Episodes & Scripts - Season 6

121 * Come Fly With Me
The Tanners pick up D.J. at the airport. She's coming home after eight weeks spending her holidays in Spain - and she doesn't return alone:at her side is her now-steady boyfriend Steve who also took part in the tudent exchange program. The both don't get the welcoming expected.Because D.J. only takes care of her new friend (and also because they are bored), Steph and Michelle join a children singing group and findthemselves with the group in a plane heading to New Zealand.
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122 * The Long Goodbye
The long-distance romance bothers both, Danny and Vicky. When Vicky comes to San Francisco, both want to suggest they should also date others but the meeting changes their plans again. Michelle learns from her best friend Teddy that he is moving to Amarillo, Texas. She now fears being left behind without a 'best friend' and so she desperately tries to make Teddy stay.
123 * Road To Tokyo
Jesse's song tops the charts - in Japan. He gets an offer to go toTokyo to give some concerts. Though he and Becky have plans for theirtime there, Jesse is chased by appointments - nd fans. But this sudden fame soon goes to his head.
124 * Radio Days
After an interview Jesse gets the offer to take on the vacant job as a radio DJ - something he has already dreamed of. But he will get this job only with Joey at his side. Unfortunately, they don't get along well after Joey made fun of him during the interview. On the 'Ranger Joe' show Joey is assigned a new partner with whom he absolutely can't work together - he quits. At home Steph has to write an essay and she chooses a fight between D.J. and Steve to be perfect for that purpose. When things calm down again, Steph interferes to heats things up again.
125 * Lovers And Other Tanners
The school work of D.J. has deteriorated and the love for Steve has grown. But after she has forgotten to pick up Michelle, because her thoughts only keep turning around Steve, her dad exercices his authority and forbids her seeing Steve again. Joey and Jesse are about to broadcast their first radio show but Jesse's troubled with a cold and the pills has taken make him rather sleepy.
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126 * Educating Jesse
D.J. and Kimmy work together in a project which has the goal to revent students leaving school without graduating. But Jesse refuses to help. Taken to task, he confesses he is also a drop-out. With the encouragement of the others he is willing to make up the missing course. Michelle, on the other side, has troubles with tying up her shoelaces and - although the others try to help her learning it - it seems to be an insuperable problem for her.
127 * Trouble In Twin Town
Becky's snobbish cousin is coming to town with his wife and twin daughters attending a competition for twins. It's a hard time especially for Jesse as they don't get along well. After another offending remark by Dick, Jesse also enrolls his boys for the competition - something he originally didn't want to do.
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128 * The Play's The Thing
Michelle's class sets up a stage play, Yankee Doodle. Steph is the choreographer and Joey and Jesse step in as directors. Michelle is sure to get the part of the Yankee Doodle and follow the tradition (D.J. and Steph also played Yankee Doodle) but the directors choose a better one, Derek. This makes Michelle sulky. At home Danny spends more time with the twins after Michelle has told him she's too old. Becky isn't really happy about this because she wants too spend her time with the twins, too, but Danny is always one step ahead.
129 * Nice Guys Finish First
On saturday Joey plays in a charity icehockey-game. When 'Stonewall' Binkley shows up in his radio show and drives him mad again Joey wants to resign. Several years ago in the college state championships, Binckley, after he blocked a last-minute shot by Joey (and subsequently Binkley's team won the game because of that), humiliated him back then and wants to do it again. After another meeting, Joey, now even angrier, rethinks his decision and wants to go one-on-one in the game. But Michelle is scared by this now not-so-nice side of Joey ...
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130 * I'm Not D.J.
Steph wants to have her ears pierced to be 'in', but Danny forbids it as she isn't old enough. So she secretly let Kimmy do the work. Some days later her ear lobes are seriously infected. For the twins the time for their first hair cut has come. But before the kids lose it there's a lot of struggling - not by the kids but by Jesse and Becky !
131 * Designing Mothers
Vicky introduces Danny to her mother Liz, an interior designer. But she also wants to design Danny's relationship with Vicky when she already talks about a marriage beetween Vicky and Danny. One day later, as an excuse, she redecorates Michelle and Steph's room. But Liz' fast way causes a big argument beetween Danny and Vicky and as a result a (temporarily) break-up. KFLH gets a new boss, Alison 'The Axe' Axelrod, who wants to turn things upside down at the station and Jesse and Joey already fear getting fired.
132 * A Very Tanner Christmas
Steph and Michelle are only keen on presents. So Jesse takes them both along to a shelter for the homeless. Becky misses the white christmas back home, Danny is visited by a very special Santa Claus and Steve has been accepted by a university in Florida which depresses D.J..
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133 * The Dating Game
Josh asks Steph if she wants to go out with him and the other guys from the baseball team eating a pizza in the evening. But Steph believes (not least thanks to D.J. and Kimmy) that this is her first date. Joey, too, is keen on somebody: Alison, his boss at the radio station. He invites her for diner.
134 * Birthday Blues
It's Kimmy's birthday. But her best friend D.J. has forgotten this because the same day it's Steve and her Half-Year-Together jubilee. When D.J. finds out that it's Kimmy's birthday she ropes in all to set up a party in the fifteen minutes left.
135 * be True To Your Pre-school
After talking to friends Jesse also wants to have his kids attending Bouton Hall, an elite pre-school. For that he does everything even wrong statements on the application form. Kimmy is contrary to Danny's expectations an excellent driver. But the kids are not as grown up as thought ...
136 * The Heartbreak Kid
Michelle has fallen for Steve. When she wants to marry him everyone believes she's just kidding and plays along. But she has meant that very seriously ... Danny and Joey have a little dispute over an ex-girlfriend when Danny finds out that soon after she left him she turned to Joey.
137 * Silence is Not Golden
Steph learns from Charles, with whom she works together in a class project, that his injuries are not caused by accidents but he is beaten by his dad. On the following day Steph is told to look out for a new partner because Charles can't come for a week due to an 'accident'. At this point Steph - although she promised not to tell anyone - can't stand and she tells Jesse about it. Right away he calls the proper authorities. Michelle calls an expensive joke line several times which gets her into trouble when Danny finds out.
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138 * Please Don't Touch The Dinosaur
Danny and Jesse each lead a group of kids into the museum. Jesse prefers a more amusing way for his kids (including Michelle) and Danny prefers the more disciplinated way. Then due to Michelle's fault a dinosaur-skeleton crashes. A '68 Nolan Ryan Baseball card worth $2000 leads to some excitement but also some dissapointment.
139 * Subterranean Graduation Blues
Jesse get his high-school diploma and should give the commencement address. Michelle, now on an eco-trip to get a honey-bee badge, persuades all to go by subway instead of going by car. But the subway has electrical problems and Jesse misses his ceremony.
140 * Grand gift Auto
Joey has bought a '77 Firebird for D.J.s birthday. But the car isn't in a good condition and Jesse tries to fix the small problems. When D.J. wants to go out on a trip an Officer appears and tells the stunned clan the car is stolen ...
141 * Room For One More
Steph and Michelle watch over the neighbor's pet - a pig. Jesse wants to have again a baby, but Becky thinks over forcing her career. When Nicky is ill Jesse wants to air the radio-show from his studio to prove they are able to handle a third child. But it seems that nothing works out fine for Jesse - Joey has had a little accident, Nicky is calling him and then - there's that pig.
142 * Prom Night
It's D.J.'s prom night. Jesse's in charge of the music and Becky is one of the chaperons. It's a great time - until Steve and his ex-girlfriend Rachel are elected prom king and queen. Vicky tells Danny that she's not one year younger but one year older than he.
143 * The House Meets The Mouse (1)
Jesse is invited to Disneyland to give a concert. He wants to spend the time there alone with Becky, but then all others join them, too. In Disneyland the kids go their way and when Aladdin appears Michelle is the new 'Princess of the Day'. Jesse and Joey air their radio-show and Danny tries to ask Vicky something but is always interrupted. Michelle, as 'Princess', is the boss for the day and can choose what to do. But she overdoes and when Steph, D.J. and Kimmy discuss what they can do, Michelle disappears.
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144 * The House Meets The Mouse (2)
Steph is quite annoyed about the fact that Michelle is the boss (and bosses around) and everyone does what she wants. But Michelle knows what to do - she uses her third free wish to make Steph feel better. Jesse has a little problem after being too late for a date with Becky. The concert of Jesse & The Rippers is a great success - especially for Danny who gets a 'Yes' from Vicky.
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