Episodes & Scripts - Season 2

023 * Cutting It Close
Steph has accidentally cut off a tuft of Jesse's hairs while playing hairdresser, so he has to go to a real hairdresser. On his way home he crashes with his Harley. The bike has gone and Jesse has two broken arms. And Steph blames herself for everything happened.
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024 * Tanner vs. Gibbler
It's Kimmy's birthday and D.J. gives a surprise party. Kimmy brings along two elder girls which D.J. throws out because the just want to make a real big party out of it. Danny is the new host of the morning show 'Wake Up San Francisco'. His partner there is Rebecca Donaldson.
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025 * It's Not My Job
Jesse has sold his first jingle and wants to quit his old job now. But his dad isn't very delighted about the fact that his son wants to leave the family business. Steph has a cavity and fears the dentist.
026 * D.J.'s Very First Horse
'Wake up San Francisco' broadcast their show entitled 'Country Life in the City' from a farm. There D.J. meets Rocket, an old horse which ought to be sold. D.J. wants this horse and to proof she can handle it, she takes care of it for two weeks - then she would tell her dad.
027 * Jingle Hell
Joey has given Jesse the inspiration for the jingle he has written. It is accepted and Jesse asks Joey whether he wants to help him doing another one - as partners. They have done a jingle and now the presentation follows - but although he has promised not to do so Joey gives the presentation a touch of the 'Joey-Style'. D.J. and Steph have an argument because Steph always grabbs things which actually belong to D.J..
028 * Beach Boy Bingo
D.J. wins two free tickets for the Beach Boys concert. Her problem now is, who's her companion? She decides in favor of Jesse which especially makes Danny quite sad. Before the concert the Beach Boys drop by at the Tanners'. After spending an afternoon with them The Beach Boys invite them all to their concert.
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029 * Joey Gets Tough
When Joey is once again in charge of them, the kids want to stay up watching a concert. Danny, when he arrives back home and sees what's going on, tells Joey he has to be tough or he will lose all his respect. And the first one to meet a tough Joey is D.J. when she doesn't phone she's coming home later. Jesse & The Rippers have a guest appearance in 'Wake Up San Francisco' - with the lead-singer Danny.
030 * Triple Date
Danny has found a new girlfriend and invites her and two of her friends for a triple date with Jesse and Joey. But Denise is one of Jesses old girlfriends ... and Joey has found someone who doesn't like his jokes ... and Denise always thinks of Jesse (which makes it quite hard for Danny). But if you change the pairs everything's well again.
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031 * Our Very First Christmas Show
The Tanners are on their way to a family meeting in Colorado. But their plane has to land due to bad weather conditions - so they are forced to celebrate christmas in the waiting room of the airport.
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032 * Middle Age Crazy
Everything is more important than Steph: Jesse and Joey work on a jingle and have no time until D.J. asks them for help; Danny wants to film Michelle for his show. Steph knows she won't come out of this until she's married. Said and done - Steph marries Harry.
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033 * A Little Romance
Becky and Danny host a charity event where also bachelors are auctioned. Among them are also Joey, Danny and Jesse. D.J. has found her first boyfriend but Michael just uses and then spurns her which makes her lovesick.
034 * Fogged Inn (aka: Fogged In)
Jesse and Joey has worked all night to complete a new jingle but D.J. and Kimmy tape over it. Jesse gets very angry and yells at D.J.. As an apology he later gives her a drum. After an argument with his wife, Nick is ordered (by her) to stay - and also Irene has to stay when she can't leave due to dense fog. She will sleep in Joey's room who has gone onto a ski-trip with his girlfriend. But they couldn't leave the town either and he returns late at night.
035 * Working Mothers
Their latest jingle is another great success. So Jesse and Joey are offered to design a complete advertising campaign and if it succeeds they will get a fixed job. But Steph and D.J. fear if that happens nobody will be at home to take care of them.
036 * Little Shop of Sweaters
It's Valentine's Day and D.J. gets a beautiful, royal blue sweater. In school the sweater is destroyed when she puts it aside. She doesn't want to tell her dad so she goes to the shop to buy a new one - but it is too expensive. Steph, who wants to help her, misunderstands the meaning of 'Buy now, Pay later' and grabbs the sweater.
037 * Pal Joey
Joey has become a good friend and partner of Jesse and spends a lot of time with him. Danny feels neglected and alone. He is also annoyed because he thinks Joey has broken his promise which they had given each other twenty years ago, that they will always be best friends and there for the other one. Harry has fallen for D.J.. Steph now thinks D.J. has stolen her friend and moves into Michelle's room.
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038 * Baby Love
Becky brings her nephew Howie on the show. Michelle, who watches, falls in love. When Michelle and Howie meet they become the best friends but it doesn't last long when Howie has to go back to Nebraska. The seperation makes Michelle kind of lovesick. Steph serves a hard night after watching a horror movie.
039 * El Problema Grande de D.J.
D.J. has very good grades in school, except in Spanish. She asks her dad if he couldn't talk to her teacher. And Danny talks - and kisses. Her dad and her teacher - this is not a great pleasure for D.J.. Michelle should be the the star for a new marshmallow spot.
040 * Goodbye, Mr. Bear
It's like Christmas Eve for Danny - the time for the spring-cleaning has come. Little cause, big effect - Jesse now knows what that means after he has broken off a drawer-handle. Steph gets really upset when she finds out that Joey has accidentally given away Mr. Bear.
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041 * Blast from the Past
After ten years Patty gets again in touch with Joey. Danny doesn't want Joey to fall in love again because the last time she broke his heart when she left him with only leaving back a short notice. But Joey and Patty come together again. Kimmy (with her conjuring tricks) is the reason for Steph and D.J. being as close as they have never been before.
042 * I'm There for You, Babe
Everyone wants to have Jesse something done - Joey (writing a jingle), D.J. (Jesse is the trainer of her soccer-team), Danny (his car has broken down), Steph (needs cookies), Michelle her Jack doesn't come out of the box) and even Becky (wants to go to a wedding). But Jesse thinks he could handle it all. At night he has a gig at a local bar where also a music-critic should appear. There he finds out that his band is in Sacramento because he has signed up for two different gigs at the same time. And now the clan is here for him ...
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043 * Luck Be a Lady (1)
The clan goes to Lake Tahoe, from where a live-show of 'Wake Up, San Francisco' is aired. There in the casino D.J. wins the jackpot but loses it again because she isn't yet 21. Jesse gets jealous when Becky only talks to and about the filmstar Masters (who is a guest on the show). As a result he tries to make her jealous. When they have calmed down again they both realize they love each other and Jesse proposes to her.
044 * Luck Be a Lady (2)
Jesse wants to marry as soon as possible - in one hour, without telling the others. But they've forgotten 'Simon & Simon', D.J. and Steph, who find out their secret. Danny tries to persuade Jesse not to marry but without success. During the ceremony Becky realizes that there is a lot left to talk about.