Full House Scripts - Season 6

Episode 144 * The House Meets The Mouse (2)

Summary of part 1:

Michelle: Uncle Jesse! We're coming to Florida with you.
Jesse: No you're not.
Everybody: (spoken when we see footage of the airplane taking off) Yes we are!
Stephanie: Are you going to ask Vicky to marry you Dad?
(We see the clip of the clog Dancers coming in just when Danny was about to ask.)
At the carousel....

DJ: I gotta admit she's getting way too bossy.
Michelle: Who needs them? (she wanders off)
DJ: We just lost our little sister!!!!
(they call her name)

We see Michelle with a steel drum band dancing and having fun.....
Band Member: You having fun little sister?!
Michelle: I'm loving it! Do you think I'm bossy?
Band Member: Not you princess. Let's hear it for the princess! (Snow White comes in)
Snow White: Well, There you are princess.
Michelle: Snow White!
Snow White: We heard you ran away from your sisters.
Michelle: They had a bad attitude.
Snow White: Well I'm glad I found you.
Michelle: I still have two wishes left right?
Snow White: That's right.
Michelle: Then I wish I could have a tea party with Mickey and Minnie and all their friends.
Snow White: You're the princess.
Michelle: You're the only one who understands me.
Snow White: Very well. Come along princess.
Michelle: Thanks guys. (the steel drummers wave good-bye to her)

We see footage of the Living Seas exhibit and some underwater footage as Jesse and Joey finish up a show...
Jesse: That's it. That's a rap from the Rush Hour Renegades coming at you live from Epcot Centre in the world's largest bowl of clam chowder. I'm Jesse Katsopolis.
Joey: And Joey Gladstone. (in an underwater voice) Bye. Bye. San Francisco.
Jesse: Good show.
Joey: Good show.
Jesse: Alright this is perfect. I'm going to take Becky on this nice romantic cruise on the lagoon. It's our anniversary we gotta get a little romance going so come on let's go I gotta get out of here.
We see a shark...
Joey: Jess. I'm not going anywhere! There's a shark!
Jesse: Where? There's no shark in here. It's probably a flounder with an over bite. Listen Joey I know what a shark looks like and that.... (we see it again) That's a shark.
Joey: That's a shark. Does he look hungry to you?
Jesse: The shark's probably a vegetarian.
Joey: I'm sorry Jess. Ever since I was a kid I've been afraid of sharks. I mean some people are afraid of sharks, some people are afraid of the dark, some people are afraid of eggs.
Jesse: Joey relax I... EGGS?! Listen Joey. I'm going to swim to the top and I'm going to get you a skin diving shrink.
Joey: (scared) JESS!!!!
Jesse: Joey. You really are freaked out about this.
Joey: Well, let me just say I'm not touching you because I love your cologne.

Meanwhile by the lake Becky is with Chip and Dale....
Becky: I know what you're thinking. My husband's 45 minutes late. But he's coming! It's our anniversary. He won't disappoint me. You guys like chicken salad?
(Chip and Dale start clapping their hands Becky gives the basket to them)
Becky: Share that. (Dale slaps Chip on the head) Hey. No fighting.

Meanwhile with Jesse & Joey.....
Jesse: Guys. He's afraid of sharks! What am I supposed to do?!
Joey: Oh man Jess. I'm starving. Hey if you think we order a pizza do you think that 30 minute delivery thing applies underwater?
Jesse: Oh sure. It still applies. It's just that they'd bring the pizza down here in 30 minutes. The pizza would be wet, the cardboard box would be all soggy and... (he starts to get mad) AW what am I doing?! I'm starting to get water in the brain listening to you! Now listen. I am leaving okay. Becky is waiting for me. Now Joseph it's time to face your fears and find out what you're made of!
Joey: What if I'm made of shark food?!
Jesse: Sit down and put on your fins.
We hear Jesse and Joey's voices as they swim back up to the top....
Jesse: (slapping Joey's head) Get OFF MY LEG!!!
Joey: Oh there he is. There he is.... Oh we're not going to make it. We're not going to make it.
Jesse: We made it!
Joey: Told you we'd make it. (Jesse slaps his head) OW!

We see Snow White with Michelle and Alice, Donald, Minnie, Pinocchio, The White Rabbit, and Dopey....
Michelle: Hi guys. Thanks for coming. (they wave hi)
Snow White: Well, you got your wish princess. Shall we start the party?
Michelle thinks for a moment.....
Michelle: I changed my mind. Can I please have my wish back?
Snow White: What's wrong? Isn't this what you wanted?
Michelle: It's awesome. But it would be even more awesome if my family was here. (she sits down)
Snow White: I'm sorry you're sad princess.
Danny, DJ, Vicky, Stephanie, Kimmy, and Mickey Mouse come in.....
Michelle: Daddy! (Michelle comes running up to Danny)
Mickey leaves....
DJ: We were so worried about you.
Danny: Michelle. You know you're not supposed to wander off by yourself.
Michelle: But Daddy. I was so mad.
Danny: Well, that's no excuse we're going to have a long talk about this later.
Michelle: But Daddy. I'm the princess and nobody would do what I told them.
Danny: Sounds like you were trying to be the boss.
Michelle: The princess IS the boss.
Danny: Bruce Springsteen is the boss.
Vicky: Michelle. A good princess is fair and kind. That's what makes people love her.
Michelle: I'm sorry. You guys want to come to my party?
Danny: Oh we'd love to. Thank you. (he kisses Michelle on the head)
They talk to the characters and they respond with Hi, Good to see you, etc.
Stephanie: (talking to Pinocchio) Can you believe this?! We spent our whole day looking for Michelle. And she gives us a party. I ask you Pinocchio. Where's the justice?! (Pinocchio makes an "I don't know" sign.)
We see DJ and Kimmy with Alice and everybody's having a fun time....

We then see Jesse with Chip and Dale at the lake...
Jesse: Hey guys have you seen my wife? I was supposed to meet her here. She had that, "My husband's late for our anniversary! I'm gonna kill him!" look. Where is she?
(Chip and Dale point to the hotel)
Jesse: The hotel? Good. (Jesse notices they have his basket...) Hey is that my picnic basket?! Give me that! Rodents.

Jesse is at the hotel looking for Becky....
Jesse: Becky!
Becky sees him then turns away...
Jesse: Come on Beck I'm...
We see a piano and just when Becky's going to go in her room...
Jesse: (singing) For the times we had odds.... Here's a kiss from my heart. And a breath in your ear.... telling you I'm sorry. (Becky's at the top and watching Jesse sing) For the times we're apart.... here's a kiss with a tear..... And a heart.... full of love.... telling you I'm so sorry.
Becky smiles and then an instrumental plays as we see Jesse and Becky on the lake.

We now see Kimmy, Vicky, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, and Danny attending the Indiana Jones show and they start to clap....
Lady(on stage): Give yourselves a round of applause. You're a great audience enjoy the show everybody.
Everybody is clapping. Then we hear beeping noises.....
Vicky: Oh that's me. I mean it's not me it's my beeper. I have to call my office. (she leaves)
Danny: Okay. Hurry back.
DJ: So?
Stephanie: So?
Michelle: So?
Danny: So what?
DJ: So have you asked Vicky yet?
Danny: You mean to marry me?!
Kimmy: No. To ride Dumbo the flying elephant.
Danny: I've been trying to ask her all day but I keep getting interrupted. But I'm going to do it. I've finally figured out a way that nobody can interrupt me.
The show begins. DJ is looking at Indiana Jones...
DJ: Indiana Jones is so brave and handsome. He reminds me of Steve.
Kimmy: Huey, Duey, and Louey remind you of Steve.
We then see Steve (Indiana Jones) . He tries not to make any sudden moves. Then sharp things pop up as he runs up the stairs. DJ is staring at him. Steve then gets the golden object and puts a little bag where it is at. Then suddenly a huge round rock comes rolling toward him. DJ screams.
Steve: I love you DJ!!!
DJ: Steve! No!
Then the real Indiana Jones pops up....
DJ: No one thinks you're really here. (everyone claps)
Danny: Michelle. We still have some quality princess time left and a lot more rides to check out. What do you say?
Michelle: I say, "Let's do it!"
Stephanie: Dad. Would you mind taking me back to the hotel? Joey's there with the twins.
Danny: Are you feeling alright Stephanie?
Stephanie: Yeah I'm fine. I'm just kind of tired.
Danny: Well, you had a big day.
Stephanie: Not as big as Michelle's'.
Danny: What was that sweetheart?
Stephanie: I said, "Everything's going swell."
Danny: Okay Stephanie. But we're going to miss you.

Zippity Doo Dah is playing in the background as we see the rest of the family on the Dumbo ride. Kimmy takes her shoes off and Vicky and Danny can smell it from where they're at. Then we see them riding Indie cars and riding Splash Mountain....

Meanwhile back at the hotel.
DJ: Oh my gosh. I must be losing it. Now that guy checking in looks like Steve.
Kimmy: If you're going crazy. I'm going crazy with you. He really DOES look like Steve!
Steve: DJ!
DJ: Oh my gosh. He knows my name.
He comes running up to her...
They run up to see each other but Steve trips. DJ runs to help him up.....
DJ: Steve. I missed you so much. I kept seeing you everywhere.
Steve: I kept seeing you too. At the Supermarket I saw your face in the cauliflower, and then at the sizzler I saw your face in my cheese toast. And that's when I knew I just had to see you. I mean here in person. Not in my side dish.
DJ: I love you.
Steve: I love you too. (they hug)

Later outside Stephanie tells Joey about how she feels about Michelle.....
Joey: Hey Stephanie. Hold on for just a second. We got to talk about this. (he sits with her) Look I know you're a little cheated about what happened today Stephanie. But you also cheated yourself out of a heck of a lot of fun.
Stephanie: I did. Didn't I? I missed all my favorite rides.
Joey: Well, when Michelle was missing today how did that make you feel?
Stephanie: I was scared. I was worried something happened to her.
Joey: You know why you felt like that?
Stephanie: I don't know. I guess I love her.
Joey: Look I know you're angry at Michelle today Stephanie. But you can't let those bad feelings take away from all the good feelings you have.
Stephanie: Okay. I'll try.
Joey: At ya girl.
Stephanie: Thanks Joey.
Michelle and Snow White come in...
Michelle: Stephanie! I bet you can't guess what my 3rd wish is.
Stephanie: Bet you you're right. I'm sure it's something that would make you very happy.
Michelle: Nope. It's something that will make YOU very happy. (to Snow White) I wish my sister Stephanie can be the princess and ride in the parade.
Stephanie: ME?! YOU MEAN IT?
Michelle: I was thinking you should of been the princess anyway.
Stephanie: Thanks Michelle. But really. I couldn't.
Michelle: Okay.
Stephanie: But if you insist. (Michelle gives the crown to Stephanie) It's beautiful. Wow. Thanks.
Snow White: I have a special surprise. Since Michelle was such an unselfish princess your whole family can ride in the parade.
Stephanie: Alright! Come on let's go.
Michelle: This will be fun!
(Joey smiles)

We see the family in the parade. Jesse and Becky are with Nicky and Alex....
Jesse: Hey can you wave? Hey there's Mickey over there!
We see DJ dancing with Steve....
We then see Vicky with Danny....

Vicky: This is so much fun!
We see Joey dancing with Goofy....
We then see Michelle waving with Stephanie....

Stephanie: Thanks Michelle. This was unbelievable!
Michelle: No problem.

Later that evening Jesse and The Rippers are singing Hippy Hippy Shake. They finish and everyone starts clapping...
Joey: Yes San Francisco. Live from Disney World that was Jesse and The Rippers. And hey Snow how the heck did you like that song?
Snow White: It was wonderful!
Joey: Oh it certainly was. I even saw Captain Hook shaking a little booty on that one.
Jesse: This next song is for dreamers everywhere. Happy Anniversary honey.
Jesse begins singing "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" fireworks start and during an instrumental in the song......
Danny: Vicky you know that thing I been trying to ask you about all day?
Vicky: Yes.
A special firework that says, "Vicky, Will you marry me?" pops up....
Vicky: Oh Danny. Isn't that beautiful? Someone is trying to ask someone named Vicky... Oh my. My name is Vicky.
Danny: And my name is someone. No my name is Danny. Vicky look. I love you. Will you marry me?
Vicky: Oh Danny. Yes! Yes I'll marry you!
Danny: You said "Yes". "Yes." You just said. Girls she just said, "Yes!"
Everybody is excited for Danny.....
Danny and Vicky kiss. DJ and Steve kiss... Joey dances with Snow White. And Kimmy grabs Prince Charming's arm Cinderella looks at her and lets go.......
Jesse and the background singers are finishing the song......

Jesse: (singing) No matter how your heart is feeling... If you keep on believing..... (Becky smiles) The dream that you wish will come true......

The show ends with a shot of the fireworks.....


Episode Information:
First shown: 1993
Directed by: Jay Abramovitz
Written by: Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler

Guest Cast:
Vicky Larson: Gail Edwards
Steel band Leader: Jimmy Coleman
Lamp Seller: Micheal Marzella
Indiana Jones Stuntman: Kevin Brassard
Audience War-up: Candace Thiboult
Several Disney figures

Script edited by: J. Kruise
Lay-out: Martin van Dam
Written for: Full House Forever

Released: 04/03/2007