Chelsea: Brad, you are so dumb.

Becky: Okay boys, here's what we have for you. (She pulls a sheet from a playhouse)

Nicky + Alex: Wow.

Nicky: Cool!

Alex: Double cool!

Joey: Can we play now ?

Teddy: (To Michelle) Will he ever grow up ?

Michelle: I don't think so. But I like him the way he is right now.

Danny: Okay honey, I also have something special for you.

Michelle: I'm too old for a play house.

Stephanie: It's much better than that.

Michelle: Then what is it ?

Danny: Something you ask for every year.

Michelle: A bigger cake ?
Danny: No, you had enough of that. Unpack it, and you will know.

Michelle walks to a big box with a bow around it...

Michelle: Are you sure it's safe ?
Stephanie: As safe as breathing.

Derek: You wouldn't say that if you realize what you breath in.

Danny: Go ahead honey.

Michelle pulls the bow off the box, and she sees...

Michelle: Wow, the bike I wanted.

Danny: Now next year don't start again about a bike.

Michelle: Are you nuts ? Of course I won't. This is great! Thank you! And by the way, it took me 4 years before you finally bought me the bike, so next year I'll start with the red Ferrari.

Danny: I don't think so.

Michelle: I can always try.

Mark: I'll buy you a red Ferrari if you like.

Michelle: You do ?

Mark: Sure, I walk to the toyshop, and buy one of those miniatures.

Stephanie: It's very safe a miniature Ferrari. The only danger you have is that somebody steps on it.

We find the twins and their friends in the playhouse....

Cooper: Boys, I don't think this is a decent way to entertain ourselves.

Nicky: Are you family of Derek ?

Cooper: No, we are in no way related to each other, and I really don't see what connection you can make between him and me.

Alex: As long as we know.

Chelsea: Hey, can I use the swing now ?

Brad: Yeah, that adult is using it all the time.

Joey: Hey, I have to pay a price for this too, you know.

Brad: Oh yeah ?
Joey: yeah. I have to eat my vegetables tomorrow night.

Brad: Uhw! I'm sorry for you.

Jesse: (Noticing that one of the kids is jumping on the slide) No, please don't do that.

Holly: Why not ?

Jesse: Because it will be damaged if you jump on it.

Holly: But I like jumping.

Jesse: then ask your parents for a trampoline.

Holly: I don't like you.

Jesse: (Taking her from the slide) Go jump on the ground.

Holly: That's no fun. I'll try the couch.

Danny: No, please not my couch.

We find DJ in the hospital, where Steve arrives with Pam...

DJ: Hi Steve.

Steve: Hi. How is she ?

DJ: try to ask her yourself.

Steve: Hi Kimmy, how are you ?
Kimmy: To bug or not to bug, that's the answer.

Steve: (To DJ) Does she know what she's saying ?
DJ: Nah, she doesn't have a clue.

Steve: Like usual.

Kimmy: Hey, Stevie boy! Want to see my Tattoo ?
Steve: You have a tattoo ?
Kimmy: Yeah, look. (She points to her nose)

Steve: That's your nose.

Kimmy: Oh, I thought I had a tattoo with some relief.

DJ: Do you want some water ?
Kimmy: No, I want my tea.

Steve: tea ?
DJ: That's a long story.

Kimmy: Tell me, please. I love stories.

DJ: Not now, Kimmy. Michelle is having her birthday today and the twins too. I really have to go back.

Kimmy: Will I see you again soon ?
DJ: I'll come by to see you tomorrow.

Kimmy: When is tomorrow ?

Steve: When today is over.

Kimmy: Today is over ? But I loved this show.

Steve: She's talking more ravings than usual.

DJ: I believe she's suffering from a small concussion.

Steve: This doesn't look small, and by the way, she can't have a concussion.

DJ:I know what you want to say now.

Steve: You do ? Well, do you want to stop at the Mac Donald's too on our way home ?

DJ: I do, and that's not it.

At the Tanner house, after the kids have gone...

Jesse: (Sitting on the couch, looking tired) I'm exhausted.

Danny: Me too. All those kids really need much energy.

Mark: (Also sitting down) What a day. And did you see the mess ?
Stephanie: I did. Half eaten cookies, crumbled chips, bags from chips, bottles that are half empty.

Joey: You have to see my room.

Stephanie: I just described your room. I didn't even talk about the rest of the house.

Gia: I'm glad I don't live here. I should have been forced to help cleaning here then.

Danny: I still can do that.

The doorbell rings...

Jesse: Who wants to open it says 'why

Joey: Why ?
Jesse: You lost, you have to open it.

Joey walks to the door...

Joey: Hi Nick, hi Irene.

Nick: Hello.

Irene: Hi Michelle, how do you feel ?
Michelle: Older.

Becky and the twins walk in...

Becky: Look who's here, boys.

Alex: Grandma!

Nicky: Grandpa!

The twins hug their grandparents....

Nick: Happy birthday, you big boys.

Nicky: Thank you.

Alex: Did you bring presents ?

Irene: Of course we did. We didn't forget you.

Alex: Okay, then please come in.

Nick and Irene walk in...

Danny: Can I get you anything ? Soda, lemonade, water, tea, milk, coffee ?
Joey: They must be very thirsty if they want to drink that all.

The doorbell rings again...

Joey: No, this time I don't say 'why'.

Jesse: You just did.

Joey: Oh man. I'm not good at this game.

Joey opens the door again, and Claire Tanner walks in..

Grandma : Hello. Where is my favorite grand daughter ?
Stephanie: (Smiling) I'm sitting right here.

Grandma : No, I meant the birthday girl.

Michelle: Hi grandma.

Grandma : Hi darling. (To mark) Oh, here you are.

Mark: Where else should I be ?

Grandma : At the supermarket, doing groceries.

Mark: Oh I have been there, before I went to the party.

Grandma : And what did you do with the milk, and the ham ?

Mark: I put it in one of those groceries bags. And I put it in the back of my car.

Grandma : And after that ?
Mark: I parked my car down the street and came here.

Danny: Marl, do you know you can throw away those groceries now ?

Mark: No, why ?

Grandma : because most of the things you bought need to be kept in a cool place.

Mark: Oh, well, then I know for the next time.

Gia: Well, it's time to go for me.

Danny: Well, thanks for your help... sitting here.

Gia: It was my pleasure. But I really need to help my mom.

Gia wants to walk out of the door, as her mother walks in...

Claire: Hi Gia.

Danny: What does she have to help you with ?

Claire: Nothing. But now she's here, maybe she can help you ?

Danny: Good idea. Is she good in doing the dishes ?

Gia: Oh man.

Stephanie: I feel it coming.

Danny: I know Stephanie is, so they can do it together.

Stephanie: Why me ?

That night we find Jesse and Becky in their bedroom up the attic, when they here some noise...

Becky: Not again.

Jesse: Why did my parents have to buy them a Playstation ?

Becky: I don't know, but what I do know is that it's keeping them a little too busy.

Jesse: (Getting out of bed) I'm gonna plug the plug out right now.

Becky: (Getting out of bed too) Me too.

They walk into the living room at the attic...

Nicky: Are you here to play too ?
Alex: You have to wait, we're busy.

Becky: We can hear that from our room.

Jesse: The party is over, boys. You should have been a sleep two hours ago.

Alex: But we are eight years old now, why can't we stay up longer ?
Nicky: Michelle can stay up later than us.

Becky: But Michelle is 13. She's 5 years older than you.

Alex: We don't mind.

Jesse: Of course you don't.

Becky: Tomorrow you have plenty of time to play with your presents.

Nicky: But we can't sleep before we have tried out everything.

Alex: And we are only half way.

Jesse: Well, why don't you try the second half tomorrow ?

Nicky: Because we're in it completely now.

Becky: Well, get out the present try out and in your bed, boys.

Alex: Please ?
Jesse: No. It's over.

Jesse pulls the plug out...

Nicky: No!

Alex: We didn't save our game yet.

Jesse: Well, tomorrow will be a new day to save the world or whatever there is to save.

The next morning in the kitchen...

Danny: Good morning Michelle.

Michelle: Morning.

Joey: (Walking in through the kitchen door) Good morning, my family.

Danny: Good morning Joey, you look very happy.

Joey: That's because I have been using the swing for two hours this morning.

Michelle: And now you stopped because you are hungry ?
Joey: No, because the chain broke.

DJ and Steve walk into the kitchen...

DJ: Hi guys.

Steve: What do we eat for breakfast ?
Danny: Bread.

Steve: Are you sure ? I was hoping for pancakes and ham and egg toast.

Michelle: Early hunger ?
Danny: I would call it eternal hunger.

Stephanie walks down the stairs as the phone rings...

Stephanie: (Taking the receiver) Hello ? Yeah. What a pity. Yes, I will tell her. What ? Oh, well, I see it as some good news to cover the bad news then,. Bye, Mrs. Gibbler.

DJ: Was that Kimmy's mother ?
Stephanie: Yes. She had some good and some bad news about Kimmy.

DJ: Oh no, what's the good news ?
Stephanie: I will tell the bad news first. Kimmy is recovering very well and she can go home this afternoon.

Michelle: And what is the good news ?
Stephanie: She does have to stay home for two weeks.

Michelle: That relieves the shock.

Jesse, Becky and the twins walk down...

Nicky: Daddy, can we use the swing and the slide now ?
Jesse: After breakfast.

Alex: But we are not hungry.

Becky: You get cookies for breakfast.

Nicky: We don't fool for that.

Alex: It's just a trick.

Joey: Boys, I wouldn't go outside if I were you.

Nicky: Why not ?
Joey: It's quite shocking what you will see.

Nicky and Alex open the door...

Nicky: Oh my god.

Alex: Who did that ?

Michelle: I thought you said the chain broke, Joey.

Joey: Well, yes, and after that I stumbled, landed on the glide, and the whole house well, collapsed.

Nicky: Shame on you!

Jesse: yes, shame on you. (He starts chasing Joey)

Joey runs outside....

Michelle: This I got to see.

All run out of the door, and yell to Jesse and Joey....
-------------------------- End Tune ------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode 33 (225)- Triple Birthday

It's Michelle and the twins' birthday. While the party is starting, DJ gets a phone call. Kimmy has had a car accident and is in the hospital....

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Gia: Gia Mahan
Mark: Mark Tanner
Pam: Pam Hale (DJ's baby)
Comet: The dog

Denise Frazer (Friend of Michelle)
Teddy (Friend of Michelle)
Derek S. Boyd (Friend of Michelle)
Lisa Leeper (Friend of Michelle)
Aaron (Friend of Michelle)
Clerk at the hospital (actually sick old lady)
Nurse at hospital
Mrs. Gibbler:
Kimmy's mother
Brad (Friend of twins)
Chelsea (Friend of twins)
Cooper (Friend of twins)
Holly (Friend of twins)
Nick Katsopolis (Jesse's father)
Irene Katsopolis (Jesse's mother)
Claire Tanner (Danny's mother)
Claire Mahan (Gia's mother)

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 06/11/1999