Fan Fiction - Written by Other Authors

Danny's Lost Lond Son
Written by: A Fan


Danny:Guess what everyone Becky and I are flying to New York to interveiw a


D.J:Who is it?

Becky:We're going to interveiw a very famous actor we're interveiwing John


All exept Danny and Becky:JOHN STAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie: He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

Michelle:Who's John Stamos

Danny: Do you remember the movie The Wizard of oz he played thtin man.


(in the airport,Jesse is reading the newspaper)

Jesse:Whoo! The Beach Boys are flying to New York

Becky:Oh thats nice honey

Nicky:Daddy who are the Beach Boys

Jesse:Son their my favorite group

Alex:What kind of group

Jesse:MUsic group


Alex:Double cool

(now in New York airport)

Danny:Hey that kid looks kind of famillar

Stephanie:Do you who that guy is

Danny:Idont know i think so but i dont think so i mean im not really sure

Jesse: Danny make up your mind



D.J: Dad one question is he older that me

Danny:Yeah i think he's two years older than you


Michelle:Your saying that D.J is not the oldest

Jesse:From what your father is saying I don't think so.

(family runs over)

Danny:Chris where have you been all these years

Chris:After D.J was born you forgot about me so i ran away. Why diden't you

run after me

Danny:I guess we where to busy with D.J

Jesse: Ihave a nephew i'm so happy this is more exciting than Elvis, Did

those words just come from my mouth


(At hotel Room)

Danny:These are our rooms

Joey:You only got 2 rooms

(We now spot Kimmy in the Hotel)

Kimmy:Hola Mr.T

Danny:Kimmy do follow us around or something


Chris:Whos that idiot

D.J: Chris thats my best friend

Chris:Please make new friends

Jesse:You already know you younger sister but you have 2 more younger sisters

Chris:So what are your names

Danny:This is Stephanie

Stphaine:Hi (extended) He's Cute


Danny:And this is Michelle



(the next morning)

Jesse:Danny whats his full name, isen't a traditon in out family to give the

older child the last name of the mother before the got married

Danny:It is and we did that His full name is ....uh all Ican remember is

Christopher Tanner

Chris:Dad it's Christopher Nichaols Katsopolis Tanner dont you remember

(On the set of Wake Up San Fransisco)


Becky:Hi i'm Rebecka Domaldson

Danny: And i'm Danny Tanner and todat we will be interveiwing JOHN STAMOS and

also before we get to that I meet my long lost son Christopher Tanner

Becky:Now to bring out John Stamos

(Adience cheering)

becky- hi john


becky so john so now that you

Michelle inturputing

Michelle dad come here

(Chris is laying on the ground and has appeared to be shot and whole family

rund over)

Danny:Chris can you here me

Jesse:He can't he us


to be continued...........................