Fan Fiction - Written by Other Authors

A Big Surprise & Consequence
Written by: Coolpuppy86

Note: This episode comes before Rock The Cradle.


Jesse and Michelle are in Michelle's bedroom. Michelle is being put to sleep.

Jesse: The wheels on the bus go round and round. round and round, round and

round. The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.

Michelle: That was a good song. Thanks, Uncle Jesse. (She kisses him.)

Jesse: You're welcome.

Danny comes in.

Danny: You know, Jesse, you might be singing that to your kids someday.

Jesse: If and when I have any.

Danny and Jesse: Goodnight Michelle. They both kiss her and leave.


Becky is in the living room. Just as Danny, Jesse, the girls and Joey come in

the room, Becky runs out to to go throw up.

Joey: What's wrong with Becky?

Jesse: I don't know. She's been doing that for quite a while now.

Danny, do you know why she's doing this?

Danny: Well, I know Pam used to do this whenever she got the flu.

Becky comes back in the room.

Becky: Hi, guys.

All but Becky: Hi.

The next night................

Becky: Jesse, I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Jesse wakes up immediately.

Jesse: Why are you........

He gets interrupted when Becky closes the bathroom door.

He hears Becky throwing up. She comes out.

Jesse: Why are you throwing up all the time?

Becky: I don't know.

They both go back to sleep.

They wake up the next morning.

Becky and Jesse are at the table eating breakfast along with Joey, Danny,

Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ.

Danny: So, Joey, how's the Ranger Joe show going?

Joey: Great. I'm getting a lot of publicity. Michelle, how was your honey bee


Michelle: Good. Stephanie, how was your hangout club with Gia?

Stephanie: You little twerp. You weren't supposed to tell Dad.

They all start arguing until Becky talks.

Becky: Excuse me. She runs out.

Jesse: What's going on with her? It's happening every time I turn around.

Joey: I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

She comes back in.

Becky: Danny, can I ask you a favor?

Danny: Sure, Becky.

Becky: Could you do Wake Up San Francisco without me? I'm not feeling too

well. I scheduled a doctor's appointment for 10:00 this morning.

Danny: Sure, no problem.

Jesse: Honey, are you ok?

Becky: I don't know.

Becky walks into Dr. Crane's office.

Doctor: Hello, Rebecca.

Becky: Oh hi doctor.

Doctor: How have you been feeling?

Becky: I've been throwing up lately.

The doctor writes all this information down.

Doctor: I'm going to do a pregnancy test because it sounds like you might

have the 1st signs of pregnancy.

Becky: ok.

Doctor: I'll only be a few minutes. She exits.

She comes back.

Doctor: Now we'll only have a few minutes before we find out.

Becky: Can I use your bathroom?

Doctor: Sure.

Becky exits to go throw up.

She comes back.

Doctor: The test results should be just about ready now. I'll go get them.

She exits.

She enters with the test in her hand.

Rebecca still thinks she has the flu.

Doctor: I have good news for you. Rebecca, you're pregnant.

Becky: Oh my god. thank you. I have to go tell Jesse.

She exits to go drive home with the good news.

In The Tanner House..................

Danny, Joey, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, and Joey are finishing breakfast. Jesse

is too nervous to eat.

Danny: Ok everybody, time for school.

Michelle is picked up first.

The YMC van comes to bring Michelle to school.

Michelle: Bye.

She takes her Barbie lunchbox from Danny, kisses Joey and Jesse then leaves.

Just seconds after Michelle leaves, Stephanie's ride comes.

The Cruise Bus brings Stephanie to school.

She also does the same thing as Michelle and exits.

Joey: Well I better get going. I have to do the Ranger Joe Show. Bye everyone.

Everyone except Joey: Bye.

Joey exits and takes his Chevrolet.

Danny: Well, I better get down to the station before Mr. Strowbridge yells at

me for being late.

Danny exits and takes his Mercedes.

DJ: Uncle Jesse, I think you should eat something. You don't look well.

Jesse: I'm going to go sleep.

Becky comes in.

Becky: Hi, everyone.

DJ comes into the living room to greet Becky.

DJ: Hi, Aunt Becky. How did the doctor's appointment go?

Becky: Jesse............ She calls.

Jesse: I'm in here honey. He calls back weakly.

Becky and DJ go into the kitchen.

Becky: Jesse, DJ, I have exciting news.

Jesse: What is it?(weakly)

DJ: Tell me before I burst.

Becky: I'm pregnant. That's why I'm throwing up all the time. I have to go to

the store to pick up some groceries for the house.

Jesse is so weak he hasn't heard the news.

She exits to go to the store.

Jesse looks a little funny.

DJ: Uncle Jesse, are you okay?

Jesse: Yeah. He collapses on the floor.

DJ calls Becky on her cell phone.

Becky is driving home.

DJ: Aunt Becky, are you almost home?

Becky: I'm almost to the house. Why?

DJ: Uncle Jesse just collapsed on the floor. He was so nervous from seeing

you throw up, he couldn't eat anything.

Becky: Oh my god. I'll be right there.

Becky pulls into the driveway and opens the front door.

Becky and DJ scream at the sight of Jesse.

At this same moment that Becky and DJ are screaming, Danny, Michelle,

Stephanie, and Joey come into the house.

All except Becky and DJ: What's going on here?

They enter the house and run into the kitchen where they see Jesse on the


Danny: What's going on here?

DJ: Uncle Jesse collapsed. He was so nervous from seeing Aunt Becky throw up

he couldn't eat anything.

Becky: We better get him to the hospital. She calls 911.

My husband collapsed. He hasn't eaten anything for a while now.

Attendant: We're on our way.

Becky: Thanks. Bye.

Danny: What did they say?

Becky: They're on their way.

Joey(loking out the window): Correction. They're here loading Jesse into the ambulance.