Full House - References

Other shows referencing to Full House
Often there's references to other TV shows or movies on television shows. Because of its popularity and publicity, Full House was also mentioned on several shows, either in a positive reference or to be mocked.

On this page you can find an overview of TV shows that have references to Full House. The shows are organized alphabetically. If you have found any other references, you can send them in using the contact form.

American Dad
Episode: Virtual In-Stanity (2011)
The show was mentioned in a dialogue.
Episode: American Stepdad (2012)
Uncle Jesse makes an appearance.

Beavis and Butt-Head
Episode: Kidnapped (1993)
Stewart tries to get Beavis & Butt-Head to watch this show with him.

Boy Meets World
Episode: Pilot (1993)
Cory talks about Full House
Episode: Once in Love with Amy (1994)
Morgan says she loves Full House.

Episode: The Last Temptation of Christy (2006)
Billie reminds Christy that she used to love John Stamos, calling him "Mr Full House".

Family Guy
Episode: Family Guy: I Dream of Jesus (2008)
The show is mentioned in dialogue.

Gilmore Girls
Episode: Bridesmaids Revisited (2006)
Gigi is watching "Full House" and Lorelia makes a joke about the Olsen twins weighing more in the show than they do now.
Episode: The Great Stink (2006)
Rory says that the word "adorable" should be used to describe Full House reruns, but not her relationship with Logan.

Hannah Montana
Episode: New Kid in School (2006)
Bobby Rae Stewart tells a reporter that Miley thought she was both of the Olsen Twins, then jokes about the show that made them famous.

House, M.D.
Episode: Gut Check (2012)
"Uncle Jesse and the Olsen twins" mentioned

I hate My Teenage Daughter
Episode: Pilot (2011)
Nikki says she had to tell Annie who the Olsen Twins were because she wasn't allowed to watch a single episode of Full House as a kid.

Episode: iCarly Saves TV (2008)
The actor in the Zeebo costume boasted of four appearences in the 1987-1995 family sitcom.
Episode: iSam's Mom (2010)
The Shay and Benson families and bodyguard watch it on TV.
Episode: iStill Psycho (2011)
Carly mentions the title.

Married with Children
Episode: England Show I (1992)
When Marcy criticizes Jefferson he replies: "Excuse me, do you remember [...] when I asked you to tape 'Full House' for me and you forgot?"
Episode: The Worst Noel (1993)
Al says a Christmas episode of this show is on TV.
Episode: Assault and Batteries (1994)
Peggy: "They're doing a 'Full House' in 3D." - Al: "Is the third dimension the funny one?"
Episode: Married with Children: No Pot to Pease In (1994)
A sitcom producer threatens a writer by saying: "Would you rather go back to 'Full House'?"
Episode: I Want My Psycho Dad: Second Blood: Part 2 (1994)
Al: "Oh sure, the tube can be blamed for a lot of things: Brent Musburger, 'Full House'..."

New Girl
Episode: Neighbors (2012)
Jess uses Stephanie's "How rude!" catchphrase.

Pinky and the Brain
Episode: Brinky (1997)
Romy calls Pinky and Brain Saget and Coulier who were in this sitcom together.

Episode: We're Going to Disney World (1996)
Roseanne says she wants to see todays episode of "Full House" because one of the twin-girls could die

South park
Episode: Death (1997)
"We want more quality television like 'Full House'"
Episode: Starvin' Marvin (1997)
"That's Sally Struthers dude. She used to be on 'Full House'"
Episode: Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut (1998)
"He's almost as bad as that guy from 'Full House'."

The Nanny
Episode: When You Pish Upon a Star (1994)
The show is mentioned by name.

The Simpsons
Episode: Gone Abie Gone (2012)
Full House is seen on a DVD.

Episode: Wi-Fi in the Sky (2010)
Robbie's screen name was 'LilStephanie21', which could be a reference to Stephanie Tanner.
Episode: Tori and Jade's Playdate (2012)
The name of the boy who owned the go-cart that Sikowitz ran over was 'Tanner'.
Episode: (unknown)
Cat's cousin's name is Jesse.