Cast - Lori Loughlin

Name:Lori Loughlin
Character:Rebecca 'Becky' Donaldson
Full Name:Lori Ann Loughlin
Born:July 28, 1965
New York, USA
Parents:No known information
Siblings:No known information
Relationship:Michael Burns (1989-1996, divorced)
Mossimo Giannulli (Married november 25, 1997)
Children:Isabella Rose (Daughter), born september 16, 1998
Olivia Jade (Daughter), born september 28, 1999
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Where is she now?
(People magazine, 2000)
She was hired for a six-episode guest spot in 1988 as Uncle Jesse's girlfriend, but Lori Loughlin stayed for seven years. "I kind of knew the first day that I was going to be there for a long time," says Loughlin, 35. "I felt I fit in immediately."
The rest of the cast thought so too. "There was never a formal announcement," says castmate Dave Coulier, "but Lori brought a female perspective, which brought a nice balance to a show with three guys."
The girls in the cast idolized their older female costar. "I had my first-ever kiss on the show," recalls Candace Cameron Bure. "I asked Lori, 'Am I supposed to keep my eyes open or closed?' She said closed. You wouldn't really want to ask anyone, but you knew you could ask her."
After Full House folded, Loughlin starred with Tony Danza in the short-lived sitcom Hudson Street. "To have a show that ran as long as Full House is rare," she says.
Lately she has been focusing on her family: husband Mossimo Giannulli, 37 (a designer whose once high-flying sportswear company is now being sued in bankruptcy court), and daughters Isabella, 21 months, and Olivia, 9 months. "I love acting, and I won't give it up," says Loughlin, "but right now, raising my kids is a full-time job."