Cast - Dave Coulier

Name:Dave Coulier
Character:Joey Gladstone
Full Name:Dave Coulier (pronounced Cool-Yay)
Born:September 21, 1959
Parents:No known information
Siblings:No known information
Relationship:Jayne Modean (1990-1992, divorced)
Children:Luc (Son)
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Where is he now?
(People magazine, 2000)
The high jinks never stopped on the Full House set, and comedian Dave Coulier, 40, who played Bob Saget's pal, Joey, was usually the reason.
When shooting in Hawaii, recalls castmate John Stamos, "we'd get kids to go up to Dave and ask, 'Are you the fat guy on Full House?'" Coulier, who says the show represented "a G-rated dysfunctional family," gave as good as he got.
"Dave had a gas problem," says Saget. "He'd let go right in front of the little Olsen twins. Mary-Kate would hold her nose and yell, 'Dave made a stinky!'"
After Full House, Coulier chose to focus all of his attention on the most important role of his life dad to son Luc, 9 (Coulier and Luc's mom, actress Jayne Modean, 42, divorced in 1992 after two years of marriage). "I feel like I've become a great dad." says Coulier, who shares custody with his ex. "It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done. It replenishes my soul."
Coulier has put his new energy into creating an Internet site for kids,, set to launch this month. "I wanted to create something like Full House, where a parent can say, 'I know you're safe watching that.'"
Occasionally, Coulier finds himself watching Full House. "I'll be in an airport and hear my own voice," he says. "I'll look around and see a TV set and go 'Oh, that's a really bad shirt. That's a really bad haircut.'"