Episodes & Scripts - Season 8

169 * Comet's Excellent Adventure
When Jesse has everything to do except rehearsing, the Rippers dump him. On the love front D.J. wants to quit her relationship with her boyfriend Nelson, a rich boy who spoils not only her but also Kimmy and D.J.'s sisters. Those are, of course, against a break up. Jesse, still under stress, allows Michelle to walk Comet by herself ... something which ends with a runaway dog (who himself enters the dating game right away).
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170 * Breaking Away
The twins start with pre-school - at least should - but Becky and Jesse simply can't let go, they think the boys are not ready for it yet ... although the boys really like pre-school. At home a little argument arises between Steph, who thinks she's old enough to decide how neat and tidy her room should be, and Danny who totally opposes - along with Michelle - the new outfit of Steph's room (and with that Michelle's as well).
171 * Making Out is Hard To Do
Because her mother will work longer in the evening Gia decides to throw a party where Steph can also meet Bobby. But Steph doesn't know that Gia has planned a make-out party. Jesse has to learn on his show that the Rippers have found a new lead, Barry Williams, and Barry & The Rippers are now on their way to the top. Danny has problems with his voice.
172 * I'Ve Got A Secret
Michelle and her friends founded a secret club, the 'Mighty Mutant Super Kids'. No one of the members is allowed to tell outside people ... but Michelle does tell her dad in order to get money for a game they want to buy. But Danny babbles and Michelle gets thrown out of the club. To fix this mishap Danny and the boys go for the game. While it's Kimmy's date with Nelson which makes D.J. kind of jealous, it's ex-dates which get Becky and Jesse into a little fight.
173 * To Joey, With Love
A flu epidemic hits the school and, lacking substitute teachers, Joey steps in as a teacher in Michelle's class. But against all odds it is not 'Joey', it's 'Mr. Gladstone' who enters the class. And when Michelle can't cope with a tough Joey, she's sent to the principal. Jesse puts together a new band and Danny wants an audition.
174 * You Pet It, You Bought It
It's a hot day in San Francisco and Michelle earns a fortune by selling limonade. Not knowing that she has over $200 in her box, Danny let her go to the candy store. She returns - not with candies but with a mule! Michelle's happy about her new pet but after the night she's the only one ...
175 * On The Road Again
Jesse has his new band together and hits the road again. For a concert his family accompanies him, and also Joey as roadie. Shortly before their leave, Danny discovers the shocking truth - D.J.'s dating Viper, the gitarist. It doesn't take a long time until he takes D.J. to task ...
176 * Claire And Present Danger
When Claire comes by with Gia (who stays over night), Claire and Danny meet again and go out on a date. Watching this, Gia and Steph already talk about them getting married and becoming sisters. And this is something Michelle really doesn't like as she, so she thinks, would be left out then. 'Can Jesse Katsopolis make a comeback?' That's a question which really bothers Jesse not at least because he thinks he never was away. Viper and D.J. run into a fight.
177 * Stephanie's Wild Ride
At the mall Steph and Gia meet to elder boys. Pretending they are already sixteen, Step and Gia go out with them on a highly dangerous joy ride with the boys' car! Of course it's a thrilling time but when Steph tells D.J. about it it doesn't sound that thrilling to D.J.. So when Gia and the boys want to pick Steph up in the evening D.J. forbids her to go. The men and woman in the house turn boys and girl when they get obsessed by Michelle's video game.
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178 * Under The Influence
The twins turn mad at Michelle when their bugging annoys her so much that she gets mean. Now Michelle and the others try to get the boys to forgive her - which isn't easy since they don't know what forgiveness mean. D.J. returns home from a frat party with a filled up Kimmy. To cover her she lets her sleep at hers. But on the next morning it ends with a fight when Kimmy thinks D.J. ruined her evening.
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179 * Arrest Ye, Merry Gentlemen
After Becky bought the same 'party tie' and Michelle hears the others joking about it, she wants to exchange her present. So she gets Jesse to go with her back to the store. There the grumpy owner refuses to exchange it, traps them inside the story and threatens to call the police. Nicky and Alex are afraid of Santa Claus.
180 * D.J.'s Choice
Viper comes by and tells D.J. that he needs more space and therefore quits this relationship, leaving behind a stunned D.J.. Nelson, who happens to be there, consoles her and sees a chance to win her back. But some days later Viper rethought his decision and wants her back again. Now D.J. has a problem: who to choose. At the playground the clan must learn that it has been completely detroyed by vandals. Together with neighbors the build up the playground again. In the course of this Joey destroys Jesse's hammer which has been in the family for generations.
181 * The Producer
On 'Bring Your Daughter To Work Day' Danny takes along Michelle to the studio. After the show Becky gets good news - which also means bad news for Danny: Becky gets a promotion and is now a producer of 'Wake up, San Francisco'. From the first minute, Danny doesn't like that idea and he apparently can't stand that she was promoted over him. So it doesn't take a long time until he quits. D.J. and Steph bet who can resists sweets longer. Joey has to deal with a Weasel-less future.
182 * Super Bowl Fun Day
Jesse and Joey promised to go on a field trip with Michelle's science club months ago. Now Joey reluctantly has to keep this promise - and this just on the Super-Bowl sunday. So the boys go to a sports-bar to handle both the club and the Super Bowl. But after they destroyed the TV set there they invite the guys there over to theirs. Michelle's club now can forget their trip and also D.J.'s interview with a representative for a scholarship is in danger with all the guys in the living room ...
183 * My Left And Right Foot
Learning that her feet have grown again, Michelle's the target of her sisters and Kimmy who make a lot of fun out of this. But this 'fun' impresses Michelle so deeply that she gets terrible nightmares. Becky, hearing the guys singing, wants to join their good-night-singing group but her howling makes the guys be against it - at least without some coaching by Jesse.
184 * Air Jesse
For a charity basketball game D.J. recruits Danny, Joey and Jesse for her team, who's competing against a celebrity-team put together by Kimmy. Special referee is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There's arising only one problem: Jesse absolutely can't play basketball. A training session with his other two team members also results in nothing. Then when he meets Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the basketball court (and of course not knowing who he is) Jesse finds his 'sweet spot' and a little bit of self confidence.
185 * Dateless In San Francisco
Michelle's class sold the most candy-bars in a fund-raiser and so the PTA decides throwing a Valentine's Day party for them. Lisa comes up with the idea that the girls need a date for that special event. Michelle gets Teddy. Of course, now as her 'boyfriend', things aren't that easy anymore, and there's stuff a real couple doesn't do - or does do. It doesn't take long and Teddy quits this 'relationship'. Also the others have plans for that day, only Jesse, 'The King of Romance', let Becky understand that their relationship is wooed out.
186 * We Got The Beat
Steph and Gia want to form a new, all-girls band. Under the eyes of Jesse Steph, Gia, Melissa and (get this!) Kimmy learn the first steps. But when the girls think their song for the upcoming 'Young Talent Search' is perfect they rather start working on their image and look than rehearsing more - and fire Jesse as their manager. Then on stage they have to pay for this. For an economics project, D.J. invest fictitious money but her success impresses Danny and Joey so much that they start to invest real money.
187 * Taking The Plunge
Joey, paired off with Nelson's cousin Regina from England - who helped arranging - gets the chance to meet the Queen at a reception. And when he actually meets her he goes by the book 'What to do when you meet the Queen' ... and makes everything wrong. D.J. and also Kimmy get a rejection from Stanford. Receiving this letter from her first-choice university hurts D.J. but for Kimmy it was the last hope attending a Californian college. A 'future shock' - questioning her future - is the result: with her new beau - or whatever - she heads off to Reno and wants to marry him (or whatever).
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188 * Up On The Roof
In need for a senior class prank - which should surpass Jesse's legendary prank back in high school - D.J. comes up with a great idea: With the help of Kimmy's boyfriend and a crane they want to 'park' the principal's classic convertible up on the roof. When rain is approaching D.J. and Kimmy and Jesse (to start the car) have to head back to shut the deck. Unfortunately, the security guard catches Jesse - who's covering D.J. - because when D.J. gets caught she can forget college! Becky, whose skills are questioned by the others, teaches Michelle how to cook.
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189 * Leap of Faith
On the show, Danny and Rebecca have an older lady who, despite her age, stills goes bungy-jumping. She invites both of them for another jump and Becky accepts - but Jesse can't. He tries to talk her out of this but doesn't succeed as she also wants to take a risk, at least once. Joey - accidentally - won two tickets for the girls for a Counting Crows concert. Michelle, mourning that she's always left out, gets the others to draw for the tickets ... and the loser is Steph. But Steph and D.J. have a plan how to win back the one ticket and soon Michelle gets the Shmedrick's Syndrome.
190 * All Stood Up
For a school dance Steph asks out Ryan. But on the actual evening Ryan doesn't show up and Steph is completely devastated. At the school, Danny accidentally meets Ryan and tells him about this. Afterwards, Ryan apologizes and invites Steph, but also tells around that he was threatened by her dad. Because of high blood-pressure Jesse should relax. But it doesn't take long and he is interrupted by Kimmy's bagpipe training. One sound leads to another and soon there's a war of music going on in the backyard. Michelle tries to win at least once against D.J..
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191 * Michelle Rides Again (1)
Steph rehearses Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet with Andrew for drama class. But Andrew always skips the kiss which worries her. Jesse and Joey prepare for a talk show audition. Michelle takes riding lessons, there she also meets Elizabeth, a girl her age. Also Danny and Elizabeth's mom meet and those two don't become friends - instead they get into an argument who of the kids is the better jumper. Elizabeth and Michelle, annoyed about their parents behavior, skip the jumping competition and go on a ride. There Michelle's horse refuses a jump and throws her off ...
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192 * Michelle Rides Again (2)
At the hospital - after Michelle woke up - the clan learns that Michelle suffers from amnesia and it could take a while until her memory returns. Kimmy organized a date for D.J. and the prom - Duane's brother Wayne.
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