Cast - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Name:Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley Olsen
Character:Michelle Tanner
Full Name:Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashley Olsen
Born:June 13, 1986
Sherman Oaks, USA
Parents:David (Father)
Siblings:Trent (Brother)
Lizzie (Sister)
Relationship:No known information
How to tell them apart:*Ashley has a freckle above her lip, and MaryKate has a freckle on her right cheek.
* Ashley's eyes are green and MaryKate's are blue. And Ashley's eyes are bigger and closer together than MaryKate's.
* Ashley is 2 minutes older
* Ashley is right-handed, Mary-Kate is left-handed
* Ashley has green eyes, Mary-Kate's eyes are blue
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Where are they now?
(People magazine, 2000)
"When they were 2, I used to flap my arms and tell them, 'If you guys run and flap your arms really fast, you can fly!'" recalls Full House castmate Dave Coulier. "Every day I'd ask, 'Are you guys flying yet?' and they'd say, 'No!'"
Fourteen-year-old twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who shared the role of adorable Michelle from ages 15 months to 9 years, are now soaring. Although their promising 1999 series Two of a Kind failed, they anchor a multimillion-dollar empire that markets Olsen Twins books (100-plus titles), videos (some 20 so far), game cartridges (for Nintendo and PlayStation) and a megahit Web site.
Last month, Mattel introduced Barbie-like fashion dolls ($30 per pair) of the Olsens. "It's kind of weird to have your own doll," says Ashley. "But it's neat too. I dress mine up in clothes like I have at home."
Coming at the end of the year an Olsens clothing line at Wal-Mart. To keep the products rolling out, the hardest-working twins in showbiz are often away from their Los Angeles home filming or doing promotional tours.
"It's a little exhausting at times," says Mary-Kate, "but it's fun to get away. We go to these different cities and shop at all the new stores."
The fraternal twins, who have a brother, Trent, 16, and sister, Elizabeth, 11, and split their time between their divorced parents, Jarnette, 46, and David, 48, who act as their managers, do not date yet.
"We're too young for that," says Ashley. "We just hang out with our friends." While they remember little of Full House except having fun, castmate Lori Loughlin believes the show gave the Olsens an excellent model for celebrity behavior. "We had no prima donnas," she says. "I think that helped them become well-rounded people. It's great to see them so successful."