Fan Fiction - Written by Martin van Dam - Season 10

Episode (45) 237 * All That's Left Are Memories

Written by: Martin van Dam

Jesse Katsopolis - Danny Tanner - Joey Gladstone-DJ Tanner-Hale - Stephanie Tanner - Michelle Tanner - Rebecca (Becky) Donaldson-Katsopolis -Nicky & Alex Katsopolis -Kimmy Gibbler - Steve Hale - Gia Mahan - Mark Tanner - Pam Hale (baby) - Comet (the dog)


We find Jesse and the twins in the backyard...
Jesse: Okay boys, pay good attention to what I'm doing now, so next time you can do it for me.
Nicky: Why, don't you like lawn-mowing then ?
Jesse: No son, I am no not liking it, I simply think it's boring.
Alex: Oh, ok.
Jesse: Anyway, you know your uncle Danny, and his view of clean.
Nicky: Is that why we brought the vacuum cleaner here ?
Jesse: You're a good student. See, when I mow the lawn, you walk behind me to vacuum it. That way, there won't be any loose grass here, and we keep your uncle Danny satisfied.
Alex: Oh. Why don't we just not mow then ?
Jesse: Because your uncle Danny thinks grass attracts dirt.
Nicky: Just cement the driveway.
Jesse: No, let's not do that, boys. Your uncle Danny sees dust everywhere. Now come on, let's mow the lawn.
Jesse starts the lawnmower, Nicky and Alex follow him walking around the garden with the vacuum cleaner....

------------------------------------------ INTRO ------------------------------------------------

We find DJ, Stephanie and Michelle in the mall...
DJ: I really like it when Steve has just had pay day.
Michelle: Me too, I like your credit card.
DJ: I am going to return that cookery book Steve borrowed from the library. I'll see you guys at home.
Stephanie: Ok.
Stephanie and Michelle get into Danny's car, DJ gets into her own....
Michelle: Can I drive ?
Stephanie: If you have your license. Dad would kill me if he found out I let you drive.
Michelle: Well, it was worth a try of course.
They see DJ driving away, and follow her...
Stephanie: I really wish dad would buy me a car of my own as well you know.
Michelle: It will save you 2 hours of begging to borrow his car.
They follow DJ. Suddenly, they see a car coming from the right, crashing into DJ's car...
Stephanie + Michelle: DJ!
They get out of the car and walk to DJ...
Stephanie: Deej, are you ok ?
DJ: (Gets out of the car, and rubs her head) Yeah, I think so. I got the shivers, but I don't think I'm injured.
The man from the other car walks towards them...
Howard: I'm so sorry. Are you alright miss ?
DJ: Yeah, I'm fine.
Howard: I am so terribly sorry... I wasn't paying attention... oh my god... what have I done!
Stephanie: (Sniffing) Uh... Drink ?
Howard: I did not drink!
Stephanie: Are you sure you're ok DJ ?
DJ: Yeah. (Walking around her car) My car is not doing so well I think.
Michelle: (Grabbing her phone) I think we should call the police.
Howard: No wait! I will pay for any damage. need to call the police.
DJ: Yes there is. Without a police record of the accidant, insurance can be awkward if it comes to paying for the damage.
Howard: I said I'll pay for it...
DJ: Ok, but still, the police needs to have a look, you want to claim the damage from your insurance don't you ?
Howard: Well uh... I guess.
Michelle phones the police...
Howard: Are you really al right miss ? I'm terribly sorry.. I really am... I should have paid more attention...
DJ: Nobody got hurt, it could have been worse.
Stephanie: Yeah, we know how it could end.

Later, at the Tanner house...
Steve: Deej, where is our car ?
DJ: At the garage. Some guy drove into it.
Danny: Oh my god honey, are you ok ?
DJ: I'm fine. I just hope I get the damage paid for. The guy that drove into me had his drivers licence taken away from him years ago, and he was kind of drunk.
Danny: Thank god you're alright.
DJ: The car is in worse shape!
Jesse: Do you have his address, in case he doesn't pay for the damage ?
DJ: Yeah. We exchanged addresses. His name was Howard Peacock or something.
Danny, Joey and Jesse freeze, and turn their head to DJ...
Jesse: Uh, can you repeat that name please ?
DJ: Howard Peacock
Jesse: Do you know what that means ?
Danny: they released him guys.

Flashback....We find Danny in the living room, when the doorbell rings...
Danny (past): Hello officer. If you are looking for my brother-in-law, you are wrong here. Although he does visit us a lot, making the furniture dirty with his greasy hands, and putting sand on the floor... oh man... I always have to clean when he has visited... Anyway, he is not here... he still lives with his parents... but, what did he do... just out of curiosity ?
Officer: I'm not here for your brother-in-law Mr. Tanner. I'm here for you.
A young DJ walks in...
Danny (past): But what did I do then ? I'm a law obeying citizen!
DJ (Young): That's true. He never evencomes close to the maximum speed... my daddy's like an angel.
Officer: Mr. Tanner, maybe it's better if you sat down. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.
Danny and DJ sit down, as a young Stephanie walks in...
Stephanie (Young): (Sees the officer) Oh oh. I confess... I am busted... I stole that cookie... but it was looking so delicious! Please forgive me... I will never do it again!
Danny (past): Stephanie, this officer is not here for you. He has something to tell us.
Officer: I'm afraid I have bad news sir. Is your wife Pamela Tanner ?
Danny (past): That's correct.
Officer: I'm sorry to tell you, but your wife has been in a car accident.
Danny (past): Oh god... is she ok ?
Officer: (Shakes his head) Paramedics tried to save her, but it was to no avail.
Danny (past): Do you mean...
Officer: I'm sorry sir. Your wife has died from her injuries.
DJ (Young): No....
Stephanie (Young): Mommy ?
Danny (past): No, this must be a mistake... Pam was a good person, she doesn't deserve to die...
Officer: I'm sorry sir. (Takes something from his pocket) Does this look familiar to you ?
Danny (past): Oh my god, that's Pam's wallet.
Officer:I'm sorry sir. If there's anything I can do for you...
Danny (past): No thanks, we'll be ok...
The officer leaves...
Stephanie (Young): Daddy ? What did that man say about mommy ?
Danny: Steph honey, you're mommy is not with us anymore. (He chokes)
Stephanie (Young): Where did she go then ?
Danny: Well, she (he starts to cry) she... she is in heaven. She died.
Stephanie (Young): (With a sad face) No. Mommy.
All remain silent for a while...
Stephanie (Young): Daddy ? I momy an angel now ?
Danny: I'm sure she is honey... I'm sure she is...
Danny grabs his daughters, and starts to cry....

Back to the present day....
Michelle: So the guy that drove into DJ's car is the same guy that killed mom ?
Jesse: That's right shorty.
DJ: But I thought he was locked up in prison for a long time.
Danny: He was, but obviously he was released before his jailtime was over.

Another flashback....We find Danny and Jesse in a court room...
Judge: Mr Peacock. Before the jury speaks, do you have anything to say ?
Howard: I didn't mean it. It was an accident! I have a wife, children....
Judge: You should have thought of that before you stepped into your car Mr. Peacock. Ok, has the jury come to a conclusion ?
Jury spokesman: Yes we have your honour. The jury finds Mr. Peacock, suspected of causing dead by drunk driving guilty of all charges.
Judge: Thank you. I will now consider my verdict for you.
About an hour later...
Judge: Mr. Howard T. Peacock, on March 12, 1987, you stepped into your car in a state of drunkeness. During your ride, you crashed into another car, causing the driver of that car, Mrs. Pamela Tanner, to die from her injuries. Taking into account that you have been caught and convicted for driving under the influene several times in the past, I hereby take away your drivers licence. For the dead of Pam Tanner, I give you a jail sentence of 15 years.
Howard: (To Jesse and Danny) No, don't let them do this to me... what will become of my family!
Jesse and Danny only stare at him....

Back to the present day....
Jesse: It's all coming back to me now.
Danny: It's like it happened yesterday.
Joey:: 15 years. And that was 13 years ago.
Stephanie: And almost he made a second victim!
Jesse: I can't stop thinking of Pam right now.
Danny: Me neither. It's like I'm living it all over again...

That night, we find Jesse, Stephanie, Mark and Gia in the Smash Club...
Gia: Can I order something ?
Jesse: Sure.
Gia: Ok, one orange jus.
Jesse: (Staring in front of him) Ok. Jesse keeps staring in front of him...
Gia: What's wrong with him ?
Stephanie: He is upset that the man that killed my mom is free again.
Mark: Jesse, go home. I'll take care of the club tonight. You need some free time.
Jesse: Ok.
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse ? Do you want me to go with you ?
Jesse: (still absent-minded) Yeah fine.

The next morning, we find the family at the breakfast table...
Nicky: DJ, DJ!
Alex: You're in the paper.
DJ: I am ?
Nicky: Yeah, here it says 'woman survives car accident', that's you!
Kimmy walks in...
Kimmy: Hey Deej... there is a picture of a car in the newspaper... it looks just like yours, only yours doesn't have a dent in the door on the passengers side.
DJ: That IS my car... remember I was hit by another car yesterday!
Kimmy: Oh yeah... that explains the similarity!
The doorbell rings...
Danny: I'll get it...
Danny walks to the living room, followed by Jesse and DJ...when he opens the door, Jesse and Danny freeze again...
Howard: Is this the house of DJ Tanner ? (He sees Jesse and Danny) Oh my.
Jesse: Was that a moment of recognition ?
Howard: Yes it was.
Jesse: Good... then you know why I am gonna strangle you!
Jesse runs to Howard... Danny can just grab him....
Danny: Bad idea Jesse!
Jesse: That guy killed my sister, and yesterday he almost did the same with my niece!
Danny: Calm down Jess...
DJ: Uncle Jesse, please calm down. (To Howard) What are you here for ?
Howard: I came to bring a cheque. Here, I hope this covers for the damage. DJ takes the cheque....
Howard: I think I better leave...
Jesse: Yeah, just walk away.... You drunken maniac!
Howard looks scared at Jesse and walks away...
Becky:: What were you yelling about Jesse ?
Danny: Howard was here.
Becky:: Oh my. Honey, it was 13 years ago.
Jesse: So ? That doesn't change the fact that he killed my sister!

That night, we find Jesse dreaming....
Jesse: Pam, is that you ?
In his dream Jesse is walking through some grassland, as he sees his sister... when he gets closer, she turns her head around...
Howard: Surprise!
Jesse: No... not you... what have you done to my sister! You killed her!
Howard: Correct.... And I'm gonna remind you about that for a long long time...
With a scream, Jesse wakes up and sits straight up in his bed....
Becky:: Honey, what is wrong ?
Jesse: I think I had a nightmare.
Becky:: It's ok... but do you want me to check if there are any monsters under the bed ?
Jesse: No, I'll check that myself... I'm tough enough to do that, and don't you think one little nightmare frightens me!
Jesse turns on the light and puts his hed down to look under the bed...
Jesse: See... nothing ther... Woa! (He jumps out of bed) Honey... there is something under the bed!
Becky: gets out of bed and watches under the bed...
Becky:: Yeah, you're right...
Jesse: What is it ?
Becky:: Well, Mr. Tough guy... you were just frightened by the scary looks of.... A pair of socks!
Jesse: I wasn't scared... just testing if you were...
They get back into bed and turn of the light...

The next morning...
Danny: Good morning Jesse, done with screaming all night long ?
Jesse: I wasn't screaming... that was a modern impression of Jailhouse Rock.
Danny: Look Jesse, I have to get used to the idea of Pam's killer being released as well. But fact is we can't do anything about it.
Jesse: So it's ok ?
Danny: No, it's not okay. But worrying isn't gonna solve anything.
Michelle: So that's why you waxed the ajax bottle four times yesterday, dad ?
Joey:: Danny is right Jesse. The accident happened 13 years ago, in 1987... it's 2000 now!
Jesse: The fact that it's 13 years ago since my sister died doesn't mean I forgot about her.
Danny: Neither did we. I think about her every day. I think about the way she talked, the way she smiled, and all those cute things she could say.

Flashback....We find Danny and Pam in the kitchen with Dj and Stephanie....
DJ (Young): Mom, can I stay home today ?
Pam: No you can't. School is important for you!
DJ (Young): But I don't want to go. Kathy Santoni is always teasing me!
Pam: DJ honey, if other kids tease you... you ignore them. They only tease you because they think it's fun, and if you respond, they will keep thinking that!
Stephanie (Young): Does that really work, mommy ?
Pam: Yes honey.
Stephanie (Young): Then why does Kimmy Gibbler tease me all the time, I even ignore her!
Pam: Well, if ignoring doesn't work, tease them back.
Kimmy walks in...
Kimmy (young): Hello DJ, Mrs. Tanner, Mr. Bignose, and little brat!
Stephanie (Young): I'm not a little brat... smelly airhead!
Kimmy (young): Hey... I'm supposed to insult you... not the other way round!
Kimmy leaves...
Stephanie (Young): It worked! Thank you mommy!
Pam: (Smiling) No problem sweetie. Now, if you help your dad cleaning up, I'm gonna do some groceries... and I'll bring the two of you something you will both like... Choco pops!
DJ + Stephanie (Young): Al right!

Back to the present day...
DJ: I remember that, it was the last time we saw her alive.
Stephanie: Yeah. I never forgot the last thing she told me though. I treasure it forever... tease Kimmy back...
Danny starts smiling...
Jesse: That sounds like my sister yeah.
The doorbell rings....
Jesse: I'll get it. It's probably the Elvis build-it-yourself-lego box.... For the twins.
Becky:: Of course honey... for the twins!
Joey:: Do they have those boxes with the Looney Tunes as well ?
Jesse opens the door....
Howard: Can I please come in ?
Jesse: No!
The rest walks into the living room...
Danny: I think it's better that you leave now.
Howard: No, I am not going away before you heard what I have to say. Last night I have been thinking, and it occurred to me that I never had the chance to apologize for what I did. So here I am. I'm sorry.
Jesse: You're sorry ? You're sorry ? I'll make you sorry!
Howard: Look, I have paid for my stupidity. My wife left me, I can't get a decent job anymore, and I have had my freedom taken away for 13 years! But the worst of all is that I never had the chance to say how much I regret what happened.
Jesse: So you decide to cloear your conscience, so you can forget about what happened, leaving us emotionally behind!
Howard: No. I admit, one of the reasons why I'm doing this is to make myself feel better.
Michelle: Can I say something ? 13 years ago, my mom died because you were driving with too much alcohol in your blood. Due to you, I never got to know my mother. You have taken something from me that can't be replaced. And now you come here to say you're sorry ? (Crying) Your sorries won't bring my mother back! All that's left of her now are the memories, and I don't even have any of her!
Howard: I'm sorry. I didn't want to make you feel sad. I just hoped that after this, we could close this chapter and move on with our lives.
Danny: We were moving on with our lives. Untill you returned in it!
Jesse: Now go.
Howard: Not before you accept my apologies.
Jesse: I will never do that. So stop wasting our time.
Jesse slams the door....
Danny: What a nerve!
DJ: Dad, uncle Jesse, aren't you forgetting something ? Remember what you always thought us about forgiveness ?
Jesse: This is different DJ. This guy doesn't deserve forgiveness.
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse ? Do you think mom would forgive him if she was still here ?
Jesse: Well, she could never hold grudges against somebody. I remember one day, this guy named Peter Reid tried to ask her out...

Flash back.... We find a young Jesse and a young Pam in the Katsopolis house...
Pam (young): Oh no... that creep keeps following me.
Jesse (Young): Want me to beat him up for you ?
Pam (young): No. I'll talk to him.
Jesse (Young): Are you sure ? Remember he hit you a black eye and a sore cheek last week!
Pam (young): Oh, don't think I forgot.
The doorbell goes...
Pam (young): Hello, Peter.
Peter: Hello Pamela. Can I talk to you ?
Pam (young): That depends... what will the subject be ?
Peter: About last week... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lost my temper and beat you up. I hope you can forgive me.
Pam (young): I can. I accept your apologies. But just don't try anything on me again...
Peter: I won't. I promise. Ok, I'll be going then. Thanks for forgiving me...
Pam closes the door...
Jesse (Young): You forgive him ? How lame is that!
Pam (young): Jesse, if somebody has done you harm, and looks sincere when he apologises, then why shouldn't you forgive him ?
Jesse (Young): Maybe you're right. And besides, I didn't really want to fight with him... fighting messes up my hair!

Back to the present day....
Danny: That's Pam al right.
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse, if mom could forgive if somebody was sincere, then why can't you right now ?
Jesse: Because this guy has killed her!
DJ: But he came here to apologize, maybe we should hear him out!
Danny: Maybe the girls are right.
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse, no matter how much he apologies, or what he does. We will never forget mom, and we will never forget what he did.
Michelle: He took away my mother. Due to him, I never knew her. But holding grudges is not gonna change anything to it!
Jesse: Look, I know you all mean it well, but I just can't! Pam was my sister!
DJ: And she would hate to see you worry and feel angry towards that guy. Mom would be much happier if you were happy.
Jesse: You're right. Ok. I will let him do his say if he's still out there.
Danny opens the door again... they see Howard standing outside, staring to the horizon...
Danny: Mr. Peacock ?
Howard: I know, I am leaving now.
Howard turns his head, and they see tears on his face...
Howard: I'm sorry!
Jesse: It's ok. I can accept your apologies. My sister would have, and if she could, I can as well.
Howard: Really ?
Jesse: Yeah. But don't get me wrong. I cana ccept your apology, but I will never forget what you did.
Howard: I understand that. Look, yesterday made me realise I was doing it again! I am an alcoholist, I can't help it... I need the drinks.
DJ: There are people that can help you.
Howard: I know. I don't know what it means to you, but I'm going away. I'm going to move out of this city, and build a new life somewhere else. I just needed to do this. I needed to say I'm sorry. Now I can start all over again! So thank you, it means a lot to me, after everything I put you through. I have to go now. My train is leaving in a couple of hours and I still need to pack my stuff. Thank you.
Howard walks away....
Danny: There he goes...
Jesse: The man that killed Pam.
Danny: He paid the prize for it. But still, he will always be the man that ended a beatiful life.
Jesse: I just wish the history wasn't revived the last few days.
Michelle: What do you mean ? Isn't it good to get up some memories of the past every now and then ?
Danny: Yes it is honey.
All walk inside....

That evening...
Danny: Guys... I have a special surprise for you!
Nicky: chocolate cookies ?
Danny: No, better... home videos! I thought that after the last few days, we should watch them again, just for the memories.
Danny puts the VCR on...
Jesse: Oh no... not your wedding video!
Danny: What's wrong with that ?
Jesse: Of all days... I had to have a really bad hair day on your wedding day!
DJ: Look how pretty mom looked there.
Stephanie: Yeah. And so happy.
DJ: That's how I remind her.
Jesse: And that's how you should always remember her. Because that happy woman you see there... is your mother on her best. (A tear roles over his face)

The next morning, Jesse calls the rest of the family...
Becky:: Woa honey, what are you up to ?
Jesse: I'm gonna do something I haven't done for years.
Becky:: If those flowers are for another woman...
Jesse: They are. For Pam. I realised that the last few years, I hardly ever visited her grave.
Danny: So did I. I'm coming with you.
Michelle: Can I come too ?
Danny: Why don't we all go ?

Later, at the cementary...
Danny: I can't believe I haven't been here for months!
Jesse: For me it has been a few years. I used to go here if I felt sad or something. Pam always knew what to say. When I felt sad, and she always listened.
Danny: There it is.
DJ: I nearly forgot how beautiful mom's last resting place looks.
Danny: Yeah, it's a good thing they take care of it here.
Jesse: It looks just like the day she got burried...

Flashback.... At Pam's funeral...
Priest: Ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here to say goodbye to a beloved woman. Somebody who didn't deserve to leave us already. But maybe we can find comfort in the fact that she is in the good hands of God now. Let's all have a minute of silence in honour of Pamela Tanner.
All remain silent... then the coffin is lowered into the grave....
Priest: I believe Mr. Jesse Katsopolis wanted to say some last words.
Jesse (Young): Hi everybody. I didn't write anything down to say. Pam always told me that if words came from the heart, they mean more than when they are written. (He starts crying) I will miss her. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! We had our arguments, like every brother and sister do. But she was not the kind of person you could stay mad at for a long time. Pam, I'll miss you!
Jesse starts crying, his mother supports him...
Priest: Then now the time has come to say goodbye.
Danny, Dj and Stephanie walk to the coffin, which is now in the grave...
Danny (past): (throwing a rose in) Bye honey. Thanks for the most beautifull years of my life.
DJ (Young): (Throwing a rose in the grave) Bye mom. I'll never forget you.
Stephanie (Young): (Crying) No! (She runs to the grave and wants to jump in. Danny can just grab her) Mommy, come back! I miss you!
Danny (past): Stephanie honey... mommy is not coming back.
Stephanie (Young): But I miss her.
Danny (past): So do I sweety, so do I. But your mommy will always be here... in your heart.
Stephanie (Young): Are you sure ?
Danny (past): Yes honey.
Stephanie (Young): Ok. (Throws a rose in the grave) Bye mommy. I miss you!
Back to the present day...
Jesse: It was a beatifull funeral.
Danny: Yeah, it was.
DJ, Stephanie and Michelle are sitting next to the grave, with tears in their eyes...
Michelle: Hi mom. Can you hear me ? It's Michelle. I wish I had known you. I hear all these great stories about you. You must have been a special woman.
DJ: Hi mom. Long time no see. I'm sorry you never got to know your grand daughter. Dad even tells me she looks like you.
Stephanie: Hi mom. Dad was right. You are still in my heart, and you will have your own special place there... forever. I hope you are doing well there... I still miss you.
Jesse: (Sits down next to the girls, putting his arm around Stephanie and Michelle) Hi sis. How are you ? Sorry I hven't been here for years. I have been busy raising my own kids. It's a shame they never knew you. You were a great mother, and I'm sure you would be an even greater aunt to them!
Danny: Hi honey. I still miss you, but like you always said on sad occasions: live goes on, enjoy it while you can, under all circumstances. I still regret you weren't there to help me raise the kids. But fortunately, your brother and Joey have been a great support for me and the girls. I promise you I'll visit more often. And next time I'll bring the dustbuster with me... your gravestone is dusty!
They stand up, and stare at the grave. Then without saying a word, they walk away....

----------------------------------------- End Tune ----------------------------------------------

Characters in this episode:
Jesse: Jesse Katsopolis
Danny: Danny Tanner
Joey: Gladstone
DJ: DJ Tanner-Hale
Stephanie: Stephanie tanner
Michelle: Michelle Tanner
Becky:Rebecca 'Becky' Donaldson-Katsopolis
Nicky: Nicky Katsopolis
Alex: Alex Katsopolis
Steve: Steve Hale
Kimmy: Kimmy Gibbler
Gia: Gia Mahan
Mark: Mark Tanner
Pam: Pam Hale (DJ's baby)
Comet: The dog

Guest characters:
Howard: Howard Peacock
Danny (past): Danny before Pam died
DJ (Young): Young DJ
Stephanie (Young): Young Stephanie
Judge: Judge that spoke the verdict over Pam's killer
Jury spokesman: Spokesman from the jury
Pam: Pam Tanner
Kimmy (young): Young Kimmy
Pam (young): Young Pam Tanner
Jesse (Young):Young Jesse
Peter: Peter Reid
Priest: Priest at Pam's funeral

Full House (The new episodes)
(46) 237 - All That's Left Are Memories
This episode is dedicated to Pam Tanner. Not only is the family keeping up memories, history gets revived when DJ's car gets hit by the man who killed Pam. When the man visits the Tanners, it's hard for most of the family, but for jesse in particular.

Story Idea
Martin van Dam

Written by
Martin van Dam

Full House was originally created by
Jeff Franklin


Copyright (c)
Martin van Dam, 2002