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My Number One Pal
Written by: Lilperfectrach

This takes place right after the episode "Double Trouble" when the family learns that Jesse and Becky are expecting twins.


(We find Joey talking to himself in his "pop eye" voice in front of a mirror in his room...)
Joey: (Pop Eye voice) Heh Heh Joey you crack me up
Joey: (regular voice) Yeah, well now I am a very funny boy-erm I mean man- aren't I?
Joey: (Pop Eye) Well yes you are. (laughs)
Joey: (regular) laughs back
(As Joey is laughing to himself in both voices, Danny enters)
Danny: Oh look how amusing this is, Joey talking to himself
Joey: (Pop Eye) I am-(regular) I'm just practicing
Danny: (imitating Joey's pop eye voice) Pop Eye the sailor man
Joey: You are such a disgrace Danny, if Pop Eye ever saw you do that, well he'd be too embarrassed to ever do tat voice again. Talk about insulting cartoons.
(Joey leaves as Danny's just standing there, trying to do it better.)

(Stephanie is talking on the phone)
Stephanie: Wow! This is great! This is so cool! This is amazing! This is... terrible. Ok Brett, I'll try and get my dad to take me. I'll call you back.
(Stephanie sits down on her bed and starts to think. Becky enters)
Becky: Hey Steph, what's wrong?
Stephanie: Well, my friend Brett, see, he invited me over to his house this weekend to watch a baseball game, but I don't think dad will let me go and I think he's too busy to take me.
Becky: Well I'll be happy to take you, let's go talk to your dad.
Danny over hears the dad part and enters
Danny: Talk to dad about what?
Stephanie: Well, see dad, Brett invited me over to watch a baseball game, is it okay if I go?
Danny: Just as friends?
Stephanie: Yes just as friends, (begging) pleeeeeeeease? (Hugs Danny)
Danny: Well I assume that if it's just as friends it's okay. (To Becky) My girls are growing up so fast. Soon you'll be a mom to two of them, life moves on so fast. You know, it reminds me of the time when-
Becky: (whispering to Stephanie) He's going to start a long memory, lets leave.
Stephanie: (whispering back) Good idea
Danny: (talking to himself) And so that's how I went over to a girl's house for the very first - (Look around) Steph? Becky? Anyone???

(Michelle is in the kitchen with about 50 pieces of construction paper around her, drawing her face with many crayons. Danny enters from upstairs)
Danny: Aww hi Michelle, what are you doing?
Michelle: Making these for Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky
Danny: (picks up a piece of paper and looks at it) So you're drawing a self portrait of yourself to hang on their walls? I always knew my girls had good talent.
Michelle: No, I'm drawing these so that he won't forget me
Danny: Forget you?
Michelle: Yeah, forget me
Danny: Now why would Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky forget you?
Michelle: 'Cause they are having new babies and they're never going to have time for me anymore and they'll forget me.
Danny: Umm, I'll be right back Michelle.
(Danny exits and Michelle keeps coloring)

(DJ and Kimmy are in DJ's room)
DJ: So Kimmy, I decided that because I was the editor of the Junior High school paper, I'm gonna right an article for the High School paper.
Kimmy: Good idea, call it (hands doing the sign for broadway lights) "The DJ Dilemma", or, "The DJ Democracy!
(Stephanie enters)
Stephanie: Oohh democracy and dilemma, great words Kimmy uses for that small brain of hers
Kimmy: It just so happens squirt that I know many big words
Stephanie: okay, so name some
Kimmy: Sorry squirt, I don't have time for that
DJ: Yeah Steph, me and Kimmy also want to start a business to raise money to get a gift for our new cousins
Stephanie: What job can you do with Kimmy? She has no brain
DJ: Well, before you interrupted us we were going to begin to think, so out!
(Kimmy and DJ push Stephanie out and shut the door)
Stephanie: (yelling toward the room) How Rude!

(Danny and Jesse are talking in Jesse's attic)
Danny: I just feel bad Jess, Michelle thinks you aren't going to remember her anymore once the twins are born.
Jesse: Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a stage. She knows she'll always be my number one pal
Danny: I don't think so Jess
Jesse: Oh c'mon, we had so many talks that she'll get over it
Danny: Well you better have at least one more before she makes a mess with those crayons all over my table
(Danny and Jesse exit)

(Michelle is still drawing in the kitchen, when Jesse and Danny enter)
Michelle: Hello people
Danny: Hey Michelle (sitting in the chair next to her) why don't you tell Uncle Jesse why you told me you were drawing all these self portraits of yourself
Michelle: Because he won't remember me when the babies are born. He won't even remember I'm his niece.
Jesse: (Sitting in the other chair next to her) Aww now Michelle that's not true. (Picking Michelle Up) I think it's time me and you little munchkin have another world famous talk.
(Jesse and Michelle exit and they re enter in Jesse's room)
Jesse: Now sit down right here Michelle, now why do you think I'm going to forget you?
Michelle: 'Cause now that you have your own kids, you're not gonna have any time for me and you're ging to never see me anymore.
Jesse: That's not true, Shorty. You know you're always gonna be my special pal, my number one best friend
Michelle: But we'll never spend any time together
Jesse: Of course we will, just because me and your Aunt Becky are having children doesn't mean that we're not going to love you guys
Michelle: You're gonna leave me
Jesse: Aww look Michelle, me and you are always gonna spend special Uncle to Munchkin time together. Kapish?
Michelle: Kapish
Jesse: How about this, how about I take you out for a special night just you and me okay?
Michelle: You got it, dude!
Jesse: Now I want you to give me the biggest hug ever! Ready, 1, 2, 3!
(They hug)

(Later that night......)
(Jesse comes in holding Michelle with her sleeping, her head resting on his shoulder. The two men are waiting, sitting on the couch watching TV.They walk over to Jesse when he enters)
Danny: So how was it?
Jesse: It was great, here I'm gonna go tuck this munchkin in and I'll talk to you about it later.
(Jesse and Michelle, still sleeping, exit)

(Michelle's room)
Jesse: (laying Michelle in her bed) Night Michelle, and remember, you'll always be my number 1 pal. (He kisses her)

End tune