Episodes & Scripts - Season 7

145 * It Was A Dark and Stormy Night
The kids return home from their summer camp. But back home they only keep on talking about the time in the camp and this makes the others, who really missed them, feel being neglected. Because Michelle took along Gilbert, a rabbit whom they had taken care of in the camp, the kids go back to the camp to release him into freedom. But due to heavy storm and rain they strand there.
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146 * The Apartment
D.J. visits Steve in his new, own apartment. But in the evening being overdue makes Danny kind of nervous, especially after he finds out that Kimmy, like he thought, is not with them. Jesse and Joey cement the driveway. Michelle seeks a hobby of her own.
147 * Wrong-Way Tanner
Like her sisters before, Michelle starts to play soccer. But she isn't that good like them. Pushing her, Michelle scores in her first game, shortly before the end, the winning goal - for the opposing team. This own goal depresses her. Steph goes through the house taping mishaps of all the family members.
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148 * Tough Love
The twins disobedience starts to effect the life of the people living at the Tanner's. Becky and Jesse is told they should start educating the boys. But being a severe dad is the last thing Jesse wanted to become. Vicky pays a visit and cooks a diner for the whole family.
149 * Fast Friends
For two weeks now Steph is in her new school, DiMaggio Junior High. Her old friends attend different schools and she hasn't found any new friends yet. The key to finding new friends is being 'cool' and after she has found some she learns that being cool also includes smoking and breaking rules. 'The Rush Hour Renegades' now start a new 'Teen Talk'-talk show, co-hosted by D.J., Steve and Kimmy.
150 * Smash Club: The Next generation
Jesse has inherited the Smash Club, a club where Jesse & The Rippers often played in their earlier days. Jesse now wants to renovate and reopen this now shabby, for two years closed club but he needs a loan to reach this goal. Now all he needs to do is to convince the bank employee that his project is meant seriously to get the money. Michelle uses the twins as her personal servants.
151 * High Anxiety
Michelle's growing up faster than Danny is accepting and his behavior (cute caps, kissing her in front of her friends) and high anxiety when she does 'dangerous' things, embarasses her. Jesse has to make some decisions about the Smash Club's facilities and installations - sounds easier than it actually is ...
152 * Another Opening, Another No Show
The 'Smash-Club' is now ready for re-opening. But on the actual day everything seems to go wrong and this shatters Jesse's nerve, especially that R.E.M. is not the group as thought to be. However, the moment of letting in the first guests is near but Jesse is locked in a room with Kimmy. Inbetween the other try to keep things up as best as they can.
153 * The Day Of The Rhino
Michelle and Denise are mad about Rigby, a star on TV. They buy an 'Action Rigby' doll which is advertised on his show. But when the dolls are delivered the kids are quite shocked about their size: they're much smaller then on TV! Feeling being cheated they go (under the lead of Joey) to tell Rigby that he's a crook and the dolls are a rip-off. What to answer women when they ask something about their outfit ? Danny and Jesse know ... but Steve knows better.
154 * The Prying Game
While being at the library Steph watches a girl talking to Steve - and even kissing him. Thinking that he's cheating on D.J., Steph and Kimmy ally themselves and break in at Steve's - and find this girl there ! Danny and Joey talk Jesse into advertising and selling his invention he has made some time ago - a spraying protection, so the face won't get sticky when spraying the hairs.
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155 * The Bicycle Thief
Michelle reports her bike missing and the gang goes out searching for it. Later on, each of the boys returns with a bike similar to Michelle's but none actually is Michelle's. Soon after they have realized that this makes them thieves, too, the Crime Catchers (some kind of neighborhood watch) are after the mysterious bike-thieves.
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156 * Support Your Local Parents
In kindergarten Nicky and Alex play only with themselves and not with the other kids there. Jesse first ignores the problem but later on he agrees to join a support group where he and Becky learn about the twins' problem. D.J. gets a ticket (due to Kimmy's fault) and fears telling her dad. Unfortuately, Steph and Michelle know from the ticket and blackmail D.J..
157 * The Perfect Couple
Joey hosts a pilot of the game show 'The Perfect Couple' and wins over his family members as guest: D.J. and Steve represent the dating, Becky and Jesse the married and Danny and Vicky the engaged couple. But Vicky is too late and Danny gets assigned an assistant as partner who he has never seen before but, nevertheless, the both know each other quite well. Jesse has troubles accepting the fact that his wife Becky knows him inside out. On the other side D.J. thinks, she and Steve doesn't know each other at all. At home Steph does the babysitting but has some troubles to get the twins under her control.
158 * Is It True About Stephanie?
The guitar player Jamie wants to date Steph and she accepts. But Gia, who told her that she's after him, gets angry and, after Steph refused to resign, she tells everyone in school that Steph pays guys to date her. As also Jamie is hit by this lie he cancels the date. Angrily, Steph and her friend Mickey work out a plan to humiliate Gia. And it works, almost too perfect ...
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159 * The Test
The SAT is approaching and causes panic fear for D.J.. The result is a real bad nightmare the night before the test in which everything possible goes wrong: Oversleeping in the morning and of course being late, the neighbor she yelled at is the teacher, last-minute changes, her dad and Becky come by to broadcast live and at last she fails the test with not even the name written correctly.
160 * Joey's Funny Valentine
After a couple of weeks Joey finally introduces his girlfriend Roxy, a stand-up comedian, to the family. But as she's that nervous she can not tell any jokes for the impatiently waiting family. So Joey invites all to the Smash Club to see her on stage. But the Tanner-clan is the subject of her jokes and this isn't exactly the way into someone's heart. Big Sid, the parrot's owner, is happy to have Little Sid back and rewards the girls with a product of their choice from his catalog: D.J. wants to have a big-screen TV-set and Steph a Karaoke machine - so the decisive vote is left for Michelle.
161 * The Last Dance
Papouli, Jesse's grandfather from Greece, visits and for the clan it's very pleasant to have him around. But in one morning he doesn't wake up again: he died in his sleep. Everyone, especially Jesse, is, of course, affected deeply by this.
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162 * Kissing Cousins
Jesse returns from Greece - with his Cousin Stavros at his side. Stavros is welcomed and moves in at the Tanner's while he's in San Francisco. But after only a few days the Tanners have enough of the crooky Stavros and want to through him out of the house. Only Jesse has trust in him and when Stavros tells that he has to leave due to a landslide back home Jesse organizes a fund-raiser. But the kids find out that he just want to go off to Florida with all that money.
163 * Love On The Rocks
Steve is choosen to go to L.A., just the week D.J. has holidays. During that week Kimmy convices D.J. to go on a trip with her and her boyfriend Keanu. There D.J. realizes (not at least because of watching Kimmy and Keanu) that her relationship with Steve has lost a lot of fire and she wants to rethink the whole thing. At home Joey plays an April fool joke (well, it's not April, but then everyone's awaiting his jokes) on the clan by resetting all clocks in the house.
164 * Michelle A La Carte
Hearing about it, Michelle also wants to take part in the soap-box race and Becky volunteers to build the cart. But Kenny, her big rival, announces that girls can't race and even build a cart. And when Danny and Jesse with Becky also joke about it, Michelle quits. Joey takes ballett lessons from Steph to improve his skating.
165 * Be Your Own Best Friend
In Michelle's class it's parent-volunteer-day, this time with Danny. Danny wants the kids to trace their best friend. Now, after Teddy has returned, Michelle has a problem: who to trace? But then she's left without even one best friend after she tried to decide in favor of the one who has more gifts to offer. When Roxy and Joey run the radio show nearly without him, Jesse gets sulky.
166 * A Date With Fate
For the first time since their break-up, D.J. and Danny are back in the dating game: Steph has arranged a blind date for D.J. and Danny takes on Becky's suggestion to date a camera person. But then the two pairs wind up at the same restaurant and D.J. and Danny's partner make off together. D.J. soon meets a nice waiter and helping an old lady finally pays off for Danny, too.
167 * Too Little Richard Too Late
Michelle's favorite class, art, is canceled due to budget cuts. At a PTA meeting Danny and Joey stand up for taking back this decision and finally Danny suggests Joey as a candidate for the upcoming presidental election. But the campaign is quite tough as Joey's opponent, Mrs. Carruthers, wants to stay PTA president. So it's no bad deal when Denise's uncle Little Richard agrees to help Joey.
168 * A House Divided
Too many people, too little room. After several people living in the house started complaining about having not enough room it's very suitable when a tycoon makes a lucrative offer for the house. Most agree to move, only Michelle wants to stay. So she, with help from Denise and Teddy, tries her best to flunk the final inspection.
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