Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

Episode (35) 227 - The New Millennium (1)
Jesse Katsopolis - Danny Tanner - Joey Gladstone - DJ Tanner-Hale - Stephanie Tanner - Michelle Tanner - Rebecca (Becky) Donaldson-Katsopolis - Nicky & Alex Katsopolis - Kimmy Gibbler - Steve Hale - Gia Mahan - Mark Tanner - Pam Hale (baby) - Comet (the dog)



We find Jesse, Danny, Joey and the twins in the kitchen...

Joey: Guys, can you please help me ?

Jesse: Sure, what's the problem ?

Joey: (Trying to open a bottle of fabric softener) I'm trying to do my laundry, but I can't open this bottle.

Jesse: Let me see that. (He looks at it) No wonder you can't open it, the lid is children's proof. Here, this is how you open this bottle. (He tries to open it, but it doesn't work) What's this ?
Danny: (Smiling) That helps, Jess.

Jesse: Why don't you try it, Einstein ?
Jesse hands the bottle over to Danny...

Danny: Okay. I'll show you how this is done. (He tries to open the lid, but still, it doesn't move a bit) Woa, I believe they used super glue when they put the lid on the bottle.

Danny puts the bottle on the table...

Danny: Joey, I think you have to try another bottle.

Joey: I can't, this was the last one.

Danny: How dirty are your clothes ?

Nicky takes the bottle from the table and he turns the lid of the bottle without any problems...

Jesse: Huh ? How did you do that ?

Nicky: I let the muscles do the work.

Joey: Jess, you can tell me anything, but that bottle is not children's proof. It's adult proof.

------------------------------------------ INTRO ------------------------------------------------

We find Jesse, Danny, Joey and Becky in the kitchen with suitcases...

Danny: Okay, case-control.

Joey: Danny, why on earth do you want to check our cases ?

Danny: Because I don't want to take any stuff with us that we don't need.

Becky: Well, then you can start unpacking with all the ultra freshness in your case.

Danny: My cleaning stuff are not going to stay here. You never know how our room looks. And why don't we start with your suitcase then ? (He opens a suitcase) Ha, Rebecca, do you really need fifteen bottles of conditioner ?

Jesse: Uh, Danny, that's my suitcase.

Danny: Well, we can loose some of this stuff.

Jesse: Oh no, we can't.

Danny: yes we can. Look.

Danny takes two bottles out of the case and puts them at the table...

Jesse: Okay, if you want to play it like that....

Jesse opens another suitcase and takes two bottles out of it...

Danny: And what do you think you're doing with my Ajax ?
Jesse: I'm taking it out of our luggage.

Danny: Oh yeah ? And what if I took your blow dryer out of your case ? (He takes the blow dryer out of the case)

Jesse: Well, if you take the blow dryer out, then I'll take the dustbuster out.

Danny: Ooh, don't push me too far.

Joey: Hey, I want to be in this game too. (He opens a suitcase) Okay, what would you say if I took out this bottle of Bugs Bunny aftershave, huh ?

Jesse: That's okay. It's your bottle.

Becky: Now guys, act mature, would you ? Just let everybody put in their suitcase whatever they want. (She takes the bottles of Ajax from the table and puts them in Danny's suitcase) See, they're back in. (She looks in the suitcase) Danny, do you really think you need paint remover ?

Danny: Hey, I thought maybe Joey brings his finger-paint with him.

Joey: Oh man, how did you know ?

We find Stephanie and Michelle in Stephanie's room...

Michelle: I'm so excited, I've never been to Las Vegas before.

Stephanie: Oh, you were.

Michelle: I was ?

Stephanie: Yes, you were very little then.

Michelle: Well, I certainly hope the millennium change will be great.

Stephanie: Yeah, and that everything goes right.

Michelle: You know, this millennium was the best one I ever lived in.

Danny walks into the room...

Danny: Girls, are you ready yet ? I want to leave in exactly 17 minutes and 23 seconds.

Stephanie: I'm just packing some last things.

Michelle: Do you really want to bring Mr. Bear ?

Stephanie: Yes I do. I'm very attached to this bear.

Michelle: But don't you think you're a little too old to carry a bear with you ?
Stephanie: No. Listen. Mom gave me this bear when you were just born. So if I take this bear with me, I feel like mom is with us too.

Michelle: Oh, I didn't think of it that way.

Stephanie: (Smiling) And of course, if I'm alone and there's nobody around, I can have very profound conversations with him. You see, Mr. Bear always thinks very deep before he says something, so if I ask him a hard question, he just doesn't answer me.

Michelle: I hope you're not serious, otherwise you're seeing Joey too much.

Stephanie: I was just kidding. Now, let's get those suitcases down.

We find Jesse in the living room as DJ walks in from the kitchen...

Jesse: Are you ready yet ?

DJ: No, it's feeding time.

Jesse: Ah, the baby needs food ?

DJ: No, Steve.

Then Kimmy walks in from the kitchen...

Kimmy: Hi Deej, hi shampoo boy.

Jesse: Kimmy, what do you want ?

Stephanie and Michelle walk down the stairs....

Kimmy: I have great news!

Stephanie: What ? You're carrying a millennium bug inside ?

Kimmy: No, even better. I'm coming with you to Las Vegas.

Jesse: Kimmy, don't you think your parents will miss you with the special new years eve ?

Kimmy: No, it was my moms idea. She told me I should spend the millennium eve with the people who love me.

Stephanie: Then why didn't you go yet ? Mars is a long way from here.

Nicky and Alex walk in, carrying a suitcase that's twice as big as they are...

Nicky: We're ready to go.

Alex: What are you people waiting for ? We want to go to Vegas!

Jesse: Just a moment boys, we will leave when everybody's here.

Michelle: Uncle Jesse ?

Jesse: Yes, munchkin ?

Michelle: Why is it always that when we are going somewhere, Kimmy goes with us ?

Jesse: I'll tell you why. It all started when I was a little boy. My mom wanted me to go to church every Sunday. Well, this one Sunday, I didn't go, because Heather, a girl from my class, with those beautiful big.... (He looks around and sees the twins)

Stephanie: Well, go on. What was so beautiful and big about her ?

Jesse: Her ears.

Michelle: You liked girls with big ears ?

Jesse: Yes, and I also liked sailing, get the connection ? Well anyway, because of her I didn't go, and now god is still punishing me and my family for that, by sending Kimmy Gibbler with us every time.

Kimmy: How sweet. You really think I'm a gift from god ?

Alex: Daddy ?
Jesse: Yes, son ?

Alex: When do we have to go to church ?

Nicky: We don't want to be stuck with a Kimmy for the rest of our lives.

Danny runs down the stairs with Becky, and Steve and Pam get out of the kitchen...

Danny: Okay, are we all set ? Then let's go.

Everybody runs out of the door, to the cars, carrying the suitcases...

Danny: (Closing the door) Perfect, we are 13 seconds ahead of schedule.

We find the whole family in the lounge of a big hotel in Las Vegas...

Michelle: Woa, this is big!

DJ: Wait till you see the pool.

Michelle: They got a pool here ? Dad, where's my swimsuit ?

Nick and Irene walk into the hotel...

Jesse: Hi Mom, hi dad. How are you ?

Irene: We're fine since you last asked us this morning on the phone.

Nick: So, are you ready to have a great time ?
Jesse: I sure am. At the big night, the band and I will play in the "Big Bucks Bar".

Joey: And I will have my show in "Theater 2000", a brand new theater. I will be the first one to perform there. It will be such a fun night.

Becky: Yeah, and Danny and I will host a special show from here, with the big fireworks and all the festivities.

Michelle: And I will enjoy giant ice-creams while I am sitting on the edge of the pool.

Nicky: That sounds fun!

Alex: Can we join you ?
Danny: (Walking to the others) Okay, I've got the keys. Let's see. (Handing out keys) One room for Jesse, Becky and the twins, one for DJ, Steve and Pam, one for Stephanie and Michelle, a room for Nick and Irene, and of course, Joey and me.

Kimmy: Hey, and what about me ?

Danny: Well, you get to share a place with Comet.

Comet looks with a sad look in his eyes and howls with a mellow tone....

Kimmy: I'm not gonna share a room with a dog.

Danny: No you won't indeed. You will share the balcony with him.

Then Danny's mother Claire enters the lounge...

Claire T.: Hi everybody, sorry I'm late.

Danny: Hi mom.

Stephanie: Where's Mark ? I thought he would come too ?

Claire T.: He changed his mind. His girlfriend invited him to her new year party.

Danny: Too bad. But let's go take our stuff to our rooms.

Stephanie: I'll wait here for Gia and her mother.

Danny: You don't need to.

Stephanie: You mean they won't be here too ?
Danny: No, but Claire had to go to the dentist, so they'll come tomorrow.

The clan walks to the elevator with their luggage...

Later, we find Danny and Becky in Danny's room...

Danny: Okay, so I start and then you finish the first line.

Becky: You got it!

Danny: And who will ask which question to who ?
Becky: Well, I think it's best that I ask the questions to Danny and you the questions to Becky.

Danny: No, I mean in the interview with the mayor.

Becky: Well, then I think it's best that we ask the questions to the mayor.

Then Stephanie walks in...

Stephanie: dad, have you seen Michelle around somewhere ?
Danny: She went for a swim with the twins.

Stephanie: Oh. Dad ?

Danny: Yes ?
Stephanie: Do you want to play tennis ? They got this great tennis course...

Danny: I'd love to honey, but I'm busy now. Maybe later.

Stephanie: I'll leave you then.

Stephanie leaves the room...

Danny: Where were we ? Oh yeah...

We find Jesse in his room, when Stephanie enters...

Stephanie: Hi uncle Jesse.

Jesse: Hi Steph. Say, have you seen my pencil somewhere ? I just got this great idea for a song and I want to write it down, but I can't find my pencil.

Stephanie: It's behind you ear.

Jesse: Thanks. I don't know what it's doing there anyway.

Stephanie: Well, you know what Baz Luhrmann said: "use your body every way you can".

Jesse: Baz who ?
Stephanie: Oh, just a guy who made a song. Mark played the record once.

Jesse: Okay Steph, I'd really love to chat with you, but I have some work that has to be done.

Stephanie: I understand, I'll see if I can find Joey.

Stephanie leaves the room...

We find Joey in the theatre of the hotel with Steve...

Joey: (Into the microphone) To eat or not to eat ? To laugh or to cry ? To sleep or not to sleep ? To... Hey Steve, wake up!

Steve: Huh what ?

Joey: I'm practicing.

Steve: You mean that boring story is your act ?
Joey: No, I was just trying to get your attention.

Steve: Well, you did with the first question.

Joey: Okay, what about this one ? Every year when we're heading for a new one, everybody makes these little promises. They say they want to change some bad behavior of themselves. But most of these new years promises don't make it long. Take the man who drinks too much alcoholics, and promises never to drink it again. At twelve o clock, he makes the promise and what does he cheer with five minutes later ? Champagne! Or take the smokers. They promise they will stop smoking, but what do they use to put their firework on ? Indeed, a burning cigarette. So, Steve, what do you think of this ?
Steve: It's true, but I know one big exception. My uncle Harris said he wanted to loose some weight in the new year. And he really did.

Joey: He got a diet ?

Steve: No, he forgot to take my aunt Phillis home with him after the party. And aunt Phillis loved to eat.

Stephanie walks in....

Stephanie: Hey guys, how is it going ?
Joey: I'm just making some fun to get in the mood for tomorrow night.

Stephanie: But why here ? You're show will be in the theatre two blocks away from here.

Joey: Yeah, but I wanted to get to know more about the audience.

Steve: (looking at his watch) Oh man, is it that time already ? If I don't hurry, I'll miss my afternoon snack.

Steve walks away...

Joey: Let me see, if it's time for Steve's snack, that means the Flintstones are on TV.

Joey also runs away...

Stephanie: How cozy, just me, the microphone and 200 empty chairs.

Stephanie sits down and looks sad...

We find Michelle and the twins in the pool...

Nicky: look Michelle, we can do a trick.

Alex: We call it the twin-bomb.

Michelle: How does it go ?

Nicky: Look. I'll count till three.

Alex: Me too.

Nicky + Alex: One...two...three!

The boys jump into the water together and from where they hit the water waves roll through the pool...

Michelle: That looks fun. Do you think we can do a triple-bomb ?
Nicky: Sure we can.

Alex: But are you sure you know how to do it ?

Michelle: It's not that hard. Just jump and wave!

The three kids get out of the water and take position at the edge of the pool...

Michelle: Okay, on three. One...two...three!

They all jump together. Their jump causes a big wave, which goes over a man who's swimming there too, and the water carries his hairpiece away...

Nicky: (Looking with his mouth opened with amazement) His hair can swim!

Alex: Cool!

Nicky: Double cool!

Swimmer: Hey you kids! Watch what you're doing. It's no playground here.

Michelle: Sorry. You're right, it's a play water!

The man looks angry and swims towards the kids...

Swimmer: Do you think you can make jokes out of me ?
Michelle: Don't have a cow! Unless you're a farmer.

Swimmer: Do I look like a farmer to you ? Do you want to feel how a farmer handles this ?

Then Nick and Irene walk into the pool...

Nick: Hey, just leave those kids alone.

The man gets out of the pool and walks away...

Irene: What was that all about ? Did he hurt you ?

Michelle: No he didn't. He just got a little angry with us because we made a wave that took his hairpiece.

Nick: I'm glad I don't need to worry about a hairpiece. I've got great hair you see.

Irene: I always wondered where our son got that from.

The next morning at the breakfast table...

Danny: Imagine guys, this was the last time we had breakfast together this millennium.

DJ: The last day of thousand years.

Michelle: Dad, now it's the last day of the millennium, I guess you don't mind if I go gambling.

Danny: Dream on sweety, you have to wait till your eighteen.

Stephanie: Gee, so I won't get in either. So I guess we're stuck with each other today Michelle.

Michelle: No we're not. Grandma and Grandma will take Nicky, Alex and me to the cinema today.

Stephanie: What movie ?
Michelle: There's a Disney marathon.

Joey: Can I join you ?
Danny: Don't forget you have to get yourself ready for tonight.

Jesse: The band and I too, so I'm really sorry, but we should meet in the lounge, so I really have to go now.

Jesse walks away...

Becky: Bye honey. Danny, we have to go too.

Nicky: What are you going to do ?
Becky: We're going to arrange the last things for tonight.

Danny and Becky leave...

Irene: Nick, shall we also go ? We have to be early if we want good seats.

Alex: We're coming too!

Nick: You bet you will, boys, otherwise you would miss Donald and Mickey.

Nicky: Hurry, brother.

Alex: Come on Michelle.

Michelle, the twins and Nick and Irene also leave the table...

Stephanie: So Deej, what are your plans for today ?
DJ: Well, Steve and I will go for a walk first, and after that we planned to find a nice restaurant to have a big lunch together, just the two of us.

Steve: Yeah, and I'm really looking forward to it, so is it lunchtime yet ?

DJ: No it isn't.

Kimmy: I'm coming with you, I don't want to stay here all day being bored.

Claire T.: I'll walk with you to your room, I'm so glad I can watch my great granddaughter.

DJ and Steve and Kimmy leave with Pam, followed by Claire Tanner....

Joey: So, and what are your plans, Steph ?
Stephanie: I'll wait for Gia and her mom. They can be here any minute.

Joey: Okay, well, have a nice day. I'll go check if I can get a seat at that Disney marathon.

Joey walks away, Stephanie stays behind alone...

Stephanie: (To herself) Well, here I am again, sitting all alone.

We find Stephanie sitting in the lounge, as Gia and her mother walk in...

Gia: Hi Steph!

Stephanie: Hi Gia, I'm so glad you're here.

Claire: Where is everybody ?

Stephanie: Preparing for tonight, to all the parties where everybody goes separately.

Claire: Well, I think I'll catch Danny later. I'm gonna check which room we have.

Gia: So tell me, have you seen any hansom guys around here ?
Stephanie: No, they are no good.

Then Gia sees a boy..

Gia: Steph, where have you been ? Don't see that guy is no good.

Stephanie: He is.

Gia: Give me a break. He's cute. And he's mine.

Gia walks towards the boy and starts talking to him. Stephanie walks to them...

Gia: Bob, this is Stephanie, my friend.

Stephanie: Hi.

Bob: So, Gia, are you doing something today ?
Gia: Nothing planned yet.

Bob: Wanna go for a swim ?

Gia: Ooh, I'd love too.

Bob: Okay, I'll see you in, let's say one hour at the pool ?
Gia: Sounds good to me. Bye, Bobby boy.

Bob walks away...

Gia: I believe I have a date with the man of my dreams.

Stephanie: Gia, you say that every time you have a date.

Gia: Hey, don't spoil my dream.

Claire walks back to the girls...

Claire: Okay, I've got the key, let's take our luggage to our room.

Stephanie, Gia and her mother walk away...

We find Stephanie, Gia and Bob in the pool...

Gia: So Bob, where are you from ?

Bob: I'm from a far away galaxy.

Gia: Ooh, are all people there as hansom as you are ?
Bob: We all look the same.

Gia: Take me there.

Gia and Bob start kissing, Stephanie sits at the edge with her feet in the water...

Stephanie: Gia, want to play water polo ?

Gia: Not now, I'm busy.

Bob: Gia, did it hurt ?

Gia: What ?
Bob: When you fell out of heaven.

Stephanie: (shaking her head) Bye Gia, I'm out of here.

Gia: Oh yeah, bye.

Stephanie stands up and walks away...

We find DJ, Steve and Kimmy in a restaurant...

Steve: Great, finally it's lunchtime.

Kimmy: You mean you were hungry all the time we walked ?
Steve: Kimmy, even for you that's a dumb question.

Kimmy: Must be pretty stupid then, huh ? Well, anyway, if you had told me, I had something to eat in my jacket.

Steve: You did ?

Kimmy: Yes, I have half a chocolate bar.

DJ: How long has that been in your jacket ?

Kimmy: Let's see. Today is Friday, right ?

DJ: All day long.

Kimmy: Okay, then I guess it's in my jacket since...January, that was when I last wore this jacket.

Steve: Then I'm glad I didn't eat it.

Kimmy: (Putting her hand in her pocket) Oh, don't worry. I don't think there will be one bacteria that dared to get near the chocolate bar.

DJ: Why would you think that ?

Kimmy: (Getting an old sock out of her pocket) Because of this.

DJ and Steve put there fingers on their nose..

DJ: Kimmy, please put that thing away, there are people eating here.

Kimmy puts the sock back in her jacket...

Kimmy: I lost that one months ago.

Steve: So we smelled.

A waiter walk to the table and puts some menus down...

Waiter: Do you like something to drink ?

Steve: Do you have milkshakes ?
Waiter: We don't have a big "M" on our front, and neither we have a big Hamburger.

Steve: I didn't ask about the decoration of your front, I asked if you have milkshakes.

Waiter: Okay, I'll say it straight to you: no!

Steve: Oh, in that case, I'd like to have a big Coke.

Waiter: We don't do drugs here, sir.

Steve: No, I meant Coca Cola.

Waiter: One Pepsi for you.

Steve: Pepsi ? I asked for Cola and you want to give me a Pepsi ? If I say cola, I mean cola, and not Pepsi, because that tastes like... well, not like cola anyway.

Waiter: That's your opinion.

DJ: If you have a mineral water or something for him it's okay. And I'll have a coffee please.

Waiter: Okay, and what will you have, miss ?

Kimmy: Do you have milkshakes ?

DJ: Kimmy, he just told us he doesn't.

Kimmy: Oh, I missed that part, I was checking my jacket for more socks you see.

We find Claire Tanner and Pam in a park near the hotel, as Stephanie walks by with Comet...

Claire T.: Hi honey.

Stephanie: Hi grandma.

Claire T.: I thought Joey should watch the dog ?

Stephanie: He should, but he's at the cinemas. (She sits down next to Claire)

Claire T.: Stephanie, is something wrong ?
Stephanie: I don't know, but I have the feeling... never mind.

Claire T.: Are you sure ?
Stephanie: Yes. I guess I'm just a little tired.

Claire T.: Oh honey, could you maybe watch Pam this afternoon ? I just met an old friend of mine and we are going to have lunch together.

Stephanie: Sure. I didn't have big plans for this afternoon.

Claire T.: Thank you. Come, let's walk to the hotel, I want to get my scarf, it's cold outside.

Stephanie and her grandmother walk away with Comet and Pam...

Claire T.: Do you have lunch plans for today ?
Stephanie: No I don't. I guess I'll walk across the street to get a sandwich or something. They closed the restaurant of the hotel this afternoon.

Claire T.: I know, to prepare for the big dinner tonight. Here, take this, and get yourself some nice lunch. (She gives Stephanie some money)

Stephanie: Thank you.

Claire T.: Okay, can you take the baby ? She doesn't need a nap, she slept all morning.

We find Jesse, Danny and Becky in "Big Bucks Bar"...

Jesse: I don't have much time to lunch.

Becky: We neither. We just got some junkfood from the Mac.

Danny: We want to ask you something Jess.

Jesse: No, I didn't wax the chords of my guitar yet.

Danny: You didn't ? I would really recommend that, you see....

Becky: (Interrupting Danny) Jess, we want to make a report from here too, from your performance. Do you think you can arrange some front row seats for our crew ?

Jesse: No, the whole place is sold out. But you can go backstage.

Becky: What do you think, Danny ?
Danny: Well, for the viewers it's a whole new pint of view. They think it will be taped from the audience's point of view, so we have a surprising look at things.

Jesse: Can you repeat that ?

Danny: Sorry, I meant I think it's a good idea.

Becky: Okay, that's set then.

A mobile phone rings...

Becky: That's mine. (She answers it) Hello ? Uhhuh. Okay, we'll be there in ten minutes. (She hangs up the phone) Sorry honey, but Danny and I have to go.

Danny: Who was that ?

Becky: Strowbridge. He had a very important announcement for us, he said.

Danny and Becky stand up...

Jesse: I'll see you tonight, honey.

Jesse and Becky kiss..

Becky: See you tonight.

Danny and Becky leave...

Some later we find Danny and Becky with Mr. Strowbridge...

Mr. Strowbridge: Donaldson, Tanner, I don't have much time, so I'll say it right now. You guys will be reporting backstage from the big millennium countdown party at "Club Vegas".

Becky: We are ? That's almost the biggest party of America!

Mr. Strowbridge: Okay, I have to go, my wife is waiting for me. I'll expect you there at seven, okay ?

Danny: Okay.

Mr. Strowbridge leaves..

Becky: Imagine, us doing a special backstage report from the biggest party of the country. Who would have thought that ?
Danny: Well, I don't think Jesse does.

Becky: Oh no, I promised him. What do we do now ?
Danny: Don't worry, we have to cancel one of the reports.

Becky: But if I cancel Jesse he will be disappointed, and if I cancel Mr. Strowbridge, he will be angry. What do we do ?

We find Stephanie sitting in the lounge of the hotel with Pam...

Stephanie: You know, Pam. This new year is not what I expected from it.

Pam looks at Stephanie from her buggy, and smiles and waves her arms...

Stephanie: You are lucky, you don't know what's happening here at all. I wish somebody could change things here. (She looks at her watch) Well, Pam, 10 hours to go, and then...happy new year Stephanie. Thank you, Stephanie, are you enjoying yourself ? Sure, Steph, just e and me to celebrate this thing.

Stephanie closes her eyes, and when she opens them she sees a woman staring at her...

Stephanie: No, this can't be true.

The woman walks towards Stephanie and puts her arm around her...

Pam: Don't worry, sweety, you're not alone. (She takes her arm off Stephanie)

Stephanie: Mom ? Tell me I'm dreaming.

Pam: I can't. But don't worry, honey, I know you feel lonely now, but never forget I'm always with you.

Stephanie: You are ?

Suddenly Stephanie is being shaken wildly...

Mark: Hey, don't snore, people are watching you.

Stephanie: Mark ? What are you doing.. Where is this woman ? (Stephanie looks around confused) There she goes. Stop that woman! (She runs away, but suddenly she doesn't see the woman anymore) No, mom, don't leave me.

Mark: (Putting his arm around Stephanie) Hey, sit down, what's wrong ?
Stephanie: Everything is wrong!

Mark: Okay, start at the beginning.

Stephanie: Before I do, what are you doing here ? I thought you would spend tonight with Jenny.

Mark: Well, I was up to surprise her, until I saw her kissing that other guy, so I broke up with her and decided to come here anyway.

Stephanie: Mark ? Do you believe I could have seen my mother just before you came here ?

Mark: Yes I do.

Stephanie: But she died 12 years ago.

Mark: But when you have a hard time, your imagination can show you the people you miss most, and that gives you strength to carry on.

Stephanie: But she touched me. I could feel her breath. I mean, that's no imagination, is it ?

Mark: Stephanie, you were sleeping when I came in, and in dreams feelings are not real, they only feel like they're real.

Stephanie: You know, everybody is so busy with that millennium, and they all do different things. I thought we would spend tonight together with the whole family, but Joey is having his act at place A, and at the same time uncle Jesse is performing at place B, while my dad and aunt Becky are making reports from place C. Michelle and the twins are going to a kids party, and DJ and Steve are taking Pam and the other kid...

Mark: Kimmy is here too ?

Stephanie: Yes. Well, anyway, they are taking them to a restaurant on the other side of town, from where they will have this beautiful view. And then Gia is spending time with Bob, and her mother will go where ever my dad goes, just like my grandma, and my other grandma and grandpa will be where uncle Jesse is.

Mark: It sounds like they have forgotten how to celebrate a new year, huh ? You know, I never believed in the millennium bug, I don't think it can do much wrong, but it does exist. But instead of in computers, it's in the people. It seems to me that the whole family forgets what's really important. Not where you spend it, but with who.

Stephanie: (Crying) I wish my mom was still alive, I'm sure she would have known what to do in this situation.

Mark: Hey, I'm here, and I promise you, we're celebrating the new year together, with the whole family.

Stephanie: Are you sure ?

Mark: Trust me, it will all be al right. (Whispering to himself) I hope.

Mark and Stephanie hug...

To Be Continued....
-------------------------- End Tune ------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode (35) 227 - The New Millennium (1)

The whole family is going to Las Vegas to celebrate the Millenium change. But soon after their arrival, Stephanie discovers that they won't celebrate it like they planned. All are going to separate parties, or have to work somewhere. Stephanie gets the feeling she's the only one that realizes this, and she feels alone. But will she get the family together for the big Y2K party ?

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Gia: Gia Mahan
Mark: Mark Tanner
Pam: Pam Hale (DJ's baby)
Comet: The dog

Nick: Nick Katsopolis (Jesse's father)
Irene Katsopolis (Jesse's mother)
Claire T.:
Claire Tanner (Danny's mother)
Claire Mahan (Gia's mother)
Man in pool with(out) hairpiece
Bob (the boy Gia likes)
Waiter in restaurant of DJ, Steve and Kimmy
Mr. Strowbridge:
Danny and Becky's boss

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 25/12/1999