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It's no longer a rumor, as it has been confirmed that there will be a sequel to Full House, called Fuller House.
Late August, several entertainment websites shared a story about a Full House revival that could be in the works.

By the end of January, John Stamos appeared on "Watch What Happens Live". When a caller asked if a Full House reunion would be happening, John replied that there actually plans for a Full House sequel.

Early November 2013, a rumor about a possible Full House spinoff started buzzing around on the internet. Unfortunately, this turned out to be an April Fool's joke that was picked up again. How rude!

March 2013, Lori Loughlin talked about the possibility of a Full House reunion on two occassions. On March 18, she told Ryan Seacrest: "I don't think it would be worth doing it." Adding, "sometimes with shows like old shows let them be and let them be remembered as they were don't try to bring them back because it can be a disappointment."

A few days later, on March 22, she used similar words on an interview on HuffPost Live. Lori said there are currently no plans for a Full House reunion that she knows about. She also thinks Full House should be left as it was, and doubts a Full House reunion would be worthwhile.

A lot of Internet buzz has been made about a Full House reunion. Talking to Tahj Mowry, who played Michelle's friend Teddy on Full House, Hollyscoop asked if he knows anything about a Full House Reunion.

"I would be totally on board for a Full House reunion," Tahj tells Hollyscoop, "I just did a special for TV guide a couple months back and I finally realized how big that show really was."

Tahj also told Hollyscoop that he's still in touch with Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron-Bure. "I actually talk to Jodie [Sweetin] every now and then on Twitter and I see Candace [Cameron] all the time, because she's a good friend of my sister Tamera."

In 2009, John Stamos told The New York Daily News that he was still working on a movie idea. The story would probably take place in the first few seasons, and the characters would not be played by the original cast though, as John had Steve Carell and Tracy Morgan in mind for the roles of Danny and Joey and James Franco to play his role of Jesse Katsopolis.
In 2008, reported that at least part of the cast was planning to return to the small screen in an up-to-date version of the show. It would be a semi-remake of Full House.
To OK! Magazine, Candace Cameron-Bure confirmed:"John Stamos has actually been working on a semi-remake of Full House. I know it would involve me and Jodie [Sweetin]... We would revive our characters but today as young women."

It was reported however, that this idea will not be happing some time soon. A Warner Bros. source says, "We couldn't make the deal... It's completely dead right now." Apparently there wasn't enough interest in a series about the Tanner girls without the Olsen twins taking part.

In 2005, there were rumors that Stamos had pitched a Full House spin-off centering around Jesse, Becky, and the boys. The idea wasn't picked up for a series, however.