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A Surprise
Written by: A Fan

We find Becky in the attic talking on the phone.

Becky- Are you serious? You must be kidding! Alright I'll tell him. Bye.

Becky- Jesse, wake up!

Jesse- What is it Beck (groggily)?

Becky- I'm going to have another baby!

Jesse- What?! What do you mean you're having another baby?

Becky- I am. Let's go tell the others.

Jesse and Becky walk downstairs and call the others to come because

they have a surprise to tell them.

Danny- What is it Jesse? Can't it wait until morning?

Becky- I'm going to have a baby.

D.J.- Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

Jesse- We don't know yet.

Nicky- Are we big boys now?

Becky- Not yet boys.

Jesse- But you will be in 9 months.

4 months later

Becky (looking pregnant)- Jesse, get down here! Nicky and Alex need to be

picked up from nursery school.

Jesse- I'll pick them up now. (kisses her) I'll be back soon. (feels stomach

and talks to it) I'll see you later.

Becky- Bye, honey.

Jesse exits. Danny walks in the room.

Danny- How's the baby? (looks around) Where's Jesse?

Becky- He went to pick up Nicky and Alex from preschool. The baby's doing


Danny yells to Joey from the other room.

Danny- Joey, come look at the big load in here!

Becky-(sarcastically) ha ha very funny!

Jesse- I'm home with Nicky and Alex.

He walks through the front door.

Jesse- Boys, go give Mommy a hug.

The boys run to give Becky a hug but are stopped by the huge thing that

sticking out of her stomach.

Nicky&Alex- Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The boys run upstairs to their room.

Becky call after them.

Becky- Boys wait! There's nothing to be scared of!

Jesse- Maybe they're scared because they don't know how your stomach gets

bigger when you have a baby. We'll go talk to them, Beck.

They enter Nicky and Alex's room.

Jesse- Nicky, Alex, the reason why your mommy looks different is because she

is pregnant.

Nicky- What does prenant mean?

Alex- Sounds weird to me.

Becky- Guys, pregnant means that I am carrying a baby inside my stomach for 9

months and then I give birth to the baby.

Nicky- Sounds cool.

Alex- Like a balloon ride.

Becky- Do you guys want to feel the baby?

Nicky&Alex- Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Nicky and Alex feel Becky's stomach and feel some movements.

3 Months Later

Becky(looking pregnant now)- Jesse, where are Nicky and Alex?

Jesse- They're in their rooms.

Becky- Can you help me pack for the hospital? I know it's early but the last

time I went into labor I was 3 weeks early.

Jesse- Sure, honey.

2 Months Later

Becky is on maternity leave from Wake Up San Francisco and Vicky is taking

her place once again.

Becky- Boys do you want to feel the baby kick?

Alex- sure

Nicky- alright

Nicky and Alex feel the baby kick.

They are interrupted by the phone ringing.

Jesse- Hello?

Dr. Sinclair- Hi Jesse, this is Rebecca's doctor speaking. Is Rebecca there?

I have something important to tell her.

Jesse hands the phone over to Becky.

Becky- Hi Doctor. Oh My God! Are you serious?! Well I'll certainly tell

Jesse. Are you sure?! I'll tell him. Bye.

Becky hangs up the phone.

Jesse- What is it honey?

Becky- The doctor just said that I'm having triplets.

Jesse- Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jesse immediately faints from the good news.

Danny, Joey, D.J., Steph, Michelle, Alex, and Nicky run down the stairs.

Danny- What's wrong?

Becky- The doctor just called and said that I'm having triplets.

D.J.- Oh My God!

Stephanie- That's great!

Michelle- Wow!

Joey- Congratulations!

Danny- I'm stunned!

Nicky- Cool!

Alex- Good Job, Mommy!

Becky- Thanks boys!

It is now October 11, 1986.

Becky is about to feel her first contraction. It is 4:30 A.M.

Becky- Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jess!

Jess- What's the matter?

Becky- I think I felt my first contraction!

Jess- Let's time them. When they get to be 2 hours apart, we'll go to the


Becky goes back to sleep for 4 hours.

The contractions are now 3 hours apart. It is now 8:30 A.M.

Becky gets up to go to the bathroom and when she comes out goes back to bed.

It is now 10:30 A.M.

The contractions are now 2 hours and 30 minutes apart. Rebecca is having

trouble sleeping now more than ever.

When the contraction reach 2 hours and 20 minutes it is 2:30 P.M.

Becky(sleepily)- Is it time yet?

Jesse- Not yet honey.

Becky continues to sleep.

The contractions are 2 hours and 5 minutes apart and it is 6:30 P.M. Becky

and Jesse have already eaten upstairs in their bedroom.

Becky wakes up and is talking to Jesse.

Becky- Jesse, I'm scared. What if something happens to the triplets?

Jesse- Sweetheart everything is going to be just fine.

It is now 7:30 P.M. and Jesse and Becky are getting ready to go to the


Becky- Jess let's go if you don't want me to have the triplets in our bed.

Jess- Okay let's go.

They walk dowstairs.

Jess- Everybody, it's time. Becky's ready to have the triplets.

Danny- Let's get to the hospital now.

Becky is in the delivery room.

She is breathing through contractions.

Becky- Hee Hee Hee Whoooo!

Dr. Sinclair- It's almost time!

Please leave the room except for Rebecca's husband.

Everyone else leaves except for Jesse.

Doctor Sinclair- We're going to push on this one. Ok, Rebecca?

Rebecca- Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jesse- I see the head coming.

Doctor- The baby's out! It's a girl! She weighs 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

Jesse- It's time to push once again! Ready, push!

Rebecca pushes and the 2nd baby's head is emerging.

Jesse- Good job!

Doctor- The baby's out. It's a girl. She weighs 6 lbs. and 7 ozs.

Jesse- One more time okay honey?

Rebecca looks tired but has strength enough to push just one last time.

Jesse- Push honey, push!

Doctor- I see the baby's head crowning.

Jesse- The baby's almost out now.

Doctor- It's a girl. She weighs 8 lbs. and 4 oz.

The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and cleans the last baby.

Doctor- I'm going to transfer you to a room now.

Rebecca is in a hospital room and sleeping. When she wakes up, Jesse calls

the others in.

Danny- How cute!

Joey- Are they boys or girls?

Jesse- They're all girls.

D.J.- They're beautiful Aunt Becky.

Steph- Did you catch up on your sleep yet?

Michelle- Congratulations!

Nicky&Alex- They're sweet Mommy.

Becky- I know. They're just like you.

They all look happy as the theme song ends with everyone in the hospital room.