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An Addition To The Familey
Written by: A Fan

This episode is not after the last one it ismore of an addition to all of the episodes. this one takes place right after the one where Jesse and Becky decide to have another baby.

We find Becky in the attic on the phone while Jesse is still in bed

Becky - oh my God! Are you serious? (slight pause) OK, well thank you so

much. (hangs up phone) (runs over to the bed) Jesse, wake up I got great

news! (Jesse yawns) Jesse, guess what!

Jesse - what (sleepily)?

Becky - will you wake up, already? (Jesse sits up) OK, listen. the doctor

called and said that I'm .......pregnant.

Jesse - (with excitement) have mercy!!!!!!! beck, this is unbelievable.

Becky - why, you know how this happened.

Jesse - OK, then, it's fantastic. Better?

Becky - yeah, OK.

Jesse - let's go tell everyone right now.

(run down the stairs and go into the kitchen)

Jesse - guys y......

Becky - (interrupts) Jesse, let me tell them.

Jesse - you got to tell them last time.

Stephanie - somebody just tell us.

Jesse - on 3. 1......2......

Becky - I'm going to have a baby.

(all congratulate them)

DJ - this is great.

Michelle - is it a girl or a boy?

Becky - well, we don't know yet. And no, it's not a big bird.

Stephanie - I can't believe this. Do Nicky and Alex know that they are going

to have a baby brother or sister?

Jesse - no, not yet, let's all go tell them.

Danny - OK, ya'll come on.

Jesse & Becky walk up to tell the boys while Danny, Joey, and DJ are talking

on the way up.

Joey - God, I can remember when Becky first told him that she was pregnant.

Danny - yeah, it feels like yesterday.

DJ - it sure does. Hey, I'm going to tell Kimmy and Steve.

DJ runs out

Danny - doesn't it feel like yesterday?

Joey - yeah, but you have to realize Jesse was never on the slow side.

Remember at the trip to Lake Tahoe how he told Becky that he loved her and

she told him the same thing and Jesse proposed, he didn't wait not even 10


Danny - that's true.

in the boys' room

Becky - daddy has a big surprise for you. And in a couple of weeks I'll have

an even bigger surprise for you (puts her hands on her stomach).

Jesse - boys you know about babies don't you?

Becky - Jesse, they're 3. How will they know that unless you tell them?

Jesse - me?!?!?! anyway boys mommy is going to have a baby. That means

you'll have a baby brother or sister.

Alex - daddy.

Nicky - mommy.


all laugh

Stephanie - what do you think it will be?

Jesse - I hope it's a girl.

Becky - me too.

later in the week at school with Stephanie and Michelle

in Stephanie' s class

Mrs. Jaime - OK, now let's start on our speeches. Um, Casey, you go first.

Casey reads her speech

Mrs. Jaime - OK, Michael.

Michael reads his speech

Mrs. Jaime - all right, Stephanie, you go.

Stephanie reads her speech

my family

My family is a lot of fun to be around. Now before I take too long let me

tell you a brief story of my life. here it goes:

i was born in early January in 1983 and i have a dad, Danny

tanner, a sister, Doha Jo Margaret tanner, 16, me, Stephanie Judith tanner,

11, a sister, Michelle Elizabeth tanner, 7, and i had a Mom, Pam tanner, but

she died in a car crash when i was 4. a few days later my dad's best friend

from college moved in, his name is Joey Gladstone. then that same day my

uncle, Jesse Katsopolis, my mom's little brother, moved in, too. he fell in

love with a beautiful woman named Rebecca Donaldson, everyone calls her

Becky, and they got married on valentine's day in 1990. they had twin boys

named Nicholas and Alexander, yet everyone calls them Nicky and Alex, right

now they are 3 years old and they were born the same day that my sister,

Michelle, was born in November.

now my aunt Becky is going to have another baby. oh, and i have a dog named


the end

Mrs. Jaime - very good Stephanie. OK, now Rachel, you go.

Stephanie - (whispers to her friend) God, this is so boring. I can't wait to

get out of the fifth grade.

in Michelle's class

Michelle - Denise, guess what.

Denise - what?

Michelle - my aunt Becky is going to have another baby.

Denise - oh, cool!

Aaron - so what, I already have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

Michelle - oh, good go move to Hollywood and start the next generation of the

Brady bunch.

Aaron - (exaggerating) ha!

on the set of wake up San Francisco

Danny - wake up San Francisco. I'm Danny tanner.

Becky - and I'm Rebecca Donaldson but before we get to the show I am very

proud to say, once again, that I will have a baby.

Danny - well, congratulations, Becky, but also I have big news,too. you see,

every time that Becky has a baby I become an uncle.

Becky - ooook. we'll be right back.

at the doctor's office

Dr. Sinclair - Becky, I have some news for you. Were you expecting a boy?

Becky - well, it didn't really matter to me.

Dr. Sinclair - oh, well you're going to have a girl.

Becky - oh my God, I can't believe this. Jesse, we're going to have a girl.

Jesse - what should we name her?

Becky - I don't know, we'll decide when I have her.

back home in Stephanie & Michelle's room

Stephanie - Michelle, who did you tell about aunt Becky?

Michelle - everyone.

Jesse & Becky walk in

Becky - I'm going to have a girl.

Stephanie - what's her name?

Jesse - well we don't know yet.

Michelle - name her big bird.

Jesse & Becky - no!

two weeks later

Becky - ouch!

Jesse - beck, what's wrong?

Becky - I'm just having cramps.

Jesse - oh, well are you all right?

Becky - yeah, I'll be fine.

phone rings

Jesse - I'll get it. Hello? (pause) oh, hi doctor. (pause) sure, hold on.

Beck, it's dr. Sinclair, she needs to speak to you.

Becky - OK I'm coming. Hello? (pause) yes, why? (long pause) (Becky's eyes

start watering) OK. I'll be over as soon as possible. (pause) bye.

hangs up phone

Jesse - what is it?

Becky - dr. Sinclair told me that I had a miscarriage.

Jesse - (hugs her and starts to cry) it'll be OK.

girls walk up

DJ - what's wrong?

Jesse - she had a miscarriage.

DJ - (gasp) oh, I am so sorry for you two.

Michelle - what's a miscarriage, uncle Jesse?

Jesse - it's where the baby is growing and then it sort of stops

growing...... and then it dies.

Michelle - no! I love babies. I wanted a new baby cousin.

Jesse - well we wanted a new baby.

Becky - well I guess I ought to go get going. And at least she died in my

stomach instead of my hands.



to be continued



Danny tanner - Bob Saget

Joey Gladstone - Dave Coulier

Jesse Katsopolis - john Stamos

Becky Katsopolis - Lori Loughlin

DJ tanner - Candace Cameron

Stephanie tanner - Jodie Sweetin

Michelle tanner - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Nicky & Alex Katsopolis - Blake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit

Dr. Sinclair - Wendy cutler

Aaron - Miko Hughes