Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

Episode (36) 228 - The New Millennium (2)
Jesse Katsopolis - Danny Tanner - Joey Gladstone - DJ Tanner-Hale - Stephanie Tanner - Michelle Tanner - Rebecca (Becky) Donaldson-Katsopolis - Nicky & Alex Katsopolis - Kimmy Gibbler - Steve Hale - Gia Mahan - Mark Tanner - Pam Hale (baby) - Comet (the dog)


Summary of part 1:

Stephanie: (Sitting in the park) Last Time On Full House, we started a trip to Vegas.....

Jesse: Well, if you take my blow dryer out, then I'll take the dustbuster out.

Danny: Ooh, don't push me too far.

Michelle: But don't you think you're a little too old to carry a bear with you ?

Stephanie: No. Listen. Mom gave me this bear when you were just born. So if I take this bear with me, I feel like mom is with us too.

Kimmy: I have great news! I'm coming with you to Vegas.

Stephanie: And then we left. The plans were that we would spend the new millennium together, but in reality....

Joey: Let me see, if it's time for Steve's snack, that means the Flintstones are on TV.

Stephanie: How cozy, just me, the microphone and 200 empty chairs.

Gia: Are all people there as hansom as you are ?
Stephanie: (Shaking her head) Bye, Gia, I'm out of here.

Steve: If I say cola, I mean cola, and not Pepsi.

DJ: if you have a mineral water or something for him it's okay.

Becky: Jess, we want to make a report from here too, from your performance.

Mr. Strowbridge: You guys will be reporting backstage from the big millennium party at "Club Vegas".

Danny: We have to cancel one of the reports.

Becky: But if I cancel Jesse he will be disappointed, and if I cancel Mr. Strowbridge, he will be angry. What do we do now ?

Stephanie: So everybody was doing something else, and they will be at the big night. But then the miracle of the millennium happened....

Stephanie: Well, Pam, 10 hours to go, and then...happy new year Stephanie. Thank you, Stephanie, are you enjoying yourself ? Sure, Steph, just me and me to celebrate this thing.

Pam: Don't worry honey, I know you feel lonely now, but never forget I'm always with you.

Stephanie: Stop that woman! (She runs away, but suddenly she doesn't see the woman anymore) No mom, don't leave me.

Stephanie: But, finally I met somebody who understands me...

Mark: It sounds like they have forgotten how to celebrate a new year, huh ? It seems to me that the whole family forgets what's really important. Not where you spend it, but with who.

Trust me, it will all be al right. (Whispering to himself)I hope.

Stephanie: Well, will we get the family together on time, or will we all spend new years eve separately ? Find out in the conclusion. (Standing up and walking away) And this time I heard your whispering, Mark!

----------------------INTRO -----------------------

We find Stephanie and Mark in the lounge of the hotel...

Stephanie: Well, what do we do now ?
Mark: Wait.

Stephanie: Like that will help us.

Mark: It's the easiest way to see all of them. So if you just wait here, I have something to do. But don't worry, I'll be back in ten minutes.

Mark walks away, Stephanie stays behind with Pam...

Stephanie: I wonder what he's up to, Pam.

Pam giggles, while she's playing with a rattle...

Stephanie: Look, there's your mommy. Hey Deej! (She waves to DJ, Steve and Kimmy)

DJ: (Walking to Stephanie and Pam) Hi. How has my little sweety been today ?

Stephanie: I was a good girl.

DJ: (Smiling) No, I meant the baby.

Stephanie: She seems to be very happy today. She didn't cry one time. Not even when she had produced a full diaper. So she has just been changed.

Kimmy: She looks pretty much the same as she was this morning to me.

Kimmy hangs over Pam, and the baby starts crying immediately...

Steve: Oh no, she's crying now.

Stephanie: What would you do if Kimmy was hanging over you ?
Steve: I would eat the pain away.

DJ: Come on, honey. We're gonna change ourselves for tonight. I'm looking forward to this dinner in that restaurant.

DJ, Steve and Kimmy walk away with Pam...

We find Danny and Becky in "Club Vegas"....

Manager: Okay, this is where the big party is held, and you will be reporting from right here. (He points at a small room)

Danny: Is that all the space we have ?

Becky: I thought we would go backstage.

Manager: Well, we are backstage.

Becky: I know, but we are about 23 hallways behind the stage.

Danny: And I don't think I can work in such a small room.

Manager:Why not ?
Danny: Because I will get stiff nose hairs in that room.

Manager: (Looking at Danny's nose) I don't see the difference.

Becky: Okay, mister. We want to go backstage, and back as behind.

Danny: And we would really like to be close to the stage.

Manager: Sorry, but it's either this room or nothing.

Danny: Well, then we will do the report from that other show we got the offer to do.

Danny and Becky walk away...

Becky: What an irritating person.

Danny: I'm glad Jesse doesn't know about this thing yet.

Becky: But now we have a new problem. How are we going to tell this to Mr. Strowbridge ?

Danny: Oh yeah, well, I guess we could try making him drunk.

We find Joey, Michelle, Nicky, Alex, Nick and Irene walking out of the cinema...

Joey: Wow, this was so cool!

Nicky: Double cool!

Alex: Triple cool!

Michelle: Yeah, it was fun.

Joey: Michelle, it was fun ? I think it was better than fun.

Michelle: Joey, Sometimes Steamboat Mickey can become a little bit boring. Specially when it's shown twice... an hour.

Nicky: But now we know all about that cartoon.

Alex: And you don't, because you weren't watching the whole time.

Michelle: Boys, I was watching, and okay, the cartoons were funny, but I expected a little more of this.

Joey: Hey, they couldn't help it that somebody broke the tapes of Aladdin, the little Mermaid and Cinderella.

Michelle: Joey, next time don't play with the tapes.

Joey: hey, I just wanted to see if I could see the cartoon through the negative of the movie.

Nick: There's only one thing missing.

Irene: (Whispering to Nick) I don't wear my negligée when there are kids around.

Nicky: What, grandpa ?
Alex: Yeah, what ?

Nick: A Disney animation of Elvis.

Joey: You know, Nick, now you just sound like Jesse.

Nick: I raised him well, didn't I ?

We find Jesse entering the hotel, when he sees Stephanie...

Jesse: hey Steph, what are you doing here, sitting all by yourself ?
Stephanie: I'm thinking.

Jesse: About what ?
Stephanie: About what I will do tonight.

Jesse: You mean you didn't make any plans yet ?
Stephanie: Not really, no. But I'll find some party somewhere I guess.

Jesse: Why don't you just come to my show tonight ?

Stephanie: What time was that again ?
Jesse: Eleven thirty till one.

Stephanie: I'll think about it.

Stephanie's mobile phone rings...

Stephanie: (Into the phone) Hello ? Yes. I see, okay. Thanks you for calling.

Jesse: Who was that ?
Stephanie: A friend. Maybe I have something to do tonight after all.

We find Danny and Becky in front of Mr. Strowbridge's room...

Danny: (Knocking) Hello ? Are you there ?

Mr. Strowbridge: Who is it ?
Danny: Me.

Mr. Strowbridge: And who are you ?

Danny: Oh, sorry, Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson.

Mr. Strowbridge: (Opening the door) What are you guys doing here ? You should be preparing for tonight.

Becky: Well, that's what we want to discuss with you.

Danny: You see, we won't make the report from there.

Mr. Strowbridge: And why not ?
Becky: Well, the manager got us this very bad backstage places, and we had actually arranged a much better backstage report just before you called us.

Mr. Strowbridge: And how bad is very bad ?
Danny: Well, let's put it this way. If we were doing the report from our studios in San Francisco, we would be much closer.

Mr. Strowbridge: Well, okay then, but that show you're reporting better be good. And if you would excuse me, I was helping my wife with... some important things.

Mr. Strowbridge closes the door...

Danny: Well, that was easy.

Becky: So the problem is solved.

They walk away...

We find Gia and Bob walking through the park, as they walk into another girl...

Lisa: Bob! What are you doing with that girl ?

Bob: Who are you ?

Lisa: I'm Lisa, your girlfriend. Remember me, we had a date at two o clock in the pool ?

Gia: What's this all about, Bob ?

Bob: I don't know, I have never seen this girl before.

Lisa: So now you're denying our relationship ? How low!

Gia: Bob, is that true ?
Bob: I swear, I have never seen her before.

Lisa: Bob, you have to choose, her or me!

Gia: (Hitting Bob in the face) You guys always tell me that. Well, I'll make the choice easy: don't you ever speak to me again, I don't want to see your face to close to mine ever again.

Gia walks away angrily...

We find DJ and Steve in their room, as the phone rings...

DJ: (Taking the receiver) Hello ? Hi Kimmy. What ? You're kidding. You're kidding. Are you sure ?

Steve: She can't be, she's dumb.

DJ: And what are you going to do about it ? Okay, I'm on my way.

DJ walks to the door and opens it, Kimmy is standing in front of it with her mobile phone in her hand...

Kimmy: Thanks for helping me, Deej.

Steve: What's going on here ?

DJ: Kimmy lost the key of her room.

Steve: And she calls us for that ?

Kimmy: Yes.

Steve: While her room is next to ours and she is standing in front of our door ? Why didn't you just knock ?

Kimmy: I couldn't knock.

Steve: Why not ?

Kimmy: Well, because in one hand I'm carrying my purse, and I was using my other hand to call you guys with my mobile phone.

Kimmy walks in...

DJ: Okay, what do we have to do now ?

Kimmy: I will get into my room via your balcony. I left the balcony door open, and I think I could have accidentally left my key on my bed.

Steve: Then how could you lock your door ?

Kimmy: (Thinking) Hmmm. (Thinking more) Good question. (Slowly ending thinking) I didn't.

Kimmy leaves the room, and opens the door of her room without any trouble...

Kimmy: You know, I'm good at solving these problems.

Steve: DJ, if I ever do something that stupid, please throw me off the balcony, will you ?

It's eight o clock, when we find Michelle in her room, when somebody knocks...

Michelle: Who is it ?

Mark: Hohoho! I'm Santa Claus!

Michelle: You left last week.

Mark: Okay, then it's just me.

Michelle: Who ?
Mark: A strange boy who will force you to watch every episode off Southpark until they pay me ten million chocolate bars.

Michelle: Oh, that sounds really evil. But who are you really ?

Mark: Open the door and you'll find out Michelle.

Michelle opens the door...

Michelle: mark ?

Mark: And you've won the giant jackpot off tonight: a very cozy dinner with the whole family. What do you say to that ?
Michelle: I don't know anything about it.

Mark: I was just joking.

Michelle: So you came after all ?

Mark: yeah, what should I do without my family ?

Michelle: Well, you can find out tonight. We're all going somewhere else.

Mark: Too bad. I was hoping for a nice night together with the whole family.

Michelle: You can go to all the different parties.

Mark: That's an idea. But I have a much better idea. (Looking at his watch) Is it that time already ? Sorry Michelle, I would really love to chat some more, but I think it's better if you leave now, I have to change.

Michelle leaves her room. After she closed the door, she opens it and walks back in...

Michelle: Hey, this is my room, you are the one that should go then.

Mark: I know. But you fooled for it. You know, I saw this trick in five different comedies last week, so I was checking if it also works in reality. So maybe I'll see you later.

Mark leaves the room...

We find Stephanie in her room, as Gia walks in...

Gia: Stephanie. I want to apologize for this morning.

Stephanie: Why ?

Gia: I was so in to this guy, that I forgot that I came here to be with you and your family, to celebrate the new millennium.

Stephanie: What a change of thoughts.

Gia: Well, to be honest, I dumped Bob, after we met his girlfriend.

Stephanie: he has a girlfriend ?

Gia: Yes, a girl called Lisa.

Stephanie: You must feel pretty bad, don't you ?

Gia: Yes, I do. So can you forgive me ?

Stephanie: Of course.

The girls hug...

We find Danny and Joey waiting in the lunge, while they are wearing tuxedoes...

Danny: Well, I want to wish you a very good night, and I hope you have fun.

Joey: Same to you. And don't drink too much champagne.

Danny: Don't worry, I have to drive tonight. You have no idea what bad drivers the cab drivers are in this town.

Jesse, Becky and the twins walk down the stairs...

Becky: Danny, Joey, you guys look very cute.

Joey: Same to you. Hey Jess, want to change partners ? You Danny, me Becky.

Jesse: I don't think so.

Nicky: Mommy, daddy, when can we wear our jeans again ?
Alex: These clothes are itchy!

Becky: Boys, you will wear those tuxedoes tonight, understand.

Alex: But...

Jesse: No but, or you won't get dessert.

Becky: Like we can control that, we're not even with them.

DJ, Steve and Kimmy walk down the stairs...

Danny: DJ, you look lovely in that dress.

DJ: Thanks. You look quite hansom yourself too. I'd better watch the ladies if I were you.

Claire: (Walking down the stairs) I didn't think so. Danny, can I join you in this dress ?
Danny: Ooh, don't you dare changing your dress.

Nick, Irene and Michelle walk down the stairs, followed by Claire Tanner...

Nick: Are we all set for the parties ?
Michelle: I hope there is cake at the junior party.

Nicky: Did you say cake ?

Alex: We better go then.

Claire Tanner: Are we all here ?
Joey: Let's see, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald...

Danny: We're only missing Stephanie and Gia.

Jesse: I think they're on their way now.

Stephanie and Gia walk down the stairs...

Stephanie: Good evening, family.

Gia: Are we all set to go ?

Jesse: Yes we are, so let's go then.

Danny: But before we go, I just want to wish all of you a good evening, and we'll see each other back next year.

Everybody is talking together, and they want to leave, as Mark calls them...

Mark: Stop right there! Aren't we forgetting something ?
Claire T.: Mark ?

Danny: Good to see you. Too bad I didn't see you earlier. I really have to go now.

Mark: No you don't. You're all forgetting one thing.

Jesse: What ? We now know you're here, so we can't forget you.

Michelle: I know, we forget Comet!

Mark: No guys, all of you, except one, are forgetting something very important. And you're not going anywhere.

Jesse: Give us one good reason.

Mark: Okay, follow me.

Mark walks to the restaurant, and stops at the door....

Becky: Well, we know this part of the hotel.

Joey: And in there, they will have a big party tonight.

Mark: No they're not. I asked the manager, and they were only making some prepares for that party here. So now... See for yourself.

Mark opens the door, and in the restaurant, a big table I set...

Joey: Somebody is having guests coming over tonight.

Stephanie: Yeah, us!

Steve: How can that be, we all had something planned.

Mark: Not anymore.

Jesse: I have to do a show with my band.

Mark: Jesse, you don't. I called them, as you're manager and they were very happy they had one act less. And Joey, why would you go to that theatre, when you have five minutes for your show ? And uncle Danny, and Becky, you have to make a report for your show ? No problem.

Jesse: So if I get this well, you cancelled all of our plans ?

Steve: He didn't cancel our dinner.

Mark: Tragic family affairs, they didn't think it was a problem at all. Michelle, boys, no junior party for you tonight.

Nicky: But we want to go.

Alex: There's cake there.

Mark: Who wants cake if he can get ice-cream ?

Jesse: Mark, we're not in the mood for these kind of jokes, we're leaving.

Danny: I thought you cared about your family, and now you're ruining them.

Mark: No I' not. Then go, like you wish. But you can only celebrate a millennium once your life. So go, and celebrate it separately, in stead of together with the people you love. Because that's the important thing, being with the people who you love. But go ahead, go make other people that you don't even know happy, go where you want to go, but maybe I don't know you that long, but I do know that you do almost everything together, so why make an exception now ?

All are quiet....

Mark: Well, have a good night. I'm gonna have a nice dinner.

Mark turns around and walks into the restaurant...

Stephanie: Good idea, I'm coming with you.

Gia: Wait for me.

Michelle: ice-cream sounds better than cake, so I' in too.

Nicky: There goes our chaperone.

Alex: Then we should go too.

Claire T.: This is the only restaurant I'm sure off it's opened.

Joey: I can tell jokes at the table.

Steve: I'm hungry, so why wait when we can eat now ?
DJ: Then I stay too.

Kimmy: Surprise, me too!

Danny: (To Becky) Do you think Mr. Strowbridge likes a report from our millennium dinner?

Becky: He'd better like it.

Claire: Danny, I want to sit next to you.

Jesse: Mom, dad, shall we stay too then ?

Irene: Yes. After you.

Nick: Let's see what they cooked for us.

All are inside, Mark closes the door, smiling...

Some later in the restaurant...

Jesse: So tell me, Mark, why don't I see any other people here ?

Mark: Because I booked the restaurant just for us.

Joey: Only too bad from my show, I had a really funny one.

Mark: Well, that's another surprise for you. You know the small theatre in the hotel ? I kind of put a show together for there. First, Joey will do his show, at one o clock, and one hour later, Jesse and the band will play two hours long.

Jesse: So we're performing after all ?

Mark: Yes you are, and the whole family got front row seats.

Becky: So we can do a backstage report after all.

Stephanie: You know, this is what I was hoping for that it would be.

Danny: And the way it should be. Mark, thank you for opening our eyes, you have a good heart, and you know how to use it. So I would like to bring a toast to Mark!

Nicky: Now where is the ice-cream ?

Alex: Our plates are empty.

Then two waiters are walking in, carrying a big plate with a big 'mountain' of ice-cream, with candles on top...

Alex: Wow!

Nicky: Do we have to eat that alone ?

Becky: No, boys, that's for all of us.

Michelle: I don't know about you guys, but I think that looks very good.

Joey: It sure does.

Kimmy: The last time I saw so much ice-cream together at one plate was.... Well, never.

The waiters put the plate down in the middle of the table...

Steve: Look at that!

Nicky: (With his mouth opened with amazement) Cool!

Alex: As ice!

Danny: Okay, who wants some ?

Al are holding their plates and Danny dishes out the ice-cream...

Stephanie: Look, there's even cake inside!

Nicky: Now I know where paradise is!

Alex: At this plate!

All are eating...

It's eleven thirty as the family leaves the table...

Danny: Mark, this was delicious.

Jesse: yeah, I'm glad I stayed after all.

Irene: Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Nick: And you know what would really make this great ? If you had Elvis performing...

Mark: I'm sorry, but he was already booked.

All walk to the lounge....

Danny: Okay, where do we go now ?

Mark: We will now go to the bar of this hotel, where we will get champagne.

Alex: Do we get that too ?

Nicky: yeah, do we get that too ?

Mark: No, you get cola, just like me.

Michelle: Mark, why don't you drink it ?

Mark: Because I never drink alcoholics, and I don't like champagne at all, I don't like the taste. So cola is fine with me.

They all enter the bar...

Stephanie: Look at the view!

Gia: Yeah, you can see the park, the sky, it's almost like we're out of Las Vegas.

DJ: It really is a beautiful view.

All sit down...

Stephanie: Twenty minutes to go.

Joey: I hope the bug doesn't work.

Kimmy: Don't worry, I brought my bug determination spray...

Gia: Does that work for the millennium bug ?

Kimmy: I don't know. Let's see. (She reads the label) Can anybody read Japanese ?

Becky: So did anybody make some good resolutions ?

Kimmy: I did. I want to wash my socks only once a year, that saves water and electricity.

Stephanie: Now I know that, I have one too: buy a gas mask.

Joey: I want to quit smoking.

Danny: You don't even smoke.

Joey: You see how well I'm doing with my good resolutions.

A little later, we find Mark sitting in the lounge, when Stephanie sits down next to him...

Stephanie: Thank you.
Mark: For what ?

Stephanie: For what you did for the family today.

Mark: Well, I see it this way, all the money I spend on people who really care about me, won't go to Jenny.

Stephanie: What do you mean ?
Mark: She borrowed some money from me, and just before I left she told me she won't pay it back.

Stephanie: Then why don't you force her to pay you back ?

Mark: Why would I ? I mean, money can be replaced, love can't. If she really believes that stupid story that money will make her happy.

Stephanie: You think that's the reason she wanted you ?

Mark: Let's say it this way: that other guy has been her boyfriend for the last five years.

Stephanie: Well Mark, everybody makes mistakes, I do, you do, she does.

Mark: But she doesn't admit she was wrong. She thinks she's so smart, but in fact she is just stupid. And not because she's blond.

Stephanie: Hey, I'm not smart either. I mean, maybe I'm smart, but I don't know everything.

Mark: Steph, what you just said, makes you wiser than you think. Thousands of years ago, there was a man, called Sokrates, and he said that he was wise, because he knew he was not. Knowing you don't know everything is wisdom.

Stephanie: Now, don't be sad, just forget about her, you're not the only one with a broken heart here. Gia has one too.

Mark: Oh yeah, I know. Lisa owed me one.

Stephanie: You mean....

Mark: I know Lisa from Chicago, she was in my class, and I saved her once at school when she forgot to write a report. So she was happy to do something back for me.

Stephanie: Now let's go. In one minute you can say it all happened one century ago.

Mark: When I start speaking in terms of centuries, it makes me feel so old.

Stephanie and Mark walk back into the bar, to the others...

Danny: There they are.

DJ: We lost you.

Stephanie: And now we're back.

Jesse: Well, you're just on time. Ten seconds to go...

All: Happy 2000!

Danny: Bye bye 1999.

Joey: Welcome 2000.

Stephanie: I just got this great good solution, I stop teasing Kimmy.

Kimmy: Oh my god, 2000, does that mean I won't have to write a 1 at my birth date ?
Stephanie: Oh man, it's too hard to say nothing. Kimmy, just think of your IQ, triple it and put the amount of braincells in front of it, and you have the new year.

DJ: Which actually is not the first one of the new millennium. You see, technically, the new millennium starts in 2001.

Outside, firework is going into the air...

Becky: (To the twins) Look boys, don't you think that looks fun ?
Nicky: Next year we want to play with firework too.

Jesse: Oh no.

Alex: Why not ?
Jesse: Because it's too dangerous boys, it can really hurt you. You can loose fingers, hands, arms, and all things that are hanging on your body.

The Next Morning in the lounge...

Jesse: Oh man, what a night.

Joey: Yeah, we had a great show together.

Jesse: That audience was really great!

Danny and Becky walk into the lounge...

Becky: Good morning guys.

Jesse: Hi honey, so how did your meeting with Mr. Strowbridge go ?

Danny: He loved the report we made. He saw it life on television and he thinks we reported a great show.

Joey: Danny, your boss has a good taste.

Becky: You really think so ?

Danny: You're now talking about the man who laughed at the makers of Southpark and didn't want the show for his station.

Jesse: You're right, he doesn't have good taste, he has a very good taste!

Danny: Well, we now got one day to relax, and tomorrow we go home.

Becky: (To Jesse) Well, honey, what do you think of you and me together in a sauna?

Jesse: Well, I'd say...Have Mercy!

We find Stephanie, Michelle, Gia and Mark in a funroom, playing games...

Michelle: Okay, Steph, I'm gonna blast your frog out to space.

Gia: Sorry, Michelle, but my pig will spray your duck full with mud.

Stephanie: Gia, my frog is going to blast your pig away with fireballs.

Mark: Girls, I don't want to interrupt in your intellectual conversation, but I really like to say that you're all dead. My green cat has just found the nuclear heat diffusion set. So prepare to loose.

Stephanie: Michelle, you killed me, how rude!

Michelle: Sorry, but I warned you.

Then suddenly all computers are off...

Stephanie: What's this ?

Michelle: Oh no, the bug is activated!

Kimmy: Oh, so that's where that plug was for. You were right, Steve, it was not the plug for the shoe polisher. I wanted to polish my feet.

Stephanie: kimmy, can you go to the computer store, and by some new memory ?

Kimmy: Where do I need that for ?
Stephanie: To remember me to kill you when we get home.

The next day, we find the clan arriving in the Tanner house...

Michelle: We're home!

Joey: The house is still here.

Jesse: What did you think, that aliens stole it ?

Joey: No, but they were talking about millennium bugs all the time, so I thought maybe the bugs could have eaten the house.

Michelle: Joey, the millennium bug is...

Joey: Gotcha! Oh, I'm so funny. (Joey looks backwards, to the others) I'm funny. (He walks with his head to an open door) Ouch!

Danny: Well, Joey, you are funny indeed.

Nicky: Joey, did it hurt ?
Alex: We know a way to get rid of the pain.

Nicky: Just kick your feet hard against the wall...

Alex: And you won't fell the pain in your head anymore.

Jesse: Where do those kids get it from ?

Becky: Gee, I really don't know, Jesse.

Danny: I get so excited suddenly, thinking of how we are all going to clean the house, doing the laundry and stuff. And that all now.

Stephanie: Michelle, didn't you have homework that you have to finish before next week and that you needed my help with ?

Michelle: In fact I have, I better get started right now.

Stephanie and Michelle run up the stairs...

DJ: Ooh, Steve, we got to change Pam.

DJ and Steve walk away with Pam...

Jesse: Danny, I can't make up any excuse right now, but I'm sure I have something better to do. Becky, boys ?

Becky: In fact we have. The bed is so cold after we left four days ago.

Jesse: Not in front of the whole family, huh.

Jesse, Becky and the twins walk upstairs...

Joey: Danny, you know that cleaning and I don't match. Well, not always, and now it's not always.

Joey walks away...

Danny: Well, Comet, then I guess you have to help me...

Comet barks, and runs away into the kitchen...

Danny: Okay, it can wait till tomorrow. (He walks up the stairs)
-------------------------- End Tune ------------------------------------

Full House - The new stories
Episode (36) 228 - The New Millennium (2)

Stephanie and Mark try hard to get the family together for the party, but will they succeed ? Mark has a very radical plan, and not everybody is pleased by this. Danny and Becky have to make a report, and Jesse and Joey have to perform, but will they ?

Main characters:
Danny: Danny Tanner
DJ: DJ Tanner
Stephanie: Stephanie Tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Joey: Joey Gladstone
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Becky: Becky Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Gia: Gia Mahan
Mark: Mark Tanner
Pam: Pam Hale (DJ's baby)
Comet: The dog

Nick: Nick Katsopolis (Jesse's father)
Irene Katsopolis (Jesse's mother)
Claire T.:
Claire Tanner (Danny's mother)
Claire Mahan (Gia's mother)
Bob (the boy Gia likes)
Mr. Strowbridge:
Danny and Becky's boss
manager of the place Danny and Becky should report from
Bob's (unknown) girlfriend, and old friend of Mark

Episode information:
Story written by: Martin van Dam
Based upon: The orignal series of Full House, created by Jeff Franklin
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever
Released: 31/12/1999