Full House - Production

Full House was created by Jeff Franklin, who also executive produced the show, along with Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett. The series was produced by Jeff Franklin Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions, in association with Lorimar Telepictures (from 1987 till 1988), Lorimar Television (1988-1993), and finally by Warned Bros. Television (1993-1995).

The writing staff of the show changed a lot during the eight seasons of Full House. During the first season, there were at least three writing staff changes, with only Lenny Ripps (who remained at the show until the end of season 3) and Russell Marcus surviving the changes through the entire season.

Jeff Franklin was the only writer to remain with the series until the end, although all episodes he wrote and directed were during the first five seasons.

In the second season Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler joined the series, and remained with the show until the cancellation in 1995. By season 5 they took over as head writers and by season 6 they became executive producers.

Although the series was set in San Francisco, the show itself was taped at the Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles. The first episode of the final season, 'Comet's Excellent Adventure', was the only episode that was actually taped in San Francisco.

On a few other occasions the cast would shoot in other locations. Most notable are Hawaii, for the opening episode of season 3 "Tanner's Island" and the final two episodes of season 6, "The House Meets The Mouse (parts 1 and 2), which were shot at Walt Disney World.

Bob Saget, who was the producer's first choice to play Danny Tanner, wasn't available at first because of his work for CBS's 'The Morning Program'. Therefore John Posey was cast as Danny for the original pilot. CBS however, decided to revamp their morning show and fired Bob Saget. The producers then let John Posey go and re-shot the pilot with Bob Saget.

The role of Michelle was played by twins because California state law regulates the number of work hours for a young child. After the first season, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly left the show, because their mother was concerned about them missing out on having a 'normal' childhood. After the show's producers offered a significant raise in salary, she agreed to let the twins continue their work for the show.

Because the producer's didn't want the audiences to know Michelle was played by twins, they credited them as 'Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen' in the opening credits from seasons 2 to 7. In the first season opening credits, they were not mentioned. In season 8 the Olsen twins were given special billing in response to the popularity they earned as separate performers over the years. Appearing last in the credits, they were credited as "And Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle"

By the age of six, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, started to look so different that audiences could tell them apart. It was considered to chose one twin over the other, and have just Mary-Kate Olsen play the role. However, their fan base at the time was so huge, and co-star John Stamos didn't want one twin to leave the show, so both girls were kept in the rolebecause their teeth were coming in and falling out at different times, the Olsen twins had to wear fake teeth, so the producers could continue swapping Mary-Kate and Ashley during the later seasons of Full House.

During the show's run, only 5 main characters were added to the cast:
Lori Loughlin, who played Rebecca Donaldson on the show, was originally scheduled to appear in only 6 episodes of season 2, as Danny's co-host on 'Wake Up, San Francisco", but the producers decided to write her character into the show and give her a permanent role in season 3.

Andrea Barber, playing Kimmy Gibbler, had a recurring role during the first 4 seasons, but was made a series regular by season 5.

In season 5, Nicky and Alex Katsopolis, the twin sons of Jesse and Rebecca, appeared on the show. The baby twins were played by Daniel and Kevin Renteria, but in season 6 they were replaced by Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who played Nicky and Alex as toddlers for the rest of the series.

The last character added was Steve Hale, who was played by Scott Weinger. He's DJ's boyfriend in seasons 6 and 7, and returned in the series finale as DJ's prom date.