Episodes & Scripts - Season 5

095 * Double Trouble
School starts again and Michelle now enters kindergarten. But the new life in school isn't exactly what Michelle wants to have. Jesse and Becky learn that they are expecting twins. While Becky is pleased about getting two babies Jesse fears the big responsibility awaiting him.
096 * Matchmaker Michelle
Realizing that she doesn't know what it's like having a mom she tries to find someone for her dad. And it doesn't take a long time until she finds the right person for that 'job': Miss Wiltrout, her school teacher. Getting no record contract because of his soft image leads to a new, harder one for Jesse. D.J. has to write an essay entitled 'What it's like to be someone else ?'. For that purpose she changes roles with Kimmy who now lives for some days at the Tanner's.
097 * Take My Sister, Please
D.J. has enough of Steph's continuous disturbances. So she pleads for a room of her own and her 'application is sustained'. This now would make Michelle and Steph roommates but Michelle doesn't want to share a room with Steph, either.
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098 * Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?
Someone has set the rumor into the world that D.J. is the worst kisser. Danny, who knows that D.J. has a 'mega-crisis', tries to find out what this is. But D.J. wants to solve this problem on her own and refuses to tell her dad.
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099 * The King And I
Jesse has the chance of getting a record contract if he can compose a hit song. The Tanner clan prepares to go to Lake Pollock for a big family reunion where also competitions between the various families take place. When it's time to leave, Jesse, who simply has no idea for a song yet, refuses - in a nasty way - to go with them. Later on in a diner he meets a man whose words make Jesse realize what counts...
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100 * The Legend Of Ranger Joe
For Joey the day starts like all those boring, nothing-good-happens days before. But after a bumpy start the day brings a lot of good luck for him. He wins two tickets for a show, a pretty, female technician shows up who accepts his invitation and the day's climax is Ranger Roy's announcement that he will retire as cartoon show host and is now searching for a successor. He meets Roy and gets the job. And then the luck turns ... he loses the tickets because one of his relatives work there, now he has to cancel his date and then he loses the 'Ranger' job because he hugged Ranger Roy who has angst from being touched.
101 * The Volunteer
D.J. has joined a program where students visit senior citizen to keep them company. Eddie, the one D.J. is assigned to, is a nice guy. Later on when she has to leave again she asks him if he would like to come with her to the dog show taking place in the Tanner's backyard. He accepts and accompanies her saying no one must be informed. At home she notices that something is wrong with him and the nurse (who has searched for him and comes by later) tells what this is: he suffers from the Alzheimer disease.
102 * Gotta Dance
Steph is told she has the talent to become a pro dancer. She wants to go for it only to find out that then dancing is all she does all day long. She wants to quit but after all that begging to be allowed to she's afraid of telling her dad. Thinking that he won't come to her baby shower Becky tells Jesse it's a regular party. But Jesse has his ways to find out what's really going on.
103 * Happy Birthday, Babies (1)
Michelle turns five and to reduce the time until the party starts the family watches photos and tells storys about Michelle's first five years.
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104 * Happy Birthday, Babies (2)
Michelle's birthday party has just started when Becky goes into labor. Jesse drives Becky into the hospital, inbetween the others try to speed up the party so they can follow them. In the hospital Jesse's bellyache turns out to be his appendix which needs an operation. Becky then gives birth to two boys who are named Alexander and Nicholas.
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105 * Nicky And/Or Alexander
Becky returns home with the twins. To keep the boys apart each has a name sign and his own colored booties. But this booties aren't things any boy should be dressed with. So Jesse takes them off ... and, as Becky has taken off the name signs before, now he simply don't know who's who. Feeling he's a bad dad he doesn't dare to tell Becky, also because of her mood swings lately. While Becky is away Danny gets a new co-host for the morning show, Vicky Larson.
106 * Bachelor Of The Month
Danny has been picked as the bachelor of the month by the Bay City Magazine. Beginning with the first day the magazine is out he is asked out by a lot of women. Michelle already misses him in the evening because now Danny isn't here to tuck her in. After a little argument with Vicky in the show he asks her out to prove he ain't that bad. Michelle who wanted to go with him but was't allowed to follows them with Teddy secretly.
107 * Easy Rider
Michelle wants to learn how to ride her bike without the stabilzers and Joey is the one who teaches her. But he let her bike go and she falls into the bushes. An upset Michelle now doesn't want to try again. Jesse and Becky want to go on a trip with their babies - spontaneously. After they overcome their first kiss, Danny and Vicky come closer.
108 * Sisters In Crime
D.J. has volunteered to watch over her sisters while the others are out of the house. But shortly after their leave, her friend Steve drops in and wants to go to the movies. So D.J. goes with him taking her sisters along. But there she hasn't enough money for their tickets so she asks Kimmy, who works there, if she couldn't let the both pass. She agrees. Soon after that Steph and Michelle get caught. Back at home D.J. wants to hide all this and makes them lie to their dad.
109 * Play It Again, Jess
Becky starts to work again and returns to the show. Vicky, her replacement for the last eight weeks, has an offer from a Chicagoer TV station and for Danny and Vicky it's quite hard to say goodbye. Jesse, after another record company has turned him down, is now the only one who stays at home watching the kids and doing the housework. But the fact that Becky brings home the money and not he, harasses him. Also the fact that he's already addressed as 'Mr. Donaldson'...
110 * Crushed
It's Steph's 10th birthday and for her party Danny has invited a special guest, someone Steph's a great fan of: Tommy Page. After a special song by him Steph doesn't only admire him, she has also developed a monumental crush. But after D.J. spend the following day with Tommy, Steph gets really upset. And now D.J. has a crush on Tommy, too.
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111 * Spellbound
Steph has won the spelling-bee in her class and is now in the school finals. There she faces the 'Living Dictionary' Davey Chu. Steph's success in spelling makes Michelle want to learn reading. After she has lost in the finals against Davey, Steph challenges him for another, private one-on-one spelling duel. Joey charges Jesse with a song for his show.
112 * Too Much Monkey Business
Danny's sister Wendy returns home from Uganda. At her side is her pet Ginger - a monkey, who falls for Jesse! They weren't good friends back in school and it seems they can't get along well now but ... after a (forced) short time together for Joey and Wendy it's completely the other way round. Kimmy gets a new hairstyle.
113 * The Devil Made Me Do It
Although she shouldn't fiddle around with Jesse's recording equipment, Michelle does and gets caught by Jesse. Jesse tells Danny what she has done and he punishes her. Thinking that was unfair, especially that Jesse has told, she runs away and asks Teddy if she can stay there. Steph and Kimmy have a big fight and D.J.'s the one who wants to settle this.
114 * Driving Miss D.J.
D.J. has passed the theoretical exam and got her learner's permit - something which should have never happened in Danny's opinion. But it's reality and Danny's way of teaching her makes her only more nervous. Jesse's way on the other hand is more cooler and relaxed but that's over after she has ruined his 'Sally Mustang'. A monster should help Steph to end Michelle's continuing disturbances while being with friends but those stories can turn true ...
115 * Yours, Mine And Ours
Danny announces the Tanner-Family-Fun-Night when Joey's and the kids' mood is quite at bottom level. He invites all to a restaurant but the mood still doesn't improve. At home Becky and Jesse argue about the right way how to raise the boys but find together again to face the kids' first illness when Alex gets the flu.
116 * The Trouble With Danny
One year has past and it's time again ... for the spring-cleaning .Danny provides jobs for everyone of clan. But he and his special helper Michelle are bossing the others around and are a little bit too fussy. To calm down, the others hold a private meeting to let off steam and talk about Danny's habits. But Danny has been working in the closet and has heard every word spoken. Danny leaves the house to think about the things said and returns later as the all-new Danny Tanner.
117 * Five's A Crowd
The adults go to an award ceremony where Danny and Becky are nominated for their morning show and Joey for his 'Ranger Joe' acts. But the scheduled babysitter has to cancel and so Kimmy takes on the baby- sitting for Michelle, assisted by Steph. D.J. is out with Pete, singer in the heavy-metal band 'The Funky Tongues'. Though Danny allowed her to go, he is not pleased to find out that they are at the drive-in movie with Pete's Van. So Danny, Joey and Jesse, who talked to Pete and his 'goals' concerning girls before, searches for them there.
118 * Girls Will Be Boys
Teddy is pushed by Aaron not to play with girls so Michelle's best friend turns his back on her. To be able to play with him again Michelle tries to become a boy. Jesse accepts Joey's offer to be on the show and he is, as 'Lumberjack Jess', in charge of the music there. Steph don't know where and how but when at least expected something will happen ... that's what she has heard when she eavesdroped Kimmy and D.J. on the phone.
119 * Captain Video (1)
Michelle now joins the 'Honey-Bees' and she desperately tries to get her first badge - in cooking, which isn't that fun for the others. Jesse is fired from the show due to budget cuts. After a depressing period (also because he was rejected once again) he stands up again with the Beach Boys' help who provide the song 'Forever' - this results in a record contract for Jesse! D.J. wants to take part in a summer study program and spend her summer holidays in Spain. The only thing in her way could be Danny's decision.
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120 * Captain Video (2)
Jesse's got the contract but the record company isn't that satisfied with the song and wants to turn it into a rap version! Jesse tries, but it's not his song any longer; so he quits - regretting it soon. Finally, the song made it and his video is presented on MTV. D.J. got Danny's 'ok' for the trip but for Kimmy it's more difficult - she has to pass the Spanish class before she's allowed to go.
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