Episodes & Scripts - Season 3

045 * Tanner's Island
Being together two years Danny invites all to Hawaii. Danny has booked up every minute which isn't that funny for the others. And then when they land on an island and due to Danny's fault the ship has carried off it's hard to keep up the good mood.
046 * Back to School Blues
School starts again. Steph is now the only Tanner left in her school but against her expectations it's a really good day. Not so for D.J.: She is now in Junior High and it should be the first step becoming a teenager. But life isn't easy being a frosh. Jesse learns playing golf.
047 * Breaking up is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)
Steph loses one of her milk teeth for which the tooth-fairy, who operates in the dark night, pays a lot. Jesse and Becky have a big argument, whether they should do anything together even if it's no fun for the other, which causes a break-up between them. But nobody is happy about it.
048 * Nerd For A Day
D.J. has to watch a person for one day and write an essay about it. She chooses Michelle to be that person. In the morning show Joey stands in for Becky who is out of town. Steph is told by Jesse she has to apologize for insulting Walter. But now Walter, a nerdy boy from her class, thinks she loves him. And when the other kids see them both holding hands it's Steph who's the target.
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049 * Granny Tanny
Danny's mom is coming to visit the family. Because she has retired Danny want to make her feel they need her. He also wants the other to lie to reach that goal. And it works - too - well: Claire wants to move in. Michelle gets a new bed.
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050 * Star Search
Danny shows a videotape of the old days in which Joey promises he would be a famous comedian and would sit between Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson within ten years. Now with two weeks left he's far away from reaching his goal. Danny tries to bring him into the show 'Star Search' hosted by Ed McMahon. And he gets a positive answer. Now the rest is up to Joey and his talent to beat the champion.
051 * And They Call It Puppy Love
Joey and Michelle are outside having a little rest when a dog shows up and steals Joey's snack. Joey and the other kids want to adopt it right away but Danny and Jesse are not that happy about it. Then the dog is also ready to throw puppies and the place she's chosen is Jesse's bed.
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052 * Divorce Court
One room for two girls is simply not enough. So Steph and D.J. argue who's allowed to be there and who's not. As a result Steph moves into Michelle's room but that's just like falling out of the frying pan and into the fire. To solve the problem Danny summons the family court. The boys themselves have another problem and they solve it their way: to find out who's the best athlete they want to race. But it gets more seriously then expected when Becky shows up to tape this event for the show.
053 * Dr. Dare Rides Again
Pete, an old friend of Jesse, comes by. Talking about the old days makes Jesse realize that his life has lost a lot of 'action'. Then when Pete accidentally insults him (while he was just kidding) Jesse prepares to repeat one of his highly dangerous stunts.
054 * The Greatest Birthday On Earth
The Tanners are preparing a circus party for Michelle's upcoming third birthday. Michelle, of course, can't await it. On the actual day Jesse goes out with Michelle and Steph to repair Danny's car but the three end locked up at the gas station. At home Danny and Joey - the clowns - and D.J. have to run the show for the guests alone - without Michelle. Meanwhile at the station, Jesse and Steph try to cheer up Michelle with their own circus party.
055 * Aftershocks
An earthquake has left its marks on Steph. She always wants to be at Danny's side, no matter whether the other boys are here or not. In the end Danny can't even leave the house. So he stays at home for a while and spends some time with his daughter but it even gets worse. Jesse and Joey recommend that he should consult a psychologist. D.J. has her first experience with pimples.
056 * Joey & Stacy and ... Oh, Yeah, Jesse
Joey has fallen for Stacy, one of Jesse's background singer. She explains Joey that he should not let himself always be bossed around by Jesse. When a presentation (based on an idea by Jesse) for a new spot fails Joey presents it his way and Jesse gets upset. Comet has brought new life into the Tanner household. He continuously ruins things lying around like homework or shoes. But the first real victim is Mr. Bear who needs an operation after he had a close encounter with Comet. D.J. and Michelle try their best - but will he survive ?
057 * No More Mr. Dumb Guy
Jesse should accompany Becky to an upper class culture-meeting. Fearing that he could make a fool out of himself he studies hard. When the evening has come excactly the most dreaded happened. And now, how should this relationship - on the one side there's he, the tough guy, and on the other there is the cultured Becky - go on ?
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058 * Misadventures in Baby-Sitting
One phone for all clan members is certainly not enough - so D.J. wants a phone of her own. She is willing to pay it from her own money but she'd need a job. Kimmy let her do the baby-sitting for Brian. But there's no way for Brian to obey and it's going to be a tough evening for D.J.. Then he gets caught in the stairs and now its up to D.J. to get him out. The guys and two friends are having a poker round in Danny's kitchen.
059 * Lust in the Dust
Danny has again cancelled a date. Now D.J. and Steph want to pair off Danny with Steph's dancing teacher. And it works. The both have a great time together - until Danny sees Karen's room which is completely untidy. As he can't live with that (or with a person who tolerates such a mess) he also quits this relation.
060 * Bye, Bye Birdie
Michelle's first day in pre-school - she really can't await it. But there she let the bird, the kid's pet, out of its cage. The bird is gone and Michelle serves a hard day because no one there wants to be her friend. Now she has enough and doesn't want to go to pre-school any longer. Steph wants to find out D.J.s secret by reading her diary. Accidentally she breaks the lock and now wants to fix it. But thanks to the glue she finally can't get rid of the diary.
061 * 13 Candles
D.J. is now a teenager. A lot of friends are coming to her birthday party and among these is also Kevin whom she had fallen for. Kimmy tries to get them dancing with each other but she fails. Then as a last way she uses the 'rotating the bottle'-game to get them both kissing each other. But this fails, too, because they are interrupted by the guys who were listening.
062 * Mr. Egghead
Joey should be the new Mr. Egghead. Mr. Egghead is a character in a show who explains scientific topics to children. For one of the demonstrations Steph - her class visits the taping - is his assistant but due to his carelessness Joey breaks her nose. And this one day before the class photo is taken.
063 * Those Better Not Be The Days
D.J. and Steph take everything the guys are doing for them for granted and even don't thank them for helping them all the time. So Danny and the others want to teach them a lesson: they suggest exchanging roles - so the kids are in charge of everything and the boys are the 'kids'. But D.J. and Steph doesn't catch what the boys want to tell them with this and Danny, Jesse and Joey already see their future in spending their time for the never-growing-up kids.
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064 * Honey, I Broke The House
Twenty minutes left until dance training, so what to do? Steph knows - get into Joey's new car, turn on the radio and ... uups, this 'R' doesn't stand for Radio! Well, Steph has backed the car right into the kitchen. Now there's only one thing she can do - leaving and going to Mexico.
065 * Just Say No Way
D.J. and Kimmy organize the 'Spring Backwards Dance'. For the 'Dance' part they are in need of a band after the originally planned has cancelled. Well, they've got Jesse - but without his band. So D.J. simply assigns the marching band to him. The 'Backwards'-part indicates that a girl should ask a boy and because D.J. doesn't dare to ask Kevin, Steph does. At the dance D.J. surprises Kevin with two other boys drinking beer. She takes away the beer telling them what she thinks about that. Unfortunately this is the moment Jesse comes in and sees D.J. holding the beer can.
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066 * Three Men And Another Baby
The boys should take care of the neighbor's baby, Tony. He sleeps in Michelle's old bed, in her room, plays with her toys, and Jesse sings her songs. In her opinion Jesse anyway takes too much care of him. She gets jealous feeling neglected.
067 * Fraternity Reunion
Ten years ago the seal of Danny and Joey's fraternity has been stolen by a sorority due to Danny's fault, and each reunion he has to pay for it. Joey has now the idea to steal it back. So the both dress up as women and go to the women's reunion. But the plan fails, they get caught and land up in jail.
068 * Our Very First Telethon
It's the first 'We Love Our Children' telethon, hosted by Danny and Becky. The goal is to get one million dollars within 24 hours and everyone from the family has his/her stage appearance, even Kimmy. The last 4 hours Jesse and Joey have to host the show when Danny falls asleep.